Acoustic Energy AE308 Powered Subwoofer - Dreamedia AV
Acoustic Energy AE308 Powered Subwoofer - Dreamedia AV
Acoustic Energy AE308 Powered Subwoofer - Dreamedia AV
Vendor: Acoustic Energy

Acoustic Energy AE308 Powered Subwoofer

500W Class D Amplifier, Customizable DSP, 12'' Driver

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Acoustic Energy AE308 Powered Subwoofer

Elevate Your Home Theater Experience

When it comes to creating a truly immersive home theater environment, every detail counts — but nothing makes an impact quite like powerful, precise bass. The Acoustic Energy AE308 Powered Subwoofer is engineered to elevate your audio experience, transforming your living room into the heart of the action. Whether you're a cinephile seeking the thrills of the latest blockbuster or an audiophile immersed in the nuances of a symphonic masterpiece, this subwoofer promises to deliver an unparalleled auditory journey.

Unleash the Power of Sound

At the core of the AE308 lies a formidable 500-watt RMS Class D amplifier, designed to deliver a robust and relentless bass response that will breathe life into your favorite movies and music. Here's what makes this powerhouse stand out:

  • Deep Bass Extension: With a frequency response reaching as low as 26Hz (+/-6dB), you'll feel the depth of every explosion and the rhythm of every bassline.
  • Tailored Listening Modes: Switch between Music, Movie, and Impact DSP modes to optimize performance based on your media, ensuring the most engaging listening experience.
  • High-Excursion Driver: The 12-inch driver, crafted from high-excursion doped and stiffened pulp-fibre, is engineered for precision and durability, delivering bass that's both deep and articulate.

Design That Speaks Volumes

The AE308 isn't just about sound; it's a statement piece that complements any interior. With finish options including real wood American walnut veneer, piano gloss black, and white lacquer, this subwoofer is as much a visual delight as it is an auditory one. The sealed, downward-firing cabinet design not only ensures a clean bass response but also allows for an elegant, unobtrusive presence in your space.

Seamless Integration

The AE308 is designed to work in harmony with the Acoustic Energy 300 Series, allowing for a cohesive and synergistic audio setup. Its versatile connectivity options, including low-level stereo RCA, high-level stereo binding posts, and LFE RCA, ensure that it can integrate seamlessly with a wide range of home theater systems.

Precision Control

Crafting the perfect sound environment is all about control, and the AE308 delivers just that:

  • Adjustable Crossover Frequency: Precisely blend the subwoofer's output with your main speakers by adjusting the crossover frequency from 40 to 120Hz.
  • Variable Phase Control: Optimize the timing of the subwoofer's output to match your room and system with phase adjustment from 0 to 180 degrees.
  • DSP Modes: Fine-tune your listening experience with three distinct DSP modes designed for music, movies, or maximum impact.

Constructed for Convenience and Stability

The AE308's thoughtful design extends to its physical construction, offering features that enhance both its performance and user experience:

  • Sturdy Spikes: Carpet-piercing spikes with rubber caps ensure stability on any flooring, keeping the subwoofer firmly in place for optimal sound delivery.
  • Compact Dimensions: Measuring 360 x 360 x 360 mm, the AE308 is compact enough to fit into various spaces without compromising on its powerful performance.
  • Weight: At 16.5kg, it strikes the perfect balance between heft for stability and manageability for placement.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Amplifier Power: 500W (RMS) for impactful sound
  • Driver: 12” high-excursion doped and stiffened pulp-fibre for precision and depth
  • Frequency Response: 26Hz (+/-6dB) for deep bass extension
  • Design: Sealed box with downward-facing driver for cleaner bass response and room placement flexibility
  • Finish Options: Choose from real wood American walnut veneer, piano gloss black, or white lacquer to match your decor
  • Connectivity: Multiple input options for easy integration with your existing setup
  • DSP Modes: Custom modes for enhancing music, movies, or creating maximum impact

Experience the Difference

Whether you're upgrading your current system or building a new home theater from scratch, the Acoustic Energy AE308 Powered Subwoofer is a sound investment. It's not just about the specs; it's about the feeling you get when the room shakes during an intense movie scene or when you can almost touch the texture of the bass in a live recording. This is a subwoofer that doesn't just play bass — it evokes emotion.

Ready to Transform Your Audio?

With the Acoustic Energy AE308, you're not just purchasing a subwoofer; you're investing in an experience that will redefine your home entertainment. Remember, Dreamedia is here to assist you in designing the perfect home theater system where the AE308 can shine as the cornerstone of your audio setup. Engage with the subtleties of sound and the power of bass — all within the comfort of your home.


The Acoustic Energy AE308 Powered Subwoofer has been available since June 2019, continuing to impress audiophiles and cinephiles alike with its performance and versatility. Don't wait to bring this level of excellence into your home theater.

Step into the world of premium sound with the AE308 and feel the difference in every beat, blast, and bass line. Contact Dreamedia today to integrate this exceptional subwoofer into your home theater system and experience the power of great audio.

