EPV PowerMax Sonic 2 Projector Screen - Dreamedia AV
EPV PowerMax Sonic 2 Projector Screen - Dreamedia AV
EPV PowerMax Sonic 2 Projector Screen - Dreamedia AV
EPV PowerMax Sonic 2 Projector Screen - Dreamedia AV

EPV PowerMax Sonic 2 Projector Screen

Acoustically transparent 4K screen with advanced controls

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EPV PowerMax Sonic 2 Projector Screen

Transform Your Home Theater Experience

Welcome to the ultimate viewing pleasure with the EPV PowerMax Sonic 2 Projector Screen, where immersive entertainment meets sophisticated design and unparalleled performance. This electric/motorized projection screen is more than just an accessory; it's the centerpiece of your home cinema, crafted for enthusiasts who demand the best.

Imagine a screen that doesn't just display images but brings them to life with a vibrancy that captures every nuance of your favorite films. The EPV PowerMax Sonic 2 does precisely that, with features that cater to the cinephile's every need.

The Pinnacle of Visual Clarity

  • Ultra HD Readiness: With 4K Ultra HD readiness, this screen is a window to the future of home entertainment, ensuring that you're equipped for the next generation of high-definition content.
  • Acoustic Transparency: The Sonic White acoustically transparent screen material allows for speaker placement directly behind the screen, ensuring sound travels through with crystal clarity, perfectly synchronizing audio and visuals.
  • Optimal Gain: Boasting a gain of 0.9, the screen reflects light with precision, ensuring a balanced image that is neither too dim nor overwhelmingly bright.
  • Wide Viewing Angle: A generous 180° viewing angle guarantees that every seat in the room is the best seat, offering a consistent picture with no color shift, no matter where you sit.

Effortless Control at Your Fingertips

  • Dual Remote Controls: Whether you prefer infrared (IR) or radio frequency (RF), you have the power to control your screen with ease.
  • Wall Box Controller: The detachable wall box controller offers a sleek and unobtrusive control option, blending seamlessly into your home theater setup.
  • Programmable Settings: Customize the screen's drop position to your exact preference, ensuring the perfect fit for your viewing area.
  • 12v Trigger Feature: Synchronize the screen with your projector using the 12v trigger capability, making for a harmonious start to your movie nights.

A Design That Embodies Elegance and Functionality

  • Aluminum Casing: The sturdy aluminum casing with black enamel coating not only looks elegant but is built to withstand the test of time.
  • Tab-Tension Design: The cutting-edge tab-tension design ensures the screen remains flat and wrinkle-free, providing a flawless canvas for your projections.
  • Installation Made Easy: Ships fully assembled with sliding flush wall mounting brackets, making the installation process a breeze.

Built to Last

  • Reliable Motor: The heart of the PowerMax Sonic 2 is its tubular motor, known for swift operation and longevity.
  • Premium Warranty: Your investment is protected by a standard 3-year premium warranty, ensuring peace of mind with every purchase.

Features That Set It Apart

  • Black Masking Borders: Enhance picture contrast and absorb any projector overshoot with the meticulously placed black masking borders.
  • Detachable Wall Box Controller: For those who prefer a minimalist look, the wall box controller can be removed for a clean and uncluttered appearance.
  • Moisture Resistance: With a moisture-resistant casing, your screen is safe from the elements, ensuring durability in a variety of environments.
  • Synchronized Operation: The 12v trigger feature allows for a seamless operation with your projector, meaning your screen is ready when you are.

Embrace the PowerMax Sonic 2 Advantage

The EPV PowerMax Sonic 2 Projector Screen is not just an addition to your home theater; it's a statement. It tells a story of sophistication, of meticulous craftsmanship, and of a relentless pursuit of perfection. Here's why it stands out:

  • Acoustic Transparency: The screen's ability to allow sound to pass through unobstructed ensures an audio-visual experience that is unmatched. Place your speakers behind the screen for a truly immersive surround sound experience.
  • Wide Viewing Angle with High Gain: Everyone in the room enjoys the same high-quality picture, thanks to the wide viewing angle and optimal gain.
  • User-Friendly Control System: With multiple control options, including IR and RF remote controls, a wall box controller, and programmable settings, you have complete control over your viewing experience.
  • Detachable Wall Box Controller: Maintain the sleek look of your home theater with the option to detach the wall box controller.
  • Synchronized Screen and Projector Operation: The 12v trigger feature ensures your screen and projector work in unison, providing a smooth start to your entertainment.
  • Quality Construction: The moisture-resistant aluminum casing and tab-tension design ensure your screen stays in pristine condition, offering a flat projection surface for years to come.
  • Swift and Reliable Motor: The tubular motor is designed for efficiency and durability, providing quick and quiet operation every time.
  • Premium Warranty: With a 3-year premium warranty, your purchase is an investment in quality and reliability.

