Gold Note A6 EVO II Speakers (Pair) - Dreamedia AV
Gold Note A6 EVO II Speakers (Pair) - Dreamedia AV
Gold Note A6 EVO II Speakers (Pair) - Dreamedia AV
Gold Note A6 EVO II Speakers (Pair) - Dreamedia AV
Gold Note A6 EVO II Speakers (Pair) - Dreamedia AV
Gold Note A6 EVO II Speakers (Pair) - Dreamedia AV
Gold Note A6 EVO II Speakers (Pair) - Dreamedia AV
Gold Note A6 EVO II Speakers (Pair) - Dreamedia AV
Vendor: Gold Note

Gold Note A6 EVO II Speakers (Pair)

Italian-crafted floor-standing loudspeakers

Gold Note Authorized Dealer

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Gold Note A6 EVO II Speakers (Pair)

Immerse Yourself in the Elegance of Italian Sound

Indulge in the Artistry of Design

The Gold Note A6 EVO II Speakers are a testament to the fine art of Italian craftsmanship. With their sleek, diamond-shaped walnut side panels and matte black sculptured front baffle, these speakers are more than just a means to enjoy music; they are a statement piece for any home. The magnetically fastening front baffle grill adds a touch of sophistication to their appearance, ensuring that these floorstanding speakers blend seamlessly with your decor while commanding attention for their beauty.

Experience Unmatched Audio Fidelity

The Heart of Sound

At the core of the A6 EVO II's outstanding performance is a trio of meticulously selected drivers: - Tweeter: A 1” AUDAX silk dome driver that delivers pristine highs with an airy and open soundstage. - Mid-Woofers: Dual 5” SEAS treated paper cones that reproduce the crucial midrange frequencies with warmth and accuracy. - Subwoofer: A 6” SEAS woven polypropylene cone ensures tight and responsive bass, adding depth to the overall sound profile.

Harmonious Collaboration

These drivers work in perfect harmony, thanks to a carefully engineered crossover network. With components exclusively made by Mundorf and Clarity, the A6 EVO II ensures a seamless transition between frequencies, resulting in a coherent and balanced audio experience.

Precision Engineering for Peak Performance

Sound That Breathes

The bass-reflex design of the A6 EVO II allows for efficient handling of low frequencies, providing a substantial bass response that is both controlled and powerful. The large acoustic lens on the front baffle not only adds to the efficiency but also enhances the power of the sound being delivered.

Power and Grace

With a recommended amplifier power range of 20-150 watts and a maximum power handling of 150W RMS, these speakers are versatile enough to pair with a wide range of amplifiers. The nominal impedance of 4 ohms means they are easily driven, ensuring compatibility with most high-quality amplifiers on the market.

Uncompromised Sound in Every Detail

A Symphony of Components

The crossover components are the unsung heroes of the A6 EVO II speakers. Gold Note has spared no expense in incorporating the finest components from Mundorf and Clarity, ensuring that each frequency is delivered with precision and purity.

Connectivity at Its Finest

Gold Note's gold-plated nickel-free connectors not only add a touch of elegance but also ensure a secure and corrosion-free connection for years of reliable performance.

The Essence of Italian Sound

A Musical Journey

The Italian sound is characterized by its vivid realism, precise imaging, and accurate separation of instruments. The A6 EVO II embodies these qualities, offering a listening experience that is as close to a live performance as you can get in the comfort of your home.

Designed for the Listener

The acoustic lens incorporated into the design of the A6 EVO II is not just for show. It plays a critical role in dispersing sound evenly throughout the room, creating a wide soundstage that allows every listener to feel like they are in the center of the performance.

Built to Last

A Foundation of Quality

The solid inert cabinet of the A6 EVO II is built to stand the test of time. The robust construction minimizes unwanted resonances, ensuring that all you hear is the music as it was meant to be heard.

Italian Heritage

Manufactured in Florence, Tuscany, by Gold Note—a company founded in 2012 under the guidance of CEO Maurizio Aterini—these speakers are a product of passionate design and sound engineering.

Specifications at a Glance

  • Type: Floor-standing loudspeaker
  • Frequency Response: 40-20000Hz ±3dB
  • Sensitivity: 88dB SPL 2,83Vs/1m
  • Drivers: 1” soft elliptical dome tweeter, 2x 15cm SEAS midwoofers, 16cm SEAS subwoofer
  • Power Handling: Suggested 20-150W, Max 150W RMS
  • Impedance: 4 ohm nominal
  • Dimensions: 230mm W x 1080mm H x 285mm D
  • Weight: 60kg (pair)
  • Design Features: Slim diamond-shaped with wooden stand and bottom bass reflex port

The Gold Note Difference

A Symphony in Your Space

Gold Note has ensured that the A6 EVO II speakers offer a natural and smooth sound reproduction. The wide soundstage, detailed and dynamic performance, and the balanced bass and treble all contribute to a listening experience that encourages extended sessions without ear fatigue.

Elegance Meets Functionality

The slim diamond-shaped design with an elegant wooden stand not only looks stunning but also serves a functional purpose. The shape and construction of the speakers are designed to enhance sound quality and ensure that the speakers occupy minimal floor space.

Dreamedia: Your Partner in Home Theater Excellence

At Dreamedia, we understand the importance of matching the right components to create the perfect home theater system. The Gold Note A6 EVO II Speakers are an excellent choice for anyone looking to elevate their audio experience. Our team is available to design a system that integrates these speakers seamlessly into your space, ensuring that you get the most out of their performance.

