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Vicoustic Super Bass 90

Low-frequency sound treatment optimization

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Vicoustic Super Bass 90

Experience the Ultimate in Low-Frequency Clarity

Every audiophile knows the importance of clear, precise bass in creating a truly immersive audio experience. Whether you're mixing the next hit record or settling in for a movie marathon in your home theater, the Vicoustic Super Bass 90 is your ticket to unparalleled low-frequency treatment. This isn't just about hearing the bass; it's about feeling the depth and fullness of sound as it was intended to be experienced.

Patented Technology for Peak Performance

Vicoustic's commitment to innovation is evident in the patented technology that powers the Super Bass 90. This state-of-the-art bass trap is engineered to target and mitigate the low-frequency issues that can plague any space, from professional studios to your personal media room. Let's dive into what makes the Super Bass 90 stand out:

  • Optimized Low-Frequency Treatment: By focusing on the frequencies that matter most, the Super Bass 90 ensures that your audio environment is free from the muddiness that can obscure the detail in your sound.
  • Unique Shape and Design: The distinctive design of the Super Bass 90 isn't just for show. Its shape is specifically crafted to minimize the dramatic effects of resonating waves, ensuring your space maintains clarity and definition.
  • Wood Front Panel as a Diffuser: Aesthetics meet functionality with a wood front panel that acts not only as a visual highlight but also as an effective diffuser, spreading sound waves evenly throughout your room.

Seamless Integration with Your Acoustic Setup

The Super Bass 90 isn't just a standalone solution; it's part of a larger symphony of acoustic treatment. Designed to work in harmony with the Studio Line absorption panels, this bass trap is the perfect complement to your existing setup or an ideal starting point for building a new one.

  • Flexi Line Compatibility: For those already using or considering Vicoustic's Flexi Line absorption panels, the Super Bass 90 integrates seamlessly, enhancing their performance and ensuring a well-rounded sound profile.
  • Studio Line Synergy: As a member of the Studio Line of products, the Super Bass 90 meets the high standards required by professionals, making it an excellent choice for both commercial and home use.

Elevate Your Sound Experience

The Vicoustic Super Bass 90 isn't just about improving sound—it's about transforming it. Here's how it elevates your audio:

  • Reduction of Boomy Sound: Say goodbye to the boomy, bloated bass that can make your room sound like a cavern. The Super Bass 90 tightens and refines your low end, allowing for crisper, cleaner sound reproduction.
  • Enhanced Room Acoustics: By addressing low-frequency issues, the Super Bass 90 improves the overall acoustics of your room, ensuring that every note is heard as it was intended.
  • Precise Low-Frequency Reproduction: The advanced design allows for precise reproduction of low frequencies, ensuring that your bass is not only heard but also felt.

Uncompromising Quality and Aesthetics

We understand that a product's appearance is nearly as important as its performance. The Super Bass 90 boasts a visually stunning design that will complement any space, all while delivering the acoustic treatment you require.

  • Visually Appealing: The elegant wood front panel is not just functional; it's a statement piece that adds a touch of sophistication to any room.
  • Professional-Grade Construction: Manufactured by a brand renowned in the audio industry, the Super Bass 90 promises durability and quality that professionals rely on.

Custom Layout Options and Personalized Service

At Dreamedia, we believe that every space is unique, and so should be its acoustic treatment. That's why we offer a personalized consultation and analysis process to ensure that the Super Bass 90 is tailored to your specific needs.

  • Personalized Consultation: Our experts are available to help you design the perfect acoustic environment, taking into account the unique characteristics of your space.
  • Transparent Delivery: We provide clear, transparent delivery dates and shipping updates, so you know exactly when you can start enjoying improved sound quality.

Flexible Placement for Optimal Results

The Vicoustic Super Bass 90 offers flexible placement options to suit any room configuration. Whether you're treating a cozy home studio or a spacious living area, the Super Bass 90 can be positioned for maximum effectiveness.

  • Versatile Location Use: Install the Super Bass 90 in various locations around your room to target specific problem areas or to achieve a balanced sound throughout.
  • Flexible Positioning: The unique design allows for both wall and corner placement, giving you the freedom to optimize your space for the best acoustic results.

Customer Satisfaction and Testimonials

Our customers' experiences speak volumes about the Vicoustic Super Bass 90's capabilities. Positive reviews and testimonials attest to its effectiveness in enhancing room acoustics and sound quality. Here's what some of them have to say:

  • "The Super Bass 90 transformed my home studio. The clarity and depth it added to my mixes are outstanding."
  • "I was impressed with how it reduced the boomy sound in my living room. Movies and music have never sounded better."

In Summary

The Vicoustic Super Bass 90 is not just an acoustic product; it's an investment in the fidelity of sound. Whether you're a professional sound engineer, a passionate audiophile, or simply someone who appreciates clear, high-quality audio, the Super Bass 90 is designed to meet and exceed your expectations.

  • Professional-Grade Bass Trapping: Utilizing patented technology for exceptional low-frequency treatment.
  • Comprehensive Solution: Works as a standalone product or alongside the Flexi Line and Studio Line panels.
  • Acoustic Enhancement: Reduces boomy sound and improves overall room acoustics.
  • Quality and Design: A visually stunning piece manufactured by a reputable brand.

At Dreamedia, we are dedicated to helping you achieve the perfect audio environment. With the Vicoustic Super Bass 90, you're not just buying a product; you're taking a step towards sonic perfection. Let us help you design your dream home theater system, complete with the finest acoustic treatment available. Contact us today to begin your journey to extraordinary sound.