Your Home Theater, Redefined

When you choose the EPV PowerMax Sonic 2, you're not just buying a screen; you're investing in an experience. Whether it's movie night with the family, a gaming marathon, or a binge-watching session of your favorite series, this screen will transform the way you enjoy entertainment.

Dreamedia - Your Home Theater Partner

At Dreamedia, we understand that a home theater is more than a collection of gadgets—it's a passion, a lifestyle. That's why we're here to help you design the perfect system that brings out the best in the EPV PowerMax Sonic 2 Projector Screen. Our expertise ensures that you not only get top-tier products but also the guidance to make them shine in your unique space.

Experience the EPV PowerMax Sonic 2 Today

Don't wait to elevate your home theater experience. The EPV PowerMax Sonic 2 Projector Screen is ready to redefine what you thought possible in home entertainment. With its blend of advanced technology, user-friendly features, and robust design, it's the screen that will set the stage for countless memories.

Contact Dreamedia today to discover how the EPV PowerMax Sonic 2 can become the centerpiece of your home cinema. We're here to bring your dream to life.

Our Review

EPV PowerMax Sonic 2 Projector Screen Review

I. Introduction

The EPV PowerMax Sonic 2 represents a significant addition to the home theater market, offering a blend of acoustic transparency and visual excellence. With the growing trend of high-fidelity home theaters, the choice of screen is as crucial as the projector itself. The PowerMax Sonic 2 promises to elevate the cinematic experience by marrying high-quality visuals with an immersive sound setup.

II. Screen Material and Visual Performance

At the heart of the PowerMax Sonic 2 is the Sonic White acoustically transparent projection material. This innovative fabric allows for speakers to be placed directly behind the screen without compromising sound quality, ensuring a seamless audio-visual integration. The 180° wide viewing angle is generous, providing flexibility in seating arrangements, while the 0.9 gain maintains brightness from different viewing positions. The addition of black masking borders greatly enhances perceived contrast, providing a crisper image that allows for deeper blacks and more vibrant colors.

III. Design and Installation

The streamlined aluminum casing of the PowerMax Sonic 2 is both aesthetically pleasing and functional, protecting the screen material while blending into a variety of decors. Installation is made easier with sliding flush wall mounting brackets, catering to a clean and professional setup. The tab-tension design is a critical feature, ensuring the screen remains flat and wrinkle-free over time, which is essential for maintaining image integrity, especially with 4K content.

IV. Control System and Usability

EPV's inclusion of both IR and RF remote controls, along with a wall box controller, offers users flexibility in how they operate the screen. The programmable vertical drop position is a thoughtful touch, allowing for precise screen alignment with the projector. The 12v trigger feature is particularly handy, enabling the screen to automatically drop when the projector is turned on, creating a truly synchronized and user-friendly experience.

V. Quality and Reliability

The tubular motor within the PowerMax Sonic 2 is designed for swift and reliable operation. This is a vital component as it ensures the longevity of the screen's retracting mechanism. The moisture-resistant aluminum casing adds an extra layer of durability, safeguarding against environmental factors that could affect performance. Additionally, the standard 3-year premium warranty speaks volumes about the manufacturer's confidence in their product's reliability.

VI. Pros and Cons Analysis

The PowerMax Sonic 2 brings several advantages to the table. Its acoustically transparent material and wide viewing angle cater to both audiophiles and visual purists. The user-friendly control system, high-quality construction, and tab-tension design all add to the value proposition of this screen. However, it's important to note the limitation of compatibility with only standard throw projectors, which may restrict its application for those with ultra/short-throw setups.

VII. Comparison to Competing Screens

When juxtaposed with competing screens, the PowerMax Sonic 2 holds its ground, especially in its specific niche of acoustically transparent materials. While some alternatives may offer compatibility with a broader range of projectors, the PowerMax Sonic 2's combination of design, usability, and performance features make it a compelling option within its price range.

VIII. User Experience

The real-world performance of the PowerMax Sonic 2 often exceeds expectations. Its ability to maintain a flat projection surface and deliver a high-quality audio experience through its acoustically transparent surface makes it a standout choice for home theater enthusiasts. The screen's robust performance across various lighting conditions and its adaptability to different home theater environments solidify its position as a top contender in its category.

Final Thoughts

The EPV PowerMax Sonic 2 Projector Screen is a well-rounded product that offers a blend of high-end features and thoughtful design. Its strengths are numerous, catering to those who seek an immersive home theater experience without compromise. While the compatibility limitation is something to consider, the overall package is compelling, making the PowerMax Sonic 2 a worthy investment for anyone looking to create a home theater that rivals the cinematic experience.


Screen Material

  • Material Type: Sonic White acoustically transparent
  • Viewing Angle: 180°
  • Gain: 0.9
  • Black Masking Borders: Yes
  • Top Masking Border: Acoustically transparent
  • Compatibility: Standard throw projectors ONLY
  • Resolution: 4K Ultra HD Ready

Control System