Furman F1500-UPS UPS and Voltage Regulator - BlueBOLT Compatible - Dreamedia AV
Furman F1500-UPS UPS and Voltage Regulator - BlueBOLT Compatible - Dreamedia AV
Vendor: Furman

Furman F1500-UPS UPS and Voltage Regulator - BlueBOLT Compatible

Advanced UPS for premium AV systems with voltage regulation

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Furman F1500-UPS UPS and Voltage Regulator - BlueBOLT Compatible

Uninterrupted Power, Unmatched Performance

Imagine a serene evening in your home theater, the lights dimmed, the screen aglow with the opening scenes of your favorite film. The audio is crisp, the visuals stunning, and the atmosphere perfect. Suddenly, the unexpected happens—a power outage. But instead of the screen going dark and the sound cutting out, your system continues flawlessly. This isn't just wishful thinking; it's the reality with the Furman F1500-UPS UPS and Voltage Regulator.

Powering Your Passion

The Furman F1500-UPS is designed for audio/video professionals and home theater aficionados who understand that the foundation of a great system isn't just about high-quality components—it's also about the power that drives them. With the F1500-UPS, you get a sophisticated power management solution that ensures your system is always on, always clear, and always protected.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Battery Backup: With the Furman F1500-UPS, power interruptions won't interrupt your work or entertainment. The UPS provides 12 minutes of full load and 32 minutes of half load backup time, ensuring that even in the event of a power loss, your system remains operational, giving you time to save work or reach a natural stopping point in your viewing.

  • Surge Suppression Technology: The advanced SMP non-sacrificial surge suppression technology guarantees that your sensitive electronics are protected from sudden power spikes without sacrificing itself in the process, ensuring lasting protection.

  • Zero Ground Contamination: This feature ensures that the power delivered to your equipment is free of interference, maintaining the integrity of your audio and video output.

  • Voltage Regulation: With a broad capture range, the F1500-UPS keeps your system running smoothly even in the face of fluctuating power levels, preventing damage and performance issues.

  • Noise Filtration: The Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT) offers unparalleled noise filtering, resulting in high-definition audio and video clarity, free from the hums and buzzes that can plague lesser systems.

  • Expandable Runtime: Need more backup time? The F1500-UPS is expandable with a separate battery pack, offering even greater assurance that your system can handle prolonged outages.

Designed for Excellence

The F1500-UPS isn't just about keeping the lights on; it's about maintaining the peak performance of your system. With True Sine Wave output, your equipment receives clean and consistent power, which is crucial for maintaining the integrity of digital signals and the overall performance of your components.

Customization and Control

Flexibility is key in any professional or high-end home theater setup. The F1500-UPS delivers with:

  • RS-232 and IR Control: Programmable outlets and open-source control allow for customized power management, ensuring that your system behaves exactly as you desire, even in response to power events.

  • TCP/IP Control: With an optional interface card, your power can be managed remotely, offering you peace of mind and convenience no matter where you are.

  • BlueBOLT Compatibility: Power monitoring and remote control capabilities are at your fingertips with BlueBOLT-CV1, allowing for real-time adjustments and system monitoring to ensure optimal performance.

A Partner in Protection

The F1500-UPS is not just a piece of equipment; it's an investment in the longevity and quality of your entire system. With features like EVS Extreme Voltage Shutdown and regular battery pack replacement recommendations, Furman shows its commitment to protecting and maintaining the value of your setup.

Optimized for Your System

Whether it's a Digital Audio Workstation, media servers, or control systems, the F1500-UPS is tailored to provide the best power management and protection. It's designed to be the silent, unseen hero in the background, ensuring that every component of your high-end system performs at its best.

What You Can Expect:

  • Uninterrupted Performance: Keep your system running smoothly with reliable battery backup during outages.
  • Pristine Audio and Visuals: Enjoy clean, high-definition audio and video thanks to advanced filtration and true sine wave output.
  • Comprehensive Protection: Protect your investment from power spikes, surges, and interference with state-of-the-art technology.
  • Flexibility and Convenience: Manage and customize your power settings for optimal system performance and control.
  • Future-Proofing: With expandable battery options and remote monitoring capabilities, your system is prepared for anything.

