Salamander Designs Berlin Chameleon Low Profile 347 Audio Cabinet - Dreamedia AV
Salamander Designs Berlin Chameleon Low Profile 347 Audio Cabinet - Dreamedia AV

Salamander Designs Berlin Chameleon Low Profile 347 Audio Cabinet

Modern audio cabinet with adjustable storage

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Salamander Designs Berlin Chameleon Low Profile 347 Audio Cabinet

Unveiling Elegance and Functionality

Imagine a space where technology meets artistry, where the sleek lines of modern design blend effortlessly with the warmth of finely crafted wood. The Salamander Designs Berlin Chameleon Low Profile 347 Audio Cabinet is not just a piece of furniture; it's a statement that complements the meticulous aesthetics of your home theater while serving as the nerve center for your entertainment experience.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Crafted from textured Wenge wood, embraced by a rock-solid extruded aluminum frame, this cabinet is a testament to the luxury and durability that Salamander Designs is known for. The Berlin Chameleon's distinct European influence and wave-textured front panels speak volumes of its character—one that resonates with sophistication and discerning taste.

Premium Features for the Avid Enthusiast

  • Slim and Sleek Styling: The low-profile silhouette of the Berlin Chameleon is designed to seamlessly blend into your living space, offering an unobtrusive yet striking presence.
  • Top-Notch Materials: With doors crafted from textured Wenge wood and a black tempered glass top, this cabinet exudes quality from every angle.
  • Sturdy Frame: The extruded aluminum frame provides a stable foundation that promises longevity and resilience.
  • Adjustable Storage: Four compartments, each with two adjustable shelves, cater to your customization needs, ensuring that your audio and AV equipment sit comfortably, regardless of size.
  • Soft-Close Dampeners: The doors close with whisper-quiet elegance, thanks to the soft-close dampeners that prevent slamming and protect your equipment.
  • Ventilation: The ventilated shelves and vented panels promote airflow, keeping your prized components cool and functional.
  • Cable Management: A built-in system keeps cables neatly organized, maintaining a clean and clutter-free appearance.

Designed for Optimal Performance

The Berlin Chameleon is engineered to enhance your audio-visual experience. It isolates your components from vibration, ensuring that nothing interferes with the sonic purity emanating from your equipment. This attention to detail is what transforms a good listening experience into a great one.

Stability and Safety

Understanding the importance of safety and stability, Salamander Designs includes wall brackets and hardware to ensure that the Berlin Chameleon remains securely affixed to your wall. This feature not only prevents tipping but also maintains the elegant, floating aesthetic that is integral to the cabinet's design.

The Convenience of Customization

  • Modular Design: The flexibility of the Berlin Chameleon allows for a personalized setup. Whether you're adding new equipment or reorganizing, the cabinet adapts to your evolving needs.
  • Chameleon Accessories: Enhance your cabinet with a range of compatible accessories, making it as unique as your tastes.
  • Infinite Vertical Adjustment: The internal structure is designed for vertical adjustments, providing endless possibilities for arranging your components.

Easy Assembly, Timeless Enjoyment

With minimal assembly required, you can put together your Berlin Chameleon cabinet with ease. The package includes everything you need: cabinet frame, top shelf, doors, adjustable shelves, rear panels, and all necessary hardware. Simple instructions guide you through the process, leading to years of enjoyment.

A Commitment to Excellence

Salamander Designs stands behind the Berlin Chameleon with a limited lifetime warranty, ensuring that your investment is protected for the long haul. This commitment reflects the brand's dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

A Symphony of Form and Function

The Berlin Chameleon is not just about looks—it's about creating a harmonious environment for your entertainment. It conceals all equipment and cables, allowing you to focus on the beauty of the design and the quality of the audio and visuals.

Key Specifications at a Glance

  • Model: Berlin Chameleon Low Profile 347
  • Dimensions: 85-1/2"W x 31-3/8"H x 12"D
  • Weight: 133 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity: Supports up to 150 lbs. on top, 75 lbs. per shelf
  • Material: Textured Wenge wood, extruded aluminum frame
  • Feet: Low-profile wood feet with hidden levelers
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime

Enhance Your Space Today

The Salamander Designs Berlin Chameleon Low Profile 347 Audio Cabinet is not just a piece of furniture; it's the heart of your home theater system, a testament to your taste, and a reflection of your lifestyle. It's where technology and design converge to create the ultimate audio-visual experience.

At Dreamedia, we understand the importance of finding the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. We are here to assist you in designing a home theater system that not only meets your technical requirements but also enhances the beauty of your home. With the Berlin Chameleon, you're not just buying a cabinet—you're investing in a piece of art that will serve as the centerpiece of countless moments of entertainment.

Embrace the Berlin Chameleon and let it transform your space into a sanctuary of sound and style. Contact Dreamedia today, and let us help you make your audio-visual dreams a reality.

Our Review


The home theater experience is greatly enhanced not just by the electronics we choose but also by the furniture that houses them. A well-designed audio cabinet is both a functional piece of equipment and a statement of style. The Salamander Designs Berlin Chameleon Low Profile 347 Audio Cabinet is a premium offering that aims to meet the needs of audiophiles and design enthusiasts alike.

