AudioControl - RS 1000 - Dreamedia AV
AudioControl - RS 1000 - Dreamedia AV
AudioControl - RS 1000 - Dreamedia AV
AudioControl - RS 1000 - Dreamedia AV
Vendor: AudioControl

AudioControl RS 1000 Subwoofer Amplifier

High-power subwoofer amplifier with DSP and network control

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AudioControl RS 1000 Subwoofer Amplifier

Unleash the Power of Pristine Sound

Step into the realm of pure audio bliss with the AudioControl RS 1000, a DSP controlled subwoofer amplifier designed to elevate your home theater experience. Imagine feeling the pulsating energy of your favorite action movie's climactic scene or the deep, resonant bass of a live concert right in your living room. The RS 1000 turns that imagination into reality, delivering a robust 1000 watts of power that brings every audio nuance to life.

Engineered for Excellence

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the AudioControl RS 1000 is not just an amplifier; it's the heart of your audio system, pumping life into every beat. Its elegant industrial design harmonizes with AudioControl's prestigious G4 Series amplifiers, making it a centerpiece that is as visually appealing as it is acoustically compelling.

Key Features at a Glance:

  • Power Output: 1000 watts of pure, unadulterated power
  • Chassis: Sleek 2U design that fits seamlessly into your setup
  • Impedance Range: Versatile compatibility with 4 or 8 ohms, stable into 2 ohms
  • Control Options: Advanced IP and IR control for seamless integration
  • Input Options: Both balanced and unbalanced inputs for flexible connectivity
  • Loop Outputs: Optional high-pass filter for tailored sound output
  • DSP Engine: Award-winning technology for the ultimate sound shaping
  • Calibration and Tuning: Precision tools for impeccable audio tuning
  • Made in USA: Proudly engineered and manufactured in the Pacific Northwest
  • Warranty: Unmatched 5-year warranty for peace of mind

Power and Precision Combined

The RS 1000 isn't just powerful; it's smart. With a multi-award-winning DSP engine, you have access to graphic and parametric EQs, crossover, delay, and phase controls. This level of customization means that your audio can be fine-tuned to perfection, matching the acoustics of your space and your personal preferences.

Control and Connectivity:

  • Ethernet Port: For a robust network connection
  • Input/Output Variety: XLR, RCA LFE, stereo RCA, and Phoenix connectors cater to all your needs
  • High Pass Selector: Transform your stereo RCA jack's output with a filtered high-passed signal
  • Speaker Level Inputs: For seamless distributed audio systems integration
  • Ground Isolation and Master Trigger: Ensuring noise-free operation and system automation

A Symphony of Features

The RS 1000 is a maestro, conducting every element of your home theater system with grace and authority. With Class D amplifier design, it ensures efficient power delivery to your passive subwoofers, regardless of the load. And with the Network GUI, accessible via any internet browser, setting up and controlling your system becomes a walk in the park.

Performance Tuning:

  • On Volume and Max Volume: Gain complete control over your audio levels
  • Trim, Muting, and Phase: Customize the sound to match your environment
  • Delay: Align your audio perfectly with on-screen action
  • Custom Speaker Profiles: Optimize sound for select brands
  • AccuBASS: Experience enhanced bass response
  • EQ Settings: Sculpt your sound with 8-Band PEQ and 6-Band Graphic EQ
  • Crossover Filters: Precisely manage low and high frequencies

The Heart of Your Home Theater

Audiophiles and casual listeners alike will appreciate the RS 1000's silent operation and the plethora of connection, control, and configuration options. Whether you're integrating it into a complex home theater setup or a simple audio system, the RS 1000 adapts to your needs.

