Salamander Designs Zurich 317 Audio Cabinet - Dreamedia AV
Salamander Designs Zurich 317 Audio Cabinet - Dreamedia AV

Salamander Designs Zurich 317 Audio Cabinet

Opium brown TV/audio cabinet with modern features

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Salamander Designs Zurich 317 Audio Cabinet

Unveiling the Salamander Designs Zurich 317 Audio Cabinet

Immerse yourself in the world of pristine audio and visual experiences with the Salamander Designs Zurich 317 Audio Cabinet. This isn't merely a piece of furniture; it's an invitation to elevate your home theater system to a symphony of style and functionality. Hand-built in the USA, this piece reflects a commitment to American craftsmanship and an understanding of the sophisticated consumer's needs.

Exquisite Design and Craftsmanship

The Zurich 317 stands out with its sleek, streamlined design, featuring a horizontal pattern that exudes modern elegance. The linear texture on the opium brown doors is complemented by a luxurious black tempered glass top, creating a harmonious blend of materials and finishes that will enhance any decor. The wood block feet are not only a design statement but also house hidden adjustable levelers, ensuring stability on any surface.

Customization at Your Fingertips

  • Personalization Options: Choose between a black or white solid surface top to match your individual style.
  • Extensive Accessory Family: Integrate additional accessories for heightened functionality, ensuring your cabinet evolves with your lifestyle.
  • Modular Design: The Zurich 317's modular concept allows for easy adjustment and retrofitting as your needs change.

Strength and Flexibility

At the heart of this cabinet's design is a unique aluminum C-frame, providing unparalleled strength and flexibility. This robust framework ensures your audio and video components are supported with the utmost integrity.

Audio-Visual Performance Enhancement

Understanding the nuances of high-fidelity audio, the Zurich 317 is designed to isolate your components from vibration, enhancing sonic performance. This attention to detail ensures that your audio experience is as the artist intended, pure and unadulterated.

Superior Ventilation and Cable Management

  • Ventilation Louvers: Open architecture allows for superior component cooling, which is essential for maintaining the longevity and performance of your electronics.
  • Cable Management: A simple yet effective system keeps cables organized and out of sight, maintaining a clutter-free environment for peace of mind and ease of use.

Compatibility and Flexibility

  • TV Mount Compatibility: Supports most 42-75" TVs with the Chameleon Flat Panel TV Mount, catering to a wide range of sizes and models.
  • Active Cooling System: Built-in thermostatically controlled cooling ensures your Chameleon cabinets and components stay at the optimal temperature.
  • Synergy Feet and Saturn Wheels: Enhance mobility and stability with compatible feet and heavy-duty casters, featuring front wheel locks for secure placement.

Thoughtful Features for Enhanced Usability

  • Adjustable Shelves: Accommodate up to 8 components, allowing you to tailor the interior to your specific needs.
  • Wall-Mountable Option: Flexibility in placement means you can choose to have your cabinet as a standalone piece or mounted on the wall for a streamlined look.
  • Secure Locking Rear Panel: Added security for your components, giving you peace of mind.

Effortless Assembly and Support

  • Minimal Assembly Required: Get your audio cabinet set up quickly and without hassle, so you can enjoy your enhanced home theater experience sooner.
  • Spare Parts Availability: In the rare event that you need a replacement part, rest assured that Salamander Designs has you covered.
  • Customization Support: Salamander Designs offers support for customization, ensuring that your cabinet perfectly meets your requirements.

Dimensions and Weight

  • Width: 64.75 inches
  • Height: 31.25 inches
  • Depth: 21.25 inches
  • Weight: 248 lbs

These dimensions ensure that the Zurich 317 is a substantial, yet elegantly proportioned piece that will become the centerpiece of your entertainment space.

Warranty and Availability

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty: This audio cabinet comes with a limited lifetime warranty, underscoring the confidence in its quality and durability.
  • Availability: Exclusive to in-store purchases, providing you the opportunity to experience the Zurich 317's exceptional design firsthand before bringing it into your home.

Regulatory Information

For residents and customers in California, please be aware of the Proposition 65 warning applicable to this product.

Embrace the Salamander Designs Zurich 317 Audio Cabinet

Choosing the Zurich 317 is a statement of your dedication to quality, design, and the ultimate home theater experience. It's an investment in your home's aesthetic and the quality of your audio-visual enjoyment. With its combination of style, customization, and performance, the Salamander Designs Zurich 317 Audio Cabinet isn't just furniture—it's the cornerstone of your home entertainment system.

Our Review


The Salamander Designs Zurich 317 Audio Cabinet is not just a piece of furniture; it's an integral component of any high-fidelity home theater system. With its robust build and stylish design, it promises to be a centerpiece that not only supports your audio-visual equipment but enhances the overall aesthetic of your living space.

Design and Aesthetics

The Zurich 317's opium brown wood finish exudes a warm, luxurious vibe, while the black tempered glass top adds a modern, sophisticated touch. The design is sleek, featuring a minimalist horizontal pattern that is both contemporary and timeless. This piece is clearly intended for those who appreciate the finer details, including wood block feet with hidden adjustable levelers, allowing for a seamless fit in any room. The option to personalize with a black or white solid surface top caters to individual preferences, ensuring that the cabinet complements any decor.

