Audia Flight FLS 9 Fully Balanced Stereo Integrated Amplifier - Dreamedia AV
Audia Flight FLS 9 Fully Balanced Stereo Integrated Amplifier - Dreamedia AV
Audia Flight FLS 9 Fully Balanced Stereo Integrated Amplifier - Dreamedia AV
Audia Flight FLS 9 Fully Balanced Stereo Integrated Amplifier - Dreamedia AV
Audia Flight FLS 9 Fully Balanced Stereo Integrated Amplifier - Dreamedia AV
Audia Flight FLS 9 Fully Balanced Stereo Integrated Amplifier - Dreamedia AV
Vendor: Audia Flight

Audia Flight FLS 9 Fully Balanced Stereo Integrated Amplifier

Stereo amplifier with customizable sound and power

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Audia Flight FLS 9 Fully Balanced Stereo Integrated Amplifier

A Symphony of Precision and Power: The Audia Flight FLS 9

Enter the realm of auditory perfection with the Audia Flight FLS 9, a beacon of high-fidelity sound that promises to elevate your home audio experience to uncharted territories. Crafted for the discerning audiophile, the FLS 9 is not just an amplifier; it's the heart of your home theater system, pumping life into every note and beat with impeccable clarity and power.

Unparalleled Audio Performance

At the core of the FLS 9's sonic excellence is its fully balanced stereo integration. This design ensures that noise and distortion are virtually nonexistent, allowing your music to flow as the artist intended—pure, unaltered, and emotionally engaging.

  • Power Output: With a robust 150 watts per channel at 8 ohms, scaling up to an earth-shaking 500 watts at 2 ohms, this amplifier can drive even the most demanding speakers with ease.
  • Frequency Response: A staggering 0.3 Hz to 500 kHz frequency response means you'll hear every detail, from the deepest bass to the highest treble, without any coloration.
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): Less than 0.05% THD ensures that the sound remains crystal clear at all volumes.
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: A remarkable 110 dB signal-to-noise ratio guarantees a background that is as silent as the night, letting the music take center stage.

Design and Build: A Testament to Excellence

The FLS 9's chassis, made from high-grade aluminum and adorned with the engraved 'Audia Flight' logo, is not only aesthetically pleasing but also built like a fortress, ensuring longevity and resistance to external vibrations.

  • Physical Characteristics: With its hefty 25.5 kg weight and dimensions of 450 x 150 x 440 mm, this amplifier is a statement piece in any room.
  • Vibration Control: Four special composite pads with NBR rubber spheres eliminate unwanted resonances, safeguarding the purity of your music.

Connectivity and Control: The Conductor's Baton

The FLS 9 boasts an array of inputs and outputs, providing flexibility and convenience for any setup.

  • Balanced and Unbalanced Inputs: Connect a variety of sources with 3 RCA and 2 XLR inputs, ensuring compatibility with both traditional and professional equipment.
  • Outputs: The 1 RCA and 1 XLR outputs allow for intricate system configurations and seamless integration with other high-end components.
  • Gain Range: With a gain range from -90dB to +10dB, this amplifier offers precise volume control for any listening environment.

The Power Behind the Performance

The FLS 9's internal powerhouse is nothing short of extraordinary. A 1,000W toroidal transformer and 120,000 microfarads of capacitance ensure an unwavering supply of clean energy, delivering dynamic and authoritative sound.

  • Low Stand-by Power Consumption: Less than 1 watt in standby mode makes the FLS 9 as efficient as it is powerful.
  • Power Consumption: A maximum of 650 watts ensures that the amplifier can sustain its top performance without straining your electricity bill.

Optional Features: Tailor Your Sound

Dreamedia understands that customization is key in crafting the perfect home theater system. The FLS 9 offers optional modules to suit your unique needs.

  • Phono Board: For vinyl enthusiasts, the optional phono board with both MM and MC inputs breathes new life into your record collection.
  • DAC Board: The DAC board with a range of digital inputs, including an asynchronous USB input, caters to those who demand pristine digital audio.

Experience the Difference: Sound Quality That Moves You

The Audia Flight FLS 9 presents a sound that is both transparent and detailed, with a natural quality that immerses you in the music.

  • Headphone Amplifier: The built-in headphone amplifier offers a personal listening experience that's as solid and detailed as the main output.
  • Bass Control: Exceptional bass authority and control ensure that your music retains its texture and impact, even at high volumes.
  • Soundstage and Clarity: A fast and controlled speaker driver performance creates an expansive soundstage with crystal-clear instrument separation.

Aesthetic and Functional Harmony

The FLS 9's design is a masterclass in elegance, boasting a large OLED blue display that is both informative and pleasing to the eye.

  • Remote Control: The solid aluminum milled remote control offers the convenience of adjusting settings from the comfort of your seat.
  • Available Finishes: Choose between a sleek silver or a sophisticated black finish to complement your space.

Versatility for Every Audiophile

Whether you're a vinyl purist, a digital audio aficionado, or somewhere in between, the FLS 9 is designed to accommodate your preferred sources with grace and agility.

  • Customizable Gain: Tailor the gain for individual inputs to match the output levels of your various audio sources.
  • Fully Balanced Preamplifier Board: The preamplifier stage maintains signal purity, ensuring a balanced sound across the spectrum.

A Commitment to Quality

Dreamedia is dedicated to providing not just products, but solutions. The Audia Flight FLS 9 is a testament to this philosophy, offering a listening experience that transcends the ordinary.

  • Low Noise Floor: With a low noise floor, you'll enjoy a blacker background that makes every note stand out.
  • Flawless Volume Control: Precision-engineered volume control allows for smooth adjustments and maintains audio fidelity at any level.

