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Panamorph DCR Lens System with XM2 Kit

8K cinema experience with enhanced brightness and clarity

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Panamorph DCR Lens System with XM2 Kit

Elevate Your Home Cinema Experience

Imagine stepping into a movie theater, the lights dim, and on the screen before you, an expansive, breathtaking panorama of cinematic art unfolds. With the Paladin DCR Lens System with XM2 Kit, this immersive experience is no longer confined to the commercial cinema. It's a reality you can bring into the comfort of your own home theater.

The Art of Visual Perfection

At the heart of this system lies the Paladin DCR Anamorphic Lens, a marvel of optical engineering designed specifically for native 17:9 projectors that display Digital Cinema Resolution (DCR) format, supporting resolutions up to true 8K. This isn't just about adding pixels; it's about enhancing your visual narrative with unparalleled clarity and brightness.

  • Enhanced Clarity: Adds 2.6 million more pixels of clarity, allowing you to see every detail as intended.
  • Brightness Boost: Increases brightness by 38%, giving you a vivid and more immersive viewing experience.
  • Anamorphic Conversion: Effortlessly converts content to fill a 2.4:1 screen, ensuring no pixel goes unused.
  • Optimal Projection Settings: Tailored settings for aspect ratios greater and less than 2.0:1 to maximize your projector's capabilities.

A Legacy of Excellence

The Paladin DCR Lens has been recognized as the CEPro Product of the Year for both 2019 and 2020, a testament to its transformative impact on home theater technology. As an authorized dealer, Dreamedia brings this award-winning experience directly to you.

Future-Forward Design

  • Large Lens Aperture: Designed to accommodate future projector beams, keeping you ahead in the home cinema game.
  • Anamorphic Modes Engagement: Utilizes the internal anamorphic modes of today's 4K projectors for a seamless integration.
  • Home Theater Performance: Delivers the pinnacle of home theater performance for a truly cinematic experience.

The Panamorph Pedigree

Produced by Panamorph, the most recognized and recommended anamorphic lens brand, the Paladin DCR Lens System is a choice of nearly 10,000 high-end home theaters worldwide. With the XM2 Kit, this system integrates additional accessories for an even more robust setup.

Precision Technology for the Ultimate Picture

  • Color Convergence Correction: Highly balanced internal color convergence for a pristine image.
  • Integrated Astigmatism Correction: Focus-free astigmatism correction for a sharp image across the entire screen.
  • Patented Vertical Compression: Panamorph's patented technology ensures the most efficient use of your projector's capabilities.
  • Zoom Range Optimization: Allows projectors to operate at the higher range of their zoom settings for an optimal image size.

Compatibility and Installation

The DCR Lens System is compatible with a variety of projectors, including the JVC DLA 990, JVC X7000, and JVC RS2100. It supports screen ratios of 2.37:1 and 16:9 and is ideal for larger screen sizes. The motorized sled (Isco 3L) ensures easy installation and adjustment.

Advanced Features for Avid Enthusiasts

  • Higher Pixel Density: For an image quality that rivals commercial cinemas.
  • Permanent Installation Option: Convenience with a professional touch.
  • MadVR Software Compatibility: Advanced scaling capabilities for the ultimate in picture quality.

The Benefits of Anamorphic Projection

  • Scope Movies and Superscope Aspect Films: Enhances the viewing experience by providing a film-like appearance.
  • Image Quality: Improves image quality with a higher pixel density, ensuring a more authentic cinematic feel.
  • Brightness: Achieves a brighter display for a more captivating cinema experience.
  • Geometry: Offers better geometry compared to zooming, which means no compromised image quality.
  • Ease of Use: Can be permanently installed, providing a hassle-free viewing experience every time.

Seamless Integration

  • Easy Installation: The lens easily positions within the XM2 plate, making setup a breeze.
  • Ceiling Mount Compatibility: Works with a wide range of projector ceiling mount options, ensuring the perfect fit for your home theater.
  • Optional Large/Heavy Projector Use: Versatile enough to accommodate even the most substantial home theater projectors.

