EPV Twilight Tension Wireless Projector Screen - Dreamedia AV
EPV Twilight Tension Wireless Projector Screen - Dreamedia AV
EPV Twilight Tension Wireless Projector Screen - Dreamedia AV
EPV Twilight Tension Wireless Projector Screen - Dreamedia AV
EPV Twilight Tension Wireless Projector Screen - Dreamedia AV

EPV Twilight Tension Wireless Projector Screen

EPV Twilight Tension Wireless Outdoor Projector Screen – Versatile Hom

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EPV Twilight Tension Wireless Projector Screen

Experience the Magic of Outdoor Cinema with EPV Twilight Tension Wireless Projector Screen

Imagine transforming your backyard into a mesmerizing outdoor cinema, where the stars twinkle overhead as you enjoy your favorite films on a grand, luminous canvas. The EPV Twilight Tension Wireless Projector Screen offers a gateway to this enchanting experience, bringing the allure of the silver screen to the comfort of your home's exterior spaces.

Unparalleled Visual Performance

Crafted with the innovative EPV Twin Front/Rear flexible projection material, this screen is a marvel of home theater technology. The 0.8 gain ensures that your projections are crisp and vibrant, even under the ambient light of the moon and stars. Here's what sets this screen apart:

  • Dual Projection Capabilities: Whether you're projecting from the front or the back, the screen material guarantees a flawless image.
  • Wide Viewing Angle: With a generous 150° viewing angle, guests can gather around and enjoy the show without losing image quality, making it perfect for social events.
  • Optimized for Various Projectors: Compatibility with standard, short, and ultra-short throw projectors means no matter your setup, the EPV Twilight Tension Screen is ready to perform.

Design That Complements Your Lifestyle

Designed for those who cherish their outdoor residential spaces, the EPV Twilight Tension Screen is an epitome of elegance and functionality. Its sleek design is not only visually appealing but also highly practical for various outdoor settings such as patios, pool decks, and backyards. Here are the features that enhance its design and installation:

  • Tab-Tension System: A flat, taut projection surface is maintained in all conditions, ensuring a professional cinema-quality experience.
  • Rust-Resistant Installation: The use of rust-resistant aluminum floating brackets means your screen will remain a staple of your outdoor entertainment for years to come.
  • Versatile Installation Options: Whether you prefer a flush wall/ceiling installation or a suspended setup with included eyebolts, the screen adapts to your space.

Smart Features for Easy Operation

The EPV Twilight Tension Wireless Projector Screen is not only about stunning visuals and robust design; it's also about ease of use. The included Radio Frequency remote allows you to control your screen without the need for a direct line of sight, giving you the flexibility to manage your viewing experience from anywhere in your gathering. Additionally, the wireless 12-volt projector trigger ensures your projector and screen are always in sync, automating your setup process so you can focus on enjoying the moment.

Built for the Outdoors

When designing an outdoor entertainment solution, durability is key. The EPV Twilight Tension Screen has been thoughtfully engineered with an IP33 rating, ensuring it stands up to the elements and continues to deliver exceptional performance night after night. Here's how it guarantees peace of mind:

  • Weather Resistance: The IP33 rating provides protection against water spray, ensuring that a little unexpected weather won't ruin your evening.
  • Quality Assurance: A 5-year limited warranty backed by lifetime tech support means you can trust in the product's reliability and our commitment to your satisfaction.

Comprehensive Package

Your EPV Twilight Tension Wireless Projector Screen comes with everything you need to start your outdoor movie journey:

  • RF Remote Control: For convenient screen operation from any corner of your gathering.
  • Magnetic Weight Bar Bracket: Ensures the screen remains stable and secure in outdoor conditions.
  • Wireless 12-Volt Trigger: Syncs your projector's power cycle with the screen's operation, for a seamless start to your movie night.

Installation and Support

Setting up your new projector screen is a breeze with the included hardware and clear instructions. And for any questions or assistance, our Dreamedia team is on standby to help design your home theater system and ensure you get the most out of your EPV Twilight Tension Screen.

Embrace the Night with EPV Twilight Tension Wireless Projector Screen

The EPV Twilight Tension Wireless Projector Screen is a testament to the fusion of advanced technology and outdoor living. It's more than just a screen; it's a centerpiece for unforgettable nights filled with entertainment and wonder. Here's a recap of what makes it exceptional:

  • Electric front and rear projection screen for versatile viewing
  • Ideal for dedicated outdoor residential spaces for nighttime entertainment
  • Tab-tension system ensures a flat and taut projection surface
  • Wide viewing angle for large gatherings
  • Rust-resistant aluminum brackets for durable outdoor installation
  • Radio Frequency remote for convenient operation
  • Wireless 12-volt projector trigger for automated screen control
  • Compatible with a range of projectors for flexible setup options
  • Perfect for backyards, patios, pool decks, and more
  • Black masking borders to enhance picture contrast
  • IP33 Rated for outdoor resilience
  • 5-year warranty and Lifetime Tech Support for peace of mind

Transform your outdoor space into an enchanting movie theater with the EPV Twilight Tension Wireless Projector Screen. It's not just an addition to your home; it's an invitation to create memories under the night sky, with every screening promising to be as magical as the last.

