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Salamander Designs AC Power Outlet

Modular AV furniture with secure, adjustable storage

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Salamander Designs AC Power Outlet

Experience Unparalleled Audiovisual Excellence

Immerse yourself in a world where every note is crisp, every scene is clear, and every moment of your entertainment experience is elevated to new heights. The Salamander Designs AC Power Outlet is not just a piece of furniture; it's the cornerstone of a premium home theater system. Meticulously crafted by the renowned Salamander Designs, this cabinet is the perfect fusion of form and function, designed to enhance your audiovisual experience.

Sturdy and Stylish Design

The sleek European wave-textured front design of the cabinet, finished in a rich chocolate brown Wenge wood, exudes sophistication and class. Whether you're looking to complement your modern living space or add a touch of elegance to your entertainment room, the cabinet's design is sure to impress.

  • Material: Wenge wood
  • Finish: Chocolate brown
  • Design: European wave-textured front

Customizable Configuration

Your entertainment setup is as unique as you are, and the Salamander Designs AC Power Outlet understands that. With its modular and adjustable design, this cabinet allows you to create a personalized configuration that meets your specific needs.

  • Modular Design: Build your own assembly with the included tools
  • Adjustability: Optional extension racks for additional storage
  • Storage: Multiple shelves with varying weight capacities

Enhanced Audiovisual Performance

The heart of the Salamander Designs cabinet is its ability to deliver better picture and sound quality. By integrating an M8-AV Power Conditioner Kit, this cabinet ensures that your equipment is protected against surges and receives clean power, resulting in an unparalleled audiovisual experience.

  • Power Conditioner: Connects to the aluminum frame slot for clean power delivery
  • Surge Protection: Protects your valuable equipment from power surges

Superior Cable Management

Bid farewell to the clutter of cables and cords. The open-back design of the cabinet ensures improved airflow and provides an organized space for cable management. Built-in ventilation louvers keep your equipment cool, while the soft-close door dampeners ensure that everything stays secure yet accessible.

  • Ventilation: Built-in louvers for better airflow
  • Cable Management: Open-back design for easy organization

Connectivity at Your Fingertips

The world is more connected than ever, and your entertainment system should be too. The Salamander Designs cabinet is equipped with CATV, satellite, and telco connectors, ensuring that you have all the necessary connections for a comprehensive entertainment setup.

  • CATV Connectors: 2
  • Satellite Connectors: 2 pairs
  • Telco Connectors: In/out

Spacious and Secure Storage

With its generous dimensions and high capacity, the cabinet offers ample space for all your AV equipment. The top of the cabinet can hold up to 150 lbs, making it ideal for supporting your TV or other heavy devices.

  • Overall Dimensions: 23.25" W x 60.63" H x 21.25" D
  • Interior Shelf Dimensions: 19.75" W x 18.5" D x 0.5" Th
  • Interior Storage Compartment: 19.75" W x 27.75" H x 19.5" D

Professional Quality AV Furniture

The Salamander Designs cabinet is not just another piece of furniture; it's professional-grade AV furniture that brings a touch of Hollywood into your home. The build quality is evident in every aspect, from the solid EIA rack mount rails to the threaded screws that ensure your equipment stays in place.

  • Rack Mount Rails: 19" EIA standard
  • Threaded for Screws: 10/32 for secure mounting

Easy to Assemble and Customize

The dream of a perfect home theater is now within reach, thanks to the ease of assembly and customization offered by the Salamander Designs cabinet. With optional drawers for peripherals, optional wood block feet, and leveler feet, you can tailor the cabinet to match your preferences and requirements.

  • Feet: Optional wood block and leveler feet for stability
  • Drawers: Optional for storing peripherals and accessories

Protection for Your Investment

Your AV equipment represents a significant investment, and the Salamander Designs cabinet protects it with a robust joule rating and power conditioning. Rest easy knowing your equipment is safeguarded against electrical spikes and surges.

  • Joule Rating: 1650
  • Power Cord Length: 8'

Specifications at a Glance

  • Number of Outlets: 8
  • Recommended TV Size: Up to 40"
  • Rack Units: 30
  • Product Weight: 5 lbs (cabinet), 190 lbs (interior capacity)

Contact and Support

Dreamedia is here to help you design the ultimate home theater system. Our experts are ready to assist you with any questions or customization needs.

  • Location: Virginia, USA
  • Address: 811 Blue Hills Avenue, Bloomfield, CT 06002, USA
  • Contact: Toll-Free 888-650-5289, International 860-761-9500

Your Entertainment, Elevated

The Salamander Designs AC Power Outlet is more than just a piece of furniture—it's the foundation of a premium entertainment experience. With its combination of elegant design, customizable features, and professional-grade construction, this cabinet stands as a testament to Salamander Designs' commitment to quality and innovation. Elevate your home theater with a cabinet that not only looks exquisite but enhances every aspect of your audiovisual experience.

