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Vicoustic Cinema Round

Acoustic panels for low-frequency absorption

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Vicoustic Cinema Round

Elevate Your Acoustic Experience

Imagine stepping into your home theater and being enveloped by the crystal-clear sound of your favorite film or music. The Vicoustic Cinema Round isn't just an acoustic absorber panel; it's a gateway to an immersive auditory experience. Crafted for the connoisseur of sound, this premium acoustic solution addresses the nuanced needs of sound control with a modern, aesthetic touch.

Why Vicoustic Cinema Round?

The Vicoustic Cinema Round panels are meticulously designed to control sound reflections and excess reverberation, ensuring that every note and dialogue is heard with pristine clarity. The high-density foam layers, fronted with Vicoustic's elegant Wavewood panels, not only enhance your room's acoustic properties but also add a sophisticated flair to your decor.

Unparalleled Acoustic Performance

  • Broadband Performance: Engage in an auditory journey with the panel's broadband performance, capturing medium-low to high frequencies.
  • Absorption Frequency Range: Specifically targeting medium and high frequencies, the panels maintain a balanced sound profile in your space.
  • Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC): With an NRC of 0.95, these panels stand out for their exceptional ability to dampen noise.
  • Low Frequency Absorption: Engineered to effectively absorb frequencies between 60 to 125 Hz, they excel between 75 to 100 Hz, mitigating the muddy audio often found in home theaters.

Aesthetic Meets Function

In a Celestial Blue color, Vicoustic Cinema Round panels offer a refreshing alternative to the common acoustic treatments. Each panel's fabric-covered design exudes a modern and stylish appearance that complements your space while providing maximum acoustic efficiency.

Flexibility in Design and Installation

  • Installation Ease: With the option of non-permanent installation using the VicFix J Profile and VicFix Base, you can adjust the acoustic treatment as your room evolves.
  • Dimensions and Tolerance: Each panel is precisely cut to 595 x 595 x 75 mm, with a minimal tolerance of +/- 2mm, ensuring a perfect fit every time.
  • Package Convenience: Sold in a box of 8, the panels arrive ready for installation, complete with a gross weight of 10.4 kg for easy handling.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Type: Premium Acoustic Panel for absorption and diffusion.
  • Material: Polyurethane foam and Fabric for high acoustic performance and elegant texture.
  • Shape & Color: Circular panels in Premium Black and Celestial Blue, offering versatility in design.
  • Function: Absorption, perfect for sound control in critical listening environments.
  • Stability & Fire Rate: High stability with Euroclass F fire rating, ensuring safety and durability.

Installation and Specifications

  • Fixation Options: Choose from Flexi Glue Ultra or VicFix Base for secure panel mounting.
  • Compatibility: Designed to work seamlessly with VicFix J Profile, accommodating various installation preferences.
  • Physical Specifications: Uniform dimensions and slight color variation between batches for consistent quality.
  • Fire Rate Specifications: Adhering to Euroclass F standards for peace of mind.

The Pros of Vicoustic Cinema Round

When it comes to enhancing your audio experience, the Vicoustic Cinema Round panels offer a suite of benefits that make them an indispensable addition to any home theater or studio:

  • Effective Sound Quality Improvement: By absorbing low frequencies, these panels contribute to a clearer and more defined sound in your space.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: Move beyond functionality with an acoustic solution that is as visually appealing as it is effective.
  • Flexibility and Convenience: The option for non-permanent installation and easy configuration caters to the dynamic nature of your living space.
  • Comprehensive Acoustic Treatment: With both absorption and diffusion properties, these panels provide a complete solution for your acoustic needs.
  • High Absorption Coefficient: The very high and linear absorption coefficient ensures consistent performance across the panel's surface.
  • Elegant and Efficient Design: Enjoy the modern design that doesn't compromise on acoustic efficiency.

Integrating Vicoustic Cinema Round into Your Space

Whether you're a professional sound engineer or a home theater enthusiast, the Vicoustic Cinema Round is designed to meet your high standards. Dreamedia is here to help you integrate these premium panels into your space, ensuring that you achieve the perfect balance of form and function.

