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Experience the Pinnacle of Sound with the RBH Sound UNRIVALED SVTR/AX

In the world of high-fidelity audio, there lies a realm where precision engineering and passion for perfection converge to create an experience that transcends the ordinary. Enter the RBH Sound UNRIVALED SVTR/AX - a towering testament to sound purity that will redefine your auditory experience.

The Ultimate Modular Tower Speaker System

This isn't just any speaker system; it's a masterwork of acoustic design, a symphony of components that together deliver an audio experience that is, quite simply, unrivaled. At 62 inches of height, each tower is a statement piece, exuding elegance with its eight-layer polyester high-gloss piano black finish. But it's not just about looks - this system is about unparalleled sound quality.

Impeccable Sound Through Expert Engineering

Each SVTR/AX tower is a fusion of two SV-1212NR subwoofers and two SV-831R modules, meticulously integrated using a Linear Phase FIR filter processor. This ensures time alignment and frequency response linearization within ±1dB, delivering a detailed, controlled, and sonically accurate performance that will leave you breathless.

  • Tweeter: The large air motion transformer (AMT) tweeter is a marvel of audio technology, ensuring crisp, clear highs that soar without ever becoming harsh.
  • Mid-Bass Woofers: The proprietary aluminum-cone mid-bass woofers are engineered for exceptional response and clarity, making every note and nuance of your music palpably present.
  • Driver Alignment: With dispersion averaging alignment, the SVTR/AX reduces lobing interference and provides focused imaging for an immersive listening experience.

Unmatched Amplification Power

The heart of the SVTR/AX's power lies in its amplification - with 250 watts per channel for the tweeter, 500 watts per channel for the 8-inch woofers, and an astonishing 1,500 watts per channel for each of the dual 12-inch long-throw subwoofers. With a total of 4,500 watts available, this system can effortlessly fill any room with deep, rich, and powerful sound.

Customized Digital Signal Processing

A customized DSP takes charge of active crossover management and linear phase filters, allowing for the fine-tuning of sound that adapts to the unique acoustics of your space. And with on-site setup and calibration by an RBH Sound team member, optimal performance is not just a possibility - it's a guarantee.

The Heart of Your Home Theater

The UNRIVALED SVTR/AX isn't just a speaker system; it's the heart of your home theater. Whether you're watching a blockbuster movie or enjoying a multi-channel music concert, the soundstage and instrument placement are so precise, you'll feel like you're right there in the midst of the action.

Features at a Glance:

  • System Type: 2-Channel Active Time-Aligned System
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-35kHz (±3dB)
  • Sensitivity: 92dB
  • Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Total Available Power: 4,500 Watts
  • Warranty: 10 years for the amplifier, 3 years limited for other components

Customizable to Your Taste and Space

  • Finish Options: Choose between high gloss black or high gloss South American Rosewood to match your décor.
  • Grille Type: Old school grilles made of black cloth wrapped around a wood frame, for a classic look.
  • Additional Modules: For larger rooms, an additional subwoofer module is available to ensure your sound is always full and rich.

Why Choose the RBH Sound UNRIVALED SVTR/AX?

  • True Full-Range Tower System: Experience the full spectrum of sound, from the deepest bass to the highest highs, with a presence that fills the room.
  • Impressive Soundstage: The precision in sound placement allows for an audio landscape that's broad and enveloping.
  • Clear and Impactful Reproduction: Drums and instruments are reproduced with such clarity and impact, it's as if the musicians are performing live in your room.
  • High Sensitivity and Power Handling: With a sensitivity of 93 dB, this system responds beautifully to even the subtlest of audio cues.
  • Fine-Tuning for Different Rooms: The system can be customized to the acoustics of your space, ensuring the best possible sound regardless of room size or shape.
  • Deep and Detailed Bass: The dual subwoofers provide bass that is both deep and articulate, ensuring no loss of composure at any volume.

An Investment in Audio Excellence

The RBH Sound UNRIVALED SVTR/AX is more than just a speaker system - it's an investment in audio excellence. With responsive customer service from RBH and a commitment to quality that is second to none, owning a pair of these towers is a decision you'll cherish for years to come.

With a starting price of $15,900 for the passive configuration, the SVTR/AX represents the pinnacle of audio performance. Dreamedia is here to guide you through the selection process, ensuring that your home theater system is designed with the utmost care and expertise.

Discover the ultimate in sound with the RBH Sound UNRIVALED SVTR/AX, and prepare for an audio journey like no other. Contact us today to design the home theater system of your dreams.

