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World-class precision with its 1” aluminum dome tweeter, dedicated and independently sealed 3.5” midrange driver and dual 5.25” woofers – a true three way design, a rarity for center speakers in its price class.


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A center speaker has a challenging part to play. It has to be a soloist— delivering clear and natural dialogue. And in a split second it has to step back and be part of the back up band—melding with the ambiance of the environment they are creating. The Prime Center delivers both these demanding parts in world-class precision with its 1” aluminum dome tweeter, dedicated and independently sealed 3.5” midrange driver and dual 5.25” woofers – a true three way design, a rarity for center speakers in its price class.

SVS Prime Center Review


The SVS Prime Center is a center channel speaker designed by SVS, a renowned manufacturer in the audio industry. As part of their Prime series, the Prime Center is specifically crafted for home theater systems, with a focus on dialogue reproduction. This 3-way center channel speaker offers a range of features and specifications that enhance its performance and make it an attractive option for home theater enthusiasts.

Design and Build Quality

The SVS Prime Center boasts a 3-way design, which allows for more precise sound reproduction across the frequency spectrum. This design includes a 1" aluminum dome tweeter for crystal-clear highs, a 3.5" midrange driver for accurate midrange reproduction, and dual 5.25" woofers for impactful bass. With horizontal dispersion, the Prime Center ensures wide sound coverage, creating an immersive listening experience.

In terms of build quality, the Prime Center excels with its heavy cabinet construction. The sturdy MDF cabinet not only enhances durability but also minimizes resonance and vibrations that can negatively impact sound quality. Additionally, the cabinet features an extra-thick front baffle and internal bracing, further contributing to its robustness. The tapered edges on the front baffle are designed to reduce sound diffraction, resulting in cleaner and more precise audio reproduction.

Audio Performance

One of the key strengths of the SVS Prime Center is its impressive audio performance. The 1" aluminum dome tweeter delivers crystal-clear highs, ensuring that every detail in the audio is faithfully reproduced. Whether it's the delicate sounds of instruments or the nuances in vocals, the tweeter provides excellent clarity and accuracy.

The 3.5" midrange driver is responsible for precise midrange reproduction, which is crucial for dialogue and vocals. With the Prime Center, voices sound smooth and natural, allowing for clear and intelligible dialogue even in complex movie scenes. The midrange driver strikes a balance between warmth and accuracy, resulting in a pleasing and realistic sound representation.

The dual 5.25" woofers deliver impactful bass, adding depth and richness to the audio experience. The rigid cone materials and optimized cabinet design ensure that the low-frequency reproduction is deep and authoritative. Whether it's the rumble of explosions or the thump of a bass guitar, the Prime Center handles low frequencies with precision and power.

Overall, the SVS Prime Center offers accurate and detailed sound reproduction across the frequency range. It delivers a flat frequency response, ensuring that no frequencies are overemphasized or lacking. This, combined with its expansive front soundstage, creates an immersive and balanced listening experience.

The Prime Center also excels in its integration with the left and right channels. It seamlessly blends with the other speakers in your home theater system, creating an expansive and cohesive sound field. This integration ensures that the soundstage is wide and enveloping, enhancing the overall audio immersion.

Connectivity and Compatibility

The SVS Prime Center features 5-way binding post terminals, providing various connection options. Whether you prefer bare wire, banana plugs, or spade connectors, the binding post terminals accommodate different types of speaker cables. This flexibility makes it easy to integrate the Prime Center into your existing setup.

Furthermore, the Prime Center is compatible with room correction software like Dirac Live. Room correction software analyzes the acoustic characteristics of your room and makes adjustments to the audio signal to compensate for any room-related issues. By utilizing room correction software, you can further optimize the performance of the Prime Center and achieve the best possible audio reproduction in your specific environment.

Additionally, the Prime Center can be paired with a subwoofer and EQ for improved results. While the dual 5.25" woofers deliver solid bass, adding a dedicated subwoofer can enhance the low-frequency performance even further. By utilizing EQ (equalization), you can fine-tune the audio response to match your preferences and room characteristics, ensuring an optimal listening experience.

