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Dreamedia+ Retainer Fee

Experience the Assurance of Dreamedia+ Retainer Fee

In the world of premium home entertainment, commitment to quality and dedication to the craft are paramount. The Dreamedia+ Retainer Fee embodies this ethos, ensuring that your journey to an unparalleled home theater experience is our top priority.

The Essence of Commitment

Retainer Fee Amount: $200.00
Non-Refundable: Yes
Purpose of the Retainer Fee: To demonstrate seriousness and commitment

When planning a home theater that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, the Dreamedia+ Retainer Fee is the first step in a partnership built on trust and professionalism. This fee is a testament to the seriousness and commitment of both parties, laying the groundwork for a home entertainment system that is nothing short of extraordinary.

Planning with Confidence

  • Holding the Date: Applies if the event date is more than 90 days away
  • Balance Due: Full payment upon receipt of contract
  • Contract and Payment: Required for reservation

For those who envision their home theater project as an event, one that requires meticulous planning and execution, the retainer fee is your peace of mind. It safeguards your date, especially for projects slated more than 90 days out. Upon signing the contract, the balance is due, securing your reservation and allowing us to allocate the right resources and attention your project deserves.

The Framework of Professionalism

  • Dreamedia+ Retainer Fee: A long-term work-for-hire contract
  • Establishes: Duties, services, and costs between parties
  • Requires: A certain number of monthly hours from the service provider

At Dreamedia, we believe in transparency and clarity. Our retainer fee is part of a comprehensive work-for-hire contract that clearly outlines the duties, services, and costs involved in creating your dream home theater. This ensures that both parties are aligned from the outset, with a mutual understanding of the scope and scale of the project.

Ensuring Unmatched Availability and Focus

  • Client pays a retainer fee in advance to secure availability
  • Additional hours are billed separately

By securing a retainer fee, you are not just hiring a service provider; you are engaging a dedicated partner. This upfront fee guarantees that Dreamedia allocates the necessary monthly hours specifically for your project. Should your vision require more time, additional hours are transparently billed, ensuring that every aspect of your home theater is crafted to perfection.

Benefits of Dreamedia+ Retainer Fee

  • Provides stability in income
  • Saves time on marketing efforts
  • Establishes long-term professional partnerships
  • Offers predictable cash flow
  • Enables focus on delivering high-quality work

Stability and Predictability

For Dreamedia, the retainer fee is more than just a financial transaction; it's a foundation for stability and predictability. This allows us to dedicate our efforts to fewer clients at a time, ensuring that each home theater system we design and install receives the full measure of our attention and expertise.

Long-Term Partnerships

Our goal is to forge long-term professional relationships, where we become your trusted advisor and partner in all things home entertainment. By committing to a retainer fee, you are not only securing our services but also benefiting from a partnership that grows and evolves with your entertainment needs.

Focus on Quality

With a predictable cash flow from the retainer fee, Dreamedia can focus entirely on what we do best—delivering high-quality work without the distraction of constant marketing efforts. This means that your project will never take a backseat to another, and the service you receive is always top-tier.

Why Choose Dreamedia+ Retainer Fee?

The Dreamedia+ Retainer Fee is not merely a transaction—it's a pledge to provide unparalleled service in the design and installation of your home theater system. Here's why it's an essential part of your journey with us:

  • Assured Availability: Your project is a priority, and our availability is guaranteed.
  • Dedicated Attention: With a retainer fee, you receive our undivided focus and dedication to your home theater aspirations.
  • Transparent Collaboration: Every aspect of our partnership is documented, ensuring a clear and mutual understanding.
  • Quality Assurance: We commit to the highest standards of quality, and your retainer fee is a reflection of that promise.
  • Long-Term Relationship: We're not just building a home theater; we're building a relationship that will last for years to come.

Addressing Your Considerations

The decision to invest in a retainer fee is significant, and we understand you may have considerations. Here's how Dreamedia+ addresses potential concerns:

  • Non-Refundable Commitment: The retainer fee is a mutual commitment. While it is non-refundable, it represents the value we place on dedicating our resources and expertise to your project exclusively.
  • Full Payment Upon Contract: This upfront investment is a testament to the quality you can expect and the dedication we bring to the table.