Each pair of these 62-inch (1.5m) tall, ultimate modular towers presents a full range sonic experience that is truly unprecedented for its size. Dressed in a spectacular eight-layer polyester high-gloss piano black finish, each SVTR-AX speaker system is comprised of two SV-1212NR subwoofers and two SV-831R modules that are integrated together with a Linear Phase FIR filter processor which time aligns the drivers and linearizes the frequency response of the speaker system to within an unprecedented ±1dB. The large air motion transformer (AMT) tweeter integrates perfectly with the proprietary aluminum-cone mid-bass woofers which are arranged in an alignment we call a “dispersion averaging alignment.” This driver alignment reduces the typical lobing interference between separate drivers producing the same frequencies and provides more focused imaging throughout the soundstage. Amplification for the speakers is handled by RBH Unrivaled amplifiers which provide 250 Watts per channel for the AMT tweeters, 500 Watts per channel for the 8-inch woofers, and 1,500 Watts per channel for each of the dual 12-inch long throw subwoofers. Yes, that is 4500 Watts of total available power! A customized digital signal processor provides active crossover management with linear phase filters for optimal time alignment at the listening position. The SVTRS Limited Edition is so detailed, so controlled, and so sonically accurate that it will simply leave you in awe. Each system is set up and calibrated on-site by an RBH Sound team member to ensure your experience is nothing but perfect.

Our Review


RBH Sound is a well-known manufacturer in the audio industry, and their UNRIVALED SVTR/AX tower system is a testament to their commitment to delivering high-quality sound. With both active and passive configurations available, this speaker system offers versatility to suit different setups and preferences. Priced at $15,900 for the passive configuration, the UNRIVALED SVTR/AX is positioned as a premium option for audiophiles seeking exceptional sound reproduction. Let's delve into the details of this impressive tower system.

Design and Construction

The RBH Sound UNRIVALED SVTR/AX features a unique speaker design, with two separate RBH speakers connected by a special plate. This design aims to enhance the overall soundstage and instrument placement, providing a captivating listening experience. The cabinet construction is of high quality, with one-and-a-half-inch thick front baffles and one-inch walls. This construction not only ensures sturdiness but also minimizes resonances, resulting in cleaner sound reproduction.

The UNRIVALED SVTR/AX is available in two attractive finish options: high gloss black or high gloss South American Rosewood. The choice of finish allows users to seamlessly integrate these speakers into their existing home decor. The inclusion of old school grilles made of black cloth wrapped around a wood frame adds a touch of classic elegance to the overall design.

Performance and Sound Quality

One of the standout features of the RBH Sound UNRIVALED SVTR/AX is its ability to create an immersive soundstage with precise instrument placement. The speakers excel in reproducing drums and instruments, delivering clear and impactful sound that truly brings music to life. The three eight-inch midranges and large AMT tweeter work in harmony to provide detailed and accurate highs, while the two twelve-inch woofers deliver deep and controlled bass.

With a sensitivity rating of 93 dB and high power handling capacity, the UNRIVALED SVTR/AX can handle demanding audio passages with ease. Whether you're watching movies or listening to multi-channel music, these speakers excel at creating a dynamic and engaging listening experience. Additionally, the ability to fine-tune and customize the sound for different rooms ensures optimal performance in any environment.

In the active configuration, the UNRIVALED SVTR/AX speakers offer a disappearing effect and precise imaging, further enhancing the overall listening experience. The active configuration utilizes the Marani DPA-2448DSP processor, which allows for greater control and optimization of the sound. However, it's worth noting that while the active configuration performs admirably, it may not match the nuanced detail of some high-end speakers in a similar price range.

Even at high volumes, the UNRIVALED SVTR/AX maintains its composure, delivering deep and detailed bass without any loss of clarity or distortion. This is a testament to the quality of the drivers and the cabinet construction, which work in tandem to provide a well-balanced and controlled audio experience.

User Experience

As impressive as the RBH Sound UNRIVALED SVTR/AX is in terms of performance, there are some considerations to keep in mind when it comes to the user experience. Firstly, due to their large size and weight (205 pounds per side), setting up these speakers may require assistance. It's important to ensure that you have the necessary help or equipment to safely position them in your listening space.

In terms of aesthetics, the UNRIVALED SVTR/AX speakers adopt a more traditional and blocky design. While this may not appeal to those seeking a more modern and sleek look, it's worth noting that the focus of these speakers is on performance rather than aesthetics.

The electronics of the UNRIVALED SVTR/AX, particularly the Marani DPA-2448DSP processor, could benefit from some refinement. The user interface may not be as intuitive or user-friendly as some other options on the market. Additionally, the manual power switch located on the back of the processor may be inconvenient for those who prefer easily accessible controls. Furthermore, the brightness of the display on the Marani processor cannot be dimmed, which may be a minor annoyance for those who prefer a darker listening environment.

