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RBH Sound SB-39

Steel soundbar bracket, 33 lb capacity, VESA compatible

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RBH Sound SB-39

Transform Your Home Entertainment

Imagine stepping into your living room, where the boundaries between the pristine, natural world and your cozy indoor haven blur. The RBH Sound SB-39 isn't just a speaker—it's an audio experience that takes the shape of a rock, blending seamlessly into your outdoor or indoor living space. This elegant 2-way rock-style speaker system is a game-changer for those who value both aesthetic and aural pleasure.

Unparalleled Sound Quality

With the RBH Sound SB-39, your favorite movies and TV shows are given new life. Each sound is rendered with crystal-clear precision, from the gentle whispers of a dialogue to the powerful crescendo of a film score. The wide soundstage envelops you, immersing you in a truly cinematic experience.

  • Dialogue Reproduction: Precise, clear, and crisp
  • Soundstage: Wide for an immersive experience
  • Sound Detail: Captures subtle nuances and details

Elegant, Natural Design

Available in Granite and Sandstone finishes, the RBH Sound SB-39 is designed to complement your outdoor oasis or indoor décor with a touch of sophistication. The 8" polygraphite cone driver is housed in a robust enclosure that not only looks like a natural rock but also withstands the elements if you choose to place it outdoors.

Easy Setup and Versatile Mounting

Ease of installation is a promise we stand by. The RBH Sound SB-39 comes double-boxed with protective foam inserts, ensuring your speaker arrives in pristine condition. Keyhole brackets provide a simple solution for wall mounting, while front-mounted spring-loaded speaker cable clips facilitate effortless cable management.

  • Packaging: Double boxed with protective foam inserts
  • Wall Mounting: Keyhole brackets for easy installation
  • Attachment Options: TV wall bracket, Directly to the TV
  • Speaker Cable Management: Front-mounted spring-loaded clips

Expand Your Soundscape

The SB-39 is more than just a standalone speaker; it's the cornerstone of a potentially expansive audio system. With the option to add a subwoofer, you can enhance the low-end performance, creating a sound that not only fills the room but also your senses.

  • Expandability: Add a subwoofer for enhanced low-end performance
  • Surround System Capability: Quasi-5.1 playback with a surround receiver

Tailored to Your Space

The RBH Sound SB-39 is not just any speaker—it's your speaker. Customizable to fit the width of your TV at no additional cost, it ensures that your audio setup is as unique as your viewing habits.

  • Customizability: Fits TV width at no additional cost
  • Dimensions: Customizable width, depth, and height to match your space

Durability Meets Design

Crafted from high-quality steel, the RBH Sound SB-39 is designed to hold soundbars up to 33 pounds. Its compatibility with the Ultra-3 On-wall/LCR and the ability to attach to TV wall brackets or directly to TVs on stands make it a versatile addition to any home theater.

  • Material: High-quality steel
  • Weight Capacity: Rated to hold up to 33 lbs.

Aesthetic Integration

Designed to provide a clean and neat look, the SB-39 can be positioned above or below the TV, ideal for use with articulating mounts. It comes with standard VESA 200x100 or 600x400 mounts, ensuring compatibility with a vast range of TVs.

  • Mounting Options: Standard VESA mounts for versatility
  • Universal Speaker Hole Dimensions: For universal soundbar compatibility

Manufacturer Support and Assurance

With RBH Sound's partnership with over 40 AV manufacturers worldwide, you are guaranteed a product that is both authentic and of the highest quality. Should you need assistance, an in-house team of AV experts is ready to guide you.

  • Customer Support: Commitment to customer satisfaction
  • Expert Advice: In-house AV experts for assistance
  • Online Resources: YouTube guides and Instagram updates

Value-Added Benefits

When you choose the RBH Sound SB-39, you're not just purchasing a speaker; you're investing in a hassle-free experience with perks such as free shipping, a 30-day return policy, and price assurance.

  • Free Shipping: Nationwide, to your doorstep
  • Hassle-Free Returns: 30-day return policy
  • Price Assurance: Best available price guaranteed

Dreamedia – Your Design Partner

At Dreamedia, we understand that a home theater system is more than just technology—it's an extension of your lifestyle. That's why we're here to design a system tailored to your unique needs. With access to expert assistance and preferred installers, we ensure that your journey to the ultimate home entertainment setup is smooth and enjoyable.

