VIABLUE SC-4 Bi-Wire T6S Crimp - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Bi-Wire T6S Crimp - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Bi-Wire T6S Crimp - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Bi-Wire T6S Crimp - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Bi-Wire T6S Crimp - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Bi-Wire T6S Crimp - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Bi-Wire T6S Crimp - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Bi-Wire T6S Crimp - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Bi-Wire T6S Crimp - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Bi-Wire T6S Crimp - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Bi-Wire T6S Crimp - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Bi-Wire T6S Crimp - Dreamedia AV

VIABLUE SC-4 Bi-Wire T6S Crimp

High-End Bi-Wire Speaker Cable with T6S Crimp Technology

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VIABLUE SC-4 Bi-Wire T6S Crimp

Elevate Your Audio: Discover the VIABLUE SC-4 Bi-Wire T6S Crimp

In the quest for acoustic perfection, every detail counts. The VIABLUE SC-4 Bi-Wire T6S Crimp speaker cable is more than just a conduit for sound – it's a meticulously designed, high-fidelity pathway that brings the nuances of live performances into your living space. With the VIABLUE SC-4, audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts can experience sound that's as vibrant and textured as the artist intended.

Designed for Excellence

The VIABLUE SC-4 is specifically tailored for bi-wiring setups, which separates the transmission paths for high and low frequencies. This approach can significantly enhance the clarity and depth of your audio, providing a richer and more detailed soundstage. The high-purity OFC conductors ensure maximum conductivity, while the generous cross-sectional area of 4x 4 mm² allows for efficient signal transmission without loss.

Uncompromised Signal Integrity

With a focus on preserving signal integrity, the VIABLUE SC-4 has been engineered to maintain an excellent transmission of audio signals. This is achieved through the use of T6S Crimp Technology, which guarantees secure and reliable connections that withstand the test of time. The high-quality PVC jacket not only protects the cable from physical damage but also serves as an insulator against electromagnetic interference, ensuring that nothing stands between you and your music.

Versatile and User-Friendly

One of the VIABLUE SC-4's key advantages is its compatibility with a wide range of audio systems and speakers. Whether you're setting up a new home theater or upgrading your existing audio installation, these cables are designed to integrate seamlessly. With various length options available, you can tailor your setup to your specific needs, ensuring that your space is both functional and free from unnecessary clutter.

Durability Meets Design

Durability should never come at the expense of aesthetics, and with the VIABLUE SC-4, it doesn't have to. The robust construction and high-quality materials are matched by an aesthetically pleasing design that complements any home theater setup. Attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the cable's construction, from the silvered OFC copper strands that deliver crystal-clear high frequencies to the tinned OFC copper strands that ensure precise and powerful bass reproduction.

A Sound Investment

The VIABLUE SC-4 Bi-Wire T6S Crimp speaker cable is the result of a thorough development process, combining decades of experience with modern production methods. This means you're investing in a product that has been crafted with functionality, quality, and design at its core. The result is a unique sound experience that brings your audio to life, with a linear representation and reproduction of all frequencies.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Bi-Wire Configuration: Tailored for bi-wiring to enhance audio clarity and depth
  • High-Quality OFC Conductors: Ensure maximum conductivity and signal transmission
  • T6S Crimp Technology: For secure and reliable connections
  • High-Quality PVC Insulation: Protects against interference for pure sound
  • Cross-Sectional Area: 4x 4 mm² for efficient signal transmission
  • Various Length Options: Customizable to fit your space and setup
  • Compatibility: Works with a broad range of audio systems and speakers
  • Enhanced Durability: Constructed with robust materials for longevity
  • Aesthetic Design: Visually appealing and complements your home theater

The Sound of Satisfaction

Customer reviews and star ratings reflect the positive impact the VIABLUE SC-4 has had on audio systems worldwide. Users often remark on the enhanced audio performance, praising the dynamic range, and the precise reproduction of sound. The versatility of the cables is another frequently highlighted aspect, with many appreciating the ease with which they can be integrated into different setups.

Your Home Theater, Reimagined

Imagine sitting in your home theater, the lights dimmed, as you press play on your favorite concert recording. With the VIABLUE SC-4 cables connecting your speakers, you are immediately enveloped in sound that's both deep and crystal clear. The dynamic bass and high-frequency notes are rendered with such precision that you feel as though the performance is happening right before your eyes.

Trust in Quality

When you choose VIABLUE SC-4 Bi-Wire T6S Crimp speaker cables, you're not just purchasing a product; you're investing in a legacy of quality. With a development process that prioritizes both functionality and design, you can trust that your audio experience will be transformed. Dreamedia is here to help design your home theater system with the VIABLUE SC-4 as a cornerstone of audio excellence.

Ready to Enhance Your Audio?

The VIABLUE SC-4 Bi-Wire T6S Crimp speaker cables are available now. With Dreamedia's expert guidance, you can design a home theater system that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Don't settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your audio experience. Elevate your sound with VIABLUE SC-4 and hear the difference for yourself.

Experience the pinnacle of audio performance with the VIABLUE SC-4. Connect with us at Dreamedia to design your home theater system today.

VIABLUE™ SC-4 Silver-Series speaker cables: Dynamic and powerful sound

  • 4 conductors: 2 high frequency, 2 low frequency
  • 896 single strands assembled to 4x 7 wrapped bundles combined to 4 single conductors
  • Silvered high frequency conductors, tinned low frequency conductors

Strong, precise with crystal clear highs

  • Silvered OFC copper strands for a precise high frequency rendition
  • Tinned OFC copper strands for powerful and vibrant basses
  • Transmission of all frequencies true to the original

Customized with VIABLUE™ Crimp Sleeves

  • 24 carat real gold-plated

Additional features:

  • VIABLUE™ Cobra braided cable sleeve
  • VIABLUE™ SC-4 splitter – for a neat installation and cable routing

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