Design and Build Quality

The Salamander Designs Berlin Chameleon cabinet stands out with its slim and modern profile, seamlessly blending into contemporary living spaces. The textured Wenge wood door panels exude a sense of sophistication, while the black tempered glass top adds a touch of elegance and serves as a sturdy surface for TVs or decorative items.

The craftsmanship is evident in the rock-solid extruded aluminum frame, promising durability and stability. Furthermore, the low-profile wooden feet are not just a design element; they come with hidden levelers, ensuring the cabinet stands firm and level on any surface.

Functionality and Features

Functionally, this cabinet shines with its four component compartments, each housing two adjustable shelves, allowing for a high degree of customization. Whether you have a mix of large receivers or a variety of gaming consoles, the space can be tailored to fit your needs. The soft-close dampeners on the doors provide a gentle and quiet closure, which is a subtle but appreciated feature.

The designers have placed a significant emphasis on keeping AV components cool – a critical aspect for longevity and performance. Ventilated shelves and panels ensure that heat dissipates effectively, reducing the risk of overheating.

Cable management is often an afterthought in furniture design, but not here. The Berlin Chameleon includes a built-in system to keep cables organized and out of sight, maintaining the sleek appearance of the unit.

Installation and Assembly

The assembly of the Salamander cabinet is straightforward, with clear instructions and labeled parts. The inclusion of wall brackets and hardware is a thoughtful touch, ensuring that once in place, the cabinet is secure and stable. It's important to note that wall attachment is not optional but a requirement for the safety and stability of the unit.

Pros and Cons

The Salamander Designs Berlin Chameleon cabinet impresses with its ample storage, thoughtful design elements, and effective cooling solutions. Its high-quality materials and craftsmanship justify its position as a premium product in the market.

On the downside, the assembly might be a deterrent for some, and the necessity to affix the unit to the wall may not suit every consumer's preferences or living situations. The lack of specified weight capacity for each shelf is a notable omission for those with particularly heavy equipment. Additionally, while the cabinet is highly customizable, achieving the perfect setup might incur extra costs for additional accessories.

Customization and Adaptability

The potential for customization is a strong selling point for the Berlin Chameleon. Adjustable shelves cater to various equipment sizes, and the option to purchase additional accessories means that the cabinet can evolve with the user's changing needs. This adaptability is a significant advantage for tech enthusiasts who frequently update their setups.

Value and Warranty

With a limited lifetime warranty, Salamander Designs demonstrates confidence in their product's longevity and quality. This assurance, combined with the cabinet's robust build and versatile features, presents a compelling value proposition for the discerning buyer.

Final Thoughts

The Salamander Designs Berlin Chameleon Low Profile 347 Audio Cabinet is a testament to the brand's commitment to quality and design. It's an excellent choice for those who value aesthetics as much as functionality in their home theater setup. Its ability to keep equipment cool, manage cables effectively, and adapt to various configurations makes it a strong contender in the market. While the need for assembly and wall mounting may be seen as drawbacks, the overall package offers a premium experience for those willing to invest in a top-tier audio cabinet.


Technical Specifications

  • Model: Berlin Chameleon Low Profile 347
  • Overall Dimensions (W x H x D): 85-1/2" x 31-3/8" x 12"
  • Weight Capacity: Supports up to 150 lbs. on top, 75 lbs. per shelf
  • Material: Textured Wenge wood, extruded aluminum frame
  • Finish Options: Textured wenge doors with solid surface, black top, and wenge finished side panels
  • Feet: Espresso, low-profile wood feet with hidden levelers
  • Assembly: Minimal assembly required, with wall brackets and hardware included for stability


  • Modular Design: Yes
  • Extensive Family of Accessories: Yes
  • Retrofit and Upgrade Capability: Yes
  • Spare and Component Parts: Available for purchase
  • Customization Options: Component parts sold separately
  • Chameleon Accessories: Compatible with a range of Chameleon accessories
  • Design: Distinctly European influence with a wave textured front
  • Chassis: C-frame, unique aluminum chassis
  • Flexibility: Infinite vertical adjustment
  • Sonic Performance: Engineered to enhance sonic performance by isolating audio/video components from vibration
  • Internal Structure: Expertly finished furniture panels attached to the aluminum structure
  • Bolt-on Options: Internal chassis permits a wide variety of bolt-on options and accessories
  • Vertical Adjustment: Flexibility of infinite vertical adjustment
  • Component Compartments: 4 compartments, 19-3/4"W x 27-3/4"H x 11"D, 2 adjustable shelves per compartment, ventilated shelves for component cooling
  • Doors: Textured Wenge wood with soft-close dampeners
  • Stability: Must be affixed to the wall for stability
  • Weight: 133 lbs.
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime
  • Included in the Box: Cabinet frame, top shelf, 4 doors, 8 adjustable shelves, 4 rear panels, hardware, assembly instructions

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