Audia Flight FLS20 SACD Player - Dreamedia AV
Audia Flight FLS20 SACD Player - Dreamedia AV
Audia Flight FLS20 SACD Player - Dreamedia AV
Audia Flight FLS20 SACD Player - Dreamedia AV
Vendor: Audia Flight

Audia Flight FLS20 SACD Player

Ultra-high fidelity SACD playback with advanced DACs

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Audia Flight FLS20 SACD Player

Experience Audio Excellence with the Audia Flight FLS20 SACD Player

In the realm of high-fidelity audio, the journey to the perfect sound is a meticulous one. It's about the pursuit of unadulterated musical truth, conveyed with clarity, detail, and emotion. The Audia Flight FLS20 SACD Player is a testament to this pursuit, a top-loading player that invites you to rediscover your music collection with an unparalleled auditory experience.

Craftsmanship and Design

The Audia Flight FLS20 isn't just a device; it's a centerpiece, available in elegant silver or black finish options that complement any home theater setup. The robust casework, featuring a thick aluminum front panel, is not just for aesthetics—it's a purposeful design choice that eliminates vibrations, ensuring that nothing interferes with the purity of the sound.

Uncompromising Audio Performance

At the heart of the FLS20 SACD Player is a relentless dedication to audio performance:

  • Frequency Response: Delve into the full spectrum of sound with a frequency response of 2 Hz – 50 KHz ± 0.5dB for SACDs and 2 Hz – 20 KHz ± 0.5dB for CDs.
  • Dynamic Range: Experience the silence of a soft whisper and the power of a thunderous crescendo with an incredible dynamic range of 140 dB.
  • THD + Noise: With a total harmonic distortion plus noise figure of less than -122 dB, the FLS20 captures the essence of the original recording.

State-of-the-Art DAC and Clock

The FLS20 features dual Sabre ES9038PRO 32-Bit DACs, operating in mono mode for impeccable precision. These are paired with the Crystek CCHD-950 ultra-low noise clock to maintain impeccable timing, reducing jitter to imperceptible levels. This combination is the cornerstone of the FLS20's ability to deliver audio that is both accurate and emotionally engaging.

Power Supplies and Output Section

The FLS20 boasts an advanced power supply design, with 10 ultra-low noise power supplies for the digital circuits, ensuring a clean and stable electrical foundation. The output section is a fully balanced Class A discrete current feedback design, known for its fast response and detailed sound.

  • Analogue Outputs: Choose between balanced and unbalanced outputs to match your system configuration.
  • Output Voltage and Impedance: Maximize compatibility with a variety of amplifiers and preamps with a maximum output voltage of 2.5 Vrms and an output impedance of 240 Ohm.

Connectivity and Expandability

The FLS20's connectivity suite is as versatile as it is high-quality:

  • Digital Inputs/Outputs: With 4 inputs and 4 outputs, including Toslink, AES/EBU, S/PDIF, and USB, the FLS20 ensures seamless integration with your existing audio system.
  • Optional Steamer Card: Enhance your player with streaming capabilities, adding another dimension to your music enjoyment.

Energy Efficiency

Despite its robust performance, the FLS20 is designed to be energy efficient:

  • Stand-by Power Consumption: < 1 W
  • Maximum Power Consumption: 180 VA

Precision Engineered

Every aspect of the FLS20 is engineered with precision:

  • Short Signal Paths and Minimized Circuitry: Reducing the signal path length minimizes potential interference and ensures a clearer audio signal.
  • Three Separate Toroidal Transformers: Dedicated transformers for analog, digital, and logic control circuits provide isolated and optimized power.

Specifications at a Glance

  • Dimensions: 450x134x364 mm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: 17 Kg
  • Shipping Dimensions/Weight: 530x310x530 mm (WxHxD) / 26 Kg

The FLS20 Experience

Imagine sitting in the comfort of your home, the lights dimmed, as you press play on the Audia Flight FLS20 SACD Player. The room fills with the opening notes of your favorite symphony, each instrument resounding with a clarity and presence that feels live, as if the orchestra were there with you. The strings are lush and articulate, the brass is bold without brashness, and the timpani roll with a realism that sends shivers down your spine.

Overcoming Objections

For those concerned about the investment in a dedicated SACD player, the Audia Flight FLS20 represents a commitment to enduring quality and performance. It's a choice for the true audiophile, one who understands that the nuances in sound are what make the music come alive. With the FLS20, you are not just buying a player; you're investing in an experience that will continue to reward you with every listen.

Integration with Dreamedia

At Dreamedia, we understand that creating the perfect home theater system is about more than just piecing together components—it's about crafting experiences. The Audia Flight FLS20 SACD Player is an exemplary addition to any system, and we stand ready to help you integrate it seamlessly with your existing setup or design a new system around it.

In Conclusion

The Audia Flight FLS20 SACD Player is a marvel of audio engineering, designed for those who demand the best from their music. Its combination of high-quality components, meticulous engineering, and elegant design make it not just a player, but a gateway to a new level of audio enjoyment. Rediscover your passion for music with the Audia Flight FLS20 SACD Player.

