Michell Audio TecnoArm 2 - Dreamedia AV
Michell Audio TecnoArm 2 - Dreamedia AV
Michell Audio TecnoArm 2 - Dreamedia AV
Michell Audio TecnoArm 2 - Dreamedia AV
Vendor: Michell Audio

Michell Audio TecnoArm 2

Precision-engineered tonearm with advanced adjustability

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Michell Audio TecnoArm 2

Unveiling a Masterpiece of Engineering: The Michell Audio TecnoArm 2

In the symphony of audiophile components, the tonearm is the conductor's baton, translating the delicate grooves of vinyl into the rich tapestry of sound that fills the room with life. The Michell Audio TecnoArm 2, a testament to the legacy of John Michell's visionary design and engineering prowess, stands as a paragon in this critical role. It is not merely a component; it is the heart of a turntable, the pivot upon which the magic of analog audio balances.

A Tribute to Craftsmanship and Precision

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the TecnoArm 2 is a reference-class tonearm that builds upon the esteemed Rega RB250 base model. With an arm tube fashioned from a single piece of metal, shot-blasted and perforated with 22 underside holes, it achieves a remarkable reduction in mass without compromising rigidity. The integral headshell is machined to precision, ensuring it is parallel with the bearing position, allowing your cartridge to track with unerring accuracy.

  • Custom one-piece arm tube: Enhances rigidity and reduces resonance.
  • Integral headshell: Precision-machined for optimal cartridge alignment.
  • Ultra-low friction polymer bearings: Minimize resistance, allowing smooth movement.
  • Redesigned mounting base: Offers improved stability for the tonearm.

The Pinnacle of Connectivity

The TecnoArm 2's wiring loom is a work of art in itself, utilizing Michell's proprietary design. The signal path is uncompromised thanks to 99.9999% pure silver litz wire, known for its exceptional conductivity and audio fidelity. Every connection point, from the cartridge clips to the phono RCAs, features proprietary silver plating, reducing the loss of signal quality and preserving the nuance in your music.

  • Michell's proprietary wiring loom: Ensures a pristine signal path.
  • 99.9999% pure silver litz wire: For unparalleled signal transmission.
  • Proprietary silver-plated cartridge clips and phono RCAs: Maintain signal integrity.
  • Metal braided shielding with separate ground wire: Protects against interference.

Designed for Optimal Adjustability

Fine-tuning your tonearm is a breeze with the TecnoArm 2. The TecnoWeight counterweight allows for easy tracking force adjustment, while the VTA/SRA adjuster ensures precise tonearm height and stylus tracking angle calibration. The VTF adjuster allows for changes in steps of 0.1g, and the vertical tracking angle can be tweaked to perfection, ensuring your cartridge performs at its very best.

  • TecnoWeight counterweight: For simple and precise tracking force adjustment.
  • VTA/SRA Adjuster: Enables accurate height and angle setting for the tonearm.
  • VTF Adjuster: In steps of 0.1g for meticulous tracking force calibration.
  • Vertical Tracking Angle Adjuster: Ensures optimal cartridge alignment.

Enhancements That Resonate

Every aspect of the TecnoArm 2 has been engineered to enhance performance. The tonearm tube's design reduces mass while improving rigidity, and the cable quality ensures a high-fidelity signal transmission. The advanced bearing housing design minimizes resonance, and the arm's movement is stable and friction-free. The result is an audio experience that is solid, precise, and faithful to the original recording.

  • Custom one-piece tonearm tube design: Minimizes mass and maximizes rigidity.
  • Advanced bearing housing: Reduces unwanted resonance.
  • Stable, friction-free movement: For a more accurate audio representation.

Specifications at a Glance

With an effective mass of 12.5 grams and an effective length of 237 mm, the TecnoArm 2 is compatible with a wide range of cartridges, supporting weights from 4 to 13 grams. The pivot to spindle distance is set at 222 mm, with an overhang of 15 mm and an offset angle of 21.63°. The three-point fixing design ensures compatibility with Michell's own turntables, such as the Gyrodec, Orbe, and those featuring 'Double Brace Technology'.

  • Effective Mass: 12.5 grams.
  • Effective Length: 237 mm.
  • Pivot to Spindle Distance: 222 mm.
  • Cartridge Weight Range: 4 to 13 grams.

Seamless Integration with Michell Turntables

The TecnoArm 2 is designed to complement Michell turntables like the Gyrodec and Orbe series, ensuring a harmonious setup that's both visually and sonically integrated. This tonearm is the bridge between your cherished vinyl and the unparalleled acoustic performance of Michell turntables.

