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Vicoustic Super Bass 90

Corner-mount bass trap with Helmholtz resonator

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Vicoustic Super Bass 90

Elevate Your Audio Experience with Precision

Imagine stepping into a room where every note of your favorite song, every sound effect in that blockbuster movie, and every detail of an immersive game is crystal clear. Sound is a critical component of our sensory experience, and for audio enthusiasts and professionals alike, precision in sound is non-negotiable. Enter the Vicoustic Super Bass 90 – a bass trap designed not just to enhance but to redefine your auditory experience.

Unrivaled Acoustic Performance

The Vicoustic Super Bass 90 is engineered to address the most challenging aspect of sound treatment – low frequencies. These frequencies are notorious for creating resonating waves that can lead to a 'boomy' and muddled sound. The Super Bass 90 utilizes Vicoustic's patented technology to tame these unruly low frequencies, providing a cleaner, tighter bass response.

  • Patented Technology: At the heart of this bass trap is a micro-perforated panel that acts as a tuned Helmholtz resonator. This innovative design is the key to its high-performance low-frequency absorption.
  • Absorption Coefficients: With an absorption range of approximately 0.5-0.7 at the tuned frequency and around 0.3 of broadband absorption, the Super Bass 90 effectively minimizes the impact of low-end waves.
  • Design: The visually stunning wood front panel isn't just for aesthetics – it serves the dual purpose of controlling corner reflections and acting as a diffuser, striking the perfect balance between sound diffusion and absorption.

Aesthetic Meets Function

The Vicoustic Super Bass 90 breaks the mold with a design that is as visually appealing as it is functional. Its low profile and stackable nature mean that it integrates seamlessly into any space without being obtrusive. Designed for corner mounting, the Super Bass 90 is not only a statement piece but also a testament to space efficiency.

  • Visual Appeal: With its elegant design, the Super Bass 90 elevates the look of any studio or home theater setup.
  • Space Efficiency: The stackable and corner-mount design maximizes the use of space, which is particularly beneficial in smaller rooms or studios where every inch counts.

Compatibility and Integration

The Vicoustic Super Bass 90 is not a standalone solution but an excellent complement to your existing acoustic treatment setup. It pairs exceptionally well with other products, particularly the Studio Line absorption panels, to create a comprehensive sound treatment that covers the full spectrum of frequencies.

  • Seamless Integration: Designed to work in harmony with other acoustic products, enhancing the overall effectiveness of your sound treatment.
  • Versatility: Whether you're a recording artist, a home cinema enthusiast, or a gamer, the Super Bass 90 adapts to your unique acoustic needs.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Product Type: Bass Trap
  • Quantity: 4-pack
  • Function: Treating low frequencies
  • Shape: Unique design for corner mounting
  • Compatibility: Complements a wide range of acoustic products
  • Technology: Vicoustic patented technology
  • Dimensions: Precision-engineered with a tolerance of +/- 2mm
  • Color: Sophisticated aesthetics with a slight color variation

The Vicoustic Difference

Vicoustic is renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation in acoustic treatment. The Super Bass 90 embodies this ethos, leveraging advanced technology to solve complex acoustic challenges. It's not just about absorbing sound; it's about enhancing the fidelity of the audio you love.

  • Patented Solutions: Vicoustic's commitment to research and development means you benefit from the latest advancements in acoustic treatment.
  • Quality Materials: High-quality materials ensure that the Super Bass 90 not only performs exceptionally but also stands the test of time.

Maximizing Your Space

Whether you're dealing with a compact home studio or a spacious media room, the Super Bass 90 is designed to integrate into your environment without compromising on performance. Its stackable design means that you can build up your acoustic treatment as required, ensuring that you have the right amount of bass trapping for your specific space.

  • Stackable Design: Build up your bass trapping to suit your room's requirements.
  • Corner Mounting: Utilize often-neglected corner space for optimal sound treatment.

