HiFi Rose RS130 - Dreamedia AV
HiFi Rose RS130 - Dreamedia AV
HiFi Rose RS130 - Dreamedia AV
HiFi Rose RS130 - Dreamedia AV
HiFi Rose RS130 - Dreamedia AV
HiFi Rose RS130 - Dreamedia AV
HiFi Rose RS130 - Dreamedia AV
HiFi Rose RS130 - Dreamedia AV
Vendor: Hifi Rose

HiFi Rose RS130 Network Transport

Flagship music streamer with superior sound quality

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HiFi Rose RS130 Network Transport

Elevate Your Home Audio Experience with HiFi Rose RS130

Imagine stepping into a world where every note, every beat, and every melody is delivered with pristine clarity and depth. The HiFi Rose RS130 is not just an addition to your home audio system; it's the cornerstone of a sonic revolution that transforms the way you experience music. Designed for audiophiles and crafted for connoisseurs, the RS130 is the flagship network transport that promises to elevate your listening sessions into a transcendent auditory journey.

Design that Speaks Volumes

The RS130 embodies a symphony of design and functionality. Its large 15.4-inch touchscreen display is a window into your music collection, offering intuitive navigation and a visual feast of album art and VU meters. The crystal function buttons add a touch of elegance, providing tactile feedback that complements the sleek, modern aesthetic. This is a piece of technology that doesn't just blend into your living space—it enhances it.

Connectivity at Its Core

In the world of high-fidelity audio, connectivity is key. The RS130 boasts an extensive array of ports to seamlessly integrate into any setup:

  • Fiber Ethernet and USB for a pure, noise-free connection
  • Copper Ethernet for traditional networking
  • USB 3.0 and USB DAC for expansive compatibility
  • I2S, Optical, Coax, and AES/EBU for high-quality digital audio
  • HDMI 2.0 for 4K video support

This ensures that whether you're streaming the latest 4K concert or enjoying your meticulously curated digital audio collection, the RS130 has you covered.

Unparalleled Audio Performance

At the heart of the RS130's audio prowess lies its large linear power supply equipped with a supercapacitor, designed to deliver clean, stable power for noise-free performance. The OCXO clock system ensures ultra-precise timing, reducing jitter to imperceptible levels and guaranteeing that your music is presented with the utmost fidelity.

Streaming Services and CD Ripping

With built-in support for popular streaming services like Tidal, Qobuz, Apple Music, and Bugs, the RS130 puts an entire universe of music at your fingertips. For those with a cherished CD collection, the ability to rip CDs directly to the internal 256 GB SSD means your favorite albums are always ready to play in high-quality digital format.

Intuitive Control

The RS130 is designed to be as enjoyable to use as it is to listen to. The touchscreen display offers quick and easy navigation, while the Rose Connect App puts control of your music library in the palm of your hand. Whether you're in the mood for something specific or just browsing, the RS130's user interface is a joy to use.

Video Support and More

The inclusion of 4K HDMI output means the RS130 isn't just for audiophiles—it's also a boon for cinephiles. Connect it to your home theater system and enjoy your favorite films with an audio track that's as high-quality as the picture.

Customization and Flexibility

Customize your audio experience with the RS130's customizable screen and app control. Set up your display to show what's most important to you, whether that's detailed track information, a simple clock, or the mesmerizing dance of VU meters.

The HiFi Rose Difference

The HiFi Rose RS130 represents a significant upgrade over the RS150B model, focusing on what matters most: pure, unadulterated streaming capabilities. With no built-in DAC to limit its performance, the RS130 can be paired with your DAC of choice for an audio experience that's tailored to your preferences.

The Pinnacle of Sound

When you choose the RS130, you're investing in:

  • Exceptional sound quality that brings your music to life
  • An immersive soundstage that places you at the center of the performance
  • A noise-free listening experience thanks to the supercapacitor power supply
  • A build quality that speaks to the HiFi Rose commitment to excellence

Easy Setup, Endless Enjoyment

The RS130 is designed to be as simple to set up as it is satisfying to use. The intuitive menu system guides you through the process, so you can get back to what's important—enjoying your music.

The Verdict

The HiFi Rose RS130 is more than just a high-end streamer. It's a gateway to an enhanced music listening experience, a statement in design, and a testament to the power of high-quality audio. With its exceptional sound quality, solid bass, and refined imaging, the RS130 is the ultimate choice for those who refuse to compromise on their audio experience.

Whether you're looking to design your dream home theater or simply want to indulge in the highest caliber of audio performance, the HiFi Rose RS130 and Dreamedia are here to make it happen. Contact us today, and let's bring the concert hall into your home.