  • Compatible with Gyrodec, Orbe, and Rega with 'Double Brace Technology'.

A Legacy of Sound Innovation

The TecnoArm 2 encapsulates the final project of John Michell, a man whose passion for audio excellence is woven into every aspect of this tonearm. It is a product born from relentless R&D, designed to terminate cartridge energy into the armboard effectively, and manifest a natural presentation with a low noise floor and minimal coloration.

  • John Michell's final project: A legacy of audio innovation.
  • Engineering R&D focus: Ensures top-tier performance.
  • Designed to effectively terminate cartridge energy: For clear, detailed sound reproduction.

Performance Evaluations

Listeners and critics alike have praised the TecnoArm 2 for its solid and precise sound, which maintains the characteristic 'floaty' nature of the Gyrodec turntable. Its engineering allows for easier VTA adjustments, and the sonic performance is described as superbly precision-engineered. The bass is good, the mids are clear and detailed, and it is compatible with a wide variety of cartridges.

  • Solid, precise sound: Maintains the Gyrodec's floaty nature.
  • Superbly precision-engineered: For an improved sonic performance.

In the Box

Your TecnoArm 2 comes with everything you need to elevate your listening experience, including two counterweights to match cartridges of 4-7g and 7-13g, a separate ground wire, and Michell's proprietary silver litz cable. The three-year warranty ensures peace of mind, knowing that your investment is protected.

  • Two counterweights: For cartridges of 4-7g and 7-13g.
  • Michell VTA/height adjuster: For precise setup.
  • Proprietary silver litz cable: For exceptional audio fidelity.
  • Three-year warranty: Your assurance of quality and reliability.

Your Invitation to Auditory Excellence

Dreamedia is poised to help you design the ultimate home theater system with the Michell Audio TecnoArm 2 as its centerpiece. We understand the nuances that differentiate a good product from a great one, and we are committed to helping you achieve an audiophile listening experience that exceeds your expectations.

Embrace the TecnoArm 2 and let it conduct your vinyl collection to new heights of auditory bliss. Discover the difference precision engineering can make in your home theater system. Contact Dreamedia today to begin your journey into the world of high-fidelity audio.

Our Review

Michell Audio TecnoArm 2 Review


Michell Audio has a storied reputation for creating high-fidelity audio equipment that resonates with audiophiles worldwide. The TecnoArm 2 is not just another addition to their prestigious lineup; it's a piece of audio legacy, being the final project overseen by John Michell himself. In the realm of turntable setups, a tonearm is pivotal in translating the grooves of a vinyl into the music we hear, and the TecnoArm 2 aims to do this with precision and grace.

Design and Build Quality


The TecnoArm 2 boasts a bead-blasted finish with a drilled underside, striking a balance between a modern, sleek look and the rugged, industrial charm that complements both contemporary and vintage turntable aesthetics. This tonearm could easily become the centerpiece of a high-end audio setup, catching the eye of any audiophile who values design as much as performance.

Materials and Construction

Crafted with an aluminum armtube and a one-piece arm casting, the TecnoArm 2 is built for durability and acoustic fidelity. The Tecnoweight counterweight, engineered with a low center of gravity, enhances stability and tracking accuracy. The tonearm's three-point fixing design ensures a secure and resonance-free mounting, crucial for maintaining the purity of the audio signal.

Usability Enhancements

The milled VTA adjuster is a testament to the tonearm's precision-focused design, allowing for meticulous vertical tracking angle adjustments. The inclusion of a new VTA/SRA adjuster for setting tonearm height speaks to the user-centric approach Michell Audio has taken, simplifying what can often be a complex and tedious process.


Engineering Innovations

The TecnoWeight system is a standout feature, offering a nuanced approach to tracking force adjustment that can cater to the most discerning of ears. The tonearm's wiring is no less impressive, with a proprietary silver litz cable that ensures high conductivity and a pure signal path, complemented by a PTFE dielectric for reduced signal loss.

Compatibility and Versatility

The TecnoArm 2's design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also versatile. It is compatible with a wide range of cartridges, making it a flexible choice for various audio setups. The dual counterweight system caters to cartridges weighing between 4-13g, broadening its applicability.

User Experience Considerations

The vertical tracking force and angle adjusters give users granular control over their listening experience, while the ultra-low friction polymer bearings ensure smooth operation and contribute to the overall fidelity of the audio reproduction.


