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Marantz AV 10 Processor

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Marantz AV 10 Processor

Introducing the Marantz AV 10 Processor, a pinnacle of audio engineering designed to elevate your home entertainment experience to unprecedented heights.

Impeccable Sound Quality: Immerse yourself in rich, detailed sound with the AV 10's cutting-edge audio processing capabilities. From delicate whispers to thunderous explosions, every nuance is faithfully reproduced with stunning clarity and precision.

Advanced Connectivity: Seamlessly integrate all your audio and video components with the AV 10's comprehensive array of connectivity options. Whether it's streaming content from your favorite devices or connecting legacy equipment, the AV 10 ensures effortless compatibility.

State-of-the-Art Processing: Harness the power of advanced audio processing technologies, including Dolby Atmos, DTS, and Auro-3D, to transform your living room into a captivating cinematic environment. Experience sound that moves in all directions for a truly immersive audio experience.

Precision Control: Take command of your audio experience with the AV 10's intuitive control interface. Effortlessly adjust settings, customize sound profiles, and fine-tune your audio to perfection with the touch of a button or the swipe of a finger.

Elegant Design: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the AV 10 exudes sophistication and elegance. Its sleek, minimalist design complements any modern home theater setup, while its robust construction ensures years of reliable performance.

Future-Ready: Built to meet the demands of tomorrow's audio technology, the AV 10 is equipped to support the latest advancements in home entertainment. Stay ahead of the curve and enjoy a truly future-proof audio experience.

Transform Your Listening Experience: Elevate every moment of audiovisual entertainment with the Marantz AV 10 Processor. Immerse yourself in breathtaking soundscapes, unlock new dimensions of realism, and redefine what's possible in home audio.


Excellence is heard and seen. AV 10 is meticulously crafted with authentic materials in a modern style befitting its rich heritage and stunning performance.


Thoughtfully curated connectivity options and fine tuning ability allow you to make AV 10 your own.


Included aluminum remote, accessible front-panel controls, and an intuitive on-screen setup process make you feel like an expert user right away.

Our Review

The Marantz AV 10 Processor redefines home audio with its exceptional performance and intuitive design.

Immersive Audio: Experience sound like never before with support for Dolby Atmos, DTS, and Auro-3D, delivering rich, detailed audio that captivates.

Seamless Connectivity: Effortlessly integrate your devices with a comprehensive suite of connectivity options, ensuring hassle-free setup and operation.

Intuitive Controls: Navigate settings with ease using the intuitive control interface, providing a seamless user experience.

Sleek Design: Its minimalist aesthetic blends seamlessly with any decor, while its robust construction ensures long-lasting reliability.

Future-Proof: Stay ahead of the curve with support for the latest audio technologies, ensuring your system remains relevant for years to come.

Verdict: The Marantz AV 10 Processor sets a new standard for home audio, combining exceptional performance with intuitive design to create an immersive listening experience that truly impresses.


  • Number of Channels: 15.4
  • Bluetooth: Built-in
  • Apple AirPlay: AirPlay 2
  • Alexa-compatible: Yes
  • Google Assistant-compatible: Yes
  • Auto Speaker Calibration: Audyssey MultEQ XT32
  • Preamp Multi-room Audio Output: Yes
  • Multi-room HDMI Output: Yes
  • Playback from Digital Audio Inputs: Yes
  • Playback from Streaming Sources: Yes
  • Dolby Digital: DD, TrueHD, DD+, EX
  • Dolby Atmos: Yes
  • Phono Input: 1
  • Audio-Video Inputs: 7
  • Audio-only Inputs: 2
  • RCA Analog Stereo Inputs: 6
  • XLR Analog Stereo Inputs: 1
  • Component Video Inputs: None
  • Component Video Monitor Outputs: None
  • Optical Digital Inputs: 2
  • HDMI Version: 2.1

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