IsoAcoustics - Aperta (Pair) - Dreamedia AV
IsoAcoustics - Aperta (Pair) - Dreamedia AV
IsoAcoustics - Aperta (Pair) - Dreamedia AV
IsoAcoustics - Aperta (Pair) - Dreamedia AV
IsoAcoustics - Aperta (Pair) - Dreamedia AV
IsoAcoustics - Aperta (Pair) - Dreamedia AV
Vendor: IsoAcoustics

IsoAcoustics - Aperta (Pair)

Innovative speaker stands with tilt and vibration absorption

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IsoAcoustics - Aperta (Pair)

Elevate Your Sound Experience with IsoAcoustics Aperta

Imagine your favorite symphony, the intricate layers of sound, each instrument precisely defined, and the air around you charged with the palpable energy of music. Now, picture that experience right in your own home. With the IsoAcoustics Aperta speaker isolation stands, this fantasy becomes reality. These stands are not just accessories; they are the foundation for audio clarity that audiophiles dream of.

Unmatched Isolation Technology

The IsoAcoustics Aperta stands are engineered with patented isolation technology that profoundly enhances the listening experience. By managing speaker energy and reducing vibrations, these stands ensure that every note reaches your ears with unparalleled purity.

  • Eliminate Dissonant Sounds: Say goodbye to unwanted vibrations and distortive noise that muddy your audio. The Aperta stands are designed to keep your listening area free from disruptive sound.
  • Reduce Internal Reflections: Vibrations reflecting back up the speaker cabinet can degrade sound quality. The Aperta stands minimize these reflections, preserving the integrity of the stereo image.
  • Directional Isolators: The isolators are tailored to align with the speaker's energy, leading to a focused and coherent audio output.

Design and Build Quality

Crafted with attention to detail and durability, the Aperta stands boast a sleek design that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Available in black or silver, they complement any home theater setup.

  • Sturdy and Stable: With a weight limit of 35lbs per stand, they can support a variety of bookshelf and center channel speakers.
  • Floating Design: The innovative construction decouples your speakers from their standing surface, preventing vibrations from affecting sound quality.
  • Proprietary Material: A special material is sandwiched between the two halves of the Aperta, adding an extra layer of vibration absorption.

Precision Positioning

The IsoAcoustics Aperta stands aren't just about eliminating unwanted sound; they're about enhancing the sound you want to hear. With integrated tilt adjustment, positioning your speakers for optimal sound has never been easier.

  • Tilt Adjustment: Adjust the tilt up to 6.5 degrees upwards or downwards, directing the sound precisely to your ear level.
  • No Height Adjustment Needed: While the Aperta stands don't have height adjustment, the tilt feature is more than sufficient to focus your speakers correctly.

Compatibility and Versatility

The Aperta stands are as versatile as they are effective. They can be positioned on various surfaces and accommodate different speaker sizes.

  • Multiple Positioning Options: Whether on a floor, shelf, credenza, desktop, or floor stand, these stands fit seamlessly into any setup.
  • Suction Surface: The top and bottom of the stands have a suction surface to ensure secure placement of your speakers.
  • Model Variants: For larger speakers, the Aperta 300 model is recommended, especially for wider center channel speakers.

Acoustic Integrity

With the IsoAcoustics Aperta stands, you can expect a noticeable improvement in sound clarity, depth perspective, bass delineation, and stereo imaging. Here's what you'll experience:

  • Improved Sound Quality: Your speakers will deliver a more refined sound, with improved clarity and separation of instruments.
  • Enhanced Imaging and Soundstage: The precise speaker positioning allows for a more immersive soundstage, giving the impression of being at a live performance.
  • Solid Build: Not only do these stands improve sound quality, but they're also solidly built and easy to install, ensuring a stable platform for your precious speakers.

Customer Feedback and Industry Recognition

Don't just take our word for it. The IsoAcoustics Aperta stands have received glowing reviews from both customers and industry professionals.