Configuring and setting up the UNRIVALED SVTR/AX can be a complex process, especially for users who are not familiar with advanced audio systems. It's advisable to carefully follow the provided instructions or seek assistance to ensure optimal performance and avoid any potential issues.

Build Quality and Customer Support

RBH Sound has always been known for their commitment to quality, and the UNRIVALED SVTR/AX is no exception. The cabinet construction is solid, with high-quality wood and thick front baffles, ensuring durability and minimizing resonances. The available finish options, whether it be the high gloss black or the high gloss South American Rosewood, add a touch of elegance to these already impressive speakers.

In terms of customer support, RBH Sound has a reputation for being responsive and attentive. Should any issues arise, their team is readily available to assist and provide solutions, which is reassuring for potential buyers.

Comparison and Value

When considering the RBH Sound UNRIVALED SVTR/AX, it's important to note that direct comparisons with other speaker systems are limited. However, based on its specifications and performance, it can be seen as a strong contender in the premium speaker market. While the price point of $15,900 for the passive configuration may be higher than some competitors, it is reflective of the exceptional sound quality and craftsmanship that RBH Sound brings to the table.


The RBH Sound UNRIVALED SVTR/AX is a true full-range tower system that offers impressive soundstage and instrument placement. With its clear and impactful reproduction of drums and instruments, high sensitivity, and power handling capacity, it excels in delivering a captivating audio experience. The ability to fine-tune and customize the sound, as well as the deep and detailed bass performance, further enhance its appeal.

While the setup process may require assistance due to the size and weight of the speakers, and the aesthetics and user interface could benefit from refinement, these are minor drawbacks when considering the overall performance and build quality. RBH Sound's responsive customer service is an added bonus, ensuring a positive ownership experience.

With its premium price point, the RBH Sound UNRIVALED SVTR/AX may not be for everyone. However, for those seeking uncompromising sound quality and a truly immersive listening experience, it represents a solid investment.


General Specifications

  • Series: UNRIVALED Series SV Modular Tower
  • System Type: 2-Channel Active Time-Aligned, Powered Speaker System
  • Enclosure Type: Sealed speakers, vented subwoofers
  • Frequency Response: 17Hz-35kHz (±3dB)
  • Sensitivity: 94dB
  • Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Tweeter Protection: Yes
  • Finish: Eight-layer polyester high-gloss piano black
  • Grille Details: Black Fabric
  • Design Overview: FAST (Focal-point Active Speaker Technology)
  • Production Availability: Limited Edition, very limited production

Drive Units

  • Woofer: 8” (203mm) cast aluminum basket, black-anodized aluminum cone woofer
  • Tweeter: 4.72” x 1” (120mm x 25mm) AMT Tweeter
  • Subwoofers: Dual SV-1212NR subwoofers for a total of eight 12" bass drivers
  • Mid-Bass Woofers: Three 8" mid-bass drivers in a modified MTM vertical arrangement
  • Tweeter Type: Large air motion transformer (AMT)


  • Amplifier Type: RBH Alpha Amp Supplied
  • Subwoofer Power: 1500 Watts x 4
  • Mid-Woofer Power: 500 Watts x 2
  • Tweeter Power: 250 Watts x 2
  • Total Power: 7500 Watts
  • Amplifier Technology: Pascal Class D


  • Crossover Frequency: 100 Hz; 1800 Hz
  • Crossover Slope: 24dB/Octave, 108 dB/Octave
  • Crossover Filters: Linear phase filters

Digital Signal Processing

  • Processor: Marani LPP-480F flagship DSP speaker management processor
  • Processing Capability: 96kHz/24 bit
  • Filter Type: Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filters

Physical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 21” x 92” x 22-9/16” (533 x 2337 x 574 mm)
  • Weight: 312 lbs (141.52 kg) no sand
  • Cabinet Construction: Heavy bracing with 1.5-inch thick front baffles and 1-inch walls


  • Cable Requirements: Uses Kimber 8TC speaker cables and Hero XLR for wiring
  • Speaker Connectors: High-quality 5-way binding posts

Additional Features

  • Calibration: On-site setup and calibration by RBH Sound team member
  • Sound Quality: Detailed, controlled, and sonically accurate
  • Grille Covers: Constructed of chamfered HDF tightly covered with low-loss grille material
  • Stability: Outrigger feet for stability, option to add sand for additional stabilization
  • Customer Support: RBH offers excellent customer service for setup and adjustments
  • Unique Feature: Dispersion averaging alignment for limited horizontal dispersion and minimized vertical lobing

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