Gold Note PSU-5 Power Supply - Dreamedia AV
Gold Note PSU-5 Power Supply - Dreamedia AV
Vendor: Gold Note

Gold Note PSU-5 Power Supply

Ultra-low noise power supply for audio

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Gold Note PSU-5 Power Supply

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Audio Experience

Imagine a world where each note in your favorite vinyl record is as clear as the artist intended, where every strum of the guitar, every breath between the lyrics, and every subtle nuance is not just heard but felt. The Gold Note PSU-5 Power Supply is not just a component; it's the silent hero of your analogue audio system, ensuring that your PH-5 phono stage performs at its peak, delivering an audio experience that's nothing short of transformative.

Main Features: A Symphony of Precision Engineering

  • External Power Supply: Tailored exclusively for the PH-5 phono stage.
  • Design Purpose: Crafted to elevate the performance of your Gold Note analogue system.
  • Power Supply Type: A linear configuration with dedicated transformers, made to provide unwavering stability.
  • Transformer Origin: Custom-designed and built in Italy, embodying excellence.
  • Inductive Filter: Integrated to shield your music from AC power grid noise and interference.
  • Circuit: Featuring a 2-transformer layout for a pristine power supply stage.
  • Dual-Choke Inductive Filter: A unique design with a dedicated transformer ensuring ultra-clean power.
  • Clean Power: Delivers a power so pure it elevates audio signal clarity to new heights.
  • Dynamic Range and Audio Detail: Enhanced to achieve a sense of realism and meticulous stage reconstruction that has to be heard to be believed.

Technical Features: The Art of Power Precision

  • Rail Audio Grade Power Supply: A 3-rail design for uncompromised power delivery.
  • Voltage Regulators: Three ultra-low noise regulators for a steady power flow.
  • Maximum Variation of Output Voltage: An impressive 0.05%, ensuring unwavering audio fidelity.
  • Line Noise Rejection: With >80dB, it virtually eliminates unwanted noise.
  • Common Mode Noise Rejection: Also >80dB, further purifying your listening experience.
  • Full Power Response Time: At <2.5µsec, it's fast enough to keep up with the most dynamic of tracks.

Power: The Heartbeat of Audio Clarity

  • Supply Voltage: Auto-sensing 100-120V / 220-240V for global compatibility.
  • Frequency: Tuned for 50/60Hz, ready for any power grid.
  • Power Consumption: A modest 25W, with dynamic power soaring above 50W when needed.
  • Standby Power: <1W, for energy efficiency even when idle.
  • Fuse: 0.5A T, a safeguard for your power supply.

Dimensions and Weight: Compact Elegance

  • Width: 200mm – Sleek and unobtrusive.
  • Height: 80mm – Minimal vertical footprint.
  • Depth: 260mm – Shallow enough for any setup.
  • Net Weight: A lightweight 2kg for easy placement.
  • Boxed Weight: 3kg, ensuring secure delivery to your door.

The Heart of Your Home Theater: Why Choose the Gold Note PSU-5?

For the audiophile, the Gold Note PSU-5 Power Supply is akin to finding the missing piece of a puzzle. It is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing Gold Note analogue system, enhancing every aspect of its performance. Consistent High-Quality Power: The PSU-5 delivers power with an unwavering consistency that is vital for maintaining the integrity of the audio signal. This consistent power flow is crucial for a reliable and immersive listening experience. Noise-Free Listening: The inductive filter, a shield against the inconsistencies of the AC power grid, ensures that your music is insulated from the noise and interference that can plague lesser systems. With the PSU-5, your audio is purified, allowing you to experience the music as it was intended—pristine and unadulterated. Dynamic Range and Detail: The dynamic range is expanded, and the audio detail is heightened, offering a realism that can transport you to the recording studio or the heart of the concert hall. The PSU-5 doesn't just play music; it breathes life into it, reconstructing the stage in your very own listening space.

Designed for Perfection

Gold Note's commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of the PSU-5. From the custom-made transformers from Italy to the dual-choke inductive filter developed with a dedicated transformer, no detail has been overlooked. The result is a large and ultra-clean power supply that provides the dynamic range and fine audio details that can only be described as auditory perfection.

Addressing Potential Concerns

It's normal to wonder if the investment in a dedicated power supply like the Gold Note PSU-5 is truly worthwhile. Will the difference be audible? Is the improvement in sound quality justifiable? The answer lies in the experience. Once you've heard the clarity, the expanded dynamic range, and the depth of the audio detail that the PSU-5 can unveil, you'll understand that this is not just an accessory; it's an essential component for anyone serious about their audio system.

Easy Integration

The PSU-5 has been designed to integrate effortlessly with your system, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Its compact dimensions ensure it won't dominate your space, while its weight makes it easy to install. The auto-sense voltage feature means it's ready to perform anywhere in the world, adapting to various power grids without the need for manual switching.

The Dreamedia Touch

At Dreamedia, we understand that creating the ultimate audio experience is about more than just acquiring the best components; it's about designing a system that works in harmony. We are here to help you design your home theater system, integrating the Gold Note PSU-5 to ensure that your audio setup achieves its full potential.

Embrace the Gold Note PSU-5 Power Supply

The Gold Note PSU-5 Power Supply is more than an upgrade; it's a revelation in the realm of audio fidelity. It's an invitation to rediscover your music collection, to hear what you've been missing all this time. With the PSU-5, you're not just listening to music; you're experiencing it in its purest form. Elevate your audio system with the Gold Note PSU-5 Power Supply and let the music speak for itself.