The Ultimate Audio Experience:

  • Powerful Amplification: Light and flexible with a heavy impact
  • Network Control: Comprehensive configuration capabilities at your fingertips
  • High Build Quality: Domestic support ensures reliability and longevity
  • EQ Resources: Onboard tools for enhancing subwoofer performance
  • Silent Operation: Enjoy your audio without any unwanted noise
  • Customization: Tailor your audio experience with extensive EQ and crossover options
  • Stability: Consistent performance across various impedance loads
  • Made in the USA: Backed by a 5-year warranty and local expertise

Your Partner in Sound

At Dreamedia, we understand the importance of not just selling a product but providing an experience. That's why we stand by the AudioControl RS 1000, ready to help you design the ultimate home theater system. Our advisor support and exclusive SpeakerCompare tool ensure a personalized shopping experience, allowing you to make the most informed decision for your audio needs.

Effortless Integration

The RS 1000's array of inputs and outputs, combined with IP control and an internal web server, means that integrating and configuring your amplifier is as intuitive as it gets. Whether you're a seasoned audiophile or taking your first steps into high-end audio, this amplifier is designed to work for you.

Trust in Quality

AudioControl's commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of the RS 1000. From its robust build to the comprehensive warranty, you can rest assured that your investment is protected. And with manufacturing right here in the USA, you're supporting domestic craftsmanship while enjoying world-class sound.

A Symphony of Support

Dreamedia is more than just a retailer; we're your partner in creating the perfect audio experience. Our team of experts is available to guide you through the selection, setup, and calibration processes, ensuring that the RS 1000 performs to its full potential in your home theater system.

Experience the AudioControl RS 1000

Elevate your audio experience with the AudioControl RS 1000, where power meets precision, and technology harmonizes with tradition. Let Dreamedia help you bring the concert hall into your home, and prepare to be enveloped in sound that resonates with your soul.

Join us on this auditory journey and discover how the AudioControl RS 1000 can transform your listening experience. With Dreamedia, the perfect sound is just a click away. Explore the possibilities and bring the power of pristine sound into your home today.


  • 1000 Watts at 8/4/2 Ohms
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Performance
  • Six-band Graphic EQ
  • Eight-band Parametric EQ
  • Crossover with Subsonic Filter
  • Built-In Speaker Optimization Profiles
  • Ethernet Port for Status Monitoring, Source Switching and 12 Volt Trigger Control
  • Network Programmable Graphic & Parametric Equalization with User Memories
  • Digital Signal Sense
  • AudioControl LightDrive Anti-Clipping Speaker Protection
  • Balanced Inputs/Thru
  • Unbalanced Input/Thru
  • LFE Input/Thru
  • Speaker Level Inputs
  • Home and Commercial Installations

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Amplifier Specifications

  • Amplifier Type: Subwoofer Amplifier
  • Power Output: 1000 watts
  • Impedance: Stable into 2 ohms
  • Channels: Mono
  • Amplifier Class: Class D
  • Mounting Options: Shelf, flat tabletop, or rack-mounted (2U rack space, rack-mount hardware sold separately)

DSP Specifications

  • DSP Engine: Graphic and parametric EQs, crossover, delay, and phase control
  • Graphic Equalizer Bands: 6-Band
  • Parametric Equalizer Bands: 8-Band
  • Phase Adjustment: 0 to 180 degrees in 5-degree increments
  • Delay: Up to 200ms in 5ms increments
  • AccuBASS Circuitry: Yes
  • Speaker Optimization Profiles: Yes

Input/Output Specifications

  • Balanced XLR Input: Yes
  • Unbalanced Stereo RCA Input: Yes
  • LFE Input: Yes
  • Speaker-level Input: Yes
  • LFE Loop Output: Yes
  • Stereo RCA Loop Output: Yes
  • Speaker-level Output: Yes

Control and Connectivity Specifications

  • IP Control: Ethernet (RJ45) LAN jack
  • IR Input: 3.5mm input
  • 12V Trigger Input: 3-pin and 3.5mm inputs

Protection Circuitry

  • Thermal Protection: Yes
  • Short-circuit Protection: Yes
  • Clipping Protection: Yes
  • Over-current Protection: Yes
  • DC Offset Protection: Yes

Additional Features

  • Manufacturing Location: USA
  • Power Cord: Detachable 68" AC power cord (IEC 3-prong)

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