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Focal 300 IWLCR In-Wall Speaker

Three-way in-wall speaker with rotatable mid-treble

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Focal 300 IWLCR In-Wall Speaker

Unrivaled Acoustic Excellence for Your Home Cinema

Imagine a home theater setup that transcends the ordinary, a system that engages you with cinematic sound so pure and precise, it's as though you're not just watching a movie, but living within it. The Focal 300 IWLCR6 is crafted for that very experience, a masterpiece of audio engineering that brings the immersive world of cinema directly into your living space.

French Engineering at Its Finest

Originating from the land known for its rich tradition in sound, the Focal 300 IWLCR6 is a testament to French craftsmanship. Designed and made in France, it stands as a symbol of quality and dedication to acoustic perfection.

Tailored to Your Space

Catering to rooms up to 320ft², this 3-way in-wall loudspeaker has been meticulously engineered to fill your home cinema with expansive sound that doesn't just travel, but resonates with clarity and depth.

Flax Woofer Cone: The Heartbeat of Sound

  • Dual 6.5" Flax cone woofers
  • Single 4" Flax cone midrange

The signature Flax woofer cone technology embodies the soul of Focal's acoustic identity. These woofers produce a natural and accurate sound reproduction, ensuring that every beat and bass line is felt just as intensely as it is heard.

Precision-Crafted Inverted Tweeter Dome

  • 1" aluminum/magnesium inverted dome tweeter

The inverted tweeter dome design isn't just for show. It's a deliberate choice that enhances sound quality, bringing forth an unparalleled level of intelligibility to movie dialogues, making every word spoken crystal clear.

Flexibility and Customization

The Focal 300 IWLCR6 isn't just about delivering exceptional sound; it's about making that sound work for you. With a rotatable mid-treble plate, you can position the speaker as a left, center, or right loudspeaker, targeting the sound directly to your sweet spot.

Fine-Tune Your Listening Experience

With adjustable tweeter and mid-levels, you have the power to adapt the speaker's output to match your room's unique acoustics. This ensures that no matter the environment, you're always at the center of optimal performance.

  • Tweeter Level Control: 3-way switch (-3dB, 0dB, +3dB)
  • Midrange Level Control: 3-way switch (-2dB, 0dB, +2dB)

Installation Made Effortless

The EQI System (Easy Quick Install) takes the hassle out of setup. This innovative design means no tools are required, allowing for a swift and straightforward installation process.

Aesthetic Elegance

The frameless magnetic grilles are not only a breeze to install but also lend an air of sophistication to your space. These paintable grilles blend seamlessly with your interior, complementing your style without compromising on sound.

Built for Stability

Anti-vibration feet are not an afterthought but an integral part of the design. They ensure that the only thing that moves you is the sound, not the speaker.

Multichannel Versatility

Whether you're setting up a stereo or a multichannel system, the Focal 300 IWLCR6 is equipped to handle it all. Its compatibility with in-ceiling Atmos® applications means that no matter the configuration, you get precise sound reproduction without sacrificing space.

Design Choices to Suit Your Taste

  • Dual Grille Options: square and circular
  • Acoustic Grill Cloth: optional for driver invisibility

With the inclusion of both square and circular grilles, the Focal 300 IWLCR6 offers the flexibility to match any design preference. And for those who prefer an uninterrupted view, the optional acoustic grill cloth can render the speaker drivers invisible.

Specifications at a Glance

  • Sensitivity: 92dB
  • Frequency Response: 40kHz to 28Hz
  • Mounting System: EQI with integrated cam-arms
  • Mounting Compatibility: Ceilings from 1/2" to 1.2" thick

The Focal Signature Sound

When you choose Focal, you're not just selecting a speaker; you're embracing a legacy of sound that's been refined over decades. The 300 IWLCR6 embodies this heritage, offering a level of audio fidelity that's unmatched by other architectural speakers.

