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Michell Audio CUSIS E Moving Coil Cartridge

Low-output moving coil cartridge with elliptical stylus

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Michell Audio CUSIS E Moving Coil Cartridge

Experience the Pinnacle of Vinyl Playback with Michell Audio CUSIS E

Embark on an auditory journey that redefines the essence of vinyl playback. The Michell Audio CUSIS E Moving Coil Cartridge is not just a component; it's the heart of your turntable, the interpreter of grooves, and the deliverer of audio truth. Crafted for the discerning audiophile, the CUSIS E is a testament to the relentless pursuit of audio perfection.

Craftsmanship Meets Innovation

In an era where digital convenience often overshadows analog purity, the CUSIS E stands as a beacon of dedication to the original sound. Every detail of its construction has been meticulously considered to ensure the most faithful reproduction of your vinyl collection:

  • Model: Cusis E
  • Type: Moving Coil
  • Stylus Profile: Elliptical
  • Cantilever Material: Aluminium
  • Body Material: High-density Acetyl
  • Run-in Period: > 40 Hours

Unrivaled Audio Specs

The CUSIS E's technical specifications are a testament to its superior design and performance:

  • Tracking Force: 2.0g for optimal groove engagement
  • Loading: 100 Ω, ideal for compatibility with a wide range of preamps
  • Frequency Response: 20-25000 Hz to capture the full audible spectrum
  • Output Voltage: 0.35mV, ensuring a robust signal
  • Weight: 8.9g, designed for balance and precision
  • Channel Balance: <1dB for a harmonious stereo image
  • Channel Separation: 23dB to distinguish intricate sound details
  • Compliance: 8x10-6cm/dyne for responsive and flexible performance
  • Tracking Ability: 70µ / 2.0g, maintaining integrity even in demanding passages
  • Internal Impedance: 4.5 Ω, crafted for electrical harmony with your system
  • Coil Material: Pure 30µ Copper for uncolored signal transmission

Design Excellence

The CUSIS E is engineered to perform. Its design features are not just aesthetic—they're functional, enhancing the listening experience:

  • Magnet Type: Samarium-cobalt combined with pure iron for a stable magnetic field
  • Wire Material: 30μ pure copper, precision-wound for clarity
  • Coils: Wrapped onto an ultra-lightweight armature for precise tracking
  • Chassis Material: Aluminium, selected for its resonant qualities
  • Exterior Design: Sculpted to reduce vibration and resonance, ensuring purity of sound
  • Acoustic Properties: Crafted to dampen resonance and reduce airborne vibrations

The Sound of Excellence

Indulge in a soundscape where every note is a brushstroke on an acoustic canvas. With the CUSIS E, music is not just heard; it's felt. Its elliptical stylus navigates the intricacies of your records with surgical precision, extracting every detail etched into the vinyl. The result is a dynamic and open sound that breathes life into every performance.

For the Love of Music

The Michell Audio CUSIS E is more than a cartridge; it's a commitment to the art of music. Designed to offer maximum performance without cost being a barrier, it stands as a group test winner with positive reviews from audiophiles worldwide. Its lightweight armature and damper design ensure precise tracking, while its wide frequency response captures detailed audio playback.

The Audiophile's Choice

Whether you're taking your first steps into high-fidelity vinyl playback or looking to upgrade your existing system, the CUSIS E provides an exceptional starting point. Its high-quality construction and materials are a testament to Michell Audio's dedication to audio excellence:

  • Release Date: 20th December 2020
  • Run-in Time: 40 hours to reach its full potential
  • Internal Impedance: 4.5 Ω for seamless integration with your hi-fi system
  • Cantilever Material: Aluminium, chosen for its rigid yet lightweight properties
  • Channel Balance: <1dB for a cohesive audio image
  • Channel Separation: 23dB, ensuring a spacious and immersive soundstage

In Harmony with Your System

The Michell Audio CUSIS E is designed to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of turntables and preamps. Its low tracking force and high channel separation mean that it not only preserves your cherished records but also reproduces the music with the quality it deserves.

The Journey to Sonic Nirvana

Embarking on the journey with the CUSIS E means allowing yourself to experience every musical nuance as the artist intended. From the deep, resonant bass to the sparkling highs, this cartridge captures the emotion and energy of each performance.

The Essence of Analog Purity

In the world of vinyl, the cartridge is the first point of contact with your music. It is the critical link that sets the stage for everything that follows in your audio chain. With the CUSIS E, you're not just installing a cartridge; you're setting the foundation for audio fidelity that honors the legacy of vinyl.

Your Vinyl, Elevated

Imagine a listening session where every spin of your record brings a new discovery, where familiar tracks reveal hidden layers, and where the warmth of analog envelops you. The CUSIS E makes this a reality, elevating your vinyl to heights previously unattainable at this price point.

Dreamedia - Your Home Theater Designers

At Dreamedia, we understand that a home theater system is more than a collection of equipment—it's an experience. We're here to help you design a system that not only includes the Michell Audio CUSIS E but also compliments it with the perfect turntable, preamp, and speakers to complete your audio journey. Let us guide you toward the pinnacle of vinyl playback.

Settle for nothing less than the Michell Audio CUSIS E Moving Coil Cartridge—a cornerstone of audio fidelity that promises to transform your listening experience. Discover the profound impact a world-class cartridge can have on your music. Embrace the CUSIS E, and hear your records like never before.

Our Review

Michell Audio CUSIS E Moving Coil Cartridge Review


The heart of any vinyl playback system is its phono cartridge, a critical component that translates the grooves on a record into the rich, analog sound cherished by enthusiasts. Michell Audio, a respected name in the hi-fi community, brings us the CUSIS E Moving Coil Cartridge, designed to offer an immersive vinyl listening experience. Let's delve into what makes this cartridge a noteworthy contender in the realm of audiophile-grade turntable setups.