  • Awards and Reviews: Celebrated by reputable Hi-Fi publications, these stands have been recognized for their superior performance.
  • Customer Testimonials: Users often report a transformative improvement in their audio setup after integrating the Aperta stands.

Easy Setup and Use

Setting up the IsoAcoustics Aperta stands is a breeze. The intuitive design and clear instructions mean you'll be enjoying better sound in no time.

  • Clear Instructions: The stands come with easy-to-follow instructions, making installation straightforward.
  • Logo Orientation: For optimal performance, the stands are designed to be used with the logo facing the front, focusing the drivers' energy effectively.

Aesthetic Appeal

The Aperta stands aren't just about performance; they also have a visual appeal that enhances the overall look of your audio setup.

  • Sleek Design: With a modern aesthetic, these stands will complement any home theater or studio environment.
  • Color Options: Choose between black or silver to match your speakers and decor.

Specifications at a Glance

  • Dimensions: 6.1″ x 7.5″ x 3″ (155 x 190 x 76mm)
  • Tilt Adjustment: Up to 6.5 degrees
  • Weight Limit: 35lbs (15.9kg) per stand
  • Quantity: 2 stands (1 pair)
  • Colors: Black or Silver

Pros of Choosing IsoAcoustics Aperta Stands

  • Sound Enhancement: Drastically improves sound quality, imaging, and soundstage.
  • Versatility: Compatible with various speaker models and suitable for desktop or speaker stand use.
  • Construction: Sturdy design with a weight capacity of up to 35 lbs per speaker.
  • Vibration Reduction: Decouples speakers from the surface, minimizing vibrations and resonance.
  • Design: Sleek and modern with easy setup.

The IsoAcoustics Aperta stands offer a transformative experience for your home audio system. With their superior isolation technology and precision positioning, they ensure that your speakers deliver their full potential. The improved sound clarity and depth, along with the sleek design, make these stands an essential upgrade for any audiophile. At Dreamedia, we understand the importance of perfect sound, and we're here to help design your ultimate home theater system. Let the IsoAcoustics Aperta speaker stands be the cornerstone of your audio experience.

Dial-in your angle

The IsoAcoustics Aperta speaker isolation stands feature a unique integrated tilt adjustment that enables the user to dial-in the optimum tilt angle, with fine gradation markings provided to ensure the precision of the angle adjustments. The built-in tilt adjustment can be dialed-in 6.5 degrees upwards and downwards to optimize your speaker placement and focus.

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General Specifications

  • Product Name: IsoAcoustics - Aperta (Pair)
  • Color Options: Black, Silver
  • Material: Sculpted aluminum
  • Design Inspiration: Italian word for 'open'
  • Patented Design: Yes, featuring a 'floating design' for acoustic isolation


  • Width: 6.1 inches (155mm)
  • Depth: 7.5 inches (190mm)
  • Height: 3 inches (76mm)

Weight Capacity

  • Per Stand: 35lbs (15.9kg)


  • Tilt Adjustment: Up to 6.5 degrees upwards and downwards


  • Speaker Type: Bookshelf and center channel speakers
  • Speaker Size: Recommended to verify against the flat bottom surface of the speaker

Isolation Technology

  • Type: Patented isolation technology
  • Reduction of Vibrations: Yes
  • Improvement in Sound: Clarity and focus

Design Features

  • Directional Design: Yes, with internal taper and concave for on-axis energy alignment
  • Stand Compatibility: Can be used on various stands and surfaces


  • HiFi Accessory Award: 2019 from ON OFF magazine in Spain

Additional Features

  • Sound Enhancement: Reduces vibrations and internal reflections for clearer sound
  • Placement Versatility: Floor, shelf, credenza, desktop, or on a floor stand
  • User Experience: Positive feedback for sound quality and spatial imaging
  • Ease of Setup: Yes, with included instructions

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