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Michell Audio Orbe Platter Kit

Precision Turntable Upgrade for Audio Clarity

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Michell Audio Orbe Platter Kit

Elevate Your Turntable Experience with Precision Engineering

Step into the realm of high-fidelity audio with the Michell Audio Orbe Platter Kit, a meticulously crafted upgrade designed to enhance your listening experience. This kit is not merely an accessory; it's a transformative addition for audiophiles seeking to extract every ounce of performance from their GyroDec or Gyro SE turntables.

Unmatched Material Quality and Design

  • Material: High-quality metal alloy
  • Platter Thickness: 60mm
  • Platter Type: Extra heavy impedance-matched
  • Finish: Precision machined surface
  • Record Clamp Type: Screw-down
  • Record Spindle: Threaded design

The Orbe Platter Kit is constructed with a high-quality metal alloy, boasting a substantial 60mm thickness. This extra heavy, impedance-matched platter ensures minimal resonance, allowing your vinyl to play as intended by the artists. The precision-machined surface is not just about aesthetics; it's about providing a stable and level foundation for your records.

Enhanced Stability and Audio Performance

  • Rotational Consistency: Significantly improved
  • Vibration Dampening: Utilizes Denso damp, sub chassis dampening material
  • Audio Dynamics: Noticeably enhanced
  • Audio Clarity: Markedly improved

The true essence of vinyl playback is its natural and authentic sound. The Orbe Platter Kit enhances stability during playback, resulting in improved rotational consistency. Vibration dampening is achieved through the use of Denso damp and sub-chassis dampening materials, which work in harmony to reduce unwanted vibrations that can color the sound. The outcome is a listening experience that boasts enhanced audio dynamics and clarity, allowing you to hear your music with new depth and precision.

Easy Installation for Immediate Upgrades

  • Ease of Installation: Can be retro-fitted easily to the main bearing body
  • Installation Components: Full kit provided for a seamless upgrade

The Orbe Platter Kit is engineered for simplicity, ensuring that the journey to audio excellence is as enjoyable as the destination. It can be easily retro-fitted to the main bearing body of your turntable, making the upgrade process straightforward. The kit includes all necessary components, such as the Orbe platter, clamp, replacement belt, threaded record spindle, and convex platter retaining nut and ring, ensuring a hassle-free installation.

Addressing Vinyl Imperfections

  • Warped Vinyl Correction: Convex platter retaining nut and ring designed to flatten uneven vinyl

Vinyl records, especially older pressings, can suffer from warping that affects playback quality. The Orbe Platter Kit comes equipped with a convex platter retaining nut and ring that helps correct these imperfections, ensuring a more consistent and stable contact between the needle and the record grooves.

Long-Term Investment in Quality

  • Durability: Built with longevity in mind
  • Performance Upgrade: Elevates the turntable to a higher level of performance

Invest in the longevity of your turntable with the Orbe Platter Kit. The high-quality construction not only ensures durability but also provides an opportunity to significantly upgrade your turntable's performance level. This is not just a purchase; it's an investment in the future of your audio experience.

Compatibility and Additional Features

  • Turntable Compatibility: Specifically designed for GyroDec and Gyro SE turntables
  • Additional Components: May include a record clamp or spindle adapter

Crafted for compatibility with the GyroDec and Gyro SE models, this kit seamlessly integrates with your existing setup. The inclusion of a record clamp or spindle adapter adds further value, ensuring that you have everything needed to achieve the pinnacle of audio performance.

Pros of the Michell Audio Orbe Platter Kit:

  • Sound Quality: Elevates sound quality and clarity to new heights
  • Turntable Lifespan: Extends the lifespan and performance of your turntable
  • Construction Quality: Premium materials and construction for lasting durability

The Michell Audio Orbe Platter Kit is a testament to the power of precision engineering in the pursuit of audio perfection. By addressing the key aspects of turntable performance, from rotational stability to vibration reduction, this kit stands as an essential upgrade for any serious audiophile.

Experience the Upgrade in Your Own Home

At Dreamedia, we understand the passion that drives the pursuit of perfect sound. That's why we stand ready to help you design and install the ultimate home theater system, complete with the finest audio components like the Michell Audio Orbe Platter Kit.

Our team of experts is just a call away, prepared to guide you through the selection and installation process, ensuring that your home audio system meets your exacting standards. With Dreamedia, elevate not just your turntable, but your entire home theater experience.

The Michell Audio Orbe Platter Kit is more than just an upgrade—it's a commitment to the art of sound. By enhancing your turntable with this kit, you're choosing to experience your vinyl collection as never before. Let Dreamedia help you unlock the full potential of your audio system with the precision and quality of Michell Audio.

Our Review

Michell Audio Orbe Platter Kit Review


High-fidelity audio aficionados are no strangers to the relentless pursuit of perfection. In this realm, even the smallest detail can have a profound impact on sound quality. It's within this context that the Michell Audio Orbe Platter Kit must be considered. Michell Audio, with its storied history in the production of quality turntables, offers an upgrade that promises to elevate the performance of its already respected Orbe turntables.


