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Screen Innovations Short Throw Lift - Dreamedia AV
Screen Innovations Short Throw Lift - Dreamedia AV
Screen Innovations Short Throw Lift - Dreamedia AV

Screen Innovations Short Throw Lift

Motorized ALR Screen for Ultra Short Throw Projectors

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Screen Innovations Short Throw Lift

Experience the Future of Home Cinema with the Screen Innovations Short Throw Lift

Welcome to a world where your home theater can be as dynamic and adaptable as your lifestyle. The Screen Innovations Short Throw Lift is not just a projection screen; it's a statement of elegance, sophistication, and cutting-edge technology that brings the cinematic experience into your home with an unprecedented level of class and functionality.

Screen Innovations Short Throw Lift: Where Design Meets Performance

Imagine a screen that materializes when you desire and vanishes without a trace when you don't. The Short Throw Lift achieves this with its sleek, bottom-up motorized mechanism, designed to work in harmony with ultra short throw (UST) projectors. It's a seamless addition to any room, offering not just a viewing experience but a design element that complements your space.

  • Bottom-up motorized ALR projection screen: A marvel of design that appears and disappears at your command.
  • Compatible with UST projectors: Designed specifically to maximize the capabilities of UST projectors like the Samsung LSP9T.
  • Ambient Light Rejection (ALR): Enjoy crystal clear images even in bright environments, thanks to its 90% ALR rating.
  • CNC Tab Tension: Guarantees a flat and taut surface for a lifetime, ensuring your viewing experience is always pristine.
  • Edge Blend Capable: Perfect for creating expansive panoramic views without any visual interruption.
  • Seamless Clamshell Design: The screen retracts into an elegant enclosure, blending into your décor when not in use.

Unparalleled Image Quality and Size

The Short Throw Lift doesn't compromise on image quality or size. With a maximum width of 113 inches and a 120-inch diagonal, this screen is a behemoth that brings movies to life. Its 8K resolution support ensures that every detail is sharp and clear, while the 0.6 gain and diffuse reflection imaging offer a vibrant and saturated picture from every angle.

  • Max Width: 113 inches for a grand viewing experience.
  • Max Viewing Height: 59 inches, ensuring a perfect aspect ratio.
  • Diagonal: A massive 120 inches to capture every moment in full scale.
  • Gain: A balanced 0.6 gain for a bright and clear image.
  • Viewing Angle: A wide 140-degree viewing angle, so every seat is the best seat in the house.

Smart Features for a Smart Audience

The Short Throw Lift is packed with smart features designed to elevate your viewing experience. Its opaque properties prevent any light penetration from behind, ensuring the image on the screen is as the director intended. The downward-facing louvre technology rejects ambient light from above and perpendicular to the screen, enhancing contrast by over 700% compared to standard white screens.

  • Ultra-wide viewing angle: A generous 170 degrees, allowing you to enjoy the picture from virtually anywhere in the room.
  • High contrast capability: Offers a more vibrant and dynamic image, making your content pop.
  • Pop-up laser TV: The screen works seamlessly with a short-throw projector, placed just inches away.

Versatility and Ease of Use

The Short Throw Lift is designed with versatility in mind. Whether you're looking to enhance your home theater, add a touch of luxury to your corporate boardroom, or elevate your gaming setup, this screen is up to the task. It's suitable for a wide range of environments, and with hidden handles, you can easily move and position the screen to your liking.

  • Versatile: Suitable for various settings, from home to office.
  • Hidden Handles: For easy and discreet screen positioning.
  • Seamless integration: Blends into your room's design when not in use.

Peace of Mind with Extended Warranty and Build-a-Bundle Program

Dreamedia understands the importance of a worry-free purchase. That's why the Screen Innovations Short Throw Lift comes with a complimentary 2-year extended warranty with accidental damage protection. Additionally, our Build-a-Bundle program allows you to receive discounts when adding multiple components to your home theater system.

  • Extend Warranty Included: For added peace of mind.
  • Build-a-Bundle program: Save when you bundle your screen with other home theater components.

Your Home Theater, Redefined

The Screen Innovations Short Throw Lift addresses the need for a large display that is discreet and suitable for smaller spaces. Its ability to combat glare from both artificial and natural lighting means that you can enjoy a bright, crisp, and well-defined image at any time of the day. When not in use, it conceals itself with a trap door, maintaining the aesthetic of your space.

  • Discreet: The screen and projector can be concealed when not in use, preserving the design of your room.
  • Glare-resistant: Ensures a high-quality image regardless of lighting conditions.


In conclusion, the Screen Innovations Short Throw Lift is more than just a projection screen. It's a transformative piece of technology that elevates your home theater experience to new heights. With its advanced features, stunning image quality, and elegant design, it's the perfect choice for anyone looking to bring the magic of the movies into their home. Whether you're watching the latest blockbuster, hosting a gaming night, or presenting in a boardroom, this screen will not disappoint. Choose the Short Throw Lift for a viewing experience that is truly beyond imagination.