The Aesthetics of Sound

We often think of sound treatment as a purely functional endeavor, but the Super Bass 90 challenges that notion. With its stylish design, it serves as both an acoustic solution and a visual enhancement to your space.

  • Stylish Design: A sleek, modern look that complements any interior design.
  • Visual Consistency: Despite slight color variations, the Super Bass 90 maintains a cohesive aesthetic across each unit.

Easy to Integrate

Setting up the Vicoustic Super Bass 90 is straightforward, ensuring that you can get on with the business of enjoying pristine sound without delay. And with a set of four included in each package, you can start to experience the benefits of professional-grade bass trapping right out of the box.

  • Ease of Installation: Simple setup means you're only steps away from better sound.
  • Packaging: Sold in sets of four, so you have everything you need to get started.

In Summary

The Vicoustic Super Bass 90 represents the pinnacle of low-frequency sound treatment. It's a product that marries form and function, providing not only an effective solution to the problem of low-frequency resonance but also an aesthetic enhancement to any space. With its patented technology, elegant design, and compatibility with other acoustic products, the Super Bass 90 is an indispensable tool for anyone serious about sound.

At Dreamedia, we understand the importance of perfecting your home theater or studio environment. That's why we're not just here to offer you products like the Vicoustic Super Bass 90; we're here to design and integrate your entire audio experience. Trust us to bring out the best in your sound with solutions that look as good as they perform.

Our Review

Vicoustic Super Bass 90 Review


The quest for pristine sound quality in any studio or acoustic space often leads to the critical conversation around low-frequency management. Bass traps are vital components in this dialogue, as they address the notorious challenges of bass frequency build-up, particularly in corners. The Vicoustic Super Bass 90 enters this arena with a promise of sophistication in both form and function. My initial impression of the Super Bass 90 is one of intrigue, drawn by its low-profile design and the promise of patented technology aimed at taming the low-end beast.


Aesthetic Appeal

The Vicoustic Super Bass 90 shatters the conventional image of bulky foam bass traps. Its sleek, wood-finished front panel is a nod to modern design sensibilities, making it not just an acoustic treatment, but also a piece of studio décor. The stackable, corner-mount design is clever, ensuring that the Super Bass 90 can be as visually discreet or prominent as desired, blending seamlessly with a variety of interior spaces.

Build Quality

Upon closer inspection, the Super Bass 90's build quality is evident. The combination of wood and micro-perforated panels suggests durability and meticulous engineering. The solidity of the construction hints at the serious acoustic purpose behind its elegant exterior.

Installation Ease

The corner-mounting design of the Super Bass 90 is both a space-saving measure and a nod to ease of installation. While the mounting process itself is straightforward, ensuring precise placement for optimal acoustic impact might require some planning and possibly assistance, depending on the studio setup.


Patented Technology

Vicoustic's patented technology within the Super Bass 90 is the linchpin of its performance. The innovation lies in the synergy between the micro-perforated panel and the internal materials, engineered to target specific low-frequency ranges with precision. This approach is a departure from traditional bass traps that often rely on sheer mass and density to absorb lower frequencies.

Micro-Perforated Panel

The micro-perforated panel is at the heart of the Super Bass 90's Helmholtz resonator design. Acting as a fine-tuned acoustic filter, it targets a specific range of low frequencies, which is particularly useful for studios that have identified their problematic frequencies. This precision is a double-edged sword; while it offers targeted treatment, it may also require additional traps to cover the full spectrum of bass frequencies present in a room.

Wood Front Panel

The wood front panel serves a dual purpose: it aids in managing corner reflections and doubles as a diffuser. This multi-functionality is a thoughtful feature, as it helps to balance the room's overall sound by scattering high-frequency waves, preventing the over-dampening that can occur with absorption-only treatments.