Full-Range Performance, Minimal Space

Paired with a capable subwoofer, the Focal 300 IWLCR6 delivers full-range performance that belies its discreet in-wall form factor. It's a speaker that packs a punch without the visual impact of traditional floor-standing units.

Masterful Sound Engineering

The crossover between the midrange and low-frequency drivers is smooth and well-engineered, ensuring a coherent soundstage. The tweeters articulate high frequencies without harshness, delivering a listening experience that is both dynamic and soothing.

An Investment in Sound

Choosing the Focal 300 IWLCR6 is not just about purchasing a speaker; it's an investment in the pure enjoyment of sound. With its exceptional pedigree and unmatched sound quality, it's an investment that pays dividends in every note, every scene, and every moment of your home cinema experience.

Experience the Focal 300 IWLCR6 Today

At Dreamedia, we understand that creating the perfect home theater system is about more than just equipment; it's about bringing your dreams to life. Allow us to design a system with the Focal 300 IWLCR6 as its cornerstone, ensuring that your home cinema experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

Discover the difference that impeccable sound can make. With the Focal 300 IWLCR6, your home cinema will be transformed into a sanctuary of acoustic bliss. Explore this marvel of sound engineering today and step into a world where audio perfection meets elegant design.

The 300 IWLCR6 in-wall loudspeaker is made in France and dedicated to a home use. This LCR (Left, Center, Right) loudspeaker is perfect for a Home Cinema set-up with no compromises, in rooms of up to 320ft².

These loudspeakers are equipped with Focal exclusive technologies such as the Flax woofer cone and an inverted tweeter dome to deliver a sound quality and precision perfect for your home. The bass are controlled and well defined. The Flax cones produce a natural and accurate sound with great intelligibility, ideal for movie dialogues. Watching a movie will become a completely new experience.

On this in-wall speaker, the mid-treble plate can be rotated by 90° for use as a left, centre or right loudspeaker to aim at the listening spot. The tweeter and mid-levels can be adjusted to adapt to the room acoustics: this will result in the best performances regardless of the environment. 

They also provide a major advantage when it comes to installation, which has been greatly simplified with the EQI system (Easy Quick Install). They require no tools to install, for an unrivalled ease and speed of installation. These new products also meet the most essential criteria regarding use: frameless, magnetic grilles, anti-vibration feet…

Our Review


The Focal 300 IWLCR is a three-way in-wall loudspeaker designed to deliver high-quality audio performance in home theater systems. In-wall speakers have become increasingly popular for their ability to blend seamlessly into the room decor while providing immersive sound. The Focal 300 IWLCR aims to meet the demands of audio enthusiasts by offering exceptional sound reproduction and flexibility in installation.

Design and Build Quality

The Focal 300 IWLCR boasts a three-way design, which allows for enhanced audio performance. It features a 1-inch aluminum/magnesium inverted dome tweeter that delivers crisp and detailed high frequencies. The midrange is handled by a 4-inch woven flax fiber driver with a rubber surround, providing smooth and accurate reproduction. The dual 6-1/2-inch woven flax fiber woofers with rubber surrounds handle the lower frequencies, delivering deep and impactful bass.

The construction of the Focal 300 IWLCR is of high quality, with the use of premium materials. The drivers are made from flax fiber, which combines lightness and rigidity for improved performance. The tweeter and midrange section can be adjusted to accommodate different orientations, allowing for precise sound dispersion. The speaker also comes with paintable, magnetic, bezel-free grilles that can be seamlessly integrated into any room decor. Additionally, an included black acoustic cloth helps hide the visibility of the drivers for a clean and polished look.


The Focal 300 IWLCR offers impressive performance specifications. With a sensitivity rating of 92dB, it can efficiently convert power into sound, ensuring that even low-powered amplifiers can drive it to high volume levels without distortion. The speaker has a frequency response range of 40kHz to 28Hz, covering a wide range of audible frequencies and providing a detailed soundstage.

