Samsung The Frame QLED TV Screen - Dreamedia AV
Samsung The Frame QLED TV Screen - Dreamedia AV
Samsung The Frame QLED TV Screen - Dreamedia AV
Samsung The Frame QLED TV Screen - Dreamedia AV
Samsung The Frame QLED TV Screen - Dreamedia AV
Samsung The Frame QLED TV Screen - Dreamedia AV
Samsung The Frame QLED TV Screen - Dreamedia AV
Samsung The Frame QLED TV Screen - Dreamedia AV
Samsung The Frame QLED TV Screen - Dreamedia AV
Samsung The Frame QLED TV Screen - Dreamedia AV
Samsung The Frame QLED TV Screen - Dreamedia AV
Samsung The Frame QLED TV Screen - Dreamedia AV
Samsung The Frame QLED TV Screen - Dreamedia AV
Vendor: Samsung

Samsung The Frame QLED TV Screen

Art Meets Technology with QLED 4K Display

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Samsung The Frame QLED TV Screen

Transform Your Space into a Gallery with Samsung The Frame QLED TV

Imagine a television that when turned off, doesn't fade into the background, but transforms into a captivating piece of art. The Samsung The Frame QLED TV brings this vision to life, merging cutting-edge technology with sophisticated style. It's a statement piece that complements your living space, while offering an unparalleled viewing experience.

Artful Design Meets High-End Display

  • Model: QN55LS03BAF / QN55LS03BAFXZA
  • Screen Size: 55 inches of immersive display
  • Resolution: Crisp 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160)
  • Art Mode: Seamlessly integrates with your decor

The Samsung The Frame is designed to elevate your home's aesthetic appeal. Its customizable bezels, available in a variety of colors and finishes, allow you to match The Frame to your personal style or room décor. The Slim-Fit Wall Mount ensures that your TV hangs flush against the wall, just like a real framed work of art. The anti-reflective Matte Display ensures that your art and videos are visible from any angle, without the interference of glare.

Picture Quality That Captivates

  • HDR: Yes, for depth and vividness
  • Color Volume: 100% Color Volume with Quantum Dot

The Frame doesn't just look good on your wall; it also boasts a QLED 4K display with Quantum HDR, which brings out the finest details and colors in every scene. Whether you're watching a movie or admiring a digital painting, the 100% Color Volume ensures that you see every hue and shade as intended.

Sound That Surrounds You

  • Sound Output: Robust 20W
  • Speaker Type: 2CH

While the visuals captivate, the audio experience doesn't fall far behind. With powerful 20W speakers, The Frame delivers clear and immersive sound. The audio is fine-tuned to complement the visual experience, creating a cinematic atmosphere right in your living room.

A Smart Hub at Your Command

  • Smart TV Platform: Tizen
  • Voice Assistant: Bixby, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
  • Built-in Apps: Includes all major streaming services

Powered by Tizen, The Frame is a hub of entertainment and convenience. Voice assistants like Bixby, Alexa, and Google Assistant make it easy to navigate, while built-in apps from Netflix to Apple TV mean your favorite content is always at your fingertips. Screen Mirroring and Multi-View features enhance your connectivity and viewing options, ensuring that your TV adapts to your lifestyle.

Seamless Connectivity for Modern Living

  • HDMI Ports: 4
  • USB Ports: 2
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth: Yes

With ample HDMI and USB ports, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity, The Frame is equipped to handle all your devices and online services. The One Invisible Connection and One Connect box keep cables out of sight, maintaining the sleek look of your setup.

Smart Features That Enrich Your Experience

  • Motion Sensor: Yes
  • Energy Saving Mode: Yes
  • Digital Clean View: Yes
  • One Remote Control: Simplifies your experience

The Frame is more than just a TV; it's a smart platform that enhances your lifestyle. The Motion Sensor detects your presence, turning the screen into a beautiful piece of art when you're in the room and saving energy when you're not. The One Remote Control provides easy access to all your content and settings, making it effortless to enjoy your viewing experience.

Size Options for Every Space

Whether you're looking for a modest addition to your bedroom or a stunning centerpiece for your living room, The Frame comes in various sizes to fit your space perfectly. Sizes range from an intimate 32 inches to an impressive 85 inches, ensuring there's a perfect fit for every home.

Performance That Impresses

The Frame offers more than just a beautiful picture; it's also a high-performance TV. The high native contrast ratio and detail-enhancing 4K resolution provide an exceptional viewing experience. Gamers will appreciate the low input lag, while the minimalist design with One Invisible Connection keeps your space looking clean and modern.

Key Benefits:

  • Unique Design: Integrates with your home as both a high-end TV and a piece of art.
  • Exceptional Picture and Sound: Delivers a premium media experience.
  • Easy Installation: Comes with a Slim-Fit Wall Mount and clear instructions.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The One Remote and Tizen platform offer intuitive navigation.
  • Art Store Access: Customize your display with a variety of artwork options.

The Perfect Fusion of Art and Technology

With Samsung The Frame QLED TV, technology transcends its functional role and becomes an integral part of your home's design. It's a conversation starter, a window to the world, and a canvas for creativity. Dreamedia is here to help you integrate this masterpiece seamlessly into your living space, ensuring that your home theater system is as visually pleasing as it is technologically advanced.

As you consider the addition of The Frame to your home, know that you're not just purchasing a TV; you're investing in a piece of interactive art that will redefine your space. The Frame offers a viewing experience that's as much about aesthetics as it is about performance. It's a testament to Samsung's commitment to innovation and design, and a reflection of your own impeccable taste.

Transform your home with the Samsung The Frame QLED TV, where every moment, whether you're watching the latest blockbuster or displaying a classic masterpiece, is a work of art. Visit Dreamedia to design the home theater system that speaks to your unique style and brings your vision to life.

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The Samsung The Frame TV is not just a television; it's a statement piece that aims to bring the harmony of art and technology into the living room. S