Addressing Your Concerns

Understandably, you may have reservations about investing in acoustic panels. With the Vicoustic Cinema Round, you're not just purchasing a product; you're investing in an experience. The combination of visual appeal, exceptional sound absorption, and easy installation makes these panels a wise choice for anyone serious about their listening environment.

Ready to Transform Your Sound Experience?

The Vicoustic Cinema Round is more than just an acoustic panel. It's a statement of sophistication and a testament to your dedication to quality sound. With Dreamedia, you can rest assured that your acoustic needs will be met with expertise and care.

  • For Sound That Matches Your Vision: Choose Vicoustic Cinema Round.
  • For a Room That Embodies Elegance: Trust in Vicoustic's design.
  • For an Experience That Resonates: Let Dreamedia lead the way.

Elevate your listening environment with the Vicoustic Cinema Round and feel the harmony of exceptional sound wrapped in aesthetic perfection.

Our Review

Vicoustic Cinema Round Acoustic Panels Review


The quest for pristine audio quality in home theaters and recording studios is a journey that often leads to the shores of acoustic treatment. Among the myriad solutions vying for attention, the Vicoustic Cinema Round acoustic panels present themselves as a contender. This review will delve into the various facets of the Vicoustic Cinema Round, a product that promises to blend functionality with aesthetics to elevate the auditory experience.


Aesthetic Appeal

Gone are the days when acoustic panels were mere functional eyesores. The Vicoustic Cinema Round panels, with their Celestial Blue hue, offer a refreshing departure from the monotonous black and burlap treatments that have long dominated the market. This choice of color not only injects vibrancy into a space but also allows the panels to serve as a statement piece within the decor.

Material Quality and Durability

Composed of high-density foam and fronted by Vicoustic's elegant Wavewood panels, the Vicoustic Cinema Round is a testament to quality materials. However, despite their premium feel, they do have a few vulnerabilities. The surface is not scratch-resistant, which could be a concern in high-traffic areas or studios prone to equipment movement. Furthermore, the lack of washability might pose a challenge for long-term maintenance, especially in environments where cleanliness is paramount.

Size and Installation

Each panel measures 595 x 595 x 75mm, a size that is large enough to make a significant acoustic impact while still being manageable during the installation process. Speaking of installation, the panels can be affixed with the VicFix J Profile fixation system, which is sold separately. This system allows for a non-permanent setup, providing flexibility for those who may wish to modify their room's acoustics in the future. However, the installation process may not be as straightforward as one would hope, potentially requiring additional hands or expertise to ensure a stable and accurate setup.


Sound Absorption and Diffusion

The Vicoustic Cinema Round panels are not just about looks; they are engineered to tackle sound from medium-low to high frequencies effectively. They boast an impressive absorption range between 60 to 125 Hz, peaking between 75 to 100 Hz. This range is particularly crucial for controlling low-frequency sounds, which are often the bane of home theater and studio settings. Additionally, the panels offer diffusion properties, meaning they can scatter sound waves, reducing focal points of reflections and creating a more even sound distribution.

Versatility and Adaptability

The Vicoustic Cinema Round panels are designed to be versatile, allowing users to employ them in a variety of configurations to best suit their acoustic needs. The non-permanent installation option is a boon for those who anticipate future changes to their space, be it due to renovation or the desire to tweak room acoustics as preferences evolve.

Safety and Compliance

One aspect that cannot be overlooked is the panels' Euroclass F fire rating. While this may be suitable for typical home use, it might not meet the stricter standards required in some commercial or professional environments. Users should consider this when assessing the suitability of the panels for their specific needs.


Acoustic Efficiency

On the performance front, the Vicoustic Cinema Round panels are quite formidable. Their broadband performance across medium-low to high frequencies is paired with a very high and linear absorption coefficient, leading to a significant reduction in unwanted reverberation and echoes. The Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.95 is indicative of the panels' ability to absorb 95% of the sound that hits them, a figure that underscores their acoustic efficiency.

