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Perlisten Audio D215s Subwoofer

Push-pull subwoofer with THX Dominus certification

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Perlisten Audio D215s Subwoofer

Unleash the Power of Pristine Bass

Welcome to the realm of acoustic perfection, where the marriage of technological innovation and exceptional craftsmanship brings you the Perlisten Audio D215s Subwoofer. Designed for audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts who demand nothing but the best, this subwoofer is more than just a device; it's a portal to an immersive experience that encapsulates all the thrills of the cinema and the nuances of a live concert.

Push-Pull Acoustic Mastery

The D215s stands out with its innovative 'push-pull' driver alignment, a design that significantly reduces distortion, allowing for a cleaner, more accurate bass response. This alignment is not just a technical detail; it's the core of the listening experience, ensuring that every rumble and nuance is delivered with an unparalleled level of clarity.

The Heart of the Beast

At the core of the D215s lies a formidable 1,500-watt amplifier, ready to deliver earth-shattering power without breaking a sweat. This power is not just about volume; it's about the ability to deliver impactful bass that you can feel in your bones, all while maintaining control and finesse.

State-of-the-Art Control and Connectivity

  • Touch and Go: A 2.4" LCD color touchscreen offers an intuitive interface for on-the-fly adjustments, blending convenience with high-tech elegance.
  • App Intelligence: iOS and Android app integration means you can control and customize your audio experience from the palm of your hand.
  • DSP Engine: A Texas Instruments DSP engine and ARM processor work in harmony to execute complex calculations for precise sound shaping.
  • Parametric EQ: A 10-Band PEQ with 3 user presets allows you to tailor the sound to your room's unique acoustics, ensuring optimal performance in any environment.

A Symphony of Specifications

The D215s doesn't just play bass; it crafts it. With dual 15-inch carbon fiber woofers capable of +/-30mm linear excursion, the subwoofer can reproduce the lowest of lows with ease, making it feel like you're at the heart of the action.

  • Frequency Response: Whether you're aiming for THX EQ precision or room-specific adjustments, the D215s delivers with multiple EQ settings.
  • Connectivity: Balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA inputs and outputs provide flexible connection options, catering to both audiophiles and professional setups.
  • Phase and Polarity: Fine-tune the subwoofer's integration with your system with variable phase and polarity controls, ensuring seamless blending with your main speakers.

Build Quality and Design

The D215s doesn't just sound robust; it's built to match. With a weight of over 200 pounds and a high gloss black finish, this subwoofer is as much a statement piece as it is a high-performance audio component. The sturdy and inert cabinet design minimizes resonances, ensuring that all you hear is pure, uncolored bass.

THX Dominus Certification

The THX Dominus certification is not given lightly. It represents the pinnacle of audio performance, and the D215s wears it as a badge of honor. This certification guarantees that the subwoofer meets the most stringent standards for audio reproduction, ensuring that you're getting a product that stands at the zenith of home theater technology.

The Dreamedia Difference

At Dreamedia, we understand that a subwoofer is the heart of any home theater system, and the D215s is a heart that beats with precision and power. We're here to help you design a system that not only includes this masterpiece but also complements it in every way, creating an ecosystem of sound that's tailored to your space and preferences.

Pros - The Symphony of Strengths

  • Neutral Response: Experience sound as the creators intended, with a subwoofer that delivers audio with a superbly neutral response.
  • Low Distortion: The push-pull alignment and carbon-fiber drivers minimize distortion, allowing for crystal-clear bass even at high volumes.
  • Dynamic Range: From the subtlest of whispers to the mightiest of explosions, the wide dynamic range ensures every detail is captured.
  • Innovative Drivers: Carbon-fiber cones and aluminum voice coils combine to create drivers that are both lightweight and high-performing.
  • Advanced Control: The advanced touchscreen and app control offer a modern and user-friendly way to manage your audio experience.
  • Protection System: A sophisticated monitoring system keeps your investment safe, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.
  • Connectivity: With its array of inputs and outputs, the D215s can integrate seamlessly into any high-end audio setup.
  • Cabinet Design: The cabinet is not just about aesthetics; it's engineered to contribute to the overall sound quality by reducing unwanted resonance.

Embrace the Ultimate Audio Experience

The Perlisten Audio D215s Subwoofer is not just another component in your home theater system; it's the foundation upon which the most memorable audio experiences are built. With its impeccable design, cutting-edge technology, and THX Dominus certification, the D215s is poised to redefine your understanding of deep, impactful bass.

Whether you're a movie buff looking to bring the cinema home, a music lover seeking to capture the essence of live performances, or a gamer aiming to be at the center of the action, the D215s is your key to unlocking an unparalleled auditory journey.

If you're ready to experience the pinnacle of bass reproduction, the Perlisten Audio D215s Subwoofer awaits. And remember, Dreamedia is always here to guide you through designing the perfect home theater system that will be the envy of all who experience it.

