Gold Note PST-10 Power Supply - Dreamedia AV
Gold Note PST-10 Power Supply - Dreamedia AV
Gold Note PST-10 Power Supply - Dreamedia AV
Gold Note PST-10 Power Supply - Dreamedia AV
Gold Note PST-10 Power Supply - Dreamedia AV
Gold Note PST-10 Power Supply - Dreamedia AV
Gold Note PST-10 Power Supply - Dreamedia AV
Gold Note PST-10 Power Supply - Dreamedia AV
Vendor: Gold Note

Gold Note PST-10 Power Supply

External power supply for turntables with advanced dual choke design

Gold Note Authorized Dealer

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Gold Note PST-10 Power Supply

Unveiling the Pinnacle of Power Purity

In the pursuit of audio perfection, every detail matters. The Gold Note PST-10 Power Supply emerges as the unsung hero, ensuring that your auditory journey is free from the shackles of electrical interference and noise. It's not just an accessory; it's a cornerstone for any enthusiast seeking to extract the absolute best from their Gold Note turntable system.

The Bedrock of Your Audio Experience

Imagine a foundation so robust that it elevates everything built upon it. The PST-10 is that foundation for your turntable, providing:

  • Unmatched Voltage Stability: With a maximum variation of just 0.05%, your turntable receives consistent power for unwavering audio fidelity.
  • Advanced Noise Rejection: Over 80dB of line and common mode noise rejection ensure that your music is heard in its purest form, without the pollution of electrical noise.
  • Rapid Power Response: A full power response time of less than 2.5µsec means your system reacts to dynamic changes in music with astonishing agility.

Designed for Sonic Excellence

Gold Note's Italian craftsmanship shines through in the PST-10's design. It's not only about technical prowess but also about how these features translate into a superior listening experience:

  • Dual-Choke Design: The proprietary Dual-Choke design filters voltage and eliminates interference, serving as a guardian of audio purity.
  • Inductive Noise Remover: An inductive filter on the analog stage acts like a sieve for noise, ensuring only clean power reaches your turntable.
  • Custom Silver Conductor Cable: Supplied with a 1.5m power cable, crafted with silver conductors to uphold signal integrity over distance.

Aesthetic and Practical Harmony

The PST-10 is a feast for the eyes and a breeze for setup. Its dimensions and weight are optimized for ease of placement without compromising on the visual appeal:

  • Compact and Robust: Measuring 8.66 inches in length, 3.15 inches in height, and 10.24 inches in depth, and weighing a solid 6.6 lbs, it's designed to fit seamlessly into any setup.
  • Finish Options: Choose from brushed aluminum in black, silver, or gold to match your personal style and complement your audio equipment.

The Gold Note Synergy

The PST-10 isn't just a standalone marvel—it's part of a family. It inherits the chassis of the revered PSU-10, ensuring compatibility and a shared design language with your Gold Note turntable.

Enhanced Musicality Across Genres

Whether you're a fan of rock's raw energy, jazz's intricate improvisations, or classical music's sweeping compositions, the PST-10 amplifies the emotional impact of your music by enhancing:

  • Dynamic Range: Experience the softest whispers and the most powerful crescendos with newfound clarity.
  • Soundstage: Notice how instruments occupy distinct, three-dimensional spaces, creating a live performance sensation.
  • Bass Control: Dive into deeper, tighter bass lines that anchor the rhythm with precision.
  • Detail Retrieval: Discover nuances and subtleties in your favorite tracks that were previously obscured.

Protecting Your Passion

The PST-10 acts as a bulwark against the inconsistencies of the electrical grid. Its massive power supply and effective insulation shield your turntable from electromagnetic interferences, so nothing stands between you and your music.

The Gold Note Difference

Gold Note's unparalleled attention to detail is evident in the PST-10. It's not just about making music louder; it's about honoring the artist's intent and bringing you closer to the original studio or stage performance.

Technical Marvels

The PST-10 boasts an array of features designed to deliver clean power and enhance your audio experience:

  • Four Audio Grade Transformers: Dedicated transformers for each stage of power supply and filtration.
  • Ultra-Low Noise Voltage Regulators: Ensuring the power that reaches your turntable is devoid of noise.
  • Main Supply Voltage: Automatic selection between 100/120V & 220/240V, adapting to your location without manual intervention.
  • Frequency: Accommodating a standard range of 50/60Hz.

Performance Evaluations: A Testament to Excellence

The PST-10 doesn't just promise improvements; it delivers them. Users report a significant uplift in their Gold Note turntable's performance, with the PH-10 phono stage reaching new heights of sonic clarity and detail.

Your Music, Unadulterated

The PST-10 is dedicated to purists who understand that the journey to audio perfection is as much about the equipment as it is about the music itself. It's for those who seek to capture the essence of each note and the spirit of every performance.

Dreamedia: Your Partner in Home Theater Excellence

At Dreamedia, we're not just about selling products; we're about crafting experiences. Our team is ready to design a home theater system that integrates the PST-10 seamlessly, ensuring that you're not just listening to music—you're living it.

Invest in the Gold Note PST-10 Power Supply and transform your listening experience from ordinary to extraordinary.

Our Review


The quest for pristine audio is a journey that often leads enthusiasts to explore the intricacies of their equipment, right down to the very lifeblood of electronic devices: the power supply. The Gold Note PST-10 is a testament to this attention to detail, an external power supply dedicated to elevating the performance of Gold Note turntables.

