Q Acoustics Q Active Tensegrity Stands - FS75 - Dreamedia AV
Q Acoustics Q Active Tensegrity Stands - FS75 - Dreamedia AV
Q Acoustics Q Active Tensegrity Stands - FS75 - Dreamedia AV
Q Acoustics Q Active Tensegrity Stands - FS75 - Dreamedia AV
Q Acoustics Q Active Tensegrity Stands - FS75 - Dreamedia AV
Q Acoustics Q Active Tensegrity Stands - FS75 - Dreamedia AV
Vendor: Q Acoustics

Q Acoustics Q Active Tensegrity Stands - FS75

Innovative tensegrity design for audio stability

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Q Acoustics Q Active Tensegrity Stands - FS75

Elevate Your Audio Experience with Q Acoustics Q Active Tensegrity Stands

In the pursuit of perfecting home audio, enthusiasts and audiophiles alike understand the importance of not just the speakers themselves, but also the platform on which they stand. Enter the Q Acoustics Q Active Tensegrity Stands - FS75, a revolutionary design inspired by the Concept 300 loudspeaker and engineered to bring out the best in your Q Acoustics Q Active 200 speakers.

Art Meets Science in Design

The Q Active Tensegrity Stands are a harmonious blend of artistic design and scientific principle. The tensegrity structure, a term coined from 'tensional integrity,' is the cornerstone of their stability and performance. With a low-mass yet sturdy frame, these stands ensure minimal resonance and reflectivity, allowing your speakers to deliver pure, uncolored sound.

  • Tensegrity Design: A marvel of engineering that provides optimal stability and reduces unwanted vibrations.
  • Visual Harmony: Designed to be a visual complement to your Q Active 200 speakers, these stands will elevate the aesthetic of any room.
  • Low Reflectivity: The minimal surface area of the stands reduces sound reflection, ensuring clarity and precision in audio playback.

Uncompromised Stability and Performance

Stability is key in any speaker stand, and the Q Active Tensegrity Stands excel in this regard. The threaded inserts allow for rigid bolting, securing your speakers firmly in place. The tripod structure, a stable base for any high-performance audio equipment, ensures that your speakers can deliver their full sonic potential without interference.

  • Stability Features: Threaded inserts for a solid, vibration-free speaker mounting.
  • Enhanced Audio Quality: By minimizing vibrations and resonance, the stands help in delivering a more focused and detailed soundstage.

Thoughtful Construction and Compatibility

The FS75 stands are crafted to be the perfect companion for the Q Acoustics Q Active 200 speakers. They are not just an afterthought but an integral part of the Q Acoustics ecosystem designed to enhance the performance of your audio setup.

  • Designed For: Q Acoustics Q Active 200 speakers, ensuring that they are a perfect match both in form and function.
  • Construction: Robust and lightweight, providing a secure foundation without adding unnecessary bulk.

Tailored Accessories and Assembly

The Q Active Tensegrity Stands come with all the necessary accessories for a hassle-free setup. Every detail has been considered, from the spikes and rubber spike covers for floor protection to the cable clips for a neat and tidy presentation.

  • Easy Assembly: Everything you need for a straightforward assembly is included.
  • Cable Management: Integrated solutions to keep your setup looking clean and professional.

Adaptable to Your Flooring

Whether you have hardwood floors, carpet, or any other type of flooring, the Q Active Tensegrity Stands are equipped to handle it. The included spikes and rubber feet options provide versatility and ensure that your stands remain stable on any surface.

  • Flooring Options: Choose from spikes or rubber feet to best suit your home’s flooring.
  • Rubber Covers: Included for those who prefer a less permanent and more protective option.

Peace of Mind with Protection Plans

We understand that your home audio equipment is an investment. That's why we offer protection plans to cover accidental damage and malfunctions, giving you the confidence to enjoy your music without worry.

  • Warranty Options: Choose from a 4-year or 3-year Musical Instrument Accident Protection Plan for added peace of mind.

