Cambridge Audio ALVA ST Belt Drive Turntable with Bluetooth® aptX HD - Dreamedia AV
Cambridge Audio ALVA ST Belt Drive Turntable with Bluetooth® aptX HD - Dreamedia AV
Cambridge Audio ALVA ST Belt Drive Turntable with Bluetooth® aptX HD - Dreamedia AV
Cambridge Audio ALVA ST Belt Drive Turntable with Bluetooth® aptX HD - Dreamedia AV
Cambridge Audio ALVA ST Belt Drive Turntable with Bluetooth® aptX HD - Dreamedia AV
Cambridge Audio ALVA ST Belt Drive Turntable with Bluetooth® aptX HD - Dreamedia AV
Cambridge Audio ALVA ST Belt Drive Turntable with Bluetooth® aptX HD - Dreamedia AV
Cambridge Audio ALVA ST Belt Drive Turntable with Bluetooth® aptX HD - Dreamedia AV
Vendor: Cambridge Audio

Cambridge Audio ALVA ST Belt Drive Turntable with Bluetooth® aptX HD

High-Fidelity Belt Drive Turntable with Bluetooth

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Cambridge Audio ALVA ST Belt Drive Turntable with Bluetooth® aptX HD

Experience the Pinnacle of Vinyl Playback with Cambridge Audio ALVA ST

Step into the world of high-fidelity audio with the Cambridge Audio ALVA ST Belt Drive Turntable, where every detail of your beloved vinyl collection is brought to life with stunning clarity. This isn't just a turntable; it's an invitation to rediscover your music in a way that digital streaming can't match.

Crafted for the Audiophile

The ALVA ST is designed for the discerning listener. Its robust construction, featuring a 1mm aluminum top plate and composite chassis, ensures a stable and vibration-resistant platform for your records. The die-cast aluminum platter, coupled with an innovative high-mass, low-resonance tonearm, minimizes resonant frequencies, allowing the true essence of your music to shine through.

High-Performance Audio Specifications

  • Belt Drive System: Ensures smooth rotation and consistent playback speed.
  • Platter Material: Die-cast aluminum for stability and enhanced sound quality.
  • Bluetooth Streaming: Hi-Res up to 24bit/48kHz for wireless listening without compromise.
  • Tonearm: A high-mass, low-resonance design with a detachable headshell.
  • Cartridge: Pre-installed Moving Magnet for detailed sound reproduction.

Seamless Integration and Versatility

The ALVA ST doesn't just play records; it integrates seamlessly into your existing audio setup. Whether you're connecting to a traditional hi-fi system or pairing with the latest Bluetooth speakers, this turntable offers flexibility without sacrificing performance. The integrated phono stage, based on Cambridge Audio's acclaimed Alva Duo, means you can plug directly into any line-level input and enjoy the rich analog sound.

Unparalleled Sound Quality

At the heart of the ALVA ST's audio prowess is its Moving Magnet Cartridge, providing a frequency response that captures the full spectrum of sound with impeccable accuracy. From the deep, solid bass to the clear and well-separated instruments, every note is rendered with precision and warmth.

Key Audio Features:

  • Turntable Speeds: Choose between 33.3 and 45rpm to match your record's requirements.
  • Wow & Flutter: Less than 0.12% for pitch-perfect audio fidelity.
  • Audio Out: RCA Phono/Line Level (Switchable) for easy connectivity.
  • Power Consumption: Energy-efficient design with a standby power consumption of less than 0.3W.

Effortless Operation

The ALVA ST is designed with user experience in mind. Switching between rotation speeds is as easy as pressing a button, thanks to electronic speed control. The minimalist design not only adds a touch of elegance to your space but also makes operation straightforward and intuitive.

Ease of Use:

  • Motor Speed Control: Electronic for precise and hassle-free adjustments.
  • Dust Cover: Protect your turntable with the hinged cover when not in use.
  • Setup: Quick and easy with the included cables and accessories.

A Design That Resonates

The ALVA ST's timeless style is matched by its durable construction, designed to last a lifetime. The lunar-grey aluminum top plate and matt black plinth create a look that's as classic as it is contemporary. This turntable isn't just an audio device; it's a statement piece that complements any home decor.