Our Review


The Screen Innovations Short Throw Lift is a remarkable solution for those seeking to integrate high-quality video projection in both home theater and corporate settings. It's specifically designed to accommodate the growing popularity of ultra short throw (UST) projectors, offering a seamless visual experience without the common drawbacks of ambient light interference. This review delves into the product's design, performance, and overall value, providing a comprehensive look at its place in modern AV installations.

Design and Build Quality

The Screen Innovations Short Throw Lift boasts a Seamless Clamshell design that exudes a minimalist aesthetic while ensuring practicality. Its bottom-up motorized functionality allows for an unobtrusive presence in any room, appearing only when required. The screen's build is further enhanced by CNC tab tensioning, guaranteeing a consistently flat surface that's crucial for maintaining image integrity.

The screen material itself is of high quality, demonstrating a robust opaque nature that aids in delivering a purer image by preventing light from passing through. The craftsmanship is evident, reflecting Screen Innovations' commitment to durability and performance.

Compatibility and Installation

Ensuring seamless integration with UST projectors, such as the Samsung LSP9T, the screen is tailored for compatibility with the latest projection technology. Its 120-inch size and the aspect ratio provide an expansive canvas for crisp, large-scale viewing. Installation is thoughtfully addressed, with hidden handles aiding in positioning the screen without detracting from its sleek design.

Image Quality and Performance

The ALR properties of the screen are a standout feature, effectively enhancing image clarity even in bright environments. The .6 gain strikes a balance, optimizing brightness without compromising on the ability to handle ambient light. With an 8K resolution capability, the screen is future-proof, ready to deliver exceptional detail and sharpness as content standards evolve.

Diffuse Reflection imaging is another noteworthy aspect, ensuring saturated colors and preventing hotspots, which is especially important for UST projectors known for their steep projection angles.

Viewing Experience

The screen's 140° wide viewing angle is expansive, accommodating a broad audience positioning without loss of quality. Moreover, the ultra-wide 170-degree viewing angle is particularly impressive, allowing for flexible seating arrangements and ensuring a consistent viewing experience from virtually anywhere in the room.

In ambient light conditions, the screen's performance is enhanced by its ALR capabilities, which reject light from above and perpendicular angles, thus preserving image contrast and color saturation when compared to matte white screens.

Features and Functionality

The motorized retraction and extension feature of the screen is a testament to its convenience and user-friendliness, catering to modern needs for multipurpose spaces. The effectiveness of its ambient light rejection solidifies its position as a top performer in various lighting scenarios.

The edge blending capability is a boon for those looking to create an even more expansive viewing area by combining multiple screens, while the Build-a-Bundle program and the inclusive extended warranty offer additional value and peace of mind to consumers.

Practicality and Aesthetics

Aesthetically, the screen is designed to blend seamlessly with different room decors, offering a clean and uncluttered look. Its ability to disappear when not in use is a significant advantage for maintaining the aesthetics of a space. Moreover, the screen's design effectively combats glare from both artificial and natural lighting, ensuring a bright and well-defined image.

Pros and Cons Recap

Pros of the Screen Innovations Short Throw Lift include its UST projector compatibility, motorized functionality, wide viewing angle, exceptional ALR properties, and high-resolution support. However, potential limitations such as the .6 gain not being ideal for very low light conditions and the restriction to front projection should be considered.

Final Thoughts

The Screen Innovations Short Throw Lift represents a significant advancement in screen technology for UST projectors. Its design, image quality, and functionality cater to a range of users, from home theater enthusiasts to corporate professionals. While it may have a few limitations, its strengths overwhelmingly suggest that it is a product well-suited for those prioritizing a high-quality, versatile projection screen that harmonizes with modern living and working spaces.


Screen Features

  • Screen Type: Bottom-up motorized ALR projection screen
  • Compatible Projector Type: Ultra short throw (UST) projector
  • Appearance: Screen can appear and disappear as needed
  • Versatility: Suitable for use in a wide range of environments
  • Design: Pushes projector screens to the limit of class and functionality
  • Ambient Light Rejection (ALR): Yes
  • Clamshell Design: Seamless hiding
  • Hidden Handles: Yes
  • CNC Tab Tension: Guarantees a flat image for the life of the product
  • Edge Blend Capable: Yes
  • Opaque: Yes

Screen Size

  • Max Width: 113 inches (2946mm)
  • Max Viewing Height: 59 inches (1498mm)
  • Diagonal: 120 inches

Image Quality

  • Gain: 0.6
  • ALR: 90%
  • Viewing Angle: 140 degrees
  • Half Gain Viewing Angle: 85 degrees
  • Resolution Support: 8k

Projection Specifications

  • Minimum Throw Ratio: 0.1 x Image Width
  • Projection Type: Front Only

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