Key Details at a Glance

  • Manufacturer: Q Acoustics
  • Model: Q Active Tensegrity Stands - FS75
  • Dimensions: 638 x 286 x 338mm (25.1 x 11.3 x 13.3in) per stand
  • Weight: 5.5kg (12.1lbs) per pair
  • Warranty: Options for extended protection plans

Pros That Speak for Themselves

  • Minimized Vibrations: Enjoy clearer and more precise sound with the innovative tensegrity design.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Sleek and modern, these stands are a statement piece in any home theater setup.
  • Versatile Use: Though designed for Q Acoustics speakers, they can also accommodate other bookshelf speakers, offering versatility.
  • Complete Package: Comes with all necessary accessories for immediate setup and use.

Your Home Theater, Perfected

The Q Acoustics Q Active Tensegrity Stands are more than just a means to elevate your speakers; they are an investment in the purity of sound and the beauty of design. When paired with the Q Active 200 speakers, these stands not only complement the look but also enhance the sonic performance, providing an audio experience that is both immersive and emotionally engaging.

Dreamedia is here to help you design your ultimate home theater system, and the Q Active Tensegrity Stands are a cornerstone of that vision. Let us guide you in creating an environment where technology meets artistry, and where every note, every beat, and every sound is delivered with precision and passion.

Elevate your home audio experience to new heights with the Q Acoustics Q Active Tensegrity Stands. With their superior design, unmatched stability, and emphasis on performance, they are an essential addition to any discerning listener's home theater. Order yours today and transform the way you listen to music.

Elevate acoustic sophistication with the Q Acoustics Q Active Tensegrity Stands, a harmonious blend of stability and style designed to enhance speaker performance and complement any interior. Experience the pinnacle of audio purity with a stand that minimizes vibrations and resonances.

Elevate the audio experience with the Q Acoustics Q Active Tensegrity Stands - FS75, where innovative design meets acoustic excellence, providing a stable foundation that minimizes vibrations for pure, undisturbed sound.

Elevate your audio experience with the Q Acoustics Q Active Tensegrity Stands - FS75, where innovative design meets acoustic excellence. These stands offer a stable, low-resonance foundation specifically engineered to enhance the Q Acoustics Q Active speaker system.

Our Review


The right speaker stands are a crucial component of any high-fidelity audio setup. They not only elevate the speakers to an optimal listening height but also impact sound quality by minimizing vibrations and resonances. The Q Acoustics Q Active Tensegrity Stands - FS75 come into play as a specialized solution designed to enhance the audio experience for select speakers from the same brand.

Design and Build Quality

Examination of the Tensegrity Stand Design

The Q Acoustics Q Active Tensegrity Stands - FS75 showcase an innovative tensegrity design—a tripod structure renowned for its stability and minimal contact with the floor, reducing the transmission of vibrations. This design philosophy is not just about stability; it's also about ensuring that any vibrations from the speakers are not transferred to the surrounding environment, which can color and degrade the sound.

Discussion on the Construction Materials and Craftsmanship

Although specific materials are not detailed, the stands' lightweight and rigid construction suggest a careful selection of materials aimed at maintaining the balance between durability and acoustic performance. The craftsmanship appears to be focused on creating a reliable product that securely holds the speakers while complementing their design.

Analysis of the Dimensions and Weight for Stability Purposes

With dimensions measuring 638 x 286 x 338mm per stand, and a weight of 5.5kg per pair, these stands have a low profile with a substantial enough footprint to ensure stability without being overly bulky or obtrusive in a room.

Compatibility and Performance

Compatibility with Q Acoustics Q Active Speakers and Other Models

While the FS75 stands are specifically designed to complement the Q Acoustics Q Active loudspeaker system, their minimalist design allows for potential compatibility with other bookshelf speakers, though some adjustments may be necessary.

Impact of the Tensegrity Design on Audio Performance

The tensegrity design is more than a visual statement; it plays a vital role in enhancing audio performance. By minimizing the surface area that comes in contact with the floor, these stands aim to reduce re-radiated sound and cabinet vibrations, crucial for maintaining the clarity and purity of audio output.