Let's Talk Tech

The Furman F1500-UPS isn't just a UPS—it's a sophisticated power management system that's integral to the performance and safety of your high-end audio/video setup. Dreamedia is here to help you integrate this powerhouse into your system, ensuring that it is optimized for your specific needs. Our expertise lies in crafting home theater experiences that are not just immersive but also reliable and secure.

Making the Right Connections

With eight outlets, all surge-protected and linearly filtered, plus battery backup for your most critical components, the F1500-UPS is ready to be the central hub of your system's power management. Each outlet is engineered to work in harmony with your equipment, ensuring that everything from your satellite receiver to your control system receives the clean, uninterrupted power it deserves.

Your System's Guardian

The F1500-UPS is more than an accessory; it's an essential component that works silently in the background to elevate your audio and video experience. It's the guardian of your system's performance, the keeper of your peace of mind, and the invisible hand that guides your home theater through any power-related challenges.

Ready to Elevate Your Experience?

At Dreamedia, we stand ready to design and integrate a home theater system that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. The Furman F1500-UPS is a testament to our commitment to quality, reliability, and performance. Let us help you bring this level of protection and control into your home, ensuring that your system continues to perform at its best, no matter what comes your way.

In the world of home theater, the difference between good and great lies in the details. The Furman F1500-UPS represents a commitment to those details, ensuring that every moment of your audiovisual experience is as perfect as it was intended to be. Welcome to a world where power interruptions no longer mean interruptions to your passion. Welcome to the world of Furman.

Our Review

Furman F1500-UPS 1500VA 2RU 1500VA UPS and Voltage Regulator - BlueBOLT Compatible Review


Power management is often the unsung hero in audio/video (AV) setups, providing the lifeline for high-end equipment and ensuring optimal performance and longevity. The Furman F1500-UPS emerges as a comprehensive solution tailored for audio/video professionals and home theater aficionados who understand the critical nature of clean, uninterrupted power.

Design and Build Quality

Physical Build

The Furman F1500-UPS exhibits a 2RU rack-mountable design that seamlessly integrates into standard AV racks, a nod to the professional environment it's designed for. The build quality is robust, with a sturdy chassis that reassures users of its durability. Attention to detail in the construction indicates that Furman has prioritized longevity and reliability, essential for equipment tasked with protecting valuable AV gear.

Connectivity Options

Connectivity is a strong suit for the F1500-UPS. It offers a variety of control interfaces, including RS-232 for integration with home automation systems, IR control for programmable shutdown sequences, and optional TCP/IP for remote control and monitoring. These options afford users the flexibility to tailor their power management to specific needs, a clear advantage for complex setups.


Power Management Technologies

The F1500-UPS comes equipped with Furman's proprietary SMP technology, providing surge suppression without sacrificing itself in the event of a power spike. The EVS feature takes this a step further by shutting down the system if extreme voltages are detected, protecting connected equipment from potential disaster. Lastly, the LiFT offers premium noise filtration, ensuring a clean power supply free from AC line noise—a critical feature for maintaining the integrity of audio and visual signals.

Battery Backup and Expandability

In the event of a power outage, the F1500-UPS switches to battery backup mode, delivering a True Sine Wave output. This is crucial for sensitive AV equipment, which can be damaged by the more common simulated sine wave provided by lesser UPS systems. The option to expand runtime with additional battery packs is an invaluable feature for users who require extended protection during longer outages.

BlueBOLT Compatibility

The compatibility with BlueBOLT cannot be understated. This feature allows for advanced remote power and energy management, enabling users to reboot components, monitor energy usage, and receive alerts for power events. It's a forward-thinking inclusion that offers users a high level of control and oversight over their systems.


Power Output and Quality

The True Sine Wave output ensures that connected devices receive clean and consistent power, mirroring the quality of utility-supplied power. This is particularly important for maintaining the performance of high-fidelity audio systems and ensuring that video displays maintain image clarity without interruption.

Surge Suppression and Voltage Regulation

The F1500-UPS's surge suppression is top-notch, thanks to the SMP technology. It can handle surges without degradation, a feature that will appeal to users who have invested heavily in their AV equipment. Voltage regulation is equally impressive, maintaining a steady output even under challenging conditions, which is a testament to the EVS system's efficacy.