Audio Quality

Upon listening, one immediately notices the solid bass and clear, detailed midranges that the TecnoArm 2 delivers. Its low noise floor and minimal coloration offer a pure and pleasurable listening experience. However, it is essential to note that while the overall sonic character is precise, some users may detect a slight graininess, and the high-frequency response might be perceived as shrill with certain genres or recordings.

Precision and Clarity

The precision engineering of the TecnoArm 2 is evident in its sonic performance. It effectively terminates cartridge energy into the armboard, which reduces unwanted resonances and improves clarity. This attention to detail is what allows the TecnoArm 2 to produce a sound that is both solid and 'floaty,' a term often used to describe the Gyrodec's signature sound.

Compatibility with Music Genres

The TecnoArm 2's audio performance can vary with different music genres. Its precision and clarity lend themselves well to classical and jazz recordings, where the nuance of each instrument can be fully appreciated. However, genres that rely heavily on pristine high-frequency reproduction may not always be served best by this tonearm, as its slight tendency towards shrillness could become more pronounced.

Installation and Setup

Ease of Installation

Installing the TecnoArm 2 is a straightforward process for those familiar with turntable setups. The tonearm's design facilitates an intuitive installation experience, with clear guidance for optimal setup and cartridge alignment.


The range of adjusters provided with the TecnoArm 2 is a testament to its adaptability. Fine-tuning the listening experience becomes an enjoyable task rather than a chore, allowing users to achieve the perfect balance for their specific audio preferences.

Value Proposition

Cost-to-Performance Ratio

When compared to other tonearms in its price bracket, the TecnoArm 2 stands out for its engineering quality and audio performance. It represents exceptional value for audiophiles who seek a high-quality listening experience without venturing into the realm of prohibitively expensive high-end equipment.

Pros & Cons


The TecnoArm 2's strengths are numerous, from its TecnoWeight counterweight engineering and durability to its precision and low noise floor. It's designed to appeal to audiophiles who crave an exceptional listening experience and appreciate meticulous engineering.


On the flip side, the tonearm's slight graininess and potential for shrillness in the high frequencies may deter some users. It's also worth noting that while the TecnoArm 2 is a stellar performer, it may not reach the heights of sonic perfection offered by more costly tonearms like the SME309.

Final Thoughts

The Michell Audio TecnoArm 2 is a formidable contender in the world of turntable tonearms. Its design and performance honor the legacy of John Michell, and it stands as a fitting tribute to his contributions to the audiophile community. For those considering an upgrade to their turntable setup, the TecnoArm 2 should be at the top of the list, offering a blend of aesthetic appeal, engineering excellence, and audio fidelity at a price point that is hard to overlook. The TecnoArm 2 is not just a tonearm; it's a piece of audio artistry that promises to elevate the vinyl listening experience.


Design and Construction

  • Tonearm Type: Reference Class
  • Base Model: Rega RB250
  • Arm Tube: Custom one-piece, shot-blasted, with 22 underside holes to reduce mass
  • Headshell: Integral, machined to be parallel with bearing position
  • Bearings: Ultra-low friction polymer
  • Mounting Base: Redesigned for improved stability
  • Finish Options: Silver or black

Wiring and Connectivity

  • Wiring Loom: Michell's proprietary
  • Wire Material: 99.9999% pure silver litz wire
  • Cartridge Clips: Proprietary silver-plated
  • Phono RCAs: Proprietary silver-plated
  • Dielectric: PTFE
  • Shielding: Metal braided
  • Ground Wire: Separate for enhanced signal integrity


  • Counterweight: TecnoWeight for easy tracking force adjustment
  • VTA/SRA Adjuster: Yes, for tonearm height and stylus tracking angle
  • VTF Adjuster: In steps of 0.1g
  • Vertical Tracking Angle Adjuster: Yes, for optimal cartridge alignment

Performance Enhancements

  • Tonearm Tube Design: Custom one-piece reduces mass and improves rigidity
  • Cable Quality: Silver litz ensures high-quality signal transmission
  • Bearing Housing: Advanced design for reduced resonance
  • Movement: Stable, friction-free
  • Resonance: Ultra-low mass for improved audio quality
  • Design Technology: State-of-the-art 3D CAD and CAM


  • Effective Mass: 12.5 grams
  • Effective Length: 237 mm
  • Pivot to Spindle Distance: 222 mm
  • Overhang: 15 mm
  • Offset Angle: 21.63°
  • Mounting Hole Size: 23 mm
  • Cartridge Weight Range: 4 to 13 grams


  • Turntables: Gyro, Orbe, Rega with 'Double Brace Technology'