EPV Dark Star UST Edge-Free eFinity Projector Screen - Dreamedia AV
EPV Dark Star UST Edge-Free eFinity Projector Screen - Dreamedia AV
EPV Dark Star UST Edge-Free eFinity Projector Screen - Dreamedia AV
EPV Dark Star UST Edge-Free eFinity Projector Screen - Dreamedia AV
EPV Dark Star UST Edge-Free eFinity Projector Screen - Dreamedia AV
EPV Dark Star UST Edge-Free eFinity Projector Screen - Dreamedia AV
EPV Dark Star UST Edge-Free eFinity Projector Screen - Dreamedia AV

EPV Dark Star UST Edge-Free eFinity Projector Screen

123-inch Ultra Short Throw Projector Screen

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EPV Dark Star UST Edge-Free eFinity Projector Screen

Unveiling the EPV Dark Star UST Edge-Free eFinity Projector Screen

In the world of home cinema, the quest for the perfect picture is a journey that can take you through a maze of technology and choices. Enter the EPV Dark Star UST Edge-Free eFinity Projector Screen, a game-changer in visual experiences that brings the cinema into your home with unparalleled clarity and immersion.

Experience the Pinnacle of Visual Delight

With a generous 123-inch 16:9 display, the eFinity projector screen is more than just a viewing area; it's a portal to other worlds. Whether you're traversing the vast landscapes of your favorite open-world game or getting lost in the latest blockbuster, the sheer size of this screen will captivate you.

The Power of Ambient Light Rejection

One of the biggest challenges of any home theater is managing ambient light. The DarkStar UST ambient light rejecting material absorbs up to 85% of overhead lighting, ensuring that your content shines through in radiant detail, even in rooms that aren't perfectly darkened.

A Canvas for the Modern Age

  • ISF Certified: Your screen is a canvas, and with ISF certification, you are guaranteed accurate color representation for a true-to-life image.
  • 4K Ultra HD, Active 3D, and HDR Ready: The eFinity is not just ready for the current state of entertainment; it's prepared for the future with compatibility that spans the highest resolutions and dynamic ranges available.

Cutting-Edge Design

The EDGE FREE Fixed Frame design is a statement of elegance. With a bezel width of just 0.4 inches, the screen seems to float on your wall, an unbounded window into your favorite content. This sleek look is complemented by LED backlighting, which not only adds a touch of ambiance to your room but also enhances perceived contrast.

Installation Made Simple

We at Dreamedia understand that installation can be daunting, but with the eFinity screen, it’s a breeze. The aluminum screen frame assembly and all necessary components are designed for simplicity, ensuring that you can set up your new screen with minimal fuss.

Unmatched Warranty and Support

Your investment is protected with a five-year limited warranty, and should you need any assistance, Elite Screens Support is always ready to help.

Designed for Ultra-Short Throw Projectors

This screen is specifically designed for bottom placement ultra-short throw projectors, meaning you get a large image from a short distance without any compromise in quality.

Superior Optical Engineering

  • Optical Coating: The special coating filters out light from above while enhancing the light from your projector.
  • Black Layer: Deep blacks and vibrant colors are the results of a layer dedicated to absorbing stray light.
  • Diffusion Uniformity: From any angle, the image remains clear and bright, ensuring every seat is the best in the house.

Pros That Make a Difference

  • Immersive Image: At 123 inches, you're not just watching a movie; you're part of it.
  • Easy Assembly: Clear instructions mean you'll be up and running in no time.
  • Sleek Design: The Edge Free frame ensures that all eyes are on the image, not the hardware.
  • Ambient Light Rejection: Enjoy your screen any time of day, in any lighting condition.
  • Future-Proof: With 8K and HDR readiness, your screen is an investment that will last.
  • Color and Brightness: Uniformity that rivals professional cinemas.
  • Wide Compatibility: Works with a broad range of ultra-short throw projectors.

A Closer Look at the Features

Screen Specifications

  • Screen Type: Fixed Frame Screen
  • Screen Size (inches): 123
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Screen Material: DarkStar UST ambient light rejecting material
  • Gain: 0.8
  • Viewing Angle (degrees): 160
  • Ambient Light Rejection: Up to 85% of overhead lighting
  • ISF Certified: Yes
  • Compatible Resolution: 4K Ultra HD, Active 3D, and HDR Ready

Design and Installation

  • Frame Type: EDGE FREE Fixed Frame
  • Bezel Width (inches): 0.4
  • LED Backlighting: Included
  • Installation Type: Designed for bottom placement ultra-short throw projectors

Warranty and Support

  • Warranty Period: 5-year limited warranty
  • Support: Elite Screens Support

Addressing Your Concerns

Before you make your decision, let's address some common concerns:

  • Will it fit in my room? With its Edge Free design, the eFinity screen maximizes viewing area while minimizing space requirements.
  • What about screen glare? The DarkStar UST material is designed to reject ambient light and minimize glare, ensuring a perfect picture from every angle.
  • Is it difficult to install? We’ve made installation as straightforward as possible, and Dreamedia is here to assist or even design your home theater system for you.

Seamless Integration into Your Home Theater

The EPV Dark Star UST Edge-Free eFinity Projector Screen is more than just a screen; it's the culmination of cutting-edge technology and thoughtful design. With its unparalleled ambient light rejection, sleek Edge Free frame, and easy installation, it's an obvious choice for anyone looking to create an immersive home theater experience.