One of the standout features of the Focal 300 IWLCR is its ability to deliver the signature "Focal" sound. Focal is renowned for its commitment to audio excellence, and this speaker doesn't disappoint. It produces a well-balanced sound with clear and articulate midrange frequencies, smooth highs, and deep, controlled bass.

The speaker's three-position high frequency and midrange frequency control allows users to fine-tune the sound to their preference. This flexibility ensures that the speaker can be optimized for different room acoustics or personal listening preferences. The mid-treble and tweeter plate is also rotatable, enabling precise sound directionality.

While the Focal 300 IWLCR performs admirably across the frequency spectrum, it is worth noting that it benefits from being paired with a capable subwoofer. This combination allows for a full-range performance, providing the depth and impact that may be lacking solely from the in-wall speakers.

Installation and User Experience

Installing the Focal 300 IWLCR is a straightforward process, thanks to its design features. The speaker offers easy adjustment of horizontal or vertical alignment, making it simple to position the sound exactly where desired. However, it is important to consider careful between-stud placement for horizontal spacing to ensure optimal performance.

The Focal 300 IWLCR utilizes a tool-less clamping system for installation, which can be convenient for experienced users. However, it may be confusing for first-time users who are not familiar with this type of system. It requires a bit of practice and understanding to ensure a secure and proper installation.

In terms of installation options, the Focal 300 IWLCR caters to different needs. It includes circular and rectangular magnetic grilles, allowing for in-ceiling installation as well. This versatility makes it suitable for a variety of home theater setups.

Comparisons and Competitors

When comparing the Focal 300 IWLCR to other in-wall speakers, it stands out for its exceptional sound quality and performance. The speaker's low-frequency extension is noteworthy, as it provides a level of depth and impact that is not typically found in other open-back architectural speakers. However, it is important to consider that bass performance may vary depending on the enclosure volume, and optimizing this aspect may require some experimentation.

In terms of price, the Focal 300 IWLCR falls into the higher end of the market. While it may not be the most affordable option, it justifies its investment with its pedigree and sound quality. For those seeking the very best in sound quality, there are next-level options available, but they come at a premium price.


The Focal 300 IWLCR is a top-tier in-wall loudspeaker that delivers exceptional audio performance. Its three-way design, premium materials, and adjustable features contribute to its ability to produce the signature "Focal" sound. The speaker's easy adjustment, paintable magnetic grilles, and included black acoustic cloth enhance its versatility and aesthetics.

While the Focal 300 IWLCR may require careful between-stud placement and familiarity with its tool-less clamping system, these aspects can be overcome with proper attention and understanding. Additionally, the need for a subwoofer to complement its bass performance should be considered for those seeking a full-range audio experience.

Overall, the Focal 300 IWLCR is a worthy investment for audio enthusiasts who prioritize sound quality and appreciate the craftsmanship behind a well-engineered speaker. Its performance, flexibility, and attention to detail make it an excellent choice for integrating high-quality audio into a home theater system.


General Specifications

  • Speaker Type: 3-way in-wall loudspeaker
  • Frequency Response: 55Hz - 28kHz
  • Sensitivity (2.83V/1m): 91dB
  • Nominal Impedance:
  • Recommended Amplifier Power: 25W - 130W

Driver Specifications

  • Woofer: 6.5" (16.5cm) Flax cone
  • Midrange: 3" (8cm) Flax cone
  • Tweeter: 1" (25mm) Al/Mg inverted dome


  • Made in France: Yes
  • LCR Configuration: Yes
  • Flax Cone Technology: Yes
  • Rotatable Mid-Treble Plate: Yes
  • Adjustable Tweeter and Mid-Levels: Yes
  • EQI System (Easy Quick Install): Yes
  • Multi-Application Usage: Yes
  • Versatile Installation: Yes
  • Magnetic Grilles: Yes

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