How to Proceed

Ready to embark on this journey with Dreamedia? Here's what to do next:

  1. Consider Your Vision: Reflect on the home theater experience you desire.
  2. Contact Dreamedia: Reach out to us to discuss your project and how the Dreamedia+ Retainer Fee can solidify our partnership.
  3. Review the Contract: We will provide a detailed contract outlining our agreement, ensuring full transparency and understanding.
  4. Secure Your Date: With the retainer fee, lock in your preferred timeline and take the first step toward realizing your home theater dreams.

Dreamedia at Your Service

Dreamedia is not just about creating home theaters; it's about crafting experiences that resonate with your lifestyle and preferences. The Dreamedia+ Retainer Fee is your gateway to a service that is as exceptional as the entertainment system we will create together. With us, your home theater project is in expert hands, and your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Let's build not just a system, but a legacy of unparalleled home entertainment. Connect with Dreamedia today, and let the magic begin.

Our Review


The Dreamedia+ Retainer Fee is a long-term work-for-hire contract that establishes duties, services, and costs between parties. This unique arrangement requires a certain number of monthly hours from the service provider, and in return, the client pays a retainer fee in advance to secure the provider's availability. This retainer fee offers stability in income for the service provider and ensures a long-term professional relationship with the client. By committing to the retainer fee, the service provider can focus entirely on the client's needs, resulting in an enhanced user experience.

Key Features and Benefits

The Dreamedia+ Retainer Fee offers several key features and benefits that make it an attractive option for both service providers and clients. Let's explore some of these features in more detail:

Duties, Services, and Costs Established Between Parties

With the Dreamedia+ Retainer Fee, both the service provider and the client have a clear understanding of the duties and services to be provided. This upfront agreement eliminates any ambiguity and ensures that both parties are on the same page. Additionally, the retainer fee establishes the costs associated with these services, providing transparency and predictability.

Required Monthly Hours from Service Provider

One of the primary components of the Dreamedia+ Retainer Fee is the commitment of a certain number of monthly hours from the service provider. This requirement ensures that the client receives consistent and timely support. By dedicating specific hours each month, the service provider can prioritize the client's needs and provide a high level of service.

Advance Retainer Fee for Securing Availability

To secure the availability of the service provider, the client pays an advance retainer fee. This fee not only guarantees the service provider's commitment but also provides peace of mind for the client, knowing that their needs will be prioritized. The retainer fee acts as a reservation, ensuring that the service provider is available when needed.

Additional Hours Billed Separately

While the retainer fee covers a certain number of monthly hours, any additional hours beyond this allocation are billed separately. This flexibility allows the client to seek additional support as needed, without being tied to a rigid agreement. By billing additional hours separately, both parties can maintain a fair and transparent financial arrangement.

Stability in Income for Service Provider

For service providers, the Dreamedia+ Retainer Fee offers significant benefits in terms of income stability. With a long-term work-for-hire contract in place, service providers can rely on a consistent stream of income, reducing financial uncertainty. This stability allows service providers to plan and invest in their business, leading to better service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Long-term Professional Relationship with Client

Establishing a long-term professional relationship with clients is a valuable asset for any service provider. The Dreamedia+ Retainer Fee promotes this by fostering a sense of trust and commitment between the parties involved. Building a strong professional relationship not only enhances the client's experience but also opens up opportunities for future collaborations and referrals.

Focus on Client's Needs

By committing to the Dreamedia+ Retainer Fee, service providers can focus entirely on the client's needs. With a set number of dedicated hours each month, service providers can prioritize their work and ensure that the client's requirements are met promptly. This level of focus can lead to a more personalized and tailored service, enhancing the overall user experience.


The Dreamedia+ Retainer Fee offers several advantages for both service providers and clients. Let's take a closer look at the pros associated with this unique work-for-hire contract:

Stability in Income

One of the most significant benefits of the Dreamedia+ Retainer Fee is the stability it offers in terms of income. Service providers can rely on a consistent stream of revenue, knowing that they have a secured number of hours each month. This stability eliminates the uncertainty often associated with freelance or project-based work, providing financial security and peace of mind.

Time Saved on Marketing Efforts

For service providers, marketing their services and acquiring new clients can be time-consuming and challenging. However, with the Dreamedia+ Retainer Fee, service providers can save valuable time and effort on marketing efforts. By establishing a long-term professional relationship with clients, service providers can focus their energy on delivering high-quality work rather than constantly seeking new business opportunities.

Establishing Long-term Professional Partnerships

The Dreamedia+ Retainer Fee encourages the development of long-term professional partnerships. By committing to a work-for-hire contract, both service providers and clients invest in building a strong and lasting relationship. This collaborative approach fosters trust and loyalty, creating a win-win situation for both parties involved.