Embrace the Audia Flight FLS 9

As you consider the Audia Flight FLS 9 for your home theater system, know that Dreamedia is here to assist you every step of the way. From design to installation, our expertise ensures that your investment in sound is not just heard but felt.

Price: The Audia Flight FLS 9 is available at £5,950 without optional modules and £8,900 with DAC and phono stage modules included. Optional add-ons are also available for individual purchase.

The Audia Flight FLS 9 is not just an amplifier; it is the centerpiece of your audio system, a companion for those who seek the pinnacle of sound quality. With its combination of power, precision, and elegance, it stands ready to deliver an unmatched auditory experience. Welcome to the symphony of your dreams. Welcome to the Audia Flight FLS 9.

Our Review


The Audia Flight FLS 9 presents itself as a formidable contender in the high-end integrated amplifier market. With a price tag that places it squarely in the premium segment, this Italian-engineered marvel aims to deliver an audio experience that justifies its investment. It's a piece that catches the eye with its substantial build and promises of acoustic excellence, setting high expectations for audiophiles seeking top-tier performance.

Design and Build

The Audia Flight FLS 9's design exudes sophistication and durability. Available in silver or black, its chunky form factor, solid top plate, and blue OLED screen provide a modern yet timeless aesthetic. The amplifier's 25.5kg weight is a testament to the quality of components housed within its large chassis of 450x150x440mm (WxHxD). The front panel's layout is both functional and elegant, with a clear display and accessible controls that reaffirm the FLS 9's premium status.

Features and Connectivity

This fully balanced stereo integrated amplifier is not just about looks; it's rich in features, too. It offers a generous array of inputs and outputs, including three unbalanced (RCA) and two balanced (XLR) inputs, catering to a variety of audio sources. The optional modules, such as the DAC board with the AKM 4497EQ chip and the MM/MC phono board, add significant versatility, allowing users to customize their setup according to their preferences. The built-in headphone amplifier also stands out, delivering a sound that is punchy, detailed, and sure to please even the most discerning listeners.

Technical Specifications

The FLS 9's power output is impressive, boasting 150 watts per channel into 8 ohms, scaling up to 500 watts into 2 ohms. This level of power is supported by an internal design that includes a 1,000-watt toroidal transformer and 120,000 microfarads of capacitance. With a total harmonic distortion of less than 0.05%, a signal-to-noise ratio of 110 dB, and a damping factor of over 500, the FLS 9's specs speak to its ability to deliver clean, powerful, and precise audio across a vast bandwidth of 0.3Hz to 500kHz.


In practice, the Audia Flight FLS 9 excels in delivering an audio experience that is both expansive and detailed. The soundstage it creates is immersive, with exceptional instrument separation and a holographic presentation of vocals. The amplifier's control over speaker drivers is evident, ensuring tight and fast responses, particularly in the low end, where the bass is authoritative without sacrificing control. While the treble may seem softer to some, this characteristic allows for a more forgiving listening experience with certain recordings, avoiding harshness that can be associated with more aggressive systems.


The FLS 9 is designed with the user in mind, but it does come with a learning curve. The menu system and volume control, while comprehensive, may present usability challenges. The lack of a volume memory function and a somewhat slow response in volume adjustment may require patience from the user. Despite these quirks, the customizable gain for individual inputs and the transparent operation of the volume control are notable features that enhance the overall usability of the amplifier.

Pros and Cons

The Audia Flight FLS 9 is a powerhouse of an amplifier with a sound quality that justifies its premium price. Its strengths lie in its outstanding resolution, solid build, and versatility with optional add-ons. The fully balanced preamplifier board and the wide range of inputs further enhance its appeal. However, the softer treble response and operational quirks, such as the menu system and volume control, may not resonate with all users. Additionally, its considerable weight and warmth during operation should be considered when planning its placement.


When stacked against its competitors in the same price bracket, the FLS 9 holds its ground with its robust power supply and high-quality DAC section. While some alternatives may offer a different balance of features and performance, the FLS 9's ability to deliver transparent, detailed, and natural sound quality places it in a favorable position for those prioritizing audio fidelity.

Final Thoughts

The Audia Flight FLS 9 is an integrated amplifier that demands attention. Its exceptional build and sound performance are indicative of its high-end pedigree. For those in the market for a premium audio component, the FLS 9 offers a compelling combination of power, precision, and versatility. While it may not be the perfect fit for every audiophile, especially considering its operational idiosyncrasies, it stands as a solid investment for those seeking an immersive and enriching listening experience. With its place in the market firmly established, the FLS 9 is set to delight those who choose to bring it into their home audio system.


Audio Specifications

  • Power Output (8 Ohms): 150 watts
  • Power Output (4 Ohms): 290 watts
  • Power Output (2 Ohms): 500 watts
  • Frequency Response: 0.3 Hz to 500 kHz (-3dB)
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): < 0.05%
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio (S/N): 110 dB
  • Damping Factor: > 500 (on 8 ohm)


  • Unbalanced Inputs (RCA): 3
  • Balanced Inputs (XLR): 2
  • Unbalanced Outputs (RCA): 1
  • Balanced Outputs (XLR): 1
  • REC Out (Unbalanced RCA): 1

Control and Interface

  • Gain Range: -90dB to +10dB
  • Gain Resolution: 0.5dB
  • Display: Large OLED blue display
  • Remote Control: Solid aluminum milled

Power Specifications

  • Stand-by Power Consumption: < 1 watt
  • Power Consumption: 650 watts (150W RMS @ 8 Ohm both channels)
  • Main Voltage AC: 100, 110-115, 220-230, 240 V (50-60Hz)

Physical Characteristics