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MantelMount Pro Series Pull Down TV Mount with Tilt Adjust Handle

Advanced TV mount adjustability features

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MantelMount Pro Series Pull Down TV Mount with Tilt Adjust Handle

Elevate Your Viewing Experience

Imagine a cozy evening with loved ones, gathered around a warm fireplace, the gentle crackle of wood complementing the crisp, vibrant images on your TV screen. Yet, something is amiss. The strain of looking up at your beautifully mounted TV dampens the comfort of the moment. Enter the MantelMount Pro Series Pull Down TV Mount with Tilt Adjust Handle—a solution that marries form with function, transforming your living space into an ergonomic, cinematic haven.

Unparalleled Strength and Compatibility

Constructed from heavy-duty 3mm steel, the MantelMount Pro Series is a fortress of reliability, supporting televisions from 50" to 90" and up to 115 lbs in weight. With VESA compatibility up to 600mm x 600mm, it is a versatile champion, ready to secure your entertainment investment.

Full-Range Motion for Optimal Viewing

The MantelMount's full-range motion is the hero of ergonomics, offering:

  • Vertical Adjustment: A generous 29 inches of vertical travel ensures your TV is always at the perfect eye-level.
  • Swivel Angle: Up to 60 degrees of swivel means every seat in the room is the best seat.
  • Tilt Range: With ±9 degrees of tilt, reflections and glares are banished from your screen.

Designed with Your Comfort in Mind

The MantelMount isn't just about mounting your TV; it's about enhancing your viewing experience. With the patent-pending Tilt Functionality and Enhanced Swivel with Adapter, you can adjust your TV to the precise angle for maximum comfort.

Aesthetic and Practical Features

This mount is not only strong and flexible but also smart and sophisticated. It includes:

  • Paintable Covers: To blend seamlessly with your decor.
  • Heat-Sensing Handles: For safety around high temperatures.
  • Soundbar Adapter: To integrate your audio seamlessly.
  • Adjustable Stops & Auto-Straightening: For custom positioning and convenience.
  • Cable Management: To keep your space tidy and organized.

Safety and Performance: A Cut Above

With triple the amount of performance and safety features compared to standard TV mounts, the MantelMount Pro Series ensures that your TV is not only a source of joy but also peace of mind.

Effortless Installation and Support

Ease of installation is a cornerstone of the MantelMount experience. With PDF installation manuals and quick install video guides, setup is a breeze. Plus, Dreamedia is on standby to assist you with design and installation, ensuring your home theater system is nothing short of perfection.

Customer Satisfaction: A Testament to Quality

With an impressive customer rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, the MantelMount Pro Series is celebrated by users. 96% would recommend it, highlighting its exceptional value, quality, and ease of use.

Specifications Snapshot

  • Model: MM-700
  • Material: Heavy-duty 3mm steel
  • TV Size: 50" - 90"
  • Weight Capacity: Up to 115 lbs
  • Flush-to-Wall Distance: 5.4 inches
  • Vertical Adjustment: 29 inches
  • Swivel Angle: Up to 60 degrees
  • Tilt Range: ±9 degrees
  • Warranty: Lifetime limited consumer warranty

Professional Installation Service

Dreamedia offers a nationwide professional installation service to ensure your MantelMount is set up with precision and care. Our experts are here to design and install the home theater system of your dreams.

Embrace the MantelMount Pro Series

The MantelMount Pro Series Pull Down TV Mount with Tilt Adjust Handle is more than just a mount; it's an investment in your comfort, safety, and the aesthetic appeal of your home. It addresses common concerns regarding TV placement above fireplaces, offering a viewing experience that's both comfortable and visually stunning.

The Ultimate Home Theater Companion

Whether you're a film enthusiast or a sports fan, the MantelMount enhances your home theater setup, ensuring every moment in front of your TV is as enjoyable as possible. It's not just about watching; it's about experiencing.

Join the MantelMount Family

By choosing the MantelMount Pro Series, you're not just buying a TV mount; you're joining a community of individuals who value quality, innovation, and superior viewing comfort. With Dreamedia's support, your home entertainment system will be the envy of all who experience it.

Transform your television viewing into a luxurious, strain-free experience. The MantelMount Pro Series Pull Down TV Mount with Tilt Adjust Handle is more than a mount—it's the cornerstone of a premium home theater system. Elevate your space, your comfort, and your viewing pleasure today.

Our Review

MantelMount MM-700 Pro Series Pull Down TV Mount Review


The MantelMount MM-700 Pro Series emerges as a robust solution for those seeking a premium home theater experience. Proper TV mounting is pivotal to achieving optimal viewing angles, enhancing picture quality, and ensuring safety. The MM-700 is a testament to the importance of these factors, particularly when integrating large screen TVs into challenging spaces such as above a fireplace.

Design and Build Quality

Materials and Construction

Constructed from heavy-duty 3mm steel, the MM-700 offers a reassuring sense of durability and stability. This robust material choice is key for supporting the weight of larger televisions, preventing any sagging or bending over time. Aesthetically, the mount’s design includes paintable covers that allow for a seamless blend with any home decor, maintaining the elegance of one's living space while prioritizing functionality.