High-performance Network Transport
HiFi Rose components are renowned for their exceptional user interface, robust connectivity, and outstanding sound and construction quality. The RS130 network transport employs precise technology to achieve the purest, most crystal-clear playback of your digital music and 4K video files, all while retaining HiFi Rose's highly intuitive and visually pleasing touchscreen control.

"Transport only" — separate DAC required
In contrast to its relative, the RS150B, this streaming device exclusively serves as a network transport and necessitates connection to an external digital-to-analog converter (DAC) or your preferred receiver, amplifier, or preamplifier equipped with an integrated DAC. Employing distinct, specialized components for streaming and digital-to-analog conversion can optimize your audio quality to its fullest extent.

Exceptional Build Quality

From its meticulously crafted aluminum chassis to the elegant design of its seamless single-piece glass touchscreen display, the RS130 exudes a sense of durability designed to counteract vibrations and ensure longevity.

Beneath the surface, you'll discover isolated circuitry and a linear, shielded power supply centered around a toroidal transformer and a high-capacity super-capacitor. These elements collaborate harmoniously to minimize unwanted noise.

User-Friendly and Adaptable Control
The ease of use for this advanced technology is a noteworthy feature. The network transport's expansive front-panel touchscreen display will be instantly familiar to anyone accustomed to operating a smartphone or tablet. Furthermore, automatic updates are provided at no cost to ensure the device remains up-to-date with evolving technology and its expanding capabilities.

For control, you can utilize the RoseConnect Premium app, compatible with both Apple® and Android™ devices, which is regarded as one of the finest options available due to its intuitive, rapid, and dependable performance. This app grants convenient access to streaming services (including TIDAL, Qobuz, Spotify®, and more) and music files stored either internally or on your NAS server.

Additionally, you can employ Apple AirPlay® and Roon for streamer control, or use the included Bluetooth remote to select sources and manage playback. Four buttons on the top of the unit offer simple tactile control for power, volume, and playback.

Immerse Yourself in 4K Video
The RS130's 4K video decoding and HDMI 2.0 output open the door to endless video possibilities. With the RoseTube app, you can browse and play YouTube videos on the unit's full-color screen or, even better, on your TV.

Versatile Digital Connectivity
The rear panel provides a range of digital outputs for connecting to your preferred DAC, including coaxial, optical, AES/EBU, and a high-resolution audio-only I2S HDMI output.

Precision Timing with the High-Accuracy Clock
The RS130 boasts an exceptionally accurate built-in OCXO clock that maintains a stable operational temperature, minimizing timing errors that could obscure musical details. Moreover, you have the option to incorporate an external master clock generator for even cleaner, more precise, and jitter-free digital audio signals through dedicated inputs.

Flexible Storage Options
With three USB-A ports at your disposal for local access to digital music files (one reserved for the included Wi-Fi/Bluetooth dongle), the RS130 offers ample flexibility. It also features 256GB of built-in caching memory, ensuring seamless and delay-free playback.

In addition, all HiFi Rose models include an internal bay on the bottom panel for adding optional SSD storage, capable of recognizing drives up to 4TB, a capacity likely to surpass your storage needs.

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Audio/Video Section

  • Network Transport: Designed to be digitally connected to an external DAC
  • Aluminum Case: Specially processed to prevent vibration and minimize heat generation, with efficient heat dissipation
  • Linear Power Stage: Utilizes a large-capacity super-capacitor to minimize power supply noise
  • High-Precision OCXO: Provides a more accurate clock signal, reducing jitter in the audio signal
  • External Master Clock Input: Yes
  • MQA Technology: Supports playback of MQA audio files and streams
  • Native DSD Support: DSD64, DSD128, DSD256, DSD512
  • PCM Support: 16, 24, 32 bits; sampling frequencies from 8Hz to 768kHz
  • Built-In SSD: 256GB for stable music file caching and playback
  • Fiber Optic USB: Yes
  • HDMI Outputs: HDMI 2.0 video jack and HDMI I2S audio jack
  • USB-A Ports: One USB-A 2.0 port and two USB-A 3.0 ports
  • Network & Bluetooth Integration: Ethernet, dual-band 2.4GHz/5GHz wireless, Bluetooth 4.2
  • Capacitive Touchscreen: 15.4" Full-color TFT display


  • Digital Outputs: Coaxial, optical, AES/EBU, I2S HDMI
  • HDMI Output: Up to 3840x2160 pixels at 60Hz
  • USB Ports: One USB-A 2.0 port and two USB-A 3.0 ports
  • SSD Support: External SSD up to 4TB

Network & Streaming Services

  • Wired or Wireless Connection: Ethernet and dual-band 2.4GHz/5GHz wireless
  • RoseTube: Ad-free YouTube content playback
  • Rose Podcast & Radio: Access to podcasts and Internet radio