Design and Build Quality

Crafted in Florence, Italy, the Gold Note PST-10 is an embodiment of refined aesthetics and technical prowess. Available in brushed aluminium finishes of black, silver, or gold, this power supply is designed to complement the sophisticated look of high-end audio setups. The build quality is exceptional, with audio-grade components engineered to ensure durability and performance. Measuring 200mm wide, 80mm high, and 260mm deep, and weighing a solid 3kg, the PST-10 promises stability and a compact footprint for seamless integration into any space.

Technical Specifications

The PST-10 is not just about looks; it's a powerhouse of clean energy, thanks to its hybrid super inductive dual coil design and the proprietary Dual Choke design. This unique combination effectively filters voltage, dramatically reducing interference and electrical noise. The four-stage architecture with ultra-low noise voltage regulators ensures a maximum output voltage variation of only 0.05%, while line and common mode noise rejection rates stand above 80dB. The full power response time is less than 2.5µsec, showcasing the PST-10's ability to deliver immediate and consistent power.

Installation and Compatibility

Setting up the Gold Note PST-10 is straightforward, designed to work seamlessly with Gold Note turntables. The included custom 1.5m power cable, made with a silver conductor, not only ensures optimal power transmission but also allows for flexible placement. The automatic voltage selection from 100-240V makes it suitable for use worldwide without the need for manual adjustments.

Performance Evaluation

When it comes to performance, the PST-10 shines by providing a noticeable uplift in audio quality. Turntables powered by this unit exhibit better dynamics, lower noise floors, and a more precise soundstage. The meticulous restoration of the smallest sound details translates into a more realistic musical event, regardless of genre. Whether it's the complex layers of a rock opera, the subtle nuances of a jazz ensemble, or the demanding range of classical music, the PST-10 ensures an enriched listening experience.

Unique Features and Advantages

The PST-10's Dual Choke design is a standout feature that sets it apart from conventional power supplies. This, along with the dedicated inductive filter, effectively shields the turntable from electromagnetic interferences. The power supply's ability to maintain ultra-clean power, low noise, and increased dynamics contributes to a more realistic high-end audio performance.


The Gold Note PST-10 is a beacon of excellence for audiophiles seeking the best from their turntables. It not only enhances the performance of Gold Note turntables but also improves the overall audio system. The massive power supply acts as a shield from the AC power grid, offering a significant improvement to the sound of the PH-10 phono stage. The proprietary Dual Choke design ensures effective signal voltage filtering, while the ultra-low noise voltage regulators maintain a pristine audio signal, resulting in improved clarity, larger imaging, better bass control, and faster dynamics.


While the PST-10 is a stellar performer, potential buyers must consider whether their system will benefit significantly from this level of investment. As with any high-end audio component, the law of diminishing returns may apply, and the PST-10's enhancements, while substantial, are best appreciated within a system of corresponding quality.

Comparisons to Other Products

In the realm of high-fidelity audio, the PST-10 holds its ground against competing power supplies. Its meticulously engineered design and the resulting audio improvements are often reserved for products at a much higher price point. When compared to other offerings, the PST-10's unique Dual Choke design and the rapid response time set it apart, making it a worthy contender for audiophiles looking to extract the last ounce of quality from their turntables.

User Experience

The PST-10 has received accolades from the audiophile community for its ability to bring new life to audio systems. Users report a transformative effect on their listening experience, with a consensus pointing towards a marked improvement in audio clarity and fidelity. The product's reception is a testament to its ability to deliver on its promises, solidifying its position as a valued component in any high-end audio setup.

Final Thoughts

The Gold Note PST-10 power supply is an investment in audio purity. Its sophisticated design, coupled with a robust build and exceptional performance, makes it a compelling choice for turntable enthusiasts. While it commands a premium, its ability to enhance audio quality across various music genres and systems justifies the expense for those in pursuit of acoustic perfection. The PST-10 is not just a power supply; it's an integral component in the quest for the ultimate sound experience.


Technical Features

  • Audio Grade Transformers: Four
  • Ultra-Low Noise Voltage Regulators: Four
  • Output Voltage Variation: 0.05%
  • Line Noise Rejection: >80dB
  • Common Mode Noise Rejection: >80dB
  • Full Power Response Time: <2.5µsec
  • Main Supply Voltage: 100/120V & 220/240V with automatic selection
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Nominal Power: 25W
  • Dynamic Power: >50W
  • Standby Power: <1W
  • Output Voltages: 18V/26V/34V with inductive noise remover

Design Features

  • Hybrid Super Inductive Dual Coil Design: Yes
  • Proprietary Dual-Choke Design: Yes
  • Analogue Stage Filter: Yes
  • Electrical Grid Interference Protection: Yes
  • Custom Power Cable: 1.5m with silver conductor cable

Dimensions & Weight

  • Length: 8.66 inches
  • Height: 3.15 inches
  • Depth: 10.24 inches
  • Weight: 6.6 lbs
  • Net Weight: 3 kg
  • Boxed Weight: 4 kg

Additional Features

  • Dedicated To: Gold Note Turntables
  • Massive Power Supply: Shields from electromagnetic interferences
  • Insulation: Effective from the AC power system

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