Audia Flight FLS 10 Fully Balanced Stereo Integrated Amplifier - Dreamedia AV
Audia Flight FLS 10 Fully Balanced Stereo Integrated Amplifier - Dreamedia AV
Audia Flight FLS 10 Fully Balanced Stereo Integrated Amplifier - Dreamedia AV
Audia Flight FLS 10 Fully Balanced Stereo Integrated Amplifier - Dreamedia AV
Audia Flight FLS 10 Fully Balanced Stereo Integrated Amplifier - Dreamedia AV
Vendor: Audia Flight

Audia Flight FLS 10 Fully Balanced Stereo Integrated Amplifier

Fully Balanced Stereo Amplifier with Precision Control

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Audia Flight FLS 10 Fully Balanced Stereo Integrated Amplifier

Unveiling Excellence in Sound: The Audia Flight FLS 10 Amplifier

Imagine a centerpiece for your home audio system that not only meets the highest standards of audiophiles but also stands as a work of art in its own right. The Audia Flight FLS 10 Fully Balanced Stereo Integrated Amplifier is that masterpiece, meticulously crafted to deliver an auditory experience that transcends the boundaries of sound and design.

Craftsmanship and Design

Constructed with a passion for precision, the FLS 10 boasts a fully balanced architecture from input to speaker terminal, ensuring a signal path that preserves the purity of your music. A hefty 2000VA toroidal transformer lies at the heart of this beast, coupled with a colossal 288,000µF capacitance, providing an unwavering power reserve for even the most demanding speakers.

The FLS 10's chassis is not just a house for its advanced electronics; it's a statement of elegance. The front panel, with its wave-shaped window into the recessed display, invites onlookers to admire the sophisticated engineering within.

Pure Power and Performance

Diving into the technical prowess of the FLS 10, one finds an amplifier that speaks in the language of power and finesse:

  • Power Output: With 200W per channel into 8 Ohms and up to 700W per channel into 2 Ohms, the FLS 10 can drive a vast array of speakers with absolute authority.
  • Class-AB Amplification: Operating in Pure Class A for the first 8W per channel, the amplifier ensures that most listening levels benefit from the coveted Class A sound quality without the usual efficiency compromise.
  • Damping Factor: A damping factor greater than 650 translates to an iron grip over your speakers, ensuring tight and controlled bass response.
  • Frequency Response: An astounding 0.3Hz to 500kHz frequency response (-3dB) means the FLS 10 captures the full spectrum of audio, from the deepest growl of a bass guitar to the airy breath of a flute.

Intuitive Control and Customization

The bespoke all-aluminum remote control is not just a functional tool; it's the key to unlocking the full potential of the FLS 10. Adjust volume, tweak settings, and switch inputs with a touch of sophistication. Each input can be adjusted by ±6dB, allowing you to tailor the sound to your personal preference or compensate for varying source levels.

Connectivity and Expansion

The FLS 10 comes ready to connect with a variety of sources. Whether you prefer the purity of analog with its three pairs of single-ended RCA inputs and two pairs of balanced XLR inputs, or you embrace the digital age with USB, S/PDIF, and AES/EBU options, this amplifier is your gateway to high-fidelity audio.

Input and Output Options

  • Analog Inputs: 3 pairs of single-ended RCA and 2 pairs of balanced XLR.
  • Analog Outputs: 2 pairs of single-ended RCA, 1 pair of balanced XLR, and a 6.3mm headphone jack.
  • Digital Inputs: 2 TosLink, 1 RCA, 1 XLR, and 1 USB Type-B, with USB supporting up to 32-bit/384kHz PCM and DSD512.

Expand Your Horizons

Dreaming of vinyl? The optional phono stage caters to both MM and MC cartridges, with customizable load options. Or perhaps you're a digital devotee? The optional DAC module ensures that your digital files are rendered with the utmost clarity and detail.

The Audia Flight Signature Experience

What truly sets the FLS 10 apart is the signature Audia Flight experience:

  • Remarkable Bass Response: Feel the music with bass that's deep, tight, and richly textured.
  • Effortless Power and Control: Experience the thrill of dynamic peaks without a hint of strain.
  • Sound Imaging: Be enveloped by a soundstage that's large, precise, and free from the confines of your speakers.
  • Rich Timbre and Shimmering Highs: Revel in the lifelike reproduction of instruments and vocals.
  • Lightning-Fast Dynamics: From the gentlest whisper to the full force of an orchestra, the FLS 10 responds with agility and accuracy.

Ease of Use

With its silky smooth volume control featuring 0.5dB increments, the FLS 10 allows for precise level adjustments. The settings for optional DAC include PCM and DSD filters, as well as a PCM Dithering Mode, providing you with extensive control over your digital audio playback.

Built to Last

The solid construction of the FLS 10 is not just about aesthetics; it's a promise of durability. The high-quality materials and components ensure that this amplifier will be the heart of your audio system for years to come.

In Summary

The Audia Flight FLS 10 is not just an amplifier; it's the culmination of uncompromising audio engineering and artistic design. With its robust power, exquisite sound quality, and versatile connectivity options, it stands ready to elevate your home audio experience to soaring new heights.

Your Next Step

As you envision the FLS 10 taking pride of place in your listening room, remember that Dreamedia is here to assist in designing your ultimate home theater system. With our expertise and the Audia Flight FLS 10, prepare to embark on a sonic journey that will redefine your expectations of what an integrated amplifier can achieve.