Remember that when you choose the eFinity screen, you're not just buying a product; you're investing in countless nights of unforgettable entertainment. Dreamedia is here to help you make that investment with confidence, knowing that we're available to design, support, and enhance your home theater journey every step of the way.

Our Review

EPV Dark Star UST Edge-Free eFinity Projector Screen Review

The EPV Dark Star UST Edge-Free eFinity Projector Screen emerges as a striking contender in the realm of home theater enhancements, promising an engulfing cinematic experience. With its large 123-inch diagonal and a sleek, frameless design, this screen is tailored for those looking to elevate their ultra-short throw (UST) projector setup.

Product Specifications

At the heart of this screen lies the DarkStar® UST 2 Ceiling Ambient Light Rejecting material, boasting a gain of 0.8 which is ideal for environments with some ambient light. The screen's surface is adept at maintaining picture integrity, offering a wide 160-degree viewing angle that ensures a vibrant image from nearly any vantage point. Notably, the screen's ability to absorb up to 85% of overhead light mitigates the common issue of washed-out images in well-lit rooms.

Design and Build Quality

The Edge-Free frame design gives the EPV Dark Star UST a minimalistic and modern aesthetic, allowing the image to float in space and draw viewers into the action without the distraction of a bezel. The screen's ISF Certification is a testament to its color accuracy and fidelity, making it a robust choice for enthusiasts seeking a screen that is 8K and HDR ready. The five-year limited warranty offers peace of mind, indicating the manufacturer's confidence in the durability and longevity of their product.

Installation and Assembly

Setting up the EPV Dark Star UST screen can be an intricate process, with precision required to ensure a flat and taut surface. Despite the detailed instruction manual, users should prepare for a significant time investment and possibly seek professional help for assembly, especially given the nerve-wracking nature of stretching and attaching the screen material evenly across the frame.


In practice, the screen's performance is impressive, with the optical coating and black layer working in tandem to enhance contrast and color saturation. The ambient light rejection is particularly effective against overhead lighting, although some care must still be taken to minimize light from the sides for optimal viewing. The screen's compatibility with a wide range of UST projectors further broadens its appeal.

Features and Compatibility

The EPV Dark Star UST is designed to complement the latest advancements in projection technology. Its readiness for 8K and HDR content ensures that users can enjoy the highest resolution media without compromise. The Edge-Free design not only adds to the visual appeal but also maximizes the viewing area in limited spaces.

Pros and Cons


  • Immersive 123-inch display enhances the viewing experience.
  • Edge-Free frame design provides a sleek, modern look.
  • Excellent ambient light absorption capabilities.
  • Wide viewing angle ensures consistent picture quality.
  • ISF Certified, 8K and HDR ready for future-proofing.
  • Five-year warranty signals a quality build.


  • Installation can be challenging, requiring patience and precision.
  • Side light rejection is not as robust as overhead light absorption.
  • Some degree of room light control is still necessary for best performance.

Use Cases

The EPV Dark Star UST excels in environments where control over ambient light is possible but not absolute. It is ideal for users who demand high-quality daytime viewing in living rooms or media spaces with some natural light. However, for those in brightly lit rooms or with significant side lighting, additional measures may need to be taken to ensure the screen's performance.

Comparison to Competitors

When compared to other UST projector screens in the market, the EPV Dark Star UST stands out with its Edge-Free design and superior overhead light rejection. However, some competitors may offer better side light rejection or easier installation processes, which could be deciding factors for certain buyers.

Value Proposition

Considering the advanced technology and build quality of the EPV Dark Star UST, its value proposition is strong. The screen is competitively priced within its class, and the five-year warranty underscores its long-term reliability. For those investing in a high-performance UST projector, this screen could be a worthy companion.

Final Thoughts

The EPV Dark Star UST Edge-Free eFinity Projector Screen is a significant investment that promises to transform any compatible UST projector setup into a true centerpiece of home entertainment. Its strengths lie in its immersive size, ambient light rejection capabilities, and readiness for the highest quality content. While installation may present a challenge, the end result is a premium viewing experience that is hard to rival. This screen is best suited for home theater aficionados who desire a near-commercial cinema experience in the comfort of their homes.


Screen Specifications

  • Screen Type: EDGE FREE Fixed Frame
  • Screen Material: DarkStar UST ambient light rejecting ultra-short throw material
  • Light Absorption: Up to 95% of overhead lighting
  • Optical Structure: Multi-layer optical structure filters out ambient light
  • Viewing Angle: 180°
  • Gain: 0.5
  • Color Balance: Neutral color balance with black material for improved contrast
  • Compatibility: 4K Ultra HD, Active 3D, and HDR Ready
  • Screen Size: 123 inches diagonal (60.7 inches high by 107.3 inches wide)
  • Aspect Ratio: 16

Design and Installation

  • Design: Lightweight EDGE FREE Fixed Frame with a split-frame design
  • Bezel Trim: Ultra-thin black bezel trim for maximizing viewing area
  • Projector Placement: Exclusively for table-mounted ultra-short throw projectors
  • Frame Type: Fixed Edge-Free frame, 0.4 inches wide
  • Assembly: Aluminum screen frame with vertical center support bar, includes metal springs for attaching screen material, black edge trim frame pieces, angle covers for finishing corners