Elevate evening entertainment under the stars with the EPV Twilight Tension Wireless Projector Screen, boasting a versatile 0.8 gain and a seamless tab-tension system for a flawlessly flat projection canvas, ideal for any outdoor setting. Experience cinematic brilliance with a screen crafted for exceptional clarity and a wide viewing angle, ensuring every seat is the best in the house.

Elevate outdoor entertainment with the EPV Twilight Tension Wireless Projector Screen, where cutting-edge technology meets durability, offering a seamless and vivid front and rear projection experience under the stars. Immerse in the brilliance of a wide viewing angle and a robust IP33 rating, perfect for any outdoor gathering.

Elevate outdoor entertainment to cinematic heights with the EPV Twilight Tension Wireless Projector Screen, featuring a tab-tension system for a flawlessly flat surface and a versatile IP33 rating for all-weather movie nights.

Our Review

EPV Twilight Tension Wireless Projector Screen Review


The EPV Twilight Tension Wireless Projector Screen is a cutting-edge solution for outdoor entertainment, combining robust build quality with high-end performance features. As outdoor home theaters gain popularity, products like the EPV Twilight Tension screen cater to the growing demand for versatile and durable entertainment options. This screen stands out with its wireless functionality and compatibility with a range of projectors, promising a premium viewing experience under the stars.

Design and Build Quality

Crafted with EPV's Twin Front/Rear flexible projection material, the screen ensures resilience while maintaining excellent image quality. The tab-tension system is a standout feature, ensuring the screen surface remains flat and wrinkle-free, which is particularly important for outdoor settings where it may be exposed to varied environmental conditions. The rust-resistant aluminum floating brackets are a thoughtful addition, allowing for a perfectly centered installation, whether it's against a wall or from a ceiling. The IP33 rating, while not the highest for outdoor use, still provides adequate protection against light water spray, making it suitable for most weather conditions.

Screen Performance

With a gain of 0.8, the screen offers superb image clarity and color accuracy, which is especially impressive in the context of outdoor viewing. It is engineered to work seamlessly with ultra short throw, short throw, and standard throw projectors, which speaks to its versatility. The wide viewing angle is a significant advantage, ensuring that the image remains uniform and bright, no matter where viewers are seated. The 4-side black masking borders are more than just aesthetic; they absorb any projector overshoot, thereby enhancing the overall visual contrast and making the viewing experience more immersive.

Installation and Setup

The installation process is straightforward, and the inclusion of all necessary hardware and controls is a boon for DIY enthusiasts. The wireless 12-volt projector trigger is a standout convenience feature, allowing users to synchronize the screen's drop/rise operation with the projector's power cycle seamlessly. The Radio Frequency remote operates without the need for a line of sight, providing flexibility in screen control from a distance.

Functionality and Features

The electric front and rear projection capabilities of the screen make it a versatile choice for various outdoor settings. Whether it's a small family gathering in the backyard or a large event on a pool deck, the screen is designed to cater to a range of social scenarios. Its ability to deliver a high-quality picture from both sides is a testament to its design and functionality.


In practice, the RF remote and wireless trigger simplify the user experience, making it easy to manage the screen without fiddling with manual controls. The weather resistance is adequate for most outdoor scenarios, but users should be aware of the limitations of the IP33 rating, which may not withstand heavy rain or more severe weather conditions.

Warranty and Support

The 5-year warranty is a strong indication of the manufacturer's confidence in the product's durability, and the Lifetime Tech Support is an invaluable resource for troubleshooting and guidance, ensuring that users can enjoy their outdoor cinema experience with peace of mind.

Pros and Cons Recap

- Robust design, ideal for outdoor entertainment
- High-quality image reproduction on both sides
- Wide viewing angle and uniform brightness
- Adequate weather protection for outdoor installation
- Comprehensive warranty and tech support

- Not designed for indoor use
- IP33 rating may not be sufficient for extreme weather conditions

Final Thoughts

The EPV Twilight Tension Wireless Projector Screen is an exceptional product for outdoor cinema enthusiasts. While it is tailored for open-air use, its sophisticated design and performance features make it a viable option for anyone looking to create a memorable outdoor viewing experience. Its compatibility with various projectors and ease of installation make it a flexible and user-friendly option. This product is well-suited for those who value quality and versatility in their home entertainment system and aligns well with the trend towards more dynamic and adaptable home theater environments.


Screen Material

  • Type: Electric front and rear projection screen
  • Material: EPV Twin Front/Rear flexible projection material
  • Gain: 0.8
  • Viewing Angle: 150°
  • Black Masking Borders: Standard 4-side (front side only)
  • Compatibility: Standard, Short, and Ultra-Short Throw Projectors
  • Aspect Ratio: 16
  • Available Sizes: 100”, 120”, 135”, and 150” diagonally

Design and Installation

  • Use: Outdoor residential spaces for nighttime entertainment
  • Ideal Locations: Patios, pool decks, backyards, or other outdoor gathering areas
  • Material: Rust-resistant aluminum floating brackets
  • Installation Options: Flush wall/ceiling installations, suspended installation with included eyebolts
  • Tab-Tension Design: Yes
  • Remote Control: Radio Frequency remote
  • Wireless Trigger: 12-volt projector trigger

Quality and Reliability

  • IP Rating: IP33
  • Warranty: 5-year limited warranty
  • Tech Support: Lifetime

Additional Information

  • Accessories: RF remote control, magnetic weight bar bracket, wireless 12-volt trigger
  • Shipping: GROUND (2-5 business days from Elite’s warehouse)

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