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Salamander Designs Denver 336 Audio Cabinet - Dreamedia AV

Salamander Designs Denver 336 Audio Cabinet

Customizable vibration-isolated audio cabinet

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Salamander Designs Denver 336 Audio Cabinet

Unveiling the Pinnacle of Audio Elegance

Imagine stepping into a room where every detail has been curated to create an immersive audio-visual experience. At the heart of this sanctuary stands a piece that is more than just furniture; it's the centerpiece that brings together form and function with unparalleled elegance—the Salamander Designs Denver 336 Audio Cabinet.

Crafted with the discerning audiophile in mind, this audio cabinet is the perfect amalgamation of high-quality materials, superior craftsmanship, and innovative design. Let's delve into the features that make the Denver 336 the quintessential choice for anyone looking to elevate their home theater system.

Exquisite Materials and Finish

  • Material: Aluminum chassis with expertly finished wood and tempered glass panels
  • Finish Options: Choose from deep textured, medium walnut or natural oak doors that exude sophistication
  • Top: A sleek, tempered glass top that adds a modern touch to the cabinet's rustic charm

The Salamander Designs Denver 336 Audio Cabinet is not just built; it's crafted. With a foundation of solid aluminum, it provides a strong and flexible chassis that's engineered to last. The furniture panels are finished with such precision that they bring a touch of luxury to any room. And let's not forget the tempered glass top—a surface that's as stylish as it is durable.

Designed for Superior Performance

  • Vibration Isolation: Engineered to keep audio/video components isolated from vibrations, ensuring pristine sound quality
  • Ventilation: Built-in louvers ensure your equipment stays cool, optimizing performance
  • Speaker Opening: A center segment with a removable grille perfectly accommodates your sound system

The Denver 336 isn't just a pretty face. It's designed to enhance your audio experience. Vibration can be the nemesis of high-fidelity sound, but with the Denver 336's vibration isolation, your components will perform at their peak, unhindered by external disturbances. The built-in ventilation keeps your equipment at the right temperature, preventing overheating even during marathon viewing sessions.

Customization and Flexibility

  • Adjustment: Infinite vertical adjustment to accommodate your unique setup
  • Customization Options: Available spare or component parts for a cabinet that evolves with your needs
  • Retrofit and Upgrade: Future-proof your investment with easy upgrades and retrofits

Your home theater system is as unique as you are, and the Denver 336 respects that. With infinite vertical adjustment and a range of customization options, this cabinet adapts to you. Whether you're upgrading components or reconfiguring your setup, the Denver 336 grows with you, ensuring that your investment is one for a lifetime.

A Design That Understands You

  • Assembly: Minimal assembly means you'll be enjoying your cabinet in no time
  • Feet: Espresso, low-profile wood feet with hidden levelers for a seamless look
  • Storage: Ample space with adjustable shelves to house all your components

We know that time is precious, and the Denver 336 is designed to respect yours. Minimal assembly requirements mean that you can transition from unboxing to unwinding in front of your favorite movie without the hassle. The discreet, low-profile feet are not only stylish but come with hidden levelers to ensure stability on any surface. And with generous storage options, your space will be clutter-free and organized.

Capacity and Dimensions

  • TV Size: Supports up to 75 inches
  • Weight Capacity: A top shelf that can bear up to 350 lbs
  • Adjustable Shelves: Five shelves, each with a 75 lbs capacity, offering versatile storage solutions

The Denver 336 is built to support your dreams—quite literally. With the ability to accommodate a TV up to 75 inches and a top shelf that can hold up to 350 lbs, this cabinet ensures that your setup is on solid ground. The adjustable shelves provide a customizable storage solution, making it a breeze to organize your media, gaming consoles, and other components.

Dimensions That Fit Your Life

  • Width: 64.75 inches
  • Depth: 21.25 inches
  • Height: 31.25 inches
  • Product Weight: A solid 245 lbs

The dimensions of the Denver 336 are thoughtfully designed to balance presence with discretion. It's substantial enough to be a statement piece without overwhelming your space. This is a cabinet that fits your life and your living room, offering a harmonious blend of size and functionality.

A Commitment to Quality

  • Manufacturer Warranty: A Limited Lifetime Warranty that speaks to our confidence in the Denver 336's durability
  • Proudly Designed and Manufactured: In the USA, ensuring quality and supporting local craftsmanship

At Salamander Designs, we stand behind our products. The Denver 336 comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, a testament to the trust we place in our craftsmanship. Designed and manufactured in the USA, this audio cabinet not only brings jobs back home but also guarantees a product that meets the highest standards of quality.

The Salamander Designs Promise

The Denver 336 Audio Cabinet is a testament to Salamander Designs' commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. With an emphasis on both aesthetics and performance, this cabinet is designed to be a lasting part of your home entertainment experience. It's not just about housing your equipment; it's about complementing your lifestyle and enhancing the way you interact with technology.

Your Home Theater, Elevated

With the Salamander Designs Denver 336 Audio Cabinet, your home theater becomes more than just a place to watch movies. It's an experience—a statement of style and a nod to impeccable functionality. From its expert craftsmanship to its customizable features, the Denver 336 is more than just furniture. It's a cornerstone of your home entertainment system, built to resonate with the desires of the most discerning audiophiles and design enthusiasts alike.

