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Vicoustic VicStrip Display

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Vicoustic VicStrip Display

Unparalleled Acoustic Performance Meets Elegant Design

In the realm of acoustics, where clarity and design intersect, the Vicoustic VicStrip Display stands as a testament to innovation. This isn't just any acoustic panel; it's a seamless blend of form and function, meticulously crafted to elevate both the sonic and aesthetic qualities of your space.

The Essence of Acoustic Excellence

The VicStrip Display, with its NRC rating of 0.45, is more than just a visual treat. It's engineered to absorb excess sound energy, reduce echoes, and enhance overall sound clarity. The result? A listening environment that's as precise as it is pleasurable, whether you're fine-tuning a mix in the studio or enjoying your favorite film in a home theater.

  • Effective bass trapping with micro-perforated panels and Helmholtz resonator technology
  • Wood front panels that control corner reflections and act as diffusers
  • Modular design for customized acoustic and aesthetic solutions

Sustainable and High-Quality Materials

Crafted from Laminated High-Density Fire Rated VicPET Wool, the VicStrip Display is not just about superior sound. It's an eco-conscious choice, predominantly made from recycled plastic bottles, ensuring your acoustic treatment is responsible and sustainable. Low-emission materials signify a commitment to both environmental and indoor air quality.

  • Produced primarily from recycled materials
  • Low-emission for healthier indoor environments

A Design That Speaks Volumes

With panel sizes of 240x60cm and 270x60cm and a tolerance of +/- 2mm, the VicStrip Display accommodates various spaces with ease. Available in White matte and Black matte, and featuring four wood patterns, these panels promise a slight color variation that adds character and depth to any room.

  • Available in two sizes for versatile application
  • Multiple colors and wood patterns to suit design preferences

Installation and Flexibility

The VicStrip Display is crafted for convenience and adaptability. It can be glued or screwed to walls and ceilings, cut, and adjusted to any setting, making it a dream for both DIY enthusiasts and professional installers. The panel's construction is free of wood and metal nails, boasting almost invisible joints that ensure a clean, finished look.

  • Easy installation with options for gluing or screwing
  • Can be cut and adjusted to fit any space

Durability and Maintenance

Designed with durability in mind, the VicStrip Display is water-resistant, humidity-resistant, and requires low maintenance. This means your acoustic treatment will not only look pristine over time but will also withstand the challenges of everyday use.

  • Water-resistant and humidity-resistant for lasting quality
  • Low maintenance for ease of care

Customization and Integration

The VicStrip Display offers unparalleled customization. With custom colors available under specific requirements, a slim profile, and a premium scratch-resistant thermal lamination finish, it's designed to accommodate power sockets and light controls effortlessly.

  • Custom color options to match your unique style
  • Slim profile and premium finish for seamless integration

Versatile Applications

Whether you're outfitting a professional recording studio, a home theater, a corporate office, or a residential space, the VicStrip Display adapts to your needs. It's not just about improving acoustics; it's about enhancing the functionality and appearance of your environment.

  • Suitable for offices, homes, and professional studios
  • Enhances both sound quality and room aesthetics

Expert Craftsmanship

Vicoustic, a renowned name in acoustic treatment, brings personalized solutions tailored to your room's specific needs. Lightweight yet robust, the VicStrip Display is the product of skilled specialists dedicated to merging acoustic precision with visual grace.

  • Produced by acoustic treatment specialists Vicoustic
  • Lightweight design for easy handling and installation

Installation Considerations

To ensure the longevity and performance of your panels, it's recommended to avoid placing them behind radiators or too close to heat sources. This precaution will protect the integrity of the materials and maintain the panel's acoustic properties.

  • Keep panels away from direct heat sources for optimal performance

Comprehensive Documentation

Each VicStrip Display comes with a wealth of resources to assist you in your journey to perfect acoustics. From a stylish Look Book to an informative Installation Manual and Product Info, everything you need is at your fingertips.