Predictable Cash Flow

The retainer fee structure of the Dreamedia+ Retainer Fee provides service providers with predictable cash flow. Knowing the fixed income each month allows for better financial planning and resource allocation. This predictability enables service providers to manage their business operations more efficiently and make informed decisions regarding investments and growth.

Ability to Focus on Delivering High-Quality Work

Without the constant pressure of acquiring new clients, service providers can focus entirely on delivering high-quality work to their retained clients. This level of focus and dedication can result in an elevated user experience, as service providers have the time and resources to provide personalized and attentive support. The Dreamedia+ Retainer Fee empowers service providers to prioritize excellence in their work.


While the Dreamedia+ Retainer Fee offers several advantages, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. Let's explore some potential cons associated with this work-for-hire contract:

Limitations on Flexibility with a Specific Schedule

The commitment to a certain number of monthly hours may limit the service provider's flexibility in managing their schedule. While the retainer fee provides stability, it also requires adherence to a specific timetable. This limitation may pose challenges for service providers who prefer a more flexible work arrangement or those who have other commitments that require flexibility.

Potential Conflicts with Other Opportunities

By dedicating a significant amount of time to a retained client, service providers may limit their availability for other opportunities that may arise. This can be particularly challenging for service providers who rely on a diverse client base or who enjoy the variety of working on different projects. It is essential for service providers to carefully consider their workload and commitments before entering into a retainer agreement.

Possibility of Clients Losing Money in Months with No Service Needs

Clients who opt for the Dreamedia+ Retainer Fee may risk losing money in months where they do not require the full allocated hours of service. While the retainer fee provides stability for service providers, clients must ensure that they have a consistent need for services to make the most of their investment. It is crucial for clients to assess their ongoing requirements and determine if a retainer fee is the most cost-effective option for their specific needs.


The Dreamedia+ Retainer Fee offers a unique and valuable work-for-hire contract that establishes a long-term professional relationship between service providers and clients. With its clear duties, required monthly hours, and advance retainer fee, this arrangement provides stability in income for service providers while ensuring a focused and tailored approach to meeting clients' needs. The pros of this work-for-hire contract, such as stability in income and the ability to focus on delivering high-quality work, outweigh the potential cons, such as limitations on flexibility and potential conflicts with other opportunities. Overall, the Dreamedia+ Retainer Fee is a compelling option for service providers and clients seeking a long-term professional partnership.

Recommendations for Potential Users

For service providers considering the Dreamedia+ Retainer Fee, it is essential to evaluate their workload, availability, and desire for long-term commitments. This work-for-hire contract is best suited for those who value stability in income and prefer to focus their efforts on delivering high-quality work to a select group of clients. Additionally, service providers should ensure that they have the necessary skills and resources to meet the ongoing needs of their retained clients.

For clients considering the Dreamedia+ Retainer Fee, it is crucial to assess their ongoing requirements for services. Clients who anticipate consistent and frequent needs for support will benefit the most from this work-for-hire contract. However, clients who have sporadic or unpredictable service needs may want to explore alternative arrangements that provide more flexibility.

Ultimately, the decision to opt for the Dreamedia+ Retainer Fee should be based on careful consideration of individual needs, preferences, and financial circumstances.


Product Specifications

  • Authorized Dealer: Yes, authorized online dealer of Panamorph
  • Anamorphic Upconversion: Supports anamorphic upconversion modes for use with external anamorphic lens
  • Projector Compatibility: Compatible with popular projector models
  • Cinema Format Conversion: Enables conversion of full 4K performance into the larger 2.4
  • 16: 9 Content Modes
  • Digital Scaling: Utilizes anamorphic upconversion to apply digital scaling and image processing algorithms
  • Upconversion Resolution: 4096 x 2133, 3840 x 2133
  • Brightness Increase: 38% net brightness increase over projection of the original movie
  • Aspect Ratio Restoration: Restores original 2.4
  • Visual Clarity Enhancement: Enhances visual clarity and detail
  • Vertical Stretch Correction: Corrects residual vertical stretch from the upconversion process
  • Detail Level: Provides higher detail than most commercial theaters and flat-panel TVs
  • 4K Movies Compatibility: Compatible with consumer cinema-format 4K movies delivered using 3840 x 1600 pixels
  • Aspect Ratio Support: Supports 2.4
  • Performance Enhancement: Enables significant performance enhancement from upconverted pixels

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