VIABLUE SC-4 Bi-Amping T6S Banana - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Bi-Amping T6S Banana - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Bi-Amping T6S Banana - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Bi-Amping T6S Banana - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Bi-Amping T6S Banana - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Bi-Amping T6S Banana - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Bi-Amping T6S Banana - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Bi-Amping T6S Banana - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Bi-Amping T6S Banana - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Bi-Amping T6S Banana - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Bi-Amping T6S Banana - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Bi-Amping T6S Banana - Dreamedia AV
VIABLUE SC-4 Bi-Amping T6S Banana - Dreamedia AV

VIABLUE SC-4 Bi-Amping T6S Banana

High-Fidelity Bi-Amping Speaker Cables with T6S Connectors

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VIABLUE SC-4 Bi-Amping T6S Banana

Unleashing the Full Potential of Sound with VIABLUE SC-4 Bi-Amping T6S Banana

Imagine stepping into a world where every note of your favorite symphony, every strum of a guitar, and every beat of the drum is conveyed with pristine clarity and breathtaking detail. This is the auditory experience that the VIABLUE SC-4 Bi-Amping T6S Banana cables promise to deliver. Engineered with the utmost precision and handcrafted with care in Germany, these cables are the embodiment of excellence in audio transmission.

High-Fidelity Sound Reproduction

At the heart of the VIABLUE SC-4 lies a dedication to high-fidelity sound reproduction. These cables are not just accessories; they are the conduits for the purest audio experience. The meticulous design incorporates:

  • 4 conductors: 2 silvered OFC copper strands for high frequencies and 2 tinned OFC copper strands for bass, ensuring that each spectrum of sound is transmitted with the highest fidelity.
  • Bi-amping configuration: This design allows for a dedicated flow of power to high and low frequencies, resulting in a more dynamic and responsive audio performance.

The Art of Precision and Durability

Crafted with a passion for quality, the VIABLUE SC-4 cables are the epitome of German engineering:

  • Thorough development and testing: Each cable undergoes rigorous testing to ensure flawless performance.
  • Handmade craftsmanship: A testament to decades of experience, each cable is a product of precision and attention to detail.
  • Protective sleeve: The cables are braided with a durable protective sleeve, safeguarding them against physical damage and ensuring long-lasting durability.

Enhanced Audio Performance

The VIABLUE SC-4 Bi-Amping T6S Banana cables are designed to elevate your audio experience:

  • Linear reproduction of all frequencies: Experience the full spectrum of sound, from the deepest bass to the highest treble, without any distortion or loss.
  • Enhanced signal transmission: The quality materials and construction minimize signal loss, ensuring that what you hear is as close to the original recording as possible.
  • Improved sound quality at lower volumes: Discover more detail and nuance in your music, even when played softly.

Ease of Installation and Use

The VIABLUE SC-4 cables are as user-friendly as they are high-performing:

  • Marked cables: No more guessing which cable goes where; the markings make installation a breeze.
  • Factory-installed banana plugs: The T6S Banana connectors come ready to use, eliminating the need for manual installation.
  • Flexible construction: Despite their durability, these cables are designed to be flexible, allowing for easy routing and placement.

The Dreamedia Home Theater Advantage

Dreamedia is committed to bringing you the best in home theater technology, and the VIABLUE SC-4 Bi-Amping T6S Banana cables are no exception. When you choose Dreamedia for your home theater design, you get:

  • Expert guidance: Our knowledgeable staff can help you integrate the VIABLUE SC-4 cables into your system for optimal performance.
  • Custom solutions: We understand that every home theater is unique, and we'll work with you to create a setup that meets your specific needs.

Key Features at a Glance

Let’s break down the remarkable features of the VIABLUE SC-4 Bi-Amping T6S Banana cables:

  • Premium construction: High-quality materials for accurate sound reproduction.
  • Dynamic bass: Precise and powerful bass that brings your audio to life.
  • Clarity in treble: Finest details and brilliance at high frequency ranges.
  • Secure connections: Banana plugs ensure stable and reliable connections.
  • Compatibility: Works seamlessly with various audio equipment.
  • Handcrafted in Germany: Each cable is a product of German precision and quality.

