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Salamander Designs Berlin 247 Audio Cabinet

Handcrafted elegance for large home theaters

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Salamander Designs Berlin 247 Audio Cabinet

Unmatched Craftsmanship Meets Modern Elegance

Discover the pinnacle of home theater sophistication with the Salamander Designs Berlin 247 Audio Cabinet—a hand-built masterpiece that seamlessly blends form and function. This exquisite piece is more than just furniture; it's a statement of luxury and a testament to the art of craftsmanship.

Premium Materials, Timeless Design

Every inch of the Berlin 247 speaks to the quality of its construction:

  • Primary Material: A robust combination of wood and tempered glass
  • Finish: The alluring textured Wenge finish
  • Color: A rich brown with an elegant black glass top

Spacious, Yet Sleek

Despite its generous dimensions, the Berlin 247 maintains a sleek profile that complements any home theater setup:

  • Dimensions: Height: 23.5 inches | Width: 47.25 inches | Depth: 21 inches
  • Weight Capacity: Top Holds: 150 lbs | Adjustable Shelf: 75 lbs

Effortless Compatibility

The Berlin 247 isn't just about looks—it's built to accommodate your home theater dreams:

  • TV Size Compatibility: Supports TVs up to 90 inches

Ingenious Storage Solutions

Organize your components with ease, thanks to the thoughtfully designed storage options:

  • Number of Doors: 4
  • Number of Adjustable Shelves: 4
  • Storage Compartment Dimensions: 19.75 inches W x 17.75 inches H x 19.5 inches D
  • Adjustable Shelves Dimensions: 19.75 inches W x 18.5 inches D x 0.5 inches Th

Tailored to Your Lifestyle

The Berlin 247 is customizable to suit your specific needs, ensuring that your home theater system is as unique as you are:

  • Customizable: Yes, with a variety of Salamander Designs accessories
  • Cable Management: Yes, for a clean, clutter-free look
  • Ventilation: Yes, with built-in louvers for optimal airflow
  • Levelers: Yes, low-profile wood feet with hidden levelers
  • Removable Back Panels: Yes, for easy access to components
  • Soft-close Door Dampeners: Yes, for a touch of quiet luxury
  • Wall Mountable: Yes, with included mounting accessory

A Lifetime of Enjoyment

Invest with confidence knowing that the Berlin 247 is protected by a:

  • Manufacturer Warranty: Limited Lifetime

Key Details at a Glance

The Berlin 247 is designed to enhance your home theater experience:

  • Hand-built in the USA with a rock-solid extruded aluminum frame
  • Storage for eight components (TV not included)
  • Cabinet top supports a TV up to 90” and weighing up to 150 lbs
  • Customizable with additional Salamander Designs shelves, legs, and casters
  • Cable openings on back panels for easy component connection
  • Ventilation louvers for proper airflow
  • Low-profile feet with hidden levelers, wall-mountable

Advanced Features for the Modern Home

  • Modern, clean design with high-quality materials
  • Adjustable shelves for flexible component storage
  • Soft-close dampeners for quiet operation
  • Cable openings and ventilation for easy component setup and cooling
  • Wall-mountable for versatile placement options
  • Integration of accessories to enhance functionality
  • Compatible with SpeakerCompare for simulating sound through headphones
  • Offered with a 60-day money-back guarantee for customer satisfaction

Performance Evaluations: Excellence in Every Aspect

The Berlin 247 excels in providing:

  • Ample storage space for multiple components
  • Support for large TVs and heavy weights
  • Customization and upgrade options as your needs evolve
  • A comprehensive range of accessories for customization and functionality enhancement
  • A ventilation system to prevent overheating of audio equipment

Pros: The Highlights That Make the Difference

In a world where details matter, the Berlin 247 stands out:

  • High-Quality Craftsmanship: Built to last, with premium materials
  • Sleek and Modern Design: A perfect complement to any home theater
  • Ample Storage: Neatly organize and store your media components
  • Heavy Weight Support: Strong enough to hold large, high-end TVs
  • Easy Setup: Adjustable shelves and cable management simplify installation
  • Effective Cooling: Ventilation louvers ensure your equipment stays cool
  • Flexible Placement: Wall-mountable for a customized setup
  • Secure Payment: Protecting your investment every step of the way
  • A-to-z Guarantee: Extra peace of mind for your purchase
  • Customer Reviews: Real feedback for informed decisions
  • Customization Options: Tailor your setup to your preferences
  • Adaptability: Upgrade your furniture as technology evolves
  • Versatile Storage: For all your audio and media components

The Dreamedia Commitment

At Dreamedia, we don't just sell home theater products; we design experiences. The Salamander Designs Berlin 247 Audio Cabinet embodies the standards we hold dear—quality, aesthetics, and functionality. Our team is available to help design your home theater system, ensuring that every aspect of your entertainment space is optimized for enjoyment.