Build Quality and Materials

Crafted in the USA, the hand-built construction of the Zurich 317 is supported by a rock-solid extruded aluminum frame, indicating a level of durability that is expected in high-end furniture. The combination of wood and glass not only contributes to the cabinet's striking appearance but also to its sturdiness and longevity. This piece is built to last, and the limited lifetime warranty underscores the manufacturer's confidence in its quality.

Dimensions and Weight

The Zurich 317's dimensions make it suitable for supporting TVs up to 75 inches, which covers a broad range of popular models. Its substantial size will require a dedicated space in your living area, and its weight of 248 lbs suggests that once placed, it is meant to remain stationary, providing a stable platform for your home theater components.

Assembly and Installation

The minimal assembly required is a welcome feature, as it allows for a quick and pain-free setup process. Additionally, the option to wall-mount the cabinet offers flexibility in installation, ensuring that it can be integrated into a variety of room layouts and design schemes.

Functionality and Usability

Salamander Designs has thoughtfully included adjustable shelves to accommodate up to eight components, catering to the needs of even the most complex home theater systems. The cabinet's cable management system and ventilation louvers are crucial for maintaining a clutter-free look and keeping electronics operating at optimal temperatures. The secure locking rear panel is a testament to the thoughtful design, providing peace of mind that your valuable equipment is protected.

Customization and Accessories

The Zurich 317 is not only functional but also highly customizable. The integration of accessories to enhance functionality means that this cabinet can evolve with your home theater system. It's compatible with a range of mounts and accessories, including the Chameleon flat panel TV mount, offering a seamless and convenient installation of your TV.

Warranty and Support

The limited lifetime warranty is an exceptional offering that signifies Salamander Designs' commitment to their product's quality and the satisfaction of their customers. The ability to request spare or component parts is an added benefit that ensures long-term support and usability.

Pros and Cons

This audio cabinet stands out for its high-quality materials, customizable options, and thoughtful design features aimed at audiophiles and design enthusiasts alike. However, its availability in-store only and the significant weight may pose challenges for some consumers. Additionally, the current backorder status could delay gratification for eager buyers.

Price and Availability

While the in-store-only availability might be a drawback for some, it ensures that customers can experience the quality of the Zurich 317 firsthand before making a purchase. The backordered status indicates a high demand for this cabinet, and potential buyers should be prepared for a wait before they can enjoy this addition to their home theater setup.

Final Thoughts

The Salamander Designs Zurich 317 Audio Cabinet is a premium product that offers both form and function. It successfully marries elegant design with practical features, making it a worthy investment for those looking to enhance their home theater experience. While it may require a significant upfront investment and a bit of patience due to its backorder status, its quality, functionality, and the assurance of a lifetime warranty make it a standout choice in the realm of high-end audio cabinets.



  • Model: Salamander Designs Zurich 317 Audio Cabinet
  • Finish: Opium Brown wood with a black glass top
  • Top Material: Black tempered glass
  • Feet: Wood block feet with hidden adjustable levelers
  • Assembly Required: Minimal
  • Customization: Extensive family of accessories for customization
  • Retrofit and Upgrade: Capability for changing needs
  • Personalization Options: Option to personalize with a black or white solid surface top
  • Spare Parts Availability: Yes
  • Customization Support: Available from Salamander Designs


  • Chameleon Flat Panel TV Mount: Compatible with most 42-65" TVs
  • FX100 Series Integrated Cabinet Mount: Designed for easy attachment to Twin, Triple, or Quad Chameleon cabinets
  • Active Cooling System: Built-in thermostatically controlled cooling for Chameleon cabinets
  • Synergy Feet: Compatible with Synergy and Chameleon cabinets
  • Saturn Wheels and Heavy Duty Casters: With front wheel lock for secure placement
  • Exclusions: Stiletto, Claw, and Robot feet cannot be used on Chameleon Barcelona, Corsica, Hampton, or Venice cabinets

Design and Structure

  • Design: Linear Texture Single-Width AV Cabinet
  • Style: Transitional, Mission Influenced
  • Chassis: Unique aluminum C-frame designed for strength and flexibility
  • Cabinet Panels: Expertly finished panels attached to the aluminum structure
  • Adjustability: Flexibility of infinite vertical adjustment
  • Performance Enhancement: Designed to isolate audio/video components from vibration to enhance sonic performance
  • Ventilation: Open architecture allows for superior component venting
  • Cable Management: Simple cable management system
  • Modularity: Modular, stackable concept allows for easy adjustment and retrofitting as needs change

Dimensions and Weight

  • Width: 23.25 inches
  • Depth: 21.25 inches
  • Height: 31.25 inches
  • Weight: 110 lbs


  • UPC: 634878012836
  • Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): C/ZU317/OB


  • Proposition 65 Warning: Applicable for residents/customers in California

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