We Raised the Bar

The D215s is a new paradigm in accuracy, elegance, and style. Massive amounts of output is not the only mark of a flagship subwoofer, and Accuracy versus output is no longer a decision you will have to make, because you can now have both. The true metric of a subwoofer is not just being loud, but having the dynamic range plus ultra low distortion to create the subtlety of every detail of the bass guitar, to the 12Hz stomp of that T-Rex. Innovative technology such as an 3kW smart amp with a 32 bit ARM core, iOS and Android app to control up to 8 subwoofers, a 2.4” TFT touchscreen, and a dual woofer Push-Pull configuration for extremely low distortion. This monster can dance as effortlessly as a ballerina or crush frequencies well below 20Hz.

The Mark of a Push Pull design

Every parts of this woofer was computer optimized to ensure every speck of performance was achieved and then validated with advanced test equipment like Klippel. Starting with the tuning of the massive 60mm peak linear excursion, spider compliance, and magnetic motor curve. The two woofers are then mounted on a massive 80mm front baffle and operated in a push pull configuration utilizing cancellation of the 2rd order harmonics to further reduce distortion. Every step of the way ensuring the best low frequency experience you can have.

3.0kW of Intelligence

At the core of our amps is a 32 bit ARM processor to control innovative technologies like real time temperature status, current and voltage monitoring, fault detection, and performance diagnostics evaluated at more than a 1000 times a second. All of this to make sure that our 3kW amplifiers are always in control even well below 20Hz. In addition we have dual balanced and un-balanced inputs with pass through, 12v trigger, and OTA firmware updates through our APP to always get the latest improvements. The end result is low distortion bass for the finest details with the dynamic range to meet the highest transients without compression and control at the click of button.

APP control

Bass management is critical to control the notoriously difficult acoustic environment known as your listening room. Standing waves, subwoofers in an imperfect position, and sound variation from seat to seat are only some of these issues. Control for up to 8 subwoofers with each woofer having 3 banks of 10 PEQ’s, Time Delay, Phase, up to 6 standard EQ’s, 24dB low-pass crossovers, and polarity, are all tools available to optimize your room performance. Our APP uses Bluetooth Low Energy to communicate with your iOS or Android based devices.

Our Review


The Perlisten Audio D215s Subwoofer is an impressive addition to any home theater or audio setup. With its innovative features and high-performance components, this subwoofer aims to deliver accurate and detailed bass reproduction with minimal distortion. Boasting a powerful 1,500-watt amplifier and advanced processing capabilities, this subwoofer is designed to provide impactful bass output and precise control. In this review, we will take an in-depth look at the design, performance, control and connectivity options, as well as any limitations of the Perlisten Audio D215s Subwoofer.

Design and Build Quality

One of the standout features of the Perlisten Audio D215s Subwoofer is its sturdy and inert cabinet design. This design choice helps to reduce resonances and unwanted vibrations, resulting in cleaner and more accurate bass reproduction. The high gloss black finish adds a touch of elegance to the subwoofer, ensuring it will complement any home theater or audio setup. However, it's worth noting that the subwoofer's larger size and weight may pose some challenges when it comes to positioning and installation.


When it comes to performance, the Perlisten Audio D215s Subwoofer truly shines. It offers a superbly neutral response and wide dynamic range, allowing for precise and detailed bass reproduction. The subwoofer's low distortion is particularly impressive, ensuring that the bass remains accurate and faithful to the original audio source. This is further enhanced by the innovative 'push-pull' driver alignment, which reduces distortion and improves overall performance.

The high-performance drivers with carbon-fiber cones and aluminum voice coils contribute to the subwoofer's exceptional performance. These lightweight yet robust components allow for quick and accurate bass response, making the listening experience truly immersive. With a powerful 1,500-watt amplifier, the Perlisten Audio D215s Subwoofer offers impactful bass output that can bring movies, music, and games to life. It's also worth mentioning that this subwoofer has received THX Dominus certification, a testament to its design and performance excellence.

Control and Connectivity

The Perlisten Audio D215s Subwoofer offers advanced processing and control options, allowing users to fine-tune their audio experience. The subwoofer can be controlled via an app or through the built-in touchscreen interface, providing convenient access to various settings and features. The inclusion of multiple preset EQs and parametric EQ allows for further customization, ensuring that the bass response can be tailored to individual preferences.

While the control options are extensive, it's important to note that the Perlisten Audio D215s Subwoofer lacks physical dials for crossover, phase, and gain adjustments. Some users may prefer the tactile feedback and simplicity of physical controls, so this is something to consider.

In terms of connectivity, the Perlisten Audio D215s Subwoofer offers flexible options with dual inputs and outputs. This allows for easy integration into existing audio setups, whether they are stereo or multi-channel configurations. The subwoofer also supports high-quality audio formats, ensuring that it can handle the demands of modern audio sources.