Design Details:

  • Dimensions: 435 x 139 x 366.7mm - a compact footprint that fits into any setup.
  • Weight: At 9kg, it's substantial enough to resist unwanted movement.
  • Construction: A blend of aluminum, EVA, and composite materials for durability and acoustic dampening.

The Joy of Analog in a Digital World

In a time when digital convenience reigns, the ALVA ST stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of analog sound. With high-quality Bluetooth streaming capability, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: the warmth of vinyl and the convenience of wireless audio. It's the perfect bridge between the tactile joy of record collecting and the seamless tech of modern audio systems.

Bluetooth Features:

  • Codec Support: SBC/aptX/aptX HD for high-fidelity wireless audio.
  • Compatibility: Connects to a wide range of Bluetooth devices.

What's in the Box

Your ALVA ST comes with everything you need to start enjoying your vinyl collection right away:

  • Turntable: The heart of your high-fidelity system.
  • Dustcover: To keep your turntable pristine.
  • Quick Start Guide: For a smooth setup experience.
  • Accessories: Including a counterweight, slipmat, headshell, and RCA cable.

Your Home Theater Expert

At Dreamedia, we understand the nuances of home theater technology. From the warmth of vinyl to the latest in smart home systems, we're here to design a system that's perfect for you. The ALVA ST Turntable is just one piece of the puzzle, and we're eager to help you fit it into your ideal audio landscape.

Hear Every Detail

With the Cambridge Audio ALVA ST, every spin of a record is an auditory journey. You'll hear well-presented vocals, clear harmonies, and a spacious soundstage that breathes new life into your music collection. It's not just listening; it's an experience that transports you to the studio with the artists.

A Commitment to Excellence

Cambridge Audio has long been synonymous with quality and innovation. The ALVA ST is a testament to this legacy, offering a listening experience that honors the craft of music production. It's not just about playing records; it's about preserving the artistry and emotion encoded in every groove.

Ready to Rediscover Your Music?

The Cambridge Audio ALVA ST Turntable is more than a playback device; it's a gateway to an immersive sonic experience. With its high-quality sound output, effortless operation, and timeless design, it's the perfect addition to any audiophile's collection. So why wait? Let Dreamedia help you take the first step into a world where music is not just heard but felt.

Our Review

Cambridge Audio ALVA ST Belt Drive Turnable with Bluetooth® aptX HD Review


The vinyl revival has been a fascinating cultural renaissance, reminding us of the enduring allure of analog sound in a digital world. For enthusiasts and audiophiles, the turntable is not just a medium for music playback but an instrument that must articulate the warmth and depth of vinyl records with precision. Cambridge Audio, with its storied history in British Hi-Fi, positions itself as a purveyor of quality and innovation, and the ALVA ST turntable is a testament to their commitment to superior audio fidelity.


At first glance, the ALVA ST's design is a blend of sophistication and simplicity. The lunar-grey aluminum top plate exudes a contemporary feel, while the matt black plinth grounds the unit with a classic aesthetic. Its minimalist design speaks to the modern listener who appreciates a turntable that complements their living space without overpowering it.

Build and Form Factor

Weighing in at 9kg, the ALVA ST is robust, which, while limiting portability, suggests a build quality meant to dampen vibrations and provide a stable platform for vinyl playback. Its dimensions are considerate of standard home audio setups, allowing it to nestle comfortably among other components or stand alone as a statement piece.

Materials and Durability

The die-cast aluminum platter is a critical component, as it directly affects the turntable's sonic performance. Its substantial weight and precise engineering minimize resonant frequencies, ensuring a cleaner sound and more accurate tracking. The choice of materials here is indicative of Cambridge Audio's commitment to durability and performance.


Cambridge Audio doesn't skimp on features with the ALVA ST. Each inclusion is deliberate, enhancing the user experience without unnecessary complication.

Connectivity Options

The ALVA ST's Bluetooth capability is a nod to modern convenience, allowing users to stream vinyl quality sound wirelessly with aptX HD. While some purists may balk at the thought of wireless audio, the inclusion of this technology is a forward-thinking move, broadening the appeal to a generation that values both quality and convenience.