The Ultimate Listening Experience

Whether you're an audiophile, a music enthusiast, or someone who appreciates the finer things in life, the VIABLUE SC-4 Bi-Amping T6S Banana cables are designed to provide an unparalleled listening experience. With these cables, you can expect:

  • First-class listening experience: Every listening session becomes a live performance in the comfort of your own home.
  • Clean and realistic sound: Music and movies sound as the creators intended, with no compromise on quality.
  • Powerful playback: Feel every vibration and pulse of the bass range as if you were standing next to the speaker.

Integrating into Your Audio System

The VIABLUE SC-4 Bi-Amping T6S Banana cables are not just another component; they are a significant upgrade to any audio system. Their flexibility and ease of use make them a perfect choice for:

  • Home theaters: Enhance the cinematic experience with sound quality that rivals professional movie theaters.
  • Hi-Fi systems: Let the purity of sound through these cables be the final touch to your high-fidelity setup.
  • Music studios: Record and playback with cables that capture every detail and nuance of the performance.

Why Choose VIABLUE SC-4?

When you invest in the VIABLUE SC-4 Bi-Amping T6S Banana cables, you are choosing more than just a product; you are choosing a legacy of quality and a commitment to the best sound possible. With these cables, you bring a piece of audio excellence into your home.

Ready to Transform Your Audio Experience?

The VIABLUE SC-4 Bi-Amping T6S Banana cables are available now. Connect with Dreamedia, and let us help you design the home theater system of your dreams. With our expertise and the VIABLUE SC-4 cables, you are just one step away from audio perfection.

VIABLUE™ SC-4 Silver-Series speaker cables: Dynamic and powerful sound

  • 4 conductors: 2 high frequency, 2 low frequency
  • 896 single strands assembled to 4x 7 wrapped bundles combined to 4 single conductors
  • Silvered high frequency conductors, tinned low frequency conductors

Strong, precise with crystal clear highs

  • Silvered OFC copper strands for a precise high frequency rendition
  • Tinned OFC copper strands for powerful and vibrant basses
  • Transmission of all frequencies true to the original

Customized with VIABLUE™ T6s Banana plugs

  • 24 carat real gold-plated
  • For an optimal contact pressure

Additional features:

  • VIABLUE™ Cobra braided cable sleeve
  • VIABLUE™ SC-4/4 splitter – for a neat installation and cable routing

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General Specifications

  • Brand: VIABLUE
  • Model: SC-4 Bi-Amping T6S Banana
  • Type: Speaker cables
  • Configuration: Bi-amping
  • Connector Type: Banana plugs
  • Material: High-quality conductors
  • Construction: Multi-strand design
  • Insulation: High-density insulation material
  • Markings: Clearly marked for easy installation
  • Condition: New, unused, unopened, undamaged
  • Compatibility: Designed for bi-amp connection
  • Sound Quality: Provides much more detail in sound at lower volumes
  • Effect: Noticeable improvement in sound quality
  • Application: Suitable for high-quality audio systems

Cable Specifications

  • Cable Type: Speaker cable
  • Bi-Wiring: Yes
  • Cable Gauge: 4 mm²
  • Stranding: 7 bundles with a total of 896 individual braids
  • Conductor Material: Silver-plated and tin-plated strands

Sound Characteristics

  • High Range: Silver-plated leads
  • Bass Range: Tin-plated leads
  • Treble Range: Brilliant, airy, and transparent acoustics
  • Bass Range Quality: Powerful playback with clean lows and homogeneous bass
  • Dynamic Sound: Yes

Design and Accessories

  • Quality: Maximum quality
  • Design: Pure and professional
  • Cable Sleeve: ViaBlue Cobra sleeve
  • Splitters: Included for cable end protection and professional cable routing

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