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Salamander Designs Zurich Chameleon Low Profile 337 Audio Cabinet - Dreamedia AV

Salamander Designs Zurich Chameleon Low Profile 337 Audio Cabinet

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Salamander Designs Zurich Chameleon Low Profile 337 Audio Cabinet

Unveiling Elegance and Functionality

In the realm of home theater and audio systems, the harmony of design and functionality plays a pivotal role in the overall experience. The Salamander Designs Zurich Chameleon Low Profile 337 Audio Cabinet not only serves as a foundational piece of furniture but also as a statement of your commitment to quality and aesthetics.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this cabinet embodies the fusion of visual design, functional engineering, and solid craftsmanship. It is designed to cater to the discerning adult age group who appreciates both the subtlety of style and the robustness of high-quality materials.

Key Features

Let's delve into the features that make the Zurich Chameleon Low Profile 337 an exceptional choice for your home theater system:

  • Finish and Material: An exquisite Opium Brown wood finish paired with a sleek black glass top, offering a luxurious and contemporary appeal.
  • Design: The streamlined design features a horizontal pattern that exudes modernity while seamlessly blending with your home decor.
  • Dimensions: With a width of 64.75 inches, a height of 31.25 inches, and a depth of 21.25 inches, it is perfectly sized to be a centerpiece without overwhelming the space.
  • Weight Capacity: A robust top weight capacity of 150 lbs ensures that your TV, up to 75 inches, sits securely atop the cabinet.
  • Storage: Boasting six infinitely adjustable black interior shelves within three doors, the cabinet can neatly organize up to 8 audio/video components.
  • Ventilation: Built-in ventilation louvers ensure your equipment remains cool, thus prolonging its life and performance.
  • Cable Management: The effective wire taming and organization system keeps all cables neatly tucked away.
  • Customization: The extensive family of accessories allows for customization, retrofit, and upgrade options, ensuring the cabinet grows with your needs.
  • Construction: The all-aluminum chassis and wood block feet with hidden adjustable levelers offer both stability and a touch of class.
  • Assembly: Minimal assembly is required, allowing you to set up your media center quickly and with ease.
  • Warranty: A limited lifetime warranty guarantees peace of mind, reflecting the manufacturer's confidence in this American-crafted masterpiece.

Design and Material

The Zurich Chameleon Low Profile 337 is a celebration of fine materials and sophisticated design. The Opium Brown wood with a black glass top is not only a visual treat but also a testament to the durability and longevity of glass and wood. This cabinet is built to last, with a timeless appeal that transcends trends.

Dimensions and Weight

The generous dimensions of the Zurich Chameleon Low Profile 337 cater to those who desire ample space without the bulk. Its weight of 248 lbs speaks to the quality of the materials used, promising stability and support for your valuable electronics.

TV Compatibility and Component Capacity

Designed to support TVs up to 75 inches, the Zurich Chameleon Low Profile 337 ensures that your home theater system will be anchored by a piece of furniture that is both functional and stylish. With the capacity to support up to 8 components, your audio and video devices will be organized and easily accessible.

Cable Management and Ventilation

The thoughtfully designed cable management system ensures that your setup remains clutter-free, allowing you to focus on the immersive experience of your home theater. The ventilation louvers are a crucial feature, protecting your components from overheating and ensuring optimal performance.

Customization and Construction

The Zurich Chameleon Low Profile 337 is not just a purchase; it's an investment. The ability to customize, retrofit, and upgrade your cabinet means that it can evolve with your technology and preferences. The construction quality, featuring an all-aluminum chassis and hidden adjustable levelers, offers a stable foundation for your home entertainment system.

Assembly and Warranty

With minimal assembly required, you can enjoy your new audio cabinet almost immediately. The limited lifetime warranty is a pledge of excellence and a promise that the Zurich Chameleon Low Profile 337 will be a part of your home for years to come.


  • Stylish and Modern: A perfect blend of elegance and contemporary design that enhances the look of any room.
  • High Weight Capacity: Capable of supporting large and heavy TVs with ease.
  • Effective Cable Management: Keeps cables organized and out of sight for a clean look.
  • Superior Ventilation: Ensures your equipment stays cool and operates efficiently.
  • Customization Options: Offers the ability to personalize and adapt the cabinet to your changing needs.
  • Stability and Durability: Built with quality materials and designed to last.
  • American Craftsmanship: Proudly reflects the skill and dedication of American artisans.

The Salamander Designs Zurich Chameleon Low Profile 337 Audio Cabinet is more than just a piece of furniture; it's a central hub for your entertainment needs, a symbol of your refined taste, and a testament to your commitment to quality. With unmatched versatility, it stands ready to enhance your audiovisual experience and complement your home's decor.