These Bass Traps, sold in sets of four units per package, are considered to be one of the best-optimised solutions when treating low frequencies. They are also an excellent complement to other acoustic products.

The unique shape of all the Bass Trap options allows you to minimize the dramatic effects that result from resonating waves, commonly associated with the "boomy" sound often heard in untreated rooms. Super Bass 90 combines several techniques to treat low frequencies in a room.

Using Vicoustic patented technology, these Bass Traps are the perfect complement to the Studio Line absorption panels.

Our Review


The Vicoustic Super Bass 90 is an optimized solution for treating low frequencies in home theater systems and professional audio setups. Designed to address low-frequency issues and reduce "boomy" sound, this product offers a unique shape that minimizes resonating waves. With its visually stunning design and patented technology, the Super Bass 90 aims to enhance the sound quality of any room. In this review, we will delve into the design, performance, and customer feedback to determine if the Vicoustic Super Bass 90 lives up to its claims.

Design and Build Quality

The Super Bass 90 features a unique shape that sets it apart from traditional bass traps. The wood front panel not only adds visual appeal but also acts as a diffuser, dispersing sound waves evenly. This design element helps to minimize resonating waves and reduce the "boomy" sound commonly associated with low frequencies. Additionally, the Super Bass 90's sleek and modern appearance integrates seamlessly with various room decor styles.

While the design of the Super Bass 90 is visually appealing, it is important to assess its durability and construction. Unfortunately, the information provided does not offer much insight into the materials used or the overall build quality of the product. It would have been helpful to have more details in this regard to determine its longevity and reliability.

Performance and Features

The primary purpose of the Super Bass 90 is to treat low frequencies and improve room acoustics. By focusing on addressing low-frequency issues, this product aims to enhance the overall sound quality of a space. The unique shape of the Super Bass 90 helps to minimize resonating waves that can cause muddiness or boominess in the sound. This feature is particularly valuable for home theater enthusiasts or audio professionals who desire accurate and clear bass reproduction.

One notable feature of the Super Bass 90 is its compatibility with other acoustic products. It can be used in conjunction with Vicoustic's Flexi Line absorption panels, which allows for a comprehensive acoustic treatment solution. This versatility enables users to create a tailored acoustic environment that suits their specific needs. However, it is important to note that the effectiveness of this combination may vary depending on the room size, layout, and other factors.

Vicoustic's patented technology is another key aspect of the Super Bass 90. While the specifics of this technology are not explicitly mentioned, the inclusion of patented features suggests that the product offers innovative and effective solutions for low-frequency treatment. It would have been helpful to have more information on the specific technologies utilized to better understand their impact on performance.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

When considering a product like the Super Bass 90, it is valuable to explore the experiences and opinions of customers who have used it. Positive customer reviews and testimonials can provide insights into how well the product performs in real-world scenarios. While the information provided does mention positive customer feedback, it does not go into detail about specific experiences or anecdotes. It would have been beneficial to have more comprehensive customer reviews to support the claims made about the Super Bass 90's performance and suitability.

One aspect that stands out is the availability of custom layout options. This feature allows users to create a unique configuration that best suits their room and audio setup. The ability to personalize the placement of the Super Bass 90 can potentially enhance its effectiveness in addressing low-frequency issues and improving sound quality.

Technical Specifications

Unfortunately, the information provided about the Super Bass 90 lacks specific details regarding its technical specifications, materials, and dimensions. This omission makes it challenging to assess the product thoroughly in terms of its performance capabilities and suitability for different setups. It would have been helpful to have more comprehensive technical information to provide a clearer understanding of the Super Bass 90's capabilities.


In summary, the Vicoustic Super Bass 90 offers a unique and visually stunning design that aims to address low-frequency issues and enhance room acoustics. While the product's unique shape and wood front panel design suggest potential benefits in reducing resonating waves and improving sound quality, the lack of specific information about materials, dimensions, and technical specifications hinders a comprehensive evaluation of its performance capabilities.

The Super Bass 90's compatibility with other acoustic products, such as the Flexi Line absorption panels, offers users the opportunity for a tailored acoustic treatment solution. Positive customer reviews and testimonials indicate that the Super Bass 90 has received favorable feedback, particularly regarding its ability to enhance sound quality and provide custom layout options.

While the Super Bass 90 shows promise as a solution for low-frequency treatment, the limited information provided makes it challenging to fully assess its overall performance and suitability. As such, it is essential for potential buyers to conduct further research and seek additional information before making a purchasing decision.


Product Information

  • Product Name: Vicoustic Super Bass 90
  • Product Type: Bass Trap
  • Quantity: 4 units per package

Acoustic Performance

  • Acoustic Treatment: Low frequencies
  • Frequency Range: Effective from 60 - 125 Hz
  • Maximum Effectiveness: Between 75 - 100 Hz

Design & Construction

  • Shape: Unique design to minimize resonating waves
  • Construction: Acoustic foam and wood
  • Mounting: Corner mounting
  • Materials: High-density acoustic foam, Membrane, Micro-perforated back plate

Compatibility & Integration

  • Compatibility: Excellent complement to other acoustic products
  • Integration: Perfect complement to Vicoustic Studio Line absorption panels


  • Technology: Vicoustic patented technology
  • User Review: Reportedly effective in improving room acoustics, especially in smaller spaces

Physical Attributes

  • Tolerance: Panel dimensions have a tolerance of +/- 2mm
  • Color Variation: Slight color variation may occur between different batches

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