User Interface and Control

The electronic speed control is a user-friendly feature that streamlines the listening experience. With the push of a button, users can switch between 33.3 and 45rpm, maintaining the focus on the music rather than the mechanics. The pre-installed Moving Magnet Cartridge is another boon for users, removing the intimidation of cartridge alignment and setup for newcomers to vinyl.


The heart of any turntable review is its performance. The ALVA ST's sound quality is where it truly shines.

Sound Quality

The audio output of the ALVA ST is impressive. It achieves a spacious soundstage and an even frequency distribution that brings a record's nuances to the fore. The bass is solid and controlled, ensuring that timing and rhythm are not lost. Vocals are presented with clarity, harmonies are clear, and instruments are well-separated, creating an immersive listening experience.

Technical Specifications

With a wow and flutter of less than 0.12%, the ALVA ST maintains rotational consistency, which is crucial for pitch accuracy. The alloy tube cantilever of the cartridge, coupled with the precision-engineered platter, further refines the turntable's ability to retrieve detail from the grooves of a record.

Ease of Use

The ALVA ST is designed to be approachable. The setup is intuitive, with included cables and accessories ensuring that even novices can have their turntable up and running quickly. The removable headshell on the high-mass, low-resonance tonearm allows for easy cartridge swaps, should the user wish to experiment with different sound profiles.

Integration with Home Systems

For those with a Sonos system, the ALVA ST's integration is seamless, providing a way to enrich a multi-room setup with the warmth of vinyl. This feature enhances the turntable's appeal as a versatile component in today's interconnected home audio environments.

Pros and Cons


The ALVA ST is a well-rounded turntable with high-quality sound output and a user-friendly interface. Its stylish design ensures it will remain a timeless piece in any collection, while the durable construction promises longevity. The versatility to use different cartridges and external phono stages adds to its appeal for audiophiles who appreciate customization.


The 9kg weight may deter those looking for a more portable option. The turntable's speed limitations might disappoint users with 78rpm records, although these are less common. Bluetooth, while convenient, may not satisfy all audiophiles' desire for a purely wired connection. There have been minor concerns about the tonearm's movement and bearing wear over time, indicating that close attention to quality control is essential.

User Feedback

Positive Feedback

Users have lauded the ALVA ST for its clean sound presentation and the spaciousness it brings to their favorite records. The turntable's ease of setup and high-quality Bluetooth streaming capability have also been points of praise, aligning well with Cambridge Audio's product claims.

Critical Feedback

While the turntable has been well-received, some users have noted the desire to upgrade the included cartridge to tailor the sound to their preferences. This suggests that while the pre-installed cartridge is competent, there is room for enhancement.

Final Thoughts

The Cambridge Audio ALVA ST is a turntable that marries tradition with modernity. It offers a high-fidelity listening experience with the convenience of contemporary features. Its design, build quality, and performance make it a strong contender in the market, especially for those looking to balance the rich sound of vinyl with the ease of modern technology. Whether you're a seasoned audiophile or a newcomer to vinyl, the ALVA ST deserves consideration as a centerpiece for your home audio system.


General Specifications

  • Type: Belt Drive
  • Turntable Speeds: 33.3, 45rpm
  • Wow & Flutter: <0.12%
  • Platter Material: Die Cast Aluminium
  • Platter Diameter: 305mm
  • Platter Weight: 645.3g (930.5g inc. rubber mat)
  • Audio Out: RCA Phono/Line Level (Switchable)
  • Bluetooth: SBC/aptX/aptX HD
  • Power Supply: DC 12V
  • Power Consumption: 6W
  • Max Power Consumption: 20W
  • Standby Power Consumption: <0.3W
  • Dimensions: 435 x 139 x 366.7mm
  • Weight: 9kg
  • Construction: 1mm aluminium top plate, EVA, composite chassis
  • Design: Lunar-grey aluminium top plate, matt black plinth with floating wedge base

Phono Stage Specifications

  • Gain @1KHZ: 42dB
  • Nominal Output: 250Vrms
  • Input Noise (A-Weighted): 0.1u Vrms
  • RIAA Curve Accuracy: +/- 0.3dB 30Hz-20kHz
  • Signal/Noise Ratio: >90dB
  • THD+N 1KHZ: 0.0025%