SVS Prime Pinnacle

Three-way floor-standing speaker with dynamic sound


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Elevate Your Listening Experience

Imagine the sensation of a live concert, the intricate layers of an orchestra, or the thunderous roar of an action-packed movie scene unfolding in the comfort of your home. The SVS Prime Pinnacle floorstanding speakers turn this into reality, offering an immersive audio experience that captivates audiophiles and casual listeners alike. With meticulous engineering and design, these speakers embody the pinnacle of acoustic innovation, delivering audiophile-grade sound that breathes life into every note and beat.

Unparalleled Audio Fidelity

The SVS Prime Pinnacle is not just a speaker; it's a conduit to the purest form of audio. Its three-way design, featuring a trio of high-performance woofers, a precision-crafted midrange driver, and a pristine aluminum dome tweeter, ensures a full spectrum of sound, from the deepest bass to the highest highs, without a hint of distortion.

  • Dynamic Range: The recommended amplifier power of 20-300 watts allows these speakers to handle the subtlest nuances or the most explosive peaks with equal poise.
  • Clarity: Revel in exceptional clarity across all frequency ranges, ensuring each instrument and voice is heard with crystal clear precision.
  • Bass Response: The dedicated woofers and unique port tuning frequencies produce a bass that is both deep and tight, providing a solid foundation for any genre of music or soundtracks.

Sophisticated Design and Construction

The SVS Prime Pinnacle speakers are not only a testament to acoustic excellence but also a statement of sophisticated design. The sleek cabinet, available in Black Ash or Piano Gloss Black, complements any room decor, while its lifestyle-friendly footprint ensures it fits seamlessly into your living space.

  • Cabinet Material: Constructed from MDF and internally braced, the cabinet is designed to be sonically inert, minimizing resonance and ensuring sound purity.
  • Construction Details: Four acoustically tuned internal chambers and advanced bracing support the individual drivers, eliminating any potential for audio coloration.

Custom Engineered Drivers

Each driver is meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled audio performance. The 1" aluminum dome tweeter, the 5.25" midrange driver with a composite glass-fiber cone, and the three 6.5" woofers all work in perfect harmony, courtesy of the SoundMatch 3-way crossover, to bring an authentic and engaging listening experience.

  • Woofer Configuration: Three 6.5-inch polypropylene cones in individual ported compartments ensure a clean and powerful bass response.
  • Midrange Excellence: The 5.25-inch composite glass-fiber cone, housed in a separate sealed enclosure, enriches the vocal and instrumental clarity.
  • Tweeter Precision: A 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter with a diffuser optimizes dispersion for an expansive soundstage.

Advanced Sound Engineering

The SVS SoundMatch 3-way crossover is a testament to the brand's commitment to audio excellence. It's engineered to blend the frequencies from each driver seamlessly, creating a cohesive and balanced sound that remains true to the original recording.

  • Crossover Frequency: Fine-tuned at 2.1 kHz and 300 Hz, the crossover ensures a smooth transition between the drivers.
  • Acoustic Performance: The crossover's precision allows for an impressive soundstage and precise imaging, placing you at the heart of the performance.

Tailored Listening Experience

Whether you're a movie buff seeking to recreate the cinema experience at home or a music enthusiast who appreciates the subtleties of high-fidelity sound, the SVS Prime Pinnacle adapts to your needs.

  • Versatility: Equally adept at delivering the sonic demands of a high-definition movie soundtrack or the intricate details of a symphony, these speakers are truly versatile.
  • Timbre Matching: Designed to integrate seamlessly with other SVS speakers, the Prime Pinnacle is perfect for expanding your system into a full-fledged home theater setup.

Thoughtful Additions

Every aspect of the SVS Prime Pinnacle has been considered to enhance your user experience. From the cloth grilles that protect the drivers without marring the sound, to the dual footer options that cater to different flooring types, every detail is purposeful.

  • Terminals: High-quality binding posts accept wire, lugs, or banana plugs, ensuring a secure and easy connection to your amplifier.
  • Isolation and Stability: Choose between threaded metal spikes for carpeted rooms or elastomer isolation feet for hardwood floors to ensure the speakers remain stable and deliver optimal sound.

The Dreamedia Advantage

At Dreamedia, we understand the allure of a perfectly curated home theater system. That's why we stand ready to help you design and integrate the SVS Prime Pinnacle into your unique space. Our expertise ensures that your home theater or HiFi system not only meets but exceeds your expectations.


The SVS Prime Pinnacle speakers are a testament to SVS's commitment to audio excellence. Meticulously engineered, beautifully designed, and versatile enough to shine in any audio application, they offer a listening experience that's as close to live as it gets. Elevate your home audio with the SVS Prime Pinnacle and indulge in the sound that is truly music to your ears.


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Reference performance at an unrivaled value. Prime Pinnacle delivers Incredibly rich and detailed sound, pinpoint accuracy and stunning dynamic output with jaw-dropping bass extension. An all-new driver and crossover array is housed in a classically striking cabinet with a modest footprint.


  • General Specifications
  • Speaker Type: Floorstanding
  • Frequency Response: 29 Hz-25 kHz (+/-3 dB)
  • Impedance: 8 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 88 dB (2.83V @ 1 meter full-space, 300-3kHz)
  • Recommended Amplifier Power: 20-300 watts
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 41.1" x 8" x 13.9"
  • Weight: 58.4 lbs. each
  • Cabinet Material: MDF
  • Finish Options: Black Ash, Piano Gloss Black
  • Driver Configuration
  • Tweeter: 1" Aluminum Dome Tweeter
  • Midrange Driver: 5.25" Midrange Driver with Composite Glass-Fiber Cone
  • Woofer: Three 6.5" High-Performance Woofers
  • Crossover Details
  • Crossover Frequency: 2.1 kHz, 300 Hz
  • Cabinet Design
  • Cabinet Construction: Four self-contained, acoustically tuned internal chambers
  • Port Tuning Frequencies: Three unique port tuning frequencies
  • Additional Features
  • SVS Ultra Tower Crossover: Yes
  • SVS SoundMatch 3-Way Crossover: Yes
  • Lifestyle-Friendly Footprint: Yes
  • Sonically Inert and Rigidly Braced Cabinet: Yes
  • Timbre Matched: Yes
  • Suitable for Stereo HiFi and Home Theater: Yes