Our Review


The Audia Flight FLS20 SACD Player emerges as a formidable contender in the high-fidelity audio market, where discerning ears and a thirst for pristine sonic experiences reign supreme. This Italian-crafted machine promises unparalleled precision in audio playback, a testament to its meticulous design and engineering. From first glance, the build quality speaks volumes, with its robust aluminum front panel exuding a sense of durability and luxury that high-end audiophiles come to expect.

Design and Build Quality

Upon closer inspection, the Audia Flight FLS20's casework is nothing short of impressive. The thick aluminum front panel is not only aesthetically pleasing but also serves as a bastion against unwanted vibrations, ensuring that audio reproduction remains untainted by physical interference. The player’s substantial weight of 17 Kg and dimensions of 450x134x364 mm reflect its solid construction and the seriousness with which Audia approaches build quality. Potential users should plan their setup space accordingly, as the FLS20 is designed to be a centerpiece, both in performance and stature.

Technical Specifications and Features

The heart of the FLS20's sonic excellence lies in its dual Sabre ES9038PRO 32-BitDacs, operating in mono mode to deliver an expansive soundstage and intricate detailing within the music. Complemented by the Crystek CCHD-950 ultra-low noise clock, jitter is virtually eliminated, preserving the integrity of the audio signal from source to output. The ten ultra-low noise power supplies dedicated to digital circuits further illustrate the player's commitment to a noise-free listening environment.

Anchoring the FLS20's auditory prowess is its fully balanced Class A discrete current feedback output section, renowned for its ability to drive signals with precision and warmth. The inclusion of three separate toroidal transformers, each servicing the analog, digital, and control circuits, ensures a clean and stable power delivery to each critical component.

Connectivity and Flexibility

Audiophiles who demand versatility will appreciate the FLS20's array of four digital inputs and outputs, offering ample opportunities for system integration and expansion. The optional streamer card elevates the player into the realm of networked audio, granting access to a world of high-resolution streaming services. Furthermore, the flexibility of choosing between fixed or variable output levels allows for seamless integration with a variety of amplifiers and systems.


The FLS20's performance metrics, such as its frequency response of 2 Hz – 50 KHz ± 0.5dB (SACD) and dynamic range of 140 dB, set a high bar for audio fidelity. The THD + Noise figure of less than –122 dB is indicative of the player's ability to handle audio with exceptional clarity and minimal distortion. In practice, these specifications translate to a listening experience that is both expansive and nuanced, capable of revealing the subtlest details in a recording.

User Experience

Operating the FLS20 is an intuitive experience, though its high power consumption of 150 W is something users should be aware of, especially in the context of energy efficiency and long-term operating costs. The player's weight and size may pose challenges for some users, particularly when it comes to installation and placement within an existing setup.

Pros and Cons Recap

The Audia Flight FLS20 SACD Player sets a high standard with its meticulous attention to audio precision, minimized circuitry, and robust construction. The utilization of top-tier components like the Sabre DACs and Crystek clock contribute significantly to its audio performance. While the flexibility in connectivity and the optional streaming card are major pluses, the high power consumption and the heft of the unit are aspects that might give pause to some potential users.

Final Thoughts

The Audia Flight FLS20 SACD Player is crafted for the audiophile who demands nothing less than acoustic excellence. Its place in the market is well-defined, appealing to those who prioritize audio quality above all else and are willing to invest in a component that delivers an uncompromising sonic experience. The FLS20 is a testament to Audia's commitment to high-fidelity sound, and it stands as a pinnacle achievement for enthusiasts looking to elevate their home audio system to concert hall echelons.



  • Type: Top Loading SACD Player
  • Finish Options: Silver or Black

Audio Performance

  • Frequency Response (SACD): 2 Hz - 50 KHz ± 0.5dB
  • Frequency Response (CD): 2 Hz – 20 KHz ± 0.5dB
  • Dynamic Range: 140 dB
  • THD + Noise: < -122 dB

DAC & Clock

  • DAC: 2 x Sabre ES9038PRO 32-Bit (Mono Mode)
  • Clock: Crystek CCHD-950 Ultra Low Noise

Power Supplies

  • Digital Circuit Power Supplies: 10 Ultra Low Noise
  • Voltage Regulators: 4 Low Noise Discrete Components
  • Toroidal Transformers: 3 (Analog Stage 80VA, Digital Stage 85VA, Logic Control 15VA)

Output Section

  • Type: Fully Balanced Class A Discrete Current Feedback
  • Analogue Outputs: Balanced and Unbalanced
  • Output Voltage (Max): 2.5 Vrms
  • Output Impedance: 240 Ohm


  • Digital Inputs: 4 (Toslink, AES/EBU, S/PDIF, USB)
  • Digital Outputs: 4 (Toslink, AES/EBU, S/PDIF, I2S)

Additional Features

  • Optional Steamer Card: Yes

Power Consumption

  • Stand-by: < 1 W
  • Maximum: 180 VA


  • Main Voltage AC (50-60 Hz): 100, 110-115, 220-230, 240 V


  • Dimensions: 450x134x364 mm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: 17 Kg
  • Shipping Dimensions: 530x310x530 mm (WxHxD)
  • Shipping Weight: 26 Kg

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