To experience the full potential of the Gold Note A6 EVO II Speakers, or for any inquiries, please contact Gold Note at +39 0571675005 or reach out to the USA Distributor at (609) 369-9240. Let the symphony begin in your home with the touch of Italian elegance and audio brilliance.

Our Review


Gold Note's reputation for crafting exceptional audio equipment is well-established among audiophiles. The Italian brand has consistently delivered products that blend meticulous engineering with luxurious design. The A6 EVO II speakers are no exception, promising a premium listening experience. Let's delve into these floor-standing speakers to understand their capabilities and how they stand out in the high-end audio market.

Design and Build Quality

The A6 EVO II speakers immediately command attention with their slim, diamond-shaped design. Beyond mere aesthetics, this unique shape contributes to the acoustic performance, minimizing diffraction and standing waves within the cabinet. The wooden stand is not only a nod to elegance but also serves a practical purpose, providing stability and enhancing the overall sound quality through its resonance-damping properties. The Italian craftsmanship shines through in the choice of high-quality materials, promising both durability and an upscale look that complements any room decor.

Technical Specifications

Diving into the technical prowess of these speakers, we encounter a frequency response ranging from 40 to 20,000Hz ±3dB. This suggests a robust low-end presence combined with a clear and articulate high-end. An 88dB sensitivity rating is respectable, ensuring that the speakers can deliver a powerful sound with modest amplifier power. The driver configuration is impressive, with a 1” soft elliptical dome tweeter, dual 15cm SEAS treated paper cone midwoofers, and a 16cm SEAS woven polypropylene cone subwoofer. These components are carefully chosen to work in harmony, providing a cohesive and immersive soundstage. The recommended power amplifier range of 20-150W offers flexibility, while the 4-ohm nominal impedance makes the A6 EVO II compatible with a wide range of amplifiers.

Sound Performance

The A6 EVO II speakers are engineered to produce a natural and smooth sound that is both detailed and dynamic. The wide soundstage they present is a testament to their design, allowing for an engaging listening experience that envelops the listener. The balance between bass and treble is meticulously tuned, with the dedicated subwoofer ensuring that low frequencies are not just heard but felt. The top-quality crossover components ensure that each driver operates within its optimal frequency range, resulting in a harmonious and distortion-free output.

Installation and Setup

Weighing 60kg per pair, these speakers are on the heavier side, indicating solid construction and quality materials. While their weight may pose a challenge during installation, the payoff in stability and performance cannot be overstated. Placement is key to extracting the best performance from any speaker, and the A6 EVO II is no different. They should be positioned thoughtfully within a room to maximize the soundstage and ensure a balanced audio dispersion. Pairing these speakers with a suitable power amplifier is crucial; they deserve a partner that can provide clean, stable power within the suggested range.

Pros and Cons


  • Elegant, room-friendly design with impeccable Italian craftsmanship.
  • High-quality driver materials ensure durability and superior sound.
  • Dedicated subwoofer chamber for impressive bass response.
  • Wide frequency response and high sensitivity for versatile performance.
  • Natural, smooth sound reproduction for extended listening sessions without fatigue.


  • Significant weight may complicate installation and placement.
  • Dependence on a power amplifier within a specific range for optimal performance.

Comparative Analysis

When compared to their peers in the floor-standing speaker segment, the A6 EVO II speakers hold their ground with distinctive features such as the dedicated subwoofer chamber and the Italian design flair. Their sound performance is on par with, if not superior to, other speakers in their class, providing a well-rounded, dynamic audio experience.

User Experience

The Gold Note A6 EVO II speakers cater to a discerning listener who values both sonic excellence and visual artistry. They are well-suited for those who appreciate subtlety and nuance in their audio, as well as a refined aesthetic that complements their living space.

Price and Value Proposition

Considering their price point, the A6 EVO II speakers offer a compelling value proposition. They embody a convergence of high-end audio performance and sophisticated design, which, for the right buyer, justifies the investment.

Final Thoughts

The Gold Note A6 EVO II speakers are an exemplar of what high-end audio equipment can offer. They strike a balance between form and function, providing an exceptional listening experience without compromising on style. Potential buyers looking for a blend of detailed, dynamic sound and a statement piece for their home will find these speakers to be an excellent choice.



  • Speaker Type: Floorstanding
  • Enclosure Type: Bass-reflex
  • Cabinet Construction: Solid inert cabinet with diamond-shaped walnut side panels
  • Finish: Matte black sculptured front baffle
  • Included Front Baffle Grill: Yes, magnetically fastens


  • Tweeter: 1” AUDAX silk dome driver
  • Mid-Woofers: 2 x 5’’ SEAS treated paper cones
  • Subwoofer: 6’’ SEAS woven polypropylene cone

Frequency Response

  • Frequency Range: 40 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Crossover Points: 60 Hz and 2000 Hz


  • Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms


  • Efficiency: 88dB/W/m

Power Handling

  • Recommended Amplifier Power: 20-150 watts
  • Max Power Handling: 150W RMS

Dimensions and Weight

  • Dimensions (each speaker): 42.25" x 9" x 11.175" (HxWxD)
  • Weight: 132 lbs pair net, 176 lbs pair boxed

Crossover Components

  • Crossover: 60Hz and 2000Hz @ 12dB/Oct.
  • Components: Exclusively made by Mundorf and Clarity