Custom Home Theaters

We believe in providing our customer with the “Dream Home Theater” experience.

-Custom Design/build services

-Turnkey Packages

-Construction, furnishings, and accessories


TV Installation

Whether on a wall, brick or stone the experts at Dreamedia have done it.

-TV Wall Mounting

-Tabletop TV Setup

-TV De-Installation


Whole House Audio

Integrate whole house audio into your lifestyle

-Options tailored to your needs

-Sonos, RTI, Nuvo

-Listen to Rapshody or iTunes anywhere!


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Flat Screen TVs are the latest and greatest product for your Dallas home or business! Flat screen tv’s provide incredible clarity for either your business presentations or watching the blockbuster movies with your family. Flat screen tv installation has many particular issues that only a professional tv installer can handle.

To fully understand the complexities of a flat screen tv installation, imagine your current tv setup. It is probably in an entertainment center with all of the electric cords neatly tucked behind it. Now imagine a flat screen tv mounted to the wall with all of the cables and wires hanging to the ground. Not very attractive!

The professional tv Installers at Dreamedia AV work within your budget and provide you with the best products and services for the dollar. Our professional installers will create an installation that will hide all of the wiring and cables giving you a clean, professional look.

Whether you are looking for a total installation package that includes a new falt screen tv, or you just want someone to come to your Dallas home or office to install a flat screen tv that you already own, Dreamedia AV is the only call to make. Our flat screen tv installation will look exceptional and professional!

We provide a 90 warranty on all labor. Each product sold by Dreamedia AV comes with a full manufacture warranty.

Ever Dreamed of Creating your Dream Home Theater?

Dreamedia AV can make it come true for you! With the right planning, investing in a home theater or media room can be one of the best enhancements to your lifestyle. Home theaters are great for relaxing, entertaining, and bringing the whole family together. The first step is to plan your space! Will you have a dedicated home theater room or will your system be in a multi-purpose media room? Either way can be a fun experience.

A dedicated home theater or “media room” is designed specifically for entertainment: enjoying movies, sports, TV, and video gaming. Attics, bonus rooms, or spare rooms are great as dedicated home theater spaces. A media room serves for more than entertaining. A family room or bonus room usually doubles as a media room as well

The next steps are deciding both the location and size for your video display. Both the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) and THX Ltd , have recommendations on this subject. This step is very important to get right, and is probably the most difficult one to fix if you get it wrong.

Remote control, lighting control, or a popcorn machine can add wow to your creation!

In many cases, spending a few extra bucks on a great remote control, lighting control, or a popcorn machine can add extra wow to your media room. We’ve got lots of suggestions and advice about how to create your own personal magic.

This is the fun part for most people. Significant improvements in video technology can give you a great picture for a fraction of the cost from 10 years ago when it cost double to get a media room installed. This allows more room in your budget for great sound. Unlike video, audio pricing has held very steady in its cost to performance ratio. Recent improvements in home theater speakers will make your surround sound experience even more fun. Matching all your equipment up is where Dreamedia AV experts and our experience will be a big help.

It’s important to have a great picture, but a movie without good sound is a terrible experience. You must be able to clearly understand the dialogue. Great sound immerses you in a film’s sound effects. All things being equal, acoustic treatments (these can be carefully done, normal room furnishings) have a larger impact on the sound than almost any component. Another thing to consider is soundproofing. Will late night viewing disturb others? Should you do something about it?

Other areas to consider are expert audio and video calibration; electrical and power needs; ventilation and HVAC planning; and integrating video gaming. The options are unlimited when it comes to home integration. Dreamedia will offer viso or cad drawings for builders or architects when needed during the design stage.

We will help design andinstall the media room of your dreams, or what best fits your needs and budget. Free Consultation.

Dreamedia’s programmers are some of the best in the country and in the field of home automation. Our customized automation packages will take your home theater from a thing of the past to a modern, efficient, one touch system that will save you time, energy and allow you to get on with your movie watching experience. Imagine full-featured touch panel remotes with control over everything that plugs in. Lighting control systems that allow you to specify just the right lighting for any mood or occasion. We are known nationwide for our installations. We uphold the highest standards insuring seamless integration in your home.


Our programmers will custom design a control device and lighting system especially for you.

-A/V and home theater automation
-Sound control devices
-Lighting control systems

-Automated shades

-Security systems
-Temperature control using touch screen digital thermostats
-Cameras and surveillance systems
-Door locks and property access control systems
-Sensors, timers and other cool gadgets



Automation is more than just controlling your theater- it’s whole home control

Learn what it is like to distribute high quality audio and video as you choose from a menu of choices seamlessly switching the sources in different rooms. Control just about anything including your lighting, temperature, security cameras, pool and spa and even monitor your energy usage from home or away!

Despite what you might have heard or might be thinking, installing state of the art audio/video/control equipment does not mean sacrificing the aesthetics of your home.  Starting with your speakers, we have the ability to utilize invisible speaker technology to seamlessly blend them with your wall or ceiling décor.  Same can be true for your TV’s.  Amazing innovations from our partner companies like Seura have developed ways to integrate your television with its surroundings such as your bathroom mirror or even behind a work of art in the living room.  Don’t forget to ask us about how we can also eliminate the multitude of switches that would typically take up your wall space by using an intelligent lighting control system.  The aesthetics have certainly not been forgotten and we often work with interior designers to ensure that a perfect blend of technology and décor takes place!






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