Dreamedia is here to assist you in designing a home theater system that resonates with your lifestyle. We understand the importance of each component in creating the ultimate entertainment space. Allow us to guide you in making the Zurich Chameleon Low Profile 337 the cornerstone of your home theater system.

Our Review

Salamander Designs Zurich Chameleon Low Profile 337 Audio Cabinet Review

I. Introduction

The Salamander Designs Zurich Chameleon Low Profile 337 Audio Cabinet is a piece that combines style with functionality for the discerning audiophile. Understanding the role of a quality audio cabinet in enhancing the home theater experience is paramount, and this review aims to dissect the myriad aspects of this particular model to see how it stacks up.

II. Design and Aesthetics

The Zurich Chameleon boasts an opium brown wood finish, replete with a linear texture that exudes a modern yet timeless charm. The black glass top serves as a sleek counterpoint to the warm wood, creating a piece that's as much a statement of design as it is a functional piece of furniture. Its aesthetic versatility makes it an easy fit for a range of home decor styles, from the contemporary to the classic.

III. Build Quality and Dimensions

Crafted from a blend of wood and glass, the cabinet promises durability. With dimensions of 64.75 inches in width, 31.25 inches in height, and 21.25 inches in depth, and weighing in at 248 lbs, it's a substantial piece. Prospective buyers will need to ensure they have the appropriate space, not only for the cabinet itself but for ease of access and ventilation.

IV. Functionality

Designed to support TVs up to 75 inches, the Zurich Chameleon can bear the load of substantial home entertainment systems. Its internal capacity can house up to 8 components, allowing for a comprehensive setup. Cable management is thoughtfully addressed, minimizing clutter, and the ventilation louvers ensure that your valuable components stay cool during extended use.

V. Customization and Flexibility

The cabinet's design includes a family of accessories for customization, retrofit, and upgrade options, highlighting its adaptability over time. Adjustable levelers cater to uneven floors, and the option to wall-mount provides additional flexibility for various living spaces and preferences.

VI. Installation and Assembly

The minimal assembly required is a subtle nod to user convenience, although the process's simplicity will depend on the buyer's handiness. The wall-mounting process, while a plus in terms of flexibility, may present challenges depending on the wall material and the user's experience with such installations.

VII. Pros and Cons

The Zurich Chameleon's design is undoubtedly a high point, with its high weight capacity and extensive customization options marking it as a standout product. Yet, its limited depth may not accommodate all audio equipment, and wall installation may not be feasible for all users.

VIII. User Experience and Warranty

The user experience is enhanced by the cabinet's thoughtful features and the assurance of a limited lifetime warranty, reflecting the manufacturer's confidence in the product and its American craftsmanship.

IX. Price and Value Proposition

When considering the price, it's essential to balance the Zurich Chameleon's features against its competitors. The quality of materials, customization options, and warranty suggest a product that is likely to offer good value for the investment.

X. Final Thoughts

The Salamander Designs Zurich Chameleon Low Profile 337 Audio Cabinet is a sophisticated blend of style and practicality. It is well-suited for audio enthusiasts looking for a durable, adaptable piece that complements and enhances their home theater setup. With its range of features and customization options, it stands as a worthy consideration for those in the market for a high-end audio cabinet.



  • Model: Zurich Chameleon Low Profile 337
  • Manufacturer: Salamander Designs
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  • Collection: Chameleon
  • Design Philosophy: Fusion of visual design, functional engineering, and solid craftsmanship
  • Age Group: Adult


  • Width: 64.75 inches
  • Height: 31.38 inches
  • Depth: 12.00 inches
  • Product Weight: 141 lbs
  • Storage Compartment: 19.75" W x 27.75" H x 11" D

Design and Material

  • Finish: Opium Brown wood with a black glass top
  • Material: Glass, Wood
  • Wood Finish: Brown
  • Color: Brown
  • Number of Doors: 3
  • Number of Shelves: 6


  • Top: Black glass or solid surface top
  • Feet: Wood block feet with hidden adjustable levelers
  • Chassis: All aluminum chassis
  • Interior Shelves: Infinitely adjustable, black interior shelves
  • Rear Panel: Removable rear panel allows easy access to components
  • Ventilation: Built-in ventilation louvers for better air flow to keep equipment cool
  • Door Dampeners: Soft-close door dampeners


  • Top Weight Capacity: 150 lbs
  • Adjustable Shelf Weight Capacity: 75 lbs

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