Your Next Step to Audio Excellence

The RBH Sound SB-39 sets a new standard for audio video systems, offering a blend of design, performance, and versatility that is unmatched. It's not just a speaker—it's a statement. A statement that says you value the finer things in life, including the purity of sound and the beauty of design.

Take the next step in elevating your home theater experience. Embrace the harmony of sound and design with the RBH Sound SB-39. Contact Dreamedia today, and let us help you design the perfect audio landscape for your home.

The SB-39 is made from high quality steel to hold soundbars up to 33-pounds (15kg), and can be used for the Ultra-3 On-wall/LCR. The SB-39 can be easily attached to TV wall brackets or directly to TVs on stands. It provides a clean and neat look with the soundbar directly above or below the TV. The SB-39 is ideal for hanging on an articulating mount where the sound can face the same direction as the TV. The sound bar brackets can be mounted using standard VESA 200x100 or 600x400 mounts.

Our Review


The RBH Sound SB-39 is a versatile soundbar mount designed to provide a clean and organized look to your home theater setup. Made of high-quality steel, this mount is built to last and can support soundbars weighing up to 33 pounds (15 kg). With its universal speaker hole dimensions and compatibility with different mounting options, the SB-39 offers flexibility and ease of installation. In this review, we will explore the design, functionality, performance, and value of the RBH Sound SB-39.

Design and Construction

The RBH Sound SB-39 boasts a durable construction with its high-quality steel build. This ensures that the mount can withstand the weight of your soundbar and provides a secure and reliable support system. The universal speaker hole dimensions allow for compatibility with various soundbar models, making it a versatile option for different setups.

Measuring 6" W x 18" H x .12" D (158mm W x 457mm H x 3mm D) and weighing 1.88 lbs. (0.85 kg), the SB-39 is lightweight and easy to handle during installation. The mounting options include standard VESA 200x100 or 600x400 mounts, providing flexibility for attaching the mount to your TV wall brackets or directly to TVs on stands. The speaker mount utilizes a clamp mechanism, ensuring a secure grip on your soundbar.

Installation and Compatibility

The RBH Sound SB-39 offers various mounting options, allowing for easy installation with different soundbar and TV setups. Whether you prefer to mount your soundbar directly to your TV or use TV wall brackets, the SB-39 can accommodate your preferences. This flexibility makes it a suitable choice for a wide range of home theater configurations.

Furthermore, the SB-39 is ideal for use with articulating mounts, which allow you to adjust the position of your TV and soundbar for optimal viewing and listening angles. This feature enhances the overall user experience by providing the flexibility to customize your home theater setup to your liking.

It's worth noting that the SB-39 is specifically designed to be compatible with the Ultra-3 On-wall/LCR soundbar from RBH Sound. If you own this particular soundbar model, the SB-39 is an excellent choice for mounting it securely and conveniently.

However, one limitation of the SB-39 is that it does not support stud installation. This may be a drawback for users who have stud walls and prefer this type of installation method.

Functionality and User Experience

The RBH Sound SB-39 offers a clean and organized appearance by allowing you to place your soundbar either above or below your TV. This positioning helps create a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing home theater setup. Whether you have a wall-mounted TV or a TV on a stand, the SB-39 can be easily installed to provide a seamless integration of your soundbar.

One aspect where the SB-39 falls short is the lack of cable management features. While the mount itself provides a neat and tidy look, the absence of cable management options may result in visible cables running from your soundbar to your TV or other devices. This can detract from the overall aesthetic appeal of your home theater setup.

Additionally, the lack of certification mentioned for the SB-39 raises questions about its compliance with industry standards. Certifications such as UL (Underwriters Laboratories) or ETL (Intertek) provide assurance that the product has undergone rigorous testing and meets specific safety and performance requirements. The absence of such certifications may raise concerns for some users.

Performance and Reliability

The RBH Sound SB-39 excels in terms of performance and reliability. Its high-quality steel construction ensures durability and long-lasting performance. The robust build of the mount provides a stable and secure support system for your soundbar, minimizing vibrations and ensuring optimal sound quality.

By securely mounting your soundbar, the SB-39 eliminates the risk of accidental knocks or bumps, which could potentially damage your soundbar or affect its performance. With the SB-39, you can enjoy an immersive and uninterrupted home theater experience.