Low-Frequency Control

In practice, the Super Bass 90 demonstrates a commendable control over low-end frequencies. The absorption coefficients suggest a strong performance around the tuned frequency, with a degree of broadband absorption. This targeted control can be a game-changer in rooms where specific low-frequency modes dominate and create acoustic issues.

Space Efficiency

The design of the Super Bass 90 maximizes space efficiency. By being corner-mountable and stackable, it allows for vertical expansion, which is a boon for smaller studios or rooms where every square inch counts. This efficient use of space does not come at the cost of performance, making it an intelligent choice for the space-conscious audio professional.

Sound Diffusion and Absorption Balance

Achieving a balance between sound diffusion and absorption is often a delicate dance in acoustic treatment. The Super Bass 90 manages this balance with aplomb. The wood panel's diffusive properties ensure that while low frequencies are being managed, the liveliness and spatial cues in the room's sound are maintained, contributing to a more natural listening environment.

Compatibility with Other Acoustic Treatment

The Vicoustic Super Bass 90 is designed to complement the Studio Line absorption panels and other Vicoustic products. This compatibility is advantageous for those looking to create a cohesive and comprehensive acoustic treatment plan, ensuring that all elements work in concert to achieve the desired acoustic environment.

Pros and Cons


The Super Bass 90's utilization of patented technology for effective low-frequency treatment is its standout feature. The visually stunning design is not merely aesthetic; it serves the dual purpose of function and form, enhancing the studio environment while providing precise acoustic control. The Helmholtz resonator technology's effectiveness in controlling low-end frequencies is notable, offering a targeted approach that can be more effective than traditional broadband treatments in certain scenarios. The corner-mounting design's space efficiency makes it an ideal choice for studios with limited space. Lastly, the balance of sound diffusion and absorption provided by the wood front panel design is a testament to Vicoustic's commitment to acoustic excellence.


The focused nature of the Super Bass 90's absorption may be a limitation for some users. It's designed to absorb primarily at the tuned frequency, which means that it may not be as effective across a wider range of low frequencies as broadband traps. This may necessitate the use of additional bass traps to comprehensively manage a room's low-frequency response, leading to higher costs and more complex installation requirements.

Use Cases

The Vicoustic Super Bass 90 is particularly well-suited for small to medium-sized studios where space is at a premium and for rooms with identified low-frequency issues that require targeted treatment. It's also ideal for audio professionals who value aesthetics as much as acoustic performance, looking to maintain a certain visual standard in their work environment.


When compared to other bass traps on the market, the Super Bass 90 stands out for its design and targeted low-frequency control. However, when it comes to broad-spectrum absorption, some may prefer traditional, thicker broadband traps that can handle a wider range of frequencies. In terms of cost, the Super Bass 90 is positioned as a premium product, which may not fit all budgets, especially when multiple units are required to achieve desired results.

Final Thoughts

The Vicoustic Super Bass 90 is a thoughtfully designed bass trap that merges aesthetic appeal with acoustic precision. Its patented technology and Helmholtz resonator-based approach offer a sophisticated solution to managing low-frequency issues. While it may not be the one-size-fits-all solution for every low-frequency problem, its performance in targeted scenarios is impressive. Potential buyers should consider their specific acoustic challenges, space constraints, and aesthetic desires when evaluating the Super Bass 90, as it offers a unique combination of features that may be exactly what the acoustician ordered for certain studio environments.



  • Product Name: Vicoustic Super Bass 90
  • Product Type: Bass Trap
  • Quantity: 4 units per package


  • Application: Treatment of low frequencies
  • Frequency Range: Optimized for treating low frequencies


  • Shape: Unique shape designed to minimize resonating waves and 'boomy' sound
  • Color Variation: Slight variation may occur between different batches


  • Compatibility: Excellent complement to other acoustic products
  • Complement: Perfect complement to the Studio Line absorption panels


  • Technology: Utilizes Vicoustic patented technology


  • Dimensions Tolerance: +/- 2mm

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