Suitability for Different Environments and Setups

Given their design and the included options for rubber or spike feet, these stands offer flexibility for various environments, whether on hardwood floors or carpets, ensuring optimal setup conditions for any room.

Features and Enhancements

Detailed Look at the Stability Features

The tripod design offers a stable base, and the addition of both rubber and spike feet caters to different floor surfaces, enhancing stability and reducing slippage.

Evaluation of the Reduction of Resonance and Vibrations

The tensegrity structure and choice of construction materials contribute to a significant reduction in resonance and vibrations, which is key to maintaining sound integrity.

Assessment of the Included Accessories and Setup Process

Q Acoustics includes necessary accessories, ensuring that setting up the stands is straightforward. This attention to detail simplifies the integration of the stands into an existing audio setup.

Aesthetics and Usability

How the Stands Complement the Visual Aspect of the Q Acoustics Speakers

The FS75 stands are designed to be visually appealing, with a modern and minimal aesthetic that complements the Q Acoustics speakers. They do not distract from the speakers' design but rather enhance it.

Usability and Ease of Integration into Existing Home Theater Setups

The stands are user-friendly, promoting easy integration into home theater systems. Their design is intuitive, which is beneficial for users who may not be technically inclined.

Warranty and Protection Plans

Overview of the Available Protection Plans

The options for a 4-year and 3-year Musical Instrument Accident Protection Plan offer additional peace of mind, covering accidental damage and malfunctions. This level of warranty is quite generous in the consumer electronics space, indicating the manufacturer's confidence in the product's durability.

Consideration of the Value Provided by the Warranty Options

The inclusion of extended warranty options adds value to the purchase, potentially saving consumers from future repair or replacement costs.

Pros and Cons Recap

Summary of the Key Advantages

  • Designed to enhance the audio performance of Q Acoustics speakers
  • Tensegrity design effectively reduces vibrations
  • Aesthetic design complements speakers
  • Versatile with various floor types due to included feet options
  • Lightweight, rigid construction for easy handling

Discussion of the Limitations and Potential Deal-Breakers

  • Limited compatibility with non-Q Acoustics speakers
  • Lack of detailed information on materials and weight capacity

Final Thoughts

The Q Acoustics Q Active Tensegrity Stands - FS75 stand out in the market for their unique design and the specific benefits they offer to the Q Acoustics Q Active speakers. Their ability to reduce vibrations and resonances, combined with a visually appealing design, makes them a compelling choice for audiophiles who own or are considering Q Acoustics' compatible speaker models. While the stands may not be the best fit for every speaker out there, for those with the Q Acoustics Q Active series, they offer a valuable enhancement to both the audio experience and the visual setup of a home theater system.



  • Stand Type: Tensegrity
  • Inspiration: Concept 300 loudspeaker
  • Minimizes Resonance: Yes
  • Low-Mass: Yes
  • Low-Reflectivity: Yes
  • Visual Complement: Q Active 200 speakers
  • Stability Feature: Threaded-inserts for rigid bolting
  • Design Principle: Tensional integrity (tensegrity)
  • Finish: Sleek, modern


  • Height: 638mm (25.1in)
  • Width: 286mm (11.3in)
  • Depth: 338mm (13.3in)
  • Carton Height: 720mm (28.3in)
  • Carton Width: 145mm (5.7in)
  • Carton Depth: 260mm (10.2in)


  • Per Pair: 5.5kg (12.1lbs)


  • Designed For: Q Acoustics Q Active 200 speakers


  • Spikes: 8
  • Rubber Spike Covers: 8
  • Top Plate Screws: 2
  • Speaker Screws/Bolts: 8/4
  • Cable Clips: 6


  • Demounted Speaker Stands: 2
  • Top Plates: 2
  • Manual: 1


  • Spikes Option: Yes
  • Rubber Feet Option: Yes
  • Rubber Covers: Yes