Stewart Filmscreens

Why not watch films at home on the exact same surface they were crafted upon?

Stewart Filmscreen has a unique privilege and responsibility in regards to serving the community of studios and post-production artists who comprise the cinema industry. Their shared California roots — and a short car trip to Hollywood — set us up as a convenient and cooperative partner for cinema production. Stewart Filmscreens are the go-to choice for discerning home theater enthusiasts who demand the highest-quality projection screens. With over 70 years of experience in the industry, Stewart Filmscreens offer a range of options, including custom sizes and aspect ratios, as well as a variety of screen materials to suit any viewing environment. Whether you're watching a movie in a dedicated home theater or in a living room with ambient light, a Stewart Filmscreen will provide a stunning, immersive viewing experience. Learn more about all Stewart Filmscreen models we offer by clicking the links below or call and speak with a Dreamedia specialist. We would love to set up a free video consultation to check out your space!

Stewart Filmscreen