Let the Denver 336 be the foundation on which you build your dream home theater. With Dreamedia at your side, designing a space that reflects your taste and meets your technological needs has never been easier. We invite you to discover the difference that Salamander Designs can make in your home. Welcome to the pinnacle of audio elegance.

The Salamander Designs Denver 336 Audio Cabinet is available now. Transform your home theater experience today.

Our Review


Salamander Designs has long been synonymous with quality in the audio furniture industry, offering products that blend function with style for the discerning audiophile. The Denver 336 Audio Cabinet is no exception, crafted for individuals who appreciate both the nuances of high-fidelity sound and the importance of aesthetically pleasing design in their living space.

Design and Build Quality

The Denver 336 stands out with its robust aluminum chassis, ensuring a sturdy yet flexible foundation for your audio components. Expertly finished furniture panels exude a sense of luxury and craftsmanship that is often sought but rarely found. The available finish options, including deep textured walnut or natural oak doors, allow for seamless integration into a variety of interior designs, satisfying a wide range of personal tastes. The cabinet’s sleek tempered glass top not only adds a modern touch but also serves as a durable shelf for devices or decorative items.

Functionality and Customization

Functionality is at the forefront of the Denver 336’s design. The infinite vertical adjustment feature is a testament to its versatility, accommodating different sizes of audio equipment with ease. Vibration isolation is a critical component for any audio setup, and this cabinet addresses it head-on, minimizing interference and enhancing the overall sonic performance of your system. The customization options are extensive, including retrofit and upgrade capabilities, ensuring that the cabinet can evolve with your audio setup. The availability of spare or component parts aids in future-proofing the investment.

Installation and Assembly

Despite its substantial weight of 245 lbs and generous dimensions, the Denver 336 requires minimal assembly, making it accessible to the average user. The heavy weight, while contributing to stability and vibration dampening, may pose a challenge during the installation process, so careful planning of its location is advised. The wall-mountable option presents a valuable alternative for those with limited floor space, offering a space-saving solution without compromising on design or functionality.

Practical Considerations

The cabinet’s weight and size are double-edged swords. While they contribute to the unit's stability and acoustic performance, they also limit its mobility and suitability for smaller spaces. Users should consider the dimensions and weight capacity of their space before committing to the Denver 336. Additionally, the potential for color variance due to monitor display settings is a minor concern, but one that is important for ensuring that the cabinet meets the aesthetic expectations upon delivery.

User Experience and Performance

The user experience is deeply enriched by the cabinet's vibration isolation, which is designed to ensure that audio components perform at their peak. The low-profile wood feet with hidden levelers further contribute to a stable and level platform, which is crucial for maintaining the integrity of delicate audio equipment.

Product Support and Warranty

Salamander Designs stands behind the Denver 336 with a limited lifetime warranty, reflecting confidence in their product's durability and craftsmanship. The fact that it is designed and manufactured in the USA may also reassure customers about the quality of product support available.

Value Proposition

When compared to competitors, the Denver 336 Audio Cabinet might come across as a premium option, but its high-quality materials, customization options, and thoughtful design features suggest a value proposition that goes beyond mere aesthetics. For the audiophile who views their audio system as an investment, the Denver 336 is a solid choice that promises to enhance and preserve the quality of their setup.

Final Thoughts

The Salamander Designs Denver 336 Audio Cabinet is a luxurious, high-quality piece of furniture that offers exceptional support and enhancement for audio systems. Its weight and size are indicative of its premium build but require consideration of the physical space it will occupy. It is a significant investment, suited for those who value aesthetics as much as function in their home theater setup. With its strong build, customization options, and focus on audio performance, the Denver 336 is poised to be a focal point in any room it graces, promising to serve and impress for years to come.



  • Model: Salamander Designs Denver 336 Audio Cabinet
  • Manufacturer: Salamander Designs
  • Material: Wood; Tempered Glass
  • Finish: Textured Medium Walnut or Natural Oak
  • Color Options: Medium Walnut, Natural Oak, Beige, Brown
  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • Design: All aluminum chassis; Deep textured doors with matching side panels
  • Customization: Available
  • Retrofit and Upgrade: Possible with accessories
  • Personalization: Option to personalize with a black or white solid surface top
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Limited Lifetime


  • Width: 64.75 inches
  • Depth: 21.25 inches
  • Height: 31.25 inches
  • Product Weight: 245 lbs


  • TV Size's up to: 75 inches
  • Top Weight Capacity: 350 lbs
  • Adjustable Shelf Weight Capacity: 75 lbs


  • Number of Doors: 3
  • B-Storage Compartment: 19.75" W x 17.75" H x 19.5" D
  • C-Storage Compartment: 19.75" W x 27.75" H x 19.5" D
  • F-Storage Compartment: 19.75" W x 9" H x 19.5" D
  • Adjustable Shelves: 5 shelves, each 19.75" W x 18.5" D x 0.5" Th


  • Ventilation: Built-in louvers for improved airflow
  • Door Dampeners: Soft-close for gentle closing
  • Speaker Opening: Center segment with removable grille
  • Rear Panel: Removable for easy access to components
  • Feet: Espresso, low-profile wood feet with hidden levelers

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