Our Review

Acoustic Energy AE308 Powered Subwoofer Review


The Acoustic Energy AE308 Powered Subwoofer is a formidable addition to the brand's esteemed 300 Series. Tailored for audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts alike, this subwoofer promises a blend of power and precision. Designed to seamlessly complement the aesthetics and sonic characteristics of its series counterparts, the AE308 aims to deliver an immersive audio experience.

Design and Build Quality

The AE308's visual appeal is undeniable, offering real wood American walnut veneer, piano gloss black, and white lacquer finishes. These options not only ensure that the subwoofer can match a variety of interior designs but also maintain a high standard of aesthetic cohesion with other 300 Series models. The sealed box design, coupled with a downward-facing driver, is engineered for a potent bass response, even in challenging room environments.

While the subwoofer's 16.5kg weight might be hefty, it speaks to the robust build quality. The carpet-piercing spikes are a thoughtful addition, ensuring stability and optimal sound transmission in carpeted rooms. However, the build quality does come under scrutiny with reports of substandard cabinetry, which could detract from the premium feel of the product.

Technical Specifications

Boasting a 500W RMS Class D amplifier, the AE308 is built to perform. This power reserve is instrumental in driving the 12” high-excursion doped and stiffened pulp-fibre driver, which is designed for deep and dynamic bass reproduction. The frequency response of 26Hz (+/-6dB) indicates a substantial low-end presence, crucial for both the rumble of cinematic sequences and the rhythm of music.

Performance and Sound Quality

The sound quality of the AE308 is versatile across various applications. Whether it's the subtle nuances in a music track, the explosive action in a blockbuster movie, or the intense atmosphere of a gaming session, the subwoofer's performance is adaptable. The inclusion of DSP modes — Music, Movie, and Impact — allows users to tailor the subwoofer's output to the content being enjoyed, adding a layer of customization that can enhance the listening experience significantly.

Integration with other 300 Series models is streamlined, thanks to the AE308's sonic profile being designed to complement its siblings. This ensures a coherent and unified soundstage when used as part of a more extensive system.

Connectivity and Integration

The AE308 features an array of input options, including low-level stereo RCA, high-level stereo binding posts, and LFE RCA. This variety enables easy integration with different audio systems, making it a flexible choice for users. The subwoofer's versatility is further highlighted by its ability to be used in both stereo and home theater setups.

Usability and Control

Acoustic Energy has equipped the AE308 with a new DSP module, which provides users with greater control over performance. This level of customization is a welcome addition, though the lack of fully adjustable phase control and a crossover bypass switch might limit fine-tuning for advanced users.

Pros and Cons

The AE308's high-performance amplifier and DSP modes are significant advantages, offering a powerful and customizable audio experience. The multiple finish options and the flexibility provided by various inputs add to the subwoofer's appeal. On the downside, the weight may be an issue for some users, and the concerns regarding cabinetry quality might be a disappointment for those expecting flawless construction. The limited phase control could also be a stumbling block for those looking to achieve the perfect integration with their existing system.

Comparison with Competitors

When compared to other subwoofers in its price range, the AE308 holds its ground with a strong amplifier and unique DSP modes. However, competitors might offer better cabinetry quality or more comprehensive control options, which could sway potential buyers looking for these specific features.

Value Proposition

Considering its robust features and performance, the AE308 offers a compelling value proposition for those seeking a powerful subwoofer with flexible sound customization. While there are some drawbacks, the overall package is still likely to satisfy the target audience's needs.

Final Thoughts

The Acoustic Energy AE308 Powered Subwoofer stands out with its powerful amplification, versatile DSP modes, and attractive finish options. Despite its weight and some build quality concerns, it remains a potent contender in the home theater market. Prospective buyers will find much to like in its ability to deliver a rich and customizable bass experience that can elevate any audio setup.


General Specifications

  • Model: AE308
  • Type: Powered Subwoofer
  • Amplifier Power (Watts RMS): 500
  • Frequency Response (Hz): 26-120 +/- 6dB
  • Crossover Frequency (Hz): 40-120
  • Phase Control (Degrees): 0-180
  • Amplifier Type: Class D

Driver Specifications

  • Driver Size (Inches): 12
  • Driver Material: High-excursion doped and stiffened pulp-fibre

Design and Construction

  • Cabinet Type: Sealed, downward firing
  • Finish Options: Real wood American walnut veneer, Piano gloss black, White lacquer
  • Spikes: Sturdy carpet-piercing with rubber caps for hard flooring


  • Low Level Input: Stereo RCA
  • High Level Input: Stereo binding posts
  • LFE Input: RCA

DSP Modes

  • Music Mode: Balanced and accurate low-frequency reproduction
  • Movie Mode: Enhanced impact and 'slam' for soundtracks
  • Impact Mode: Maximum volume and serious impact

Physical Dimensions

  • Dimensions (mm): 360 x 360 x 360 (HxWxD)
  • Weight (kg): 16.5

Series Integration

  • Compatibility: Seamlessly integrates with Acoustic Energy 300 Series

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