Our Review

Salamander Designs AC Power Outlet Audio Cabinet Review

I. Introduction

Salamander Designs is a company that has established a reputation for high-quality AV furniture, designed to cater to both aesthetics and functionality. Their AC Power Outlet Audio Cabinet is a testament to this, offering a solution that meets the needs of audiophiles and AV enthusiasts who demand both performance and style in their home theater setups.

II. Design and Build Quality

The modular and adjustable design of the AC Power Outlet Audio Cabinet allows for a high degree of customization. This flexibility is a significant advantage for users who may need to modify their setup as their system grows or changes. The build quality is impressive, with sturdy materials that can handle the weight and wear of heavy AV equipment. The perforated sides and front door, which features a lock, not only provide security but also contribute to the cabinet's effective ventilation system—an essential aspect for maintaining AV components at optimal temperatures. The open-back design facilitates easy cable management and also contributes to the airflow, which is a critical feature in any AV setup. Aesthetically, the cabinet has a professional look that should complement most home theater environments.

III. Functionality and Features

Upon closer inspection, the cabinet’s features are particularly noteworthy:

  • Multiple Shelves:Each shelf has a specific weight capacity, accommodating a wide range of equipment sizes and weights.
  • Extension Racks:These provide the option to expand storage space, a welcome feature for those with extensive AV systems.
  • Build-Your-Own Assembly:The cabinet is designed for user assembly with included tools, which allows for a personalized setup.
  • Optional Drawers:These are available for organizing peripherals and accessories, keeping the area neat and tidy.

The cabinet’s design is not only about aesthetics but also about practical application in both professional and home environments.

IV. Installation and Setup

Setting up the AC Power Outlet Audio Cabinet requires some effort, as it is designed for user assembly. However, this process allows for a deeper understanding of the product and a more intimate customization. The company provides clear instructions, and the included tools mean that additional purchases for assembly are not necessary, although some users might prefer to use their own tools for convenience.

V. Performance

In terms of performance, the cabinet excels in housing a variety of audio equipment, from amplifiers to streaming devices. The ventilation system is a standout feature, as it prevents overheating even with the door closed—a common issue in lesser cabinets. The weight capacity and stability of the cabinet are also commendable, providing peace of mind that it can securely support expensive and heavy AV components.

VI. Pros and Cons

The main advantages of the AC Power Outlet Audio Cabinet are its customizable nature, professional-grade build, and thoughtful design that includes effective ventilation and cable management. However, the requirement for assembly and the possibility of needing additional purchases for certain configurations may be viewed as drawbacks by some users.

VII. Price and Value

When considering the price point, it's important to evaluate the cabinet in relation to its robust feature set. Compared to other products on the market, the cabinet might seem like an investment, but for those who value customization, security, and professional quality, it offers significant value. The balance between price and the benefits it provides leans favorably towards a good value proposition for serious AV enthusiasts.

VIII. Customer and Technical Support

Salamander Designs provides solid customer and technical support, with toll-free and international contact options. They are known to be responsive and helpful, offering support for assembly and troubleshooting, which is an important consideration for products that require user assembly.

IX. Final Thoughts

The Salamander Designs AC Power Outlet Audio Cabinet is a robust and flexible solution for anyone looking to house their AV system in a professional and secure manner. Its strengths lie in its customizable design, build quality, and functional features. While assembly is required and additional purchases may be necessary for some configurations, these are minor considerations when weighed against the overall quality and performance of the cabinet. It stands as a competitive option in the market for those who are looking to invest in a long-term solution for their home theater or professional AV setup.



  • Product Name: Salamander Designs AC Power Outlet
  • Brand: Salamander Designs
  • Model: M8-AV Power Conditioner Kit


  • Depth: 1.75 inches
  • Width: 5 inches
  • Height: 12 inches
  • Overall Dimensions: 23.25" W x 60.63" H x 21.25" D
  • Interior Shelf Dimensions: 19.75" W x 18.5" D x 0.5" Th
  • Interior Storage Compartment: 19.75" W x 27.75" H x 19.5" D


  • Number of Outlets: 8
  • Joule Rating: 1650
  • Recommended TV Size: up to 40"
  • Top Holds: 150 lbs
  • Rack Units: 30


  • Delivers better picture and sound: Yes
  • Protects against surges: Yes
  • Power conditioner connects to the aluminum frame slot: Yes
  • Mounting Bracket included: Yes
  • Built-in ventilation louvers: Yes
  • Soft-close door dampeners: Yes


  • CATV connectors: 2
  • Satellite connectors: 2 pairs
  • Telco connectors: in/out
  • Phone line splitter: Yes

Materials and Design

  • Cabinet front design: European wave-textured
  • Material: Wenge wood
  • Finish: Rich chocolate brown
  • Optional wood block feet: Yes
  • Leveler feet: Yes


  • Power cord length: 8'
  • Single pulse energy dissipation: 1650 Joules

Rack Specifications

  • EIA rack mount rails: 19"
  • Solid for supporting electronic gear: Yes
  • Threaded for screws: 10/32
  • Adjustable rear wire lacing bars: Yes
  • Number of lacing bars included: 4


  • Product Weight: 5 lbs
  • Interior Product Weight: 190 lbs

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