Price and Value

When considering the price and value of the RBH Sound SB-39, it's important to compare it with other soundbar mounts available on the market. While pricing may vary depending on the retailer, the SB-39 offers a competitive price point for its features and functionality.

RBH Sound offers free shipping nationwide, making it convenient for customers across the country to purchase the SB-39 without additional shipping costs. Additionally, RBH Sound provides a 30-day hassle-free return policy, ensuring customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

Moreover, RBH Sound offers price assurance, guaranteeing that you will receive the best available price for the SB-39. This commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that you are getting the most value for your money.

RBH Sound also provides access to expert assistance and preferred installers. This additional support can be beneficial for users who may require guidance during the installation process or prefer professional assistance to ensure the proper setup of their home theater system.


In conclusion, the RBH Sound SB-39 is a durable and reliable soundbar mount that offers flexibility in installation and compatibility with different soundbar and TV setups. Its high-quality steel construction provides a secure and stable support system, ensuring optimal sound quality and a clean appearance.

While the SB-39 lacks cable management features and does not mention any certification, its overall performance and ease of use make it a suitable choice for enhancing your home theater experience.

Considering the competitive pricing, free shipping, hassle-free return policy, and access to expert assistance, the RBH Sound SB-39 offers good value for those in search of a reliable and versatile soundbar mount.


Physical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 6" W x 18" H x .12" D (158mm W x 457mm H x 3mm D)
  • Weight: 1.88 lbs. (0.85 kg)
  • Rated Weight Capacity: 33 lbs. (15 kg)

Mounting Specifications

  • Installation: Mount on Monitor
  • Speaker Mount: Clamp
  • Speaker Hole Dimensions: Universal
  • Stud Installation: No
  • Cable Management: No


  • Material: High-quality steel
  • Design: Micro sealed design
  • Enclosure Type: Sealed
  • Cabinet Material: MDF with internal bracing and sealed separate internal chambers


  • VESA Compatibility: Standard VESA 200x100 or 600x400 mounts
  • Articulating Mount Compatibility: Yes
  • Audio Environment Compatibility: Home Theater, Living Room, Apartment, Outdoor, Recording Studio, Custom / Other


  • Included Components: One speaker bracket and owner's manual

Subwoofer Specifications

  • Type: 12" non-powered subwoofer
  • Amplification: Requires external amplification
  • Driver: 12" polygraphite cone driver
  • Amplifier Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of amplifiers
  • Amplifier Power: 300 watts
  • Controls: Gain knob, crossover knob, phase control switch
  • Inputs: Line-level, speaker-level inputs
  • Output: Subwoofer crossover output

Soundbar Specifications

  • Speaker Type: Passive soundbar, Bookshelf speaker
  • Frequency Response: 65Hz - 20kHz (±3dB)
  • Sensitivity: 85dB
  • Impedance: 6 ohms
  • Power Handling: 150 watts
  • Driver Complement: One 1" Silk Dome Tweeter, One 6.5" Aluminum Cone Woofer
  • Crossover Frequency: 2.7kHz
  • Finish Options: Black, White satin, High-gloss black, High-gloss cherry wood veneer, Custom finishes available at additional cost
  • Mounting Options: Two key hole brackets, Wall-mountable, SB-39 Soundbar Speaker Bracket available for attaching the Ultra-3 to the TV's wall mount
  • Performance: Offers smooth bass, Excellent punch, Tight response, Deep, rich, and detailed bass for music and movie soundtracks
  • Setup Flexibility: Provides great setup flexibility for various sound system configurations
  • Acoustic Performance: Provides deep, rich, and detailed bass for music and movie soundtracks
  • Customizable Width: Can be custom cut to match TV widths of 47 to 63 inches at no extra charge
  • Rated Frequency Response: 100Hz-20kHz ±3dB with a 12dB/octave slope, can be set to crossover at 80Hz
  • Additional Features: Magnetic black grill for easy attachment and removal, Ability to add surround speakers and an external sub, High-quality components for accurate and detailed sound reproduction, Compact and stylish design suitable for bookshelf or stand mounting, Sealed enclosure design for controlled and accurate bass response, Designed and engineered in the USA

Warranty and Support

  • Warranty: 5 years

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