Design and Build Quality

The CUSIS E boasts an elegant, understated aesthetic that is refreshingly functional. Its sleek body houses a finely crafted engine of sound. The use of an aluminium cantilever is a notable choice, as this material is renowned for its balance of rigidity and lightweight properties—essential for accurate tracking and nuanced sound reproduction. When compared to other cartridges in its price range, the CUSIS E's emphasis on quality materials and construction becomes evident, setting a high standard for its competitors.

Custom Components and Craftsmanship

Michell Audio doesn't cut corners when it comes to components. Each element of the CUSIS E is custom-made, resulting in a cartridge that not only lasts longer but also performs at a higher level. This high-quality construction impacts both durability and the sonic profile, ensuring that the cartridge delivers a consistent, high-fidelity audio experience.


The CUSIS E is a low-output moving coil cartridge, a design preferred by many audiophiles for its ability to produce more detail and a nuanced soundstage. This type of cartridge typically requires a phono preamp with the appropriate gain and loading options to match its low output level of 0.35 mV.

Stylus and Cantilever

The elliptical stylus on the CUSIS E is engineered for accurate tracking of record grooves, promising a detailed playback of the musical nuances embedded in vinyl. The aluminium cantilever contributes to this precision, providing a responsive and stable platform for the stylus.

Magnetic Field and Armature

Michell Audio's stable magnetic field design ensures that the CUSIS E's performance is consistent over time. The lightweight armature is pivotal in this design, allowing for precise tracking without unnecessary wear on the vinyl, preserving both the record and the stylus itself.


The CUSIS E's frequency response stretches from 20 to 25,000 Hz, ensuring that it captures the full spectrum of audible sound with clarity and detail. Whether it's the deep resonance of a bass guitar or the high-pitched shimmer of cymbals, this cartridge is equipped to handle a wide range of frequencies.

Tracking and Sound Reproduction

With a tracking force of 2.0 g, the CUSIS E strikes a balance between ensuring sufficient contact with the record groove and minimizing wear. The channel separation of 23dB indicates a cartridge that can distinguish between the nuanced differences of left and right stereo channels, contributing to a more immersive and three-dimensional listening experience.

Sound Characteristics

The CUSIS E is praised for its dynamic and open sound profile, which brings a lively and engaging character to vinyl playback. The bass performance is robust without overwhelming the midrange and treble, allowing for a well-rounded sonic experience. The overall sound is characterized by its excellent detail retrieval and the ability to present music with natural warmth and precision.

Pros and Cons Breakdown

While the CUSIS E offers many advantages, such as its dynamic sound and high-quality construction, it does have limitations. Its struggle with dense instrumental music may deter those who frequently listen to complex genres like progressive rock. The lower output voltage may also require a more capable phono preamp to reach optimal listening levels. The need for a significant run-in period is not uncommon for high-fidelity cartridges but is a consideration for listeners eager to experience peak performance immediately.

Compatibility and Setup

The CUSIS E is compatible with a range of turntables, particularly those that can accommodate its weight of 8.9 g and provide the necessary tracking force without difficulty. Installation is straightforward for those familiar with turntable setup, but new users may benefit from professional assistance to ensure optimal alignment and performance.

Run-in Time and Initial Performance

The stipulated 40-hour run-in period is an investment in achieving the CUSIS E's full sonic potential. During this time, users may notice a gradual refinement in sound quality as the mechanical parts settle and the stylus fully conforms to the grooves of the records played.

Price and Value Proposition

Priced at £675, the CUSIS E represents a significant investment for many vinyl enthusiasts. However, its performance and build quality justify this price point, positioning it as a competitive option among cartridges with similar specifications and sonic capabilities.

User Experience and Feedback

Since its release, the CUSIS E has garnered positive feedback from the audiophile community, earning recognition as a group test winner. This acclaim underscores its appeal to discerning listeners who value the intricate details and rich textures that vinyl can offer.

Final Thoughts

The Michell Audio CUSIS E Moving Coil Cartridge emerges as a compelling choice for audiophiles seeking to enhance their vinyl listening experience. It marries high-quality construction with a sound profile that is both dynamic and detailed. While it may not be the best fit for those who primarily enjoy densely layered music, it excels in delivering a pure and engaging audio presentation for a wide variety of genres. For those willing to invest in a cartridge that prioritizes fidelity and performance, the CUSIS E is a worthy addition to any high-end turntable setup.


General Specifications

  • Model: Cusis E
  • Type: Moving Coil
  • Stylus Profile: Elliptical
  • Cantilever Material: Aluminium
  • Body Material: High density Acetyl
  • Run-in Period: > 40 Hours

Cartridge Specifications

  • Tracking Force: 2.0g
  • Loading: 100 Ω
  • Frequency Response: 20-25000 Hz
  • Output Voltage: 0.35mV
  • Weight: 8.9g
  • Channel Balance: <1dB
  • Channel Separation: 23dB
  • Compliance: 8x10-6cm/dyne
  • Tracking Ability: 70µ / 2.0g
  • Internal Impedance: 4.5 Ω
  • Coil Material: Pure 30µ Copper

Construction and Design Features

  • Magnet Type: Samarium-cobalt combined with pure iron
  • Wire Material: 30μ pure copper
  • Coils: Precision-wound onto ultra-lightweight armature
  • Chassis Material: Aluminium
  • Exterior Design: Designed to reduce vibration and resonance
  • Acoustic Properties: Dampens resonance and reduces airborne vibrations

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