  • Look Book, Installation Manual, BIM files, and Product Info available in digital formats
  • Care Instructions included to keep your panels looking their best

The Vicoustic Difference

Vicoustic exemplifies the pinnacle of acoustic treatment with a visually stunning acoustic panel designed not only for sound management but also for aesthetic enhancement. When you choose VicStrip Display, you're not just getting a product; you're investing in a personalized experience, complete with 3D room rendering, acoustical analysis, and design recommendations from experts.

  • Personalized room analysis and acoustical recommendations
  • 3D rendering to visualize your space with VicStrip Display

Pros and Versatility

The VicStrip Display isn't just an acoustic panel; it's a statement. It impresses clients, enhances the professional look of any studio, and provides depth to the sound that fills the room. It's about creating an environment that's not only reliable for production work but also thoroughly enjoyable.

  • Controls low-end frequencies effectively
  • Customizable arrangements to suit aesthetic and acoustic needs
  • Adds visual interest to any space while providing functional benefits

In a world where every detail matters, Vicoustic VicStrip Display is a harmonious symphony of sound and design. It's an invitation to transform your space into a sanctuary of sonic purity and visual elegance. With Dreamedia at your service, designing your home theater system with Vicoustic becomes a seamless, personalized experience. Contact us, and let's create an environment that resonates with your vision.

Our Review

Vicoustic VicStrip Display Review


Vicoustic has established itself as a benchmark in the realm of acoustic treatment, with a reputation for marrying technical expertise with aesthetic sensibility. In environments where sound quality is paramount, from recording studios to home theaters, the interplay between acoustics and design can make or break the user experience. The Vicoustic VicStrip Display arrives as a testament to this philosophy, promising not only to enhance the acoustic landscape of a space but also to elevate its visual appeal.


Aesthetic Impact

The VicStrip Display is a striking visual component that commands attention. Its sleek, modern appearance can transform the aesthetic of any room, serving as a centerpiece or a complementary feature, depending on the chosen arrangement. The ability to influence a room's visual narrative is a powerful tool in the hands of designers and end-users alike, and the VicStrip Display offers just that.

Modular Flexibility

The modular design of the VicStrip Display is a key selling point. Users can tailor the panel arrangement to their space, creating patterns that are as unique as they are functional. This flexibility is a boon for spaces that must adhere to specific design themes or for users who revel in the ability to periodically refresh their environment's look without compromising on acoustic integrity.

Installation Ease

The panels are designed for straightforward installation, allowing users to easily set up the VicStrip Display without specialized tools or expertise. However, maintaining the pristine condition of the panels is crucial; dust and other environmental factors can affect both the appearance and the acoustic properties over time. A regular cleaning regimen will ensure that the panels remain both visually attractive and acoustically effective.


Acoustic Technology

The VicStrip Display's micro-perforated panels and Helmholtz resonator technology are at the core of its acoustic prowess. These features work in tandem to trap bass frequencies effectively, a common challenge in sound treatment. The wood front panels serve multiple acoustic purposes: they help control corner reflections and act as diffusers, maintaining the liveliness of a room while preventing the over-dampening of sound.

Personalized Acoustic Treatment

The provision of a 3D room rendering and personalized acoustical analysis elevates the VicStrip Display from a mere product to a comprehensive service. An acoustic consultant and interior designer can offer invaluable insights into optimizing a room's sound profile, ensuring that the VicStrip Display is not only aesthetically pleasing but also acoustically tailored to the user's needs.

Variety and Adaptability

With a spectrum of colors and finishes, the VicStrip Display can seamlessly integrate into any design scheme. This adaptability extends to its functionality; whether it's a professional studio, a home theater, or an office space, the VicStrip Display can be tailored to enhance the acoustic environment of a wide array of settings.


Sound Management

The VicStrip Display excels in managing sound reflections and reverberations, absorbing excess sound energy, and reducing echoes. This results in a clearer and more defined sound profile, particularly in the low-end frequencies where clarity is often most needed. For professionals in music production or post-production, this can lead to more accurate mixing decisions and a noticeable improvement in output quality.