Monitoring and Protection

The Perlisten Audio D215s Subwoofer features a sophisticated monitoring system that allows for real-time parameter tracking and protection. This ensures that the subwoofer remains within safe operating limits, preventing any damage or degradation in performance. The monitoring system is a valuable addition, providing peace of mind to users and helping to extend the lifespan of the subwoofer.

However, it's worth noting that the subwoofer's aggressive amp limiting may limit its potential output. While this is a protective measure, it may be a consideration for users who require exceptionally high volume levels or have large rooms that demand a higher output subwoofer.


Despite its impressive performance and features, the Perlisten Audio D215s Subwoofer does have a few limitations. Firstly, the higher price point may be a deterrent for budget-conscious consumers. While the subwoofer offers exceptional performance, it may be out of reach for some buyers.

Additionally, the Perlisten Audio D215s Subwoofer is only available in a black finish, limiting options for those who prefer alternative aesthetics. Furthermore, the lack of specific technical specifications or additional connectivity options in the provided information may leave some potential buyers wanting more detailed information.

Another drawback is the current backorder status of the subwoofer, which may result in longer waiting times for interested consumers. Additionally, the limited output compared to some competitors at a similar price point may be a consideration for those who require a higher output subwoofer.

Lastly, while the Perlisten Audio D215s Subwoofer offers impressive bass response, it may not provide deep bass extension in large rooms without the support of additional subwoofers. This is something to consider for users with larger spaces or specific bass requirements.


In conclusion, the Perlisten Audio D215s Subwoofer is a powerful and well-designed subwoofer that offers exceptional performance and control options. With its superbly neutral response, low distortion, and innovative driver alignment, this subwoofer delivers accurate and detailed bass reproduction. The powerful amplifier and THX Dominus certification further enhance its capabilities, making it a great choice for home theater enthusiasts and audio purists.

However, the higher price point, limited availability in only a black finish, and some missing technical specifications may be drawbacks for some consumers. Additionally, the aggressive amp limiting and potential need for additional subwoofers in large rooms should be considered before making a purchase.

Overall, the Perlisten Audio D215s Subwoofer is a solid choice for those seeking a high-performance subwoofer that offers precise control and impressive bass reproduction. It is best suited for users who prioritize accurate and detailed bass response in their home theater or audio setup.


General Specifications

  • Model: D215s Subwoofer
  • Subwoofer Type: Push-Pull, acoustic suspension
  • Amplifier Power (Watts): 3000 RMS short term
  • Display Interface: 2.4" LCD color touchscreen
  • App Compatibility: iOS and Android
  • Certification: THX Dominus
  • Available Finishes: Piano black
  • Weight (kg): 92.0
  • Dimensions (HxWxD mm): 805 x 500 x 650.5

Audio Performance

  • Driver Compliment: Dual 380mm carbon fiber diaphragm with +/-30mm linear excursion
  • Reference Sensitivity (dB / 150mV / 1.0m): 92
  • Frequency Response (THX EQ Hz): 20-200 (-6dB) / 16-210 (-10dB)
  • Frequency Response (Boost Large Room EQ Hz): 15-200 (-6dB) / 13-210 (-10dB)
  • Frequency Response (Cut Small Room EQ Hz): 24-200 (-6dB) / 18-210 (-10dB)


  • Inputs: Dual Balanced XLR, Dual Unbalanced RCA
  • Outputs: Dual Balanced XLR unbuffered, Dual Unbalanced RCA unbuffered
  • Configurable Auto Turn-On and 12v Trigger: XLR 1, XLR 1+2, RCA 1, RCA 1+2

Control and Calibration

  • Processor: 32-bit ARM Cortex M4 with double precision floating point math
  • DSP Engine: Ti DSP 48-bit data paths
  • Parametric EQ: 10-Band PEQ with 3 user presets
  • Low Pass Filter: Bypass, 30-160Hz, slope 6, 12, 18, 24dB/oct
  • Phase: Variable 0-270
  • Polarity: Normal / inverted

Construction and Design

  • Cabinet Construction: Rigid, reinforced to minimize vibrations and resonances
  • Drivers: Custom-designed, lightweight, durable cones for maximum output and minimum distortion
  • Woofer Configuration: Dual woofer Push-Pull configuration
  • Peak Linear Excursion (mm): 60
  • Amplifier Type: Class-D
  • Control Interface: Top-mounted touch-screen, app control
  • Cabinet Construction: Heavy-duty HDF with extensive internal bracing
  • Finish: Gloss piano black (custom finishes available for a surcharge)

Technology and Features

  • Monitoring System: Real-time monitoring of power supply output and current, amplifier temperature, power supply temperature, output voltage and current, short circuit faults, DC offsets, and AC undervoltage/overvoltage
  • Room Optimization: Control for up to 8 subwoofers with each woofer having 3 banks of 10 PEQ’s, Time Delay, Phase, up to 6 standard EQ’s, 24dB low-pass crossovers, and polarity
  • Firmware Updates: OTA firmware updates through the app
  • App Control: Bluetooth Low Energy communication with iOS or Android devices