A Name You Can Trust

Panamorph's reputation precedes it, with a legacy of delivering commercial cinema quality to home theaters. The Paladin DCR Lens System provides sharp optical clarity that extends beyond 4K resolutions, ensuring that what you see is as close to the filmmaker's vision as possible.

Industry Recognition

The Paladin DCR Lens System isn't just recommended by us; it's a winner of prestigious industry awards, reaffirming its position as a leader in home cinema technology.

Why Choose the Paladin DCR Lens System with XM2 Kit?

The Paladin DCR Lens System with XM2 Kit represents a significant leap forward in home theater projection. It brings the expansive, enveloping experience of a commercial movie theater into your home, ensuring every film is presented in its most authentic form. This system doesn't just play movies; it pays homage to the art of cinema, making every viewing an event.

Dreamedia is here to help design and integrate the Paladin DCR Lens System with XM2 Kit into your home theater setup. Our expertise ensures that your investment is not just a purchase but an upgrade to your home entertainment lifestyle. When you choose the Paladin DCR Lens System, you're choosing a cinematic journey that's unmatched in quality and immersion. Welcome to the next level of home theater excellence.

Our Review


The DCR Lens System with XM2 Kit is a highly regarded accessory designed to enhance the home theater experience for native 17:9 projectors. With its support for Digital Cinema Resolution (DCR) format up to true 8K, engagement of internal anamorphic modes, and highly balanced color convergence correction, this lens system aims to deliver a commercial cinema-quality viewing experience. In this review, we will delve into the design, performance, compatibility, and additional features of the DCR Lens System with XM2 Kit to help you determine if it is the right choice for your home theater setup.

Design and Compatibility

The DCR Lens System with XM2 Kit is specifically designed for native 17:9 projectors, ensuring compatibility with the latest projection technology. It is compatible with JVC DLA 990, JVC X7000, and JVC RS2100 projectors, making it an ideal choice for owners of these models. Additionally, it supports both 2.37:1 and 16:9 screen ratios, allowing for versatile aspect ratio display.

To facilitate easy installation and adjustment, the DCR Lens System with XM2 Kit comes with a motorized sled, the Isco 3L. This feature simplifies the setup process by enabling effortless positioning of the lens. Furthermore, for a more convenient and permanent installation, the lens system can be installed inside the projector port.

Performance and Image Quality

One of the standout features of the DCR Lens System with XM2 Kit is its ability to significantly enhance the viewing experience for scope movies and superscope aspect films. By engaging the internal anamorphic modes of 4K projectors, the lens system adds 2.6 million more pixels of clarity, resulting in a more immersive and detailed image.

Moreover, the DCR Lens System with XM2 Kit increases brightness by 38% specifically for cinema format content. This boost in brightness ensures a more vibrant and captivating display, particularly in dark scenes where details might otherwise be lost.

When it comes to image quality, the DCR Lens System with XM2 Kit excels in providing a more film-like appearance. The higher pixel density contributes to sharper and more defined visuals, creating a more authentic cinematic experience. However, it is worth noting that using an anamorphic lens might introduce a slight compromise in sharpness and geometry, which can vary depending on the specific setup.

Additional Features and Compatibility

The DCR Lens System with XM2 Kit incorporates several additional features to further enhance its performance. The highly balanced internal color convergence correction ensures accurate color reproduction, maintaining the integrity of the original content. Additionally, the lens system includes focus-free astigmatism correction, minimizing image distortion and preserving the intended visual clarity.

Utilizing Panamorph's patented vertical compression technology, the DCR Lens System with XM2 Kit allows projectors to operate at the higher range of their zoom settings. This flexibility ensures optimal use of the projector's capabilities, resulting in a more immersive and versatile viewing experience.