Whether you're a tech-savvy enthusiast or someone who appreciates the finer things in life, the Berlin 247 is crafted to meet your highest expectations. Its modern design, coupled with the ability to customize and adapt to your evolving needs, makes it an investment that transcends mere functionality—it becomes an integral part of your home's character.

Explore the Salamander Designs Berlin 247 Audio Cabinet and experience the confluence of beauty, innovation, and durability. With Dreamedia, your dream home theater is within reach.

Our Review


The Salamander Designs Berlin 247 Audio Cabinet is a centerpiece of modern home theater technology, offering a seamless blend of style and functionality. In the realm of home entertainment, the audio cabinet is a pivotal element, not just for organizing components but also for enhancing the overall aesthetic and acoustic experience.

Design and Aesthetics

The Berlin 247 boasts a sleek, modern design, characterized by its textured Wenge wood door panels and a refined tempered glass top. This piece is designed to complement contemporary decor, making it a versatile choice for a variety of home interiors. While the specific color and material may not mesh with every style, the cabinet's minimalist lines and elegant finish are likely to appeal to a wide audience.

Build Quality and Materials

Crafted with a rock-solid extruded aluminum frame, the Berlin 247 is hand-built in the USA, ensuring a level of craftsmanship that promises durability and longevity. The choice of high-quality materials like Wenge wood and tempered glass not only contributes to the visual appeal but also to the structural integrity of the cabinet.

Storage and Capacity

The Berlin 247 is not just about looks; it is a storage powerhouse with eight compartments for audio components. It is designed to support large TVs, up to 90 inches and 150 lbs, offering a robust platform for your home entertainment system. The adjustable shelves within the compartments provide a flexible storage solution, accommodating components of various sizes.

Functionality and Features

Functionality is at the forefront of the Berlin 247's design. Soft-close dampeners ensure the doors close quietly, preserving the tranquility of your space. The well-thought-out cable management system and strategically placed ventilation louvers facilitate easy setup and maintain optimal cooling for your electronic components, preventing overheating and promoting longevity.

Installation and Setup

The Berlin 247 is designed with low-profile feet that feature hidden levelers and is also wall-mountable, offering versatility in installation. While wall-mounting can offer a clean look and save space, it may require more effort in installation compared to freestanding options.

Performance and Customization

The cabinet's performance in supporting and organizing large home theater systems is commendable. With the ability to customize through Salamander Designs' extensive range of accessories, the Berlin 247 can evolve with your home theater needs, allowing for retrofitting and upgrading as desired.

User Experience

Salamander Designs enhances the user experience by offering a 60-day money-back guarantee, ensuring customer satisfaction. The compatibility with the innovative SpeakerCompare feature allows users to simulate sound through headphones, which aids in making informed decisions when shopping for compatible speakers.

Pros and Cons

- Superior craftsmanship with high-quality materials.
- Ample storage with adjustable shelving for various component sizes.
- Robust support for large, heavy TVs.
- Effective cable management and ventilation systems.
- Wall-mountable for space-saving and aesthetic preferences.
- Customizable with a range of Salamander Designs accessories.
- Integration with SpeakerCompare for audio testing.

- The design may not suit all interior decor styles.
- Some users may require more detailed information about the product's features.
- Wall-mounting could necessitate additional installation steps.
- Potential additional costs for replacement parts or customization.

Value and Price Point

The Salamander Designs Berlin 247 Audio Cabinet is positioned as a premium product, reflected in its build quality and feature set. When considering its price point, it competes favorably with other high-end audio cabinets, offering a blend of aesthetic elegance and functional prowess.

Final Thoughts

The Berlin 247 stands out as a well-crafted, stylish, and functional audio cabinet that can serve as the foundation of a sophisticated home theater system. Its customizable options and solid build suggest a long-term investment for the discerning buyer. While it may come with a premium price tag, the quality and versatility it offers are likely to justify the expense for those who prioritize a seamless integration of their home entertainment components into their living space.





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