Our Review


Gold Note has long been synonymous with the kind of Italian craftsmanship that blends audiophile performance with aesthetic elegance. Their dedication to enhancing the listening experience is evident in every product they design, and the PSU-5 Power Supply is no exception. Serving as a dedicated external power supply for the PH-5 phono stage, the PSU-5 promises to elevate vinyl playback to new heights of auditory bliss.

Design and Build Quality

The PSU-5 presents itself with a minimalist and sleek design, consistent with the high-end nature of Gold Note products. The chassis, available solely in black, may limit customization options but exudes a timeless sophistication that should complement most audio setups. Its substantial build suggests durability, and the use of high-quality materials speaks to Gold Note's commitment to quality.

Despite the limited color palette, the PSU-5's physical presence is understated yet substantial, capable of fitting into the audio rack with a poised stance. While some audiophiles may desire a broader selection of finishes to match their personal decor, the quality of construction is likely to overshadow any color constraints.

Technical Specifications

Delving into the heart of the PSU-5, we find a meticulously designed linear power supply featuring a 2-transformer circuit. This configuration is key to its operation, providing ultra-clean power essential for delicate audio applications. The transformers work in harmony to deliver a stable current, ensuring that the delicate signals of the PH-5 phono stage are not tainted by power inconsistencies.

The inductive filter, which includes a dual-choke developed with a dedicated transformer, is a fortress against AC power grid noise. It's this attention to detail that enables the PSU-5 to achieve impressive noise rejection figures, with >80dB for both line noise and common mode noise, ensuring that the music's integrity remains intact.


The true test of any audio component lies in its performance, and the PSU-5 excels in its role. When partnered with the PH-5 phono stage, the PSU-5 provides a palpable uplift in clarity and dynamism. The noise floor drops significantly, allowing the music to emerge from a blacker background, while the dynamic range expands to reveal the full expressiveness of the vinyl medium.

Compared to the stock power supply, the PSU-5 offers a substantial improvement that even casual listeners can appreciate. Its ability to draw out finer details and present them with greater precision places it in a league above standard offerings and solidifies its position as a worthwhile upgrade for enthusiasts seeking the ultimate vinyl playback experience.

Noise Rejection Capabilities

Noise is the nemesis of audio purity, and the PSU-5's formidable noise rejection capabilities ensure that it is kept at bay. The >80dB rejection rate translates to a virtually silent operation, allowing the PH-5 to operate without the usual electrical interference that can muddy the waters of sound quality. This meticulous engineering results in an uncolored and natural musical presentation, allowing listeners to enjoy their records as the artists intended.

Power Supply Stability

Stability is paramount in power supply design, and the PSU-5's 3-rail audio grade power supply, complemented by three ultra-low noise voltage regulators, ensures unwavering performance even under demanding conditions. The maximum variation of output voltage is a mere 0.05%, a testament to the device's precision, while the full power response time of <2.5µsec indicates its readiness to respond to any power demands instantaneously. This contributes to an audio experience that is both dynamic and rich in detail, leaving no note unturned.

User Experience

Integration of the PSU-5 into an existing audio setup is straightforward, ensuring compatibility with the PH-5 phono stage. Listeners can expect to notice improvements in soundstage width and depth, an enhanced sense of realism, and a more emotionally engaging musical experience. The subjective impact on the listening experience cannot be overstated, with many users reporting a significant step closer to the live performance.

Pros and Cons

The Gold Note PSU-5 stands as a beacon of refinement in power supply design. It enhances the performance of the PH-5 by providing a stable and noise-free power source, which in turn delivers greater dynamics and detail in the audio output. However, the lack of color options may be a slight disappointment for users who prefer a more personalized or matching aesthetic.

Final Thoughts

The Gold Note PSU-5 is an exemplary addition to any high-end audio system, particularly for those committed to the vinyl format. It reaffirms Gold Note's prowess in the realm of analog audio reproduction, offering discernible improvements in sound quality that justify its inclusion in a dedicated audiophile's setup. While the external appearance may not cater to all tastes, the sonic benefits it brings to the table are undeniable, making the PSU-5 a highly recommended upgrade for the PH-5 phono stage.


Main Features

  • External Power Supply: Dedicated to the PH-5 phono stage
  • Design Purpose: Enhance performance of Gold Note analogue system
  • Power Supply Type: Linear with dedicated transformers
  • Transformer Origin: Custom-made in Italy
  • Inductive Filter: Yes, to prevent noise and interference from AC power grid
  • Circuit: 2-transformer for linear power supply stage
  • Dual-Choke Inductive Filter: Yes, with dedicated transformer
  • Clean Power: Ultra-clean for audio signal
  • Dynamic Range and Audio Detail: Enhanced for realism and stage reconstruction

Technical Features

  • Rail Audio Grade Power Supply: 3 rail
  • Voltage Regulators: 3 ultra-low noise
  • Maximum Variation of Output Voltage: 0.05%
  • Line Noise Rejection: >80dB
  • Common Mode Noise Rejection: >80dB
  • Full Power Response Time: <2.5µsec


  • Supply Voltage: 100-120V / 220-240V with auto sense
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 25W
  • Dynamic Power: >50W
  • Standby Power: <1W
  • Fuse: 0.5A T

Dimensions and Weight

  • Width: 200mm
  • Height: 80mm
  • Depth: 260mm
  • Net Weight: 2kg
  • Boxed Weight: 3kg

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