For users seeking advanced scaling capabilities, the DCR Lens System with XM2 Kit is compatible with MadVR software. By integrating with this software, the lens system unlocks advanced scaling capabilities, further enhancing image quality. However, it is important to consider that utilizing MadVR software may require an additional investment in a faster GPU to ensure smooth and efficient processing.

In terms of compatibility with installation options, the DCR Lens System with XM2 Kit offers versatility. It is compatible with all projector ceiling mount options, allowing users to choose the most suitable setup for their home theater. Additionally, the lens system can be used with large and heavy projectors, providing flexibility for various projector models.

Pros and Cons


  1. Enhanced viewing experience for scope movies and superscope aspect films.
  2. Improved image quality with higher pixel density and more film-like appearance.
  3. Significant increase in brightness for a brighter and more immersive display.
  4. Better geometry compared to zooming the projector.
  5. Permanent installation option for ease of use.
  6. Compatible with MadVR software for advanced scaling capabilities.
  7. Hassle-free aspect ratio display.
  8. Easy installation with lens positioning in the XM2 plate.
  9. Versatile compatibility with all projector ceiling mount options.
  10. Recognized and recommended anamorphic lens brand.
  11. Delivers commercial cinema quality.
  12. Provides sharp optical clarity beyond 4K resolutions.


  1. Future compatibility with new projectors not guaranteed.
  2. May result in a slight loss of sharpness and compromised geometry.
  3. May introduce an elevated black floor on smaller screen sizes.
  4. Requires additional investment in a faster GPU when using MadVR software.
  5. Limited shipping area to CONUS cities only.
  6. Compatibility restricted to Sony and JVC projector models.
  7. Manual positioning required for large projectors.
  8. Specific details about the XM2 Kit are not provided.
  9. Shipping limited to the Continental United States (CONUS).
  10. May not be compatible with all existing setups.

In conclusion, the DCR Lens System with XM2 Kit offers a range of features and capabilities aimed at enhancing the home theater experience. With its support for native 17:9 projectors, compatibility with specific models, and advanced image enhancement capabilities, this lens system provides an opportunity to achieve commercial cinema-quality viewing in the comfort of your own home. However, potential compromises in sharpness and geometry, as well as limited compatibility and shipping options, should be considered when making a purchasing decision.


Optical Specifications

  • Anamorphic Lens Model: Paladin DCR
  • Compatibility: Native 17
  • Lens Attachment: XM2 Kit
  • Aspect Ratio: Designed for 2.4
  • Anamorphic Lens Setting: 1.24x
  • Aspect Settings: V-Stretch for content greater than 2.0
  • Anamorphic Mode: Anamorphic C for content greater than 2.0
  • Aspect Mode: Anamorphic 2.4
  • Resolution Enhancement: Provides 2.6 million more pixels of clarity and 38% more brightness when viewing movies and streaming content in the cinema format

Compatibility and Integration

  • Additional Compatibility: Compatible with Sony Projectors, including VPL-VW295ES, VPL-VW325ES, VPL-VW695ES, VPL-VW715ES, VPL-VW270ES, VPL-VW290ES, VPL-VW570ES, VPL-VW590ES
  • Bluetooth Enabled: Yes
  • Inputs: IR, Ethernet, HDMI, USB, RCA, Toslink optical, Coaxial digital audio, AM antenna, FM antenna, USB Type A, HDMI, Toslink optical, RCA, Composite video

General Specifications

  • Product Weight: 2.43 pounds
  • Light Source: Lamp
  • Number of HDMI Inputs (Total): 0

Awards and Recognition

  • Awards: CEPro Product of the Year for 2019 (Paladin DCR Lens) and 2020 (DCR Direct Attach Lens)

Brand and Market Position

  • Anamorphic Lens Brand: Panamorph's flagship lens model
  • Performance: Delivers the pinnacle of home theater performance
  • Superior Visuals: Recognized and recommended in close to 10,000 high-end home theaters worldwide

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