User Experience

The SVS Prime Center not only delivers excellent audio performance but also provides a satisfying user experience. The cabinet design of the Prime Center is visually appealing, with a flawless finish that adds a touch of elegance to any home theater setup. Its compact size allows for easy integration into most home theater cabinets, ensuring a seamless and unobtrusive aesthetic.

SVS is known for its outstanding customer service, and the Prime Center is no exception. If you encounter any issues or have questions regarding setup, connectivity, or troubleshooting, SVS provides real experts who are available 24/7 to assist you. This level of support ensures that you can make the most out of your Prime Center and overcome any challenges that may arise.

Pros and Cons

The SVS Prime Center offers several notable advantages. Firstly, it provides an affordable option for a 3-way center channel speaker, making it an attractive choice for those seeking high-quality audio without breaking the bank. The Prime Center's horizontal response and plots also compare favorably to other models, such as the JBL 520C.

The Prime Center's compatibility with room correction software like Dirac Live is another significant advantage. This allows for further optimization of the audio performance based on your specific room characteristics, resulting in an even more accurate and immersive listening experience.

The sound reproduction of the Prime Center is highly praised, with its excellent reproduction of highs, smooth and natural midrange, solid bass, and clear dialogue reproduction. The flat frequency response and expansive front soundstage contribute to a well-balanced and enjoyable audio experience.

In terms of build quality, the Prime Center stands out with its heavy cabinet and flawless finish. The sturdy construction ensures durability, while the tapered edges on the front baffle reduce sound diffraction for cleaner audio reproduction. Additionally, SVS's customer service is highly regarded, providing exceptional support for users.

However, there are a few reported cons to consider. Some users have experienced uneven on-axis response, which may affect the sound quality in certain listening positions. Additionally, there have been concerns about dialogue reproduction, with some users finding it lacking in clarity.

While the dual 5.25" woofers deliver impactful bass, the port tuning of the Prime Center has received criticism from some users. This may result in suboptimal performance in certain room setups or placement configurations. Furthermore, the lack of NFS spinorama data raises concerns for performance guarantee, as it is a widely recognized standardized measurement for audio products.

Some users have also reported issues with male dialogue sounding boomy or shouty, which may require adjustments to the receiver's settings to achieve a more balanced sound. The rear port design of the Prime Center limits placement options, as it requires sufficient space behind the speaker for optimal performance.

It's worth noting that the Prime Center's performance in multi-channel music mode may not match that of dedicated stereo speakers. While it excels in home theater applications, users looking for the utmost detail and precision in music playback may find dedicated stereo speakers to be a more suitable option.

Lastly, the Prime Center is not wall mountable, and it requires a sturdy shelf or stand for placement. This may limit its placement options in certain setups.


The SVS Prime Center offers a compelling solution for home theater enthusiasts seeking a center channel speaker with good sound reproduction and build quality. With its 3-way design, the Prime Center delivers accurate and detailed sound across the frequency spectrum, ensuring crystal-clear highs, smooth midrange, and impactful bass. Its compatibility with room correction software and the option to pair with a subwoofer and EQ further enhance its performance.

The Prime Center's heavy cabinet construction, flawless finish, and attractive design make it visually appealing and durable. SVS's outstanding customer service and availability of real experts for assistance contribute to a satisfying user experience.

While there are some reported cons, such as uneven on-axis response and dialogue reproduction concerns, the overall performance and value for money of the SVS Prime Center are commendable. It is a worthy consideration for those looking to elevate their home theater audio setup with a high-quality center channel speaker.


  • 1” aluminum dome tweeter
  • 3.5” midrange driver
  • Dual 5.25” woofers
  • Black Ash and Piano Gloss Black finish options
  • 5-way binding posts
  • Dual 1” wide-flared rear-firing ports
  • Cloth grille with pin/cup retention system
  • Elastomer stick-on bumper feet (adds 3mm to height)
  • Cabinet Dimensions: 7.6” (H) X 18.6” (W) X 8.3” (D) (includes grille, binding posts and bumper feet)
  • Weight Unboxed: 20.2 pounds