Control and Customization

Furman's emphasis on customization is evident in the UPS's programmable features. Users can control power to individual outlet banks, set up automated shutdown commands, and manage power remotely. These features provide an added layer of flexibility and control that will be particularly appreciated by users with complex or automated AV systems.

User Experience

Setup and Installation

The setup process for the F1500-UPS is straightforward, with clear instructions and intuitive controls. The rack-mountable design ensures it fits into professional environments with ease, and the various connectivity options make it a versatile choice for different system configurations.

Reliability and Maintenance

The recommended battery replacement every 2.5 to 3 years is a consideration for long-term maintenance. However, this is a standard practice for UPS systems and should be factored into the cost of ownership. Reliability in real-world applications has shown that the F1500-UPS can be counted on to protect and manage power for AV systems consistently.

Value Proposition

When compared to other UPS systems and voltage regulators designed for AV use, the F1500-UPS holds its own, especially considering its advanced surge suppression, noise filtration, and True Sine Wave output. While the initial investment may be higher than some alternatives, the level of protection and control it offers justifies the price for serious AV professionals and enthusiasts.

Final Thoughts

The Furman F1500-UPS is a sophisticated and reliable power management solution that stands out in the crowded field of UPS systems. Its combination of True Sine Wave output, advanced surge suppression, and remote management capabilities through BlueBOLT makes it a top-tier choice for those who demand the best for their AV setups. Despite the need for periodic battery replacement and limited runtime for high-power devices, the F1500-UPS's strengths make it a recommended product for its target audience.



  • Model: F1500-UPS 1500VA 2RU
  • Form Factor: 2RU
  • Color: BlueBOLT Compatible
  • Capacity: 1500VA
  • Line Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Rack Mountable: Yes
  • Dimensions: 17" W (19" w/ rack ears) x 19.2" D x 3.5" H
  • Weight: 72 lbs

Battery Backup

  • Application: Audio/video professionals and home theatre aficionados
  • Battery Backup: Yes
  • Input Frequency: 47 - 63 Hz
  • Regulation Capture Range: 96 - 135V (Sensitive Mode), 93 - 142V (Standard Mode)
  • Output Frequency: 60 Hz ± 1%
  • UPS Output Capacity: 1500VA, 900W @ 0.6pf
  • UPS Backup Time: 12 minutes (Full Load), 32 minutes (Half Load)
  • Transfer Time: < 4ms


  • Surge Suppression Technology: SMP Non-sacrificial
  • Zero Ground Contamination: Yes
  • Extreme Voltage Shutdown: EVS
  • Over-Voltage Shutoff: 150V ± 5V (fast rise), 140V ±


  • Filtration Technology: Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT)
  • Number of Isolated Banks: 2
  • Noise Filtering: High-definition for audio and video clarity


  • Output Waveform: True Sine Wave in battery backup mode


  • Expandable Battery Packs: Compatible with 1500VA battery pack (BATT1500-EXT, sold separately)

Programmability & Control

  • RS-232 Control: Yes
  • Dual Programmable IR Control: Yes
  • TCP/IP Control: Optional with separate interface card


  • BlueBOLT Compatible: Yes
  • Remote Control and Monitoring: Via BlueBOLT-CV1 card (sold separately)

Recommended Use

  • DAWs: Yes
  • Satellite Receivers: Yes
  • Cable Boxes: Yes
  • Digital Video Recorders: Yes
  • Media Servers: Yes
  • External Hard Drives: Yes
  • Lamp Based Video Displays: Yes
  • Control Systems: Yes

Not Recommended For

  • High-Current Components: Power amplifiers, powered subwoofers, high-wattage displays

Approximate Run Time 1500VA

  • Satellite Receiver or Cable Box: 80 Minutes
  • Control System + Media Server: 40 Minutes
  • Digital Mixing Console (24 channel): 20 Minutes
  • DAW Computer + Digital I/O + External Hard Drive + 24” LCD Monitor: 7 Minutes


  • Total Number of Outlets: 8
  • Surge Protected: Yes
  • Linearly Filtered: Yes
  • Battery Backed Up: Yes

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