Compatibility with TVs and Spaces

The MM-700's compatibility is noteworthy, accommodating televisions up to 90 inches or 115 lbs, which covers a broad range of popular TV models on the market. Its design is particularly suited for mounting above fireplaces, a common yet challenging location for many homeowners. The mount addresses this challenge head-on, providing a secure solution for single wood studs installations, thus ensuring a wide array of placement options.


Adjustability and Full-Range Motion

The MM-700's adjustability is a standout feature offering a 60-degree swivel and a 29-inch vertical adjustment. This range of motion is significant, allowing users to pull the TV down to eye level, which is crucial for reducing neck strain and improving the overall viewing experience. The full-range motion is engineered to cater to different viewing positions and angles, ensuring comfort and versatility in any room setup.

Safety and Performance Enhancements

Safety is paramount with any TV mount, and the MM-700 takes this seriously by offering triple the amount of safety features compared to standard mounts. This includes patented technology and premium materials such as high-quality automotive pistons and state-of-the-art counterbalance technology, which work in tandem to provide stability and ease of use.

Additional Features and Accessories

The MM-700 is replete with additional features that enhance user convenience. The tilt adjust handle is a prime example, simplifying the process of optimizing the viewing angle. The soundbar adapter, adjustable stops, and auto-straightening functionality all contribute to a more cohesive entertainment system setup. These features demonstrate MantelMount's commitment to creating a product that goes beyond mere mounting, offering a comprehensive solution for home theater enthusiasts.


User Experience

In terms of user experience, the MM-700 excels by transforming the TV viewing into an ergonomic and enjoyable activity. Its capability to position the screen at eye level, especially when mounted above a fireplace, mitigates common issues such as screen glare and suboptimal viewing angles. This mount not only improves picture quality but also contributes to a more comfortable, strain-free viewing experience.

Installation Process

While the MM-700 is accompanied by comprehensive installation manuals and video guides, the installation process can be intricate, requiring precise calculations and adjustments. The complexity of setting up the lifting force of the gas springs or determining the minimum vertical position of the wall plate may necessitate professional expertise. This is an important consideration for potential buyers who are less experienced with DIY installations.

Pros and Cons


The MM-700 is a robust, versatile, and feature-rich mount that supports larger and heavier televisions while providing extensive swivel and vertical adjustment. Its full-range motion and tilt adjust handle make it a powerhouse for achieving the optimal viewing experience. Safety and performance enhancements further differentiate the MM-700 from its peers, bolstered by strong customer feedback and professional endorsements.


The installation process presents a challenge that could be daunting for some users, potentially leading to additional costs if professional installation services are sought. This aspect may impact the overall value proposition for those who are not prepared for the intricacies of the setup.

Final Thoughts

The MantelMount MM-700 Pro Series Pull Down TV Mount is a compelling choice for anyone looking to elevate their home theater setup. Its robust construction, extensive feature set, and safety considerations make it a premier option in the TV mount landscape. However, potential buyers should be aware of the installation complexities and weigh the benefits of the mount against the possibility of requiring professional help. For those willing to navigate these challenges, the MM-700 offers an outstanding solution for integrating large televisions into any living space with finesse and functionality.


General Specifications

  • Model: MantelMount Pro Series
  • Type: Pull-down TV mount
  • Material: Heavy-duty 3mm steel construction
  • Color Finish: Black

Mounting Specifications

  • Weight Capacity: Up to 115 lbs
  • TV Size Compatibility: 50" - 90"
  • VESA Compatibility: Up to 600mm x 600mm
  • Vertical Adjustment: 29 inches
  • Swivel Angle: Up to 60 degrees
  • Tilt Range: ±9 degrees
  • Flush-to-Wall Distance: 5.4 inches
  • Distance Extended: 15-19 inches
  • Distance from Wall: 12"-20"
  • Mounts Vertical Range: 24”-30”


  • Patented Construction: Yes
  • Full-Range Motion: Yes
  • Performance and Safety Features: Triple the amount of standard TV mounts
  • Optimal TV Viewing Experience: Yes
  • Installation: Easy installation
  • Materials and Construction: High-quality automotive pistons, lightweight alloys, state-of-the-art counterbalance technology
  • Picture Quality and Comfort: Enhanced when pulled down towards eye-level
  • Additional Features: Paintable covers, Heat-sensing handles, Soundbar adapter, Adjustable stops, Auto-straightening
  • Ease of Use: Yes
  • Patent-pending Tilt Functionality: Yes
  • Enhanced Swivel with Adapter: Up to 80 degrees
  • Choice of Handle: Traditional heat-sensing, Hideaway handle
  • Cable Management: Yes
  • Enhanced Stabilization: Yes
  • Hard Travel-Limit Stops: Yes
  • Built-In Sound Bar Adapter: Yes
  • Smart Compatible and Wifi Capable: Yes
  • Mounting Location: Wall mounting

Dimensions and Weight

  • Package Dimensions: 39” x 16” x 6.3”
  • Product Weight: 38 lbs

Warranty and Support

  • Manufacturer Warranty: Lifetime limited consumer warranty

Customer Feedback

  • Customer Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars
  • Customer Recommendations: 96% would recommend to a friend
  • Review Ratings by Feature: 4.6 out of 5 stars, 4.9 out of 5 stars, 4.7 out of 5 stars

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