Price: $12,999

Dreamedia is dedicated to bringing you the best in home theater technology. Our team of experts is always available to help you design a system that not only meets your needs but exceeds your wildest dreams. Contact us to discover how the Audia Flight FLS 10 can be the cornerstone of your audio system.

Our Review


The Audia Flight FLS 10 Fully Balanced Stereo Integrated Amplifier represents the pinnacle of high-fidelity audio engineering. In a market brimming with premium audio equipment, this amplifier stands out as a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and acoustic excellence, catering to audiophiles who demand nothing short of perfection.

Design and Build Quality

Upon first glance, the Audia Flight FLS 10 commands attention with its wave-shaped front panel, a design choice that is both aesthetically pleasing and indicative of the attention to detail that is echoed throughout the device. Crafted with high-grade aluminum and weighing in at a substantial 36kg, the build quality is palpable. This heft, while impacting portability, ensures stability and resonance control, factors crucial for audio purity. Its dimensions require careful consideration for installation, warranting a dedicated space within an audio setup.

Features and Connectivity

Connectivity is robust, with a suite of inputs and outputs that cater to both balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) preferences. The inclusion of optional DAC and Phono modules speaks to the amplifier's versatility, allowing for customization to the listener's specific needs. The front panel boasts a discreet display, providing feedback and functionality without disrupting the unit's sleek aesthetic. The remote control, fashioned from the same high-quality aluminum as the chassis, offers tactile and responsive control over the amplifier's settings.

Technical Specifications

The FLS 10's technical prowess is evidenced by its impressive power output, delivering 200W RMS per channel into 8 ohms, and scaling up to 700W into 2 ohms. This power is delivered with a frequency response that stretches from 0.3 Hz to 500 kHz, and a total harmonic distortion (THD) of less than 0.05%, ensuring a clean and uncolored sound. The damping factor exceeding 650 at 8 ohms highlights the amplifier's control over connected speakers, a trait that audiophiles will appreciate for its contribution to sound accuracy.

User Interface and Control

The user interface of the FLS 10, while comprehensive, may challenge those unaccustomed to high-end audio equipment. The menu system allows for an array of adjustments, though it may require a learning curve for optimal navigation. The volume control, with its 0.5dB increment precision, is a standout feature, allowing for nuanced tailoring of listening levels.

Performance Evaluation

In performance, the Audia Flight FLS 10 dazzles with its handling of bass, delivering depth and definition without compromising clarity. The soundstage is expansive, creating an immersive experience that seems to transcend the physical space of the speakers. Dynamics are handled with aplomb, showcasing a responsiveness that captures the nuances of live performances. Whether rendering the delicate strings of a chamber orchestra or the pulsing beats of electronic music, the FLS 10 remains unflustered, driving a diverse array of speakers with authority.

Pros and Cons

The strengths of the FLS 10 are numerous, led by its exemplary sound quality and robust construction. The optional modules add to its allure, offering a path to even greater audio fidelity. However, the intensive power consumption and the potential complexity of its menu system are considerations that cannot be overlooked. Additionally, its substantial weight demands a permanent and robust home within one's audio setup.

Comparison with Competitors

When placed alongside its contemporaries in the high-end amplifier market, the Audia Flight FLS 10 holds its ground with unique features such as its fully balanced architecture and exceptional damping factor. These technical achievements provide tangible benefits in sound quality that discerning listeners will recognize and appreciate.

Value and Target Audience

At its premium price point, the FLS 10 is an investment in auditory excellence. Its value is most apparent to those who can discern and appreciate the subtleties of high-resolution audio. This amplifier is best suited for the serious audiophile with a well-curated collection of music and the accompanying high-quality speakers to match.

Final Thoughts

The Audia Flight FLS 10 is a formidable force in the realm of stereo integrated amplifiers. With its unyielding power, detailed sound reproduction, and customizable features, it is a centerpiece worthy of an audiophile's sanctuary. For those seeking an endgame amplifier capable of bringing a lifelike audio experience into the home, the FLS 10 is a compelling choice—one that promises to elevate the act of listening into an art form.


General Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Audia Flight
  • Model: FLS 10
  • Type: Fully Balanced Stereo Integrated Amplifier
  • Amplifier Class: Class-AB
  • Operating Class: Pure Class A for the first 8W per channel
  • Remote Control: Bespoke all-aluminum remote
  • Construction: Fully balanced from input to speaker terminal
  • Transformer: 2000VA toroidal transformer
  • Capacitance: 288,000µF
  • Frequency Response: 0.3Hz–500kHz (-3dB)
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): 0.05%
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 110dB
  • Damping Factor: >650
  • Input Adjustment: Each input adjustable by ±6dB

Power Output

  • 8 Ohms: 200W per channel
  • 4 Ohms: 380W per channel
  • 2 Ohms: 700W per channel

Input Options

  • Single-ended RCA: Three pairs
  • Balanced XLR: Two pairs

Output Options

  • Single-ended RCA: Two pairs
  • Balanced XLR: One pair
  • Headphone Jack: 6.3mm

Digital Inputs (on DAC board)

  • S/PDIF Optical (TosLink): Two
  • S/PDIF Coaxial (RCA): One
  • AES/EBU (XLR): One
  • USB Type-B: One

Digital Input Compatibility