Professional Use Case

In professional studios, the VicStrip Display is more than an acoustic solution; it's a statement piece that can impress clients and contribute to the studio's brand. The impact on the production environment is twofold: it provides an acoustically reliable space for critical listening and creates a visually stimulating environment that can inspire creativity.

Home Theater and Residential Use

For home theater enthusiasts, the VicStrip Display offers a dual benefit. It enhances the cinematic experience by improving sound quality, making every viewing more immersive. Additionally, it provides an aesthetic upgrade to the home theater space, akin to what one might find in a high-end professional setting.

Versatile Application

The VicStrip Display's versatility does not stop at studios and home theaters. Its application in offices and residential spaces speaks to its adaptability. It can serve as a functional piece to improve the clarity of conference calls or add a touch of sophistication to a living room—all while managing sound effectively.


The ability to customize the VicStrip Display to meet individual acoustic and aesthetic needs is one of its standout features. Real-world examples include installations that mimic natural landscapes or geometric patterns, each serving the dual purpose of sound management and visual enhancement.

Effective Sound Treatment

When pitted against alternative acoustic solutions, the VicStrip Display holds its ground with a performance that justifies its position in the market. It effectively controls sound reflections and reverberations, contributing to a more controlled and sonically pleasing environment.

Aesthetic Enhancement

The VicStrip Display's role as a decorative element should not be underestimated. It can alter the ambiance of a room, making it feel more inviting or professional, depending on the chosen design. User testimonials often highlight the transformation of their spaces, not just in sound but in the overall vibe and appearance.

Pros and Cons


The VicStrip Display's advantages are manifold. It offers a visually stunning design, effective sound treatment, personalized service, versatility in application, and ease of customization. It's a product that can cater to the nuanced needs of various environments, enhancing both their functionality and their aesthetic appeal.


Despite its many strengths, the VicStrip Display is not without its maintenance requirements. To preserve its visual allure and acoustic properties, users will need to commit to a maintenance schedule. Additionally, the cost associated with personalized services and high-quality materials may be a consideration for some potential users.

Final Thoughts

The Vicoustic VicStrip Display is a product that stands out in the market for its blend of form and function. It addresses the acoustic needs of a space without neglecting its visual impact. For users who place a premium on aesthetics as much as acoustic performance, the VicStrip Display is a compelling option. It's a product that delivers on its promises and, with proper maintenance, will continue to serve as both a visual and acoustic asset for years to come.


Product Information

  • Product Name: Vicoustic VicStrip Display
  • Product Type: Acoustic panel sample kit
  • Manufacturer: Vicoustic
  • Included Items: 6 samples with different finishes
  • Description: The VicStrip Sample Kit includes 6 samples with the finishes available, providing the perfect solution to choose which finish fits better in your room.

Acoustic Performance

  • NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient): 0.45
  • Frequency Absorption: Medium and High Frequencies


  • Primary Material: Laminated High-Density Fire Rated VicPET Wool
  • Sustainability: Produced mainly from recycled plastic bottles
  • Emissions: Low-emissions material


  • Size Options: 240x60cm, 270x60cm
  • Tolerance: +/- 2mm

Aesthetic Features

  • Color Options: White Matte, Black Matte
  • Wood Patterns: Natural Oak, Brown Oak, Natural Walnut, Dark Walnut
  • Finish: Premium scratch-resistant thermal lamination


  • Method: Can be glued or screwed to walls and ceilings
  • Tools Required: No heavy-duty woodworking tools
  • Assembly Time: Approximately 2 minutes per square meter
  • Joints: Nearly invisible for seamless finish

Durability and Resistance

  • Water Resistance: Yes
  • Humidity Resistance: Yes
  • Dust Generation: Does not generate dust

Customization and Flexibility

  • Custom Colors: Available under specific requirements
  • Adaptability: Adaptable to various surfaces and shapes


  • Office Use: Improve communication clarity and reduce distractions
  • Home Use: Enhance home theater or living space sound quality
  • Installation Caution: Do not apply VMT panels behind radiators or too close to a heat source


  • Look Book: PDF
  • Installation Manual: PDF
  • BIM: ZIP
  • Product Info: PDF
  • Care Instructions: Available

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