Room Acoustics Transformation

The practical impact of these panels is substantial. In a home theater, for instance, they can sharpen the clarity of dialogue and enhance the overall balance of the soundstage. In recording studios, they can help in achieving cleaner recordings by minimizing room-induced coloration. Their ability to control sound reflections and excess reverberation can transform an acoustically untreated room into a more focused and sonically pleasing environment.


Installation Process

The installation of the Vicoustic Cinema Round panels, while not overly complex, does demand attention to detail. The process involves using the VicFix J Profile fixation system along with the VicFix Base, which allows for precise alignment and secure attachment of the panels to the walls. It is advisable to follow the manufacturer's instructions closely and allow sufficient curing time for adhesives to prevent the panels from detaching prematurely.

Potential Installation Issues

The installation could be marred by challenges related to the adhesive's curing time and the potential for panels to fall if not properly cured. Users should prepare for these eventualities by ensuring a controlled environment during the installation and allowing ample time for adhesives to set. Additionally, since the panels are not scratch-resistant, care must be taken during installation to avoid damaging their aesthetic appeal.

Practical Considerations

Cost vs. Performance

The Vicoustic Cinema Round panels represent a significant investment in acoustic treatment. While their performance is commendable, the cost factor cannot be ignored. Users must weigh the price against the extent of acoustic improvement required in their space and consider whether a full or partial treatment is necessary to achieve their desired sound quality.

Maintenance and Longevity

Given their material composition and the installation method, the Vicoustic Cinema Round panels are expected to have a lengthy lifespan, provided they are treated with care. The non-washable nature of the panels means that keeping them dust-free and in pristine condition will require regular, gentle cleaning with appropriate tools.

Final Thoughts

The Vicoustic Cinema Round panels stand out as a high-performing, aesthetically pleasing solution for acoustic treatment. Their effective sound absorption and diffusion capabilities make them a strong contender for those seeking to refine their audio environment. The installation process, while potentially cumbersome, is a small price to pay for the acoustic benefits they deliver.

The panels' broad frequency range performance, coupled with their modern design, position them as a premium option for both home theater enthusiasts and professional studio operators. However, potential buyers must consider the total cost of ownership, including the possibility of additional installation accessories and the need for careful handling due to the panels' sensitivity to scratches and lack of washability.

For those who prioritize acoustic quality and are willing to invest in a top-tier solution, the Vicoustic Cinema Round panels are an excellent choice. Their ability to transform a room's acoustics and contribute to a more immersive audio experience is undeniable. Buyers should, however, carefully assess their specific needs, room characteristics, and compliance requirements before making a decision.

In summary, the Vicoustic Cinema Round panels are a sophisticated blend of form and function, offering a sound investment for those who seek to elevate their auditory experience.


General Specifications

  • Product Name: Vicoustic Cinema Round
  • Type: Acoustic Absorber Panel
  • Shape: Circular
  • Color: Premium Black
  • Material: Polyurethane foam and Fabric
  • Design: Modern design with maximum acoustic efficiency
  • Function: Absorption
  • Application: Sound control for various settings including studios, home theaters, and critical listening environments
  • Stability: High
  • Scratch Resistance: No
  • Washable: No

Performance Specifications

  • Functionality: Controls sound reflections and excess reverberation
  • Broadband Performance: Medium-low to high frequencies
  • Absorption Frequency Range: Medium and High Frequencies
  • Absorption Coefficient: Very high and linear
  • NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient): 0.95

Physical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 595 x 595 x 75 mm
  • Dimensions Tolerance: +/- 2mm
  • Color Variation: Slight variation may occur between different batches

Fire Rate Specifications

  • Europe: Euroclass F

Packaging Information

  • Units/Box: 8
  • Box Dimensions: 630 x 630 x 620 mm
  • Box Gross Weight: 10.4 kg

Installation Specifications

  • Fixation: Flexi Glue Ultra, VicFix Base
  • Compatible with VicFix J Profile: Yes

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