Aesthetic Appeal

The visual aspect of a turntable setup is often as important to enthusiasts as the sound itself. The Orbe Platter Kit does not disappoint, offering a sleek, sophisticated look that complements the high-end aesthetic of Michell's turntable series. Its precision-machined platter is not just a functional piece but also a statement of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Build Quality

Michell Audio's commitment to quality is evident in the platter kit's construction. The choice of materials is crucial in any audio equipment due to its influence on the overall acoustic performance. The high-quality material used for the Orbe Platter Kit promises durability and resistance to wear, which is paramount for maintaining consistent performance over time.


Upgrade Compatibility

The Orbe Platter Kit is specifically designed for compatibility with Michell Orbe turntables. This targeted design approach ensures that the kit integrates seamlessly with the existing system, thereby optimizing the turntable's performance without the need for additional modifications.

Additional Components

The inclusion of supplementary components such as a record clamp or spindle adapter in the kit is a thoughtful touch. These elements contribute to the stability and precision of the turntable, thus enhancing the user experience and ensuring that the audio output is as true to the original recording as possible.


Vibration and Resonance Reduction

One of the key benefits of upgrading a turntable platter is the reduction of unwanted vibrations and resonance. These can significantly color the audio signal and detract from the listening experience. The Orbe Platter Kit's design minimizes these issues, ensuring a cleaner, more accurate reproduction of the music.

Rotational Stability

The stability of the platter's rotation directly influences the turntable's ability to maintain a consistent speed, which is critical for accurate sound reproduction. The Orbe Platter Kit's improvements in this area are immediately noticeable, providing a sound that is both stable and dynamic, with improved clarity across the frequency spectrum.

Sound Quality Improvements

Upgrading to the Orbe Platter Kit can yield a discernible improvement in sound quality. The enhancements in vibration control and rotational stability translate into a clearer and more precise soundstage. The bass becomes tighter, the mids more focused, and the highs crisper. For the audiophile, these improvements are not incremental but transformative.


Process Complexity

The installation of the Orbe Platter Kit is not overly complicated for those with a technical background, but it may present a challenge for the less experienced. Precision is key, and the process requires a careful approach to ensure that the potential of the kit is fully realized.

Accessibility for Users

For the typical user, the installation process may require professional assistance. While this could be seen as a drawback, the investment in proper installation is justified by the substantial gains in performance. Moreover, the assistance of a professional can provide peace of mind that the upgrade is executed flawlessly.

Value Proposition

Cost vs. Performance Gain

When considering the cost of the Orbe Platter Kit, one must weigh the substantial performance gains against the investment. In the context of high-end audio, the price of the kit is justified by the marked improvement in sound quality and the potential extension of the turntable's lifespan.

Longevity and Durability

The durability of the Orbe Platter Kit is an essential factor in its value proposition. By using high-quality materials and precision engineering, Michell Audio ensures that this upgrade not only enhances the turntable's performance but also contributes to its longevity, making it a wise investment for serious audiophiles.

Pros and Cons Recap

The Michell Audio Orbe Platter Kit stands out with its enhanced sound quality, improved turntable performance, and durable construction. However, the installation complexity and potential need for professional assistance are factors that some users will need to consider.

Final Thoughts

The Michell Audio Orbe Platter Kit is a testament to the brand's dedication to audio excellence. For the discerning audiophile with a compatible Michell Orbe turntable, this upgrade is a compelling proposition. The improvements in sound clarity, rotational stability, and vibration reduction are not just subtle tweaks but significant enhancements that elevate the listening experience. While the installation may be a hurdle for some, the end result is a sonic revelation that redefines the capabilities of an already outstanding turnable system. The Orbe Platter Kit is an investment in audio fidelity that promises to deliver aural pleasure for years to come.


Physical Specifications

  • Material: High-quality metal alloy
  • Platter Thickness: 60mm
  • Platter Type: Extra heavy impedance-matched
  • Finish: Precision machined surface
  • Record Clamp Type: Screw-down
  • Record Clamp Compatibility: Standard and 180g audiophile pressings
  • Record Spindle: Threaded design


  • Turntable Compatibility: GyroDec, Gyro SE turntables


  • Stability: Enhanced stability during playback
  • Rotational Consistency: Improved rotational consistency
  • Vibration Dampening: Denso damp, sub chassis dampening material
  • Audio Dynamics: Enhanced audio dynamics
  • Audio Clarity: Improved audio clarity


  • Ease of Installation: Easily retro-fitted to the main bearing body
  • Installation Components: Includes Orbe platter, clamp, replacement belt, threaded record spindle, convex platter retaining nut and ring

Additional Features

  • Warped Vinyl Correction: Convex platter retaining nut and ring to help flatten uneven vinyl
  • Performance Upgrade: Opportunity to upgrade turntable's performance level
  • Durability: High-quality construction for durability and longevity

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