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Unveiling the Pinnacle of Sonic Excellence: The RBH Sound SVTRS-FRS

Imagine a sound so immersive, so clear, and so powerful that it transcends the ordinary listening experience. Enter the realm of the RBH Sound SVTRS-FRS, a limited edition active speaker system that embodies the zenith of audio engineering. With only 20 pairs produced, this system is not just an auditory device; it's a collector's piece, a statement of luxury, and a testament to acoustic perfection.

Exquisite Craftsmanship Meets Advanced Technology

The RBH Sound SVTRS-FRS stands as a monument to both aesthetic beauty and technical prowess. Its high-gloss cabinets, finished with eight layers of hand-polished polyester paint, offer a deep, lustrous appearance that commands attention. Yet, this system isn't just designed to please the eyes—it's engineered to captivate the ears.

Tower of Power: Engineered for Unmatched Performance

  • Dual High-Excursion Subwoofers: At the foundation of the SVTRS-FRS, two 12-inch aluminum cone subwoofers per tower deliver an earth-shaking bass that's both deep and precise. The power and control of these subwoofers set the stage for a full-bodied audio experience.
  • Mid-Bass and High-Frequency Mastery: Three 8-inch aluminum cone mid-bass drivers, arranged in a refined MTM vertical configuration, ensure a smooth and natural transition from the impactful lows to the detailed mids. The large 4.72" x 1" AMT tweeter then takes over, presenting the highs with an airy, dynamic quality that's nothing short of breathtaking.
  • FAST Technology: RBH's Focal-point Active Speaker Technology (FAST) ensures that each driver is optimally powered and managed, resulting in a soundstage that envelops you in its precision and depth.

A Symphony of Specifications

The SVTRS-FRS isn't just about raw power; it's a study in the delicate balance of audio finesse. With a frequency response from 18Hz to 35kHz, every note is reproduced with an accuracy that honors the original recording. The system's sensitivity of 94dB means it can deliver an expansive dynamic range, effortlessly transitioning from the subtlest of whispers to the most thunderous crescendos.

The Heart of the System: Advanced Amplification and Processing

At the core of the RBH Sound SVTRS-FRS is a powerhouse of amplification and processing technology: * Pascal Class D Amplification: With 1500 watts per stack for the bass modules, 500 watts for the midrange array, and 250 watts for the tweeter, the system ensures that each component receives the perfect amount of power for optimal performance. * Marani LPP-480F DSP Processor: The flagship DSP speaker management processor operates at 96kHz/24 bit, utilizing Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filters for active crossovers. This guarantees impeccable driver integration, time alignment, and phase coherence.

Designed for the Discerning Audiophile

The RBH Sound SVTRS-FRS is more than a speaker system—it's a bespoke audio solution for the discerning listener. Its modular design allows for a tailored setup that meets your unique acoustic environment and preferences. With Dreamedia's exclusive setup assistance and personalized calibration, your listening space will transform into a sanctuary of sonic bliss.

Experience the RBH Sound SVTRS-FRS Difference

  • Dynamic and Detailed Sound: The RBH Sound SVTRS-FRS delivers a powerful and detailed sound that must be experienced firsthand. From the deepest bass to the most delicate high frequencies, the audio is rendered with astonishing clarity and depth.
  • Versatile Application: Whether you're indulging in stereo music or engaging in a cinematic home theater experience, the SVTRS-FRS adapts seamlessly to any application, providing an unrivaled auditory spectacle.
  • Immersive Audio Presence: The speaker's impressive size and presence make it a focal point in any room, not just sonically but visually as well.

Premium Features at a Glance

  • Drive Units: 3 x 8" Reference Aluminum Cone Woofer, 1 x 4.72" x 1" AMT Tweeter
  • Frequency Response: 18Hz-35kHz (±3dB)
  • Sensitivity: 94dB
  • Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Crossover Frequency: 100 Hz; 2000 Hz
  • Cabinet Construction: Heavily braced cabinets with thick front baffles and one-inch walls
  • Finish: High-gloss cabinets with eight layers of hand-polished polyester paint
  • Dimensions: 21" x 92" x 22-9/16" (533 x 2337 x 574 mm)
  • Weight: 312 lbs (141.52 kg) without sand
  • Warranty: 10 Year Limited

A Commitment to Excellence

RBH Sound's dedication to excellence is evident in every aspect of the SVTRS-FRS. From the hand-selected components to the meticulously crafted cabinets, no detail has been overlooked. And with Dreamedia's support, you'll have a partner every step of the way to ensure that your home theater system reaches its full potential.

A Sound Investment

The RBH Sound SVTRS-FRS represents a significant investment in your audio experience. While the price point reflects its elite status, the value it offers in terms of performance, quality, and exclusivity is unparalleled. This isn't just a purchase; it's an entry into a world where excellence is the standard, and compromise is not an option.

Embrace the Extraordinary

The RBH Sound SVTRS-FRS is more than a speaker system—it's a journey into the extraordinary. It's an invitation to explore the depths of audio realism, to experience every note as the artist intended, and to be moved by the power of truly transformative sound. With Dreamedia's expertise, the pinnacle of home audio is within your reach.

Limited Availability

With only 20 pairs of the RBH Sound SVTRS-FRS system produced, this is an opportunity that demands immediate action. To own a piece of audio history, to experience sound in its most exalted form, is a privilege reserved for a select few. Contact Dreamedia today to secure your place among the elite connoisseurs of sound.

Embrace the extraordinary. Experience the RBH Sound SVTRS-FRS.

Each pair of SVTRS-FRS is a jaw-dropping 92-inches tall and will command any home theater or listening room with such visual and sonic presence you will become audio-addicted. Four SV-1212NRs with two silky-smooth SV-831Rs speaker modules in the middle of each modular tower. The power and speed of proprietary reference high-excursion 12-inch aluminum cone subwoofers pair seamlessly with RBH 8-inch aluminum-cone mid-bass woofers arranged in a format designed to reduce sound interference when compared to a standard straight array, we call it “dispersion averaging alignment.” You’ll simply call it “Amazing.” The Air Motion Transformer (AMT) tweeter utilizes a flexible, ultralight-weight aluminum diaphragm that is carefully folded and then suspended in a highly saturated magnetic field resulting in extremely detailed upper-frequency response. Passive crossover networks for external amplification are built-in. For safety steel plates on back securely hold the SV-831Rs and SV-1212NRs together. All housed in spectacularly deep-looking beautiful high-gloss cabinets finished with eight layers of hand-polished polyester paint.

The SVTRS-FRS is capable of handling powerful input with ease while delivering a listening experience you can also feel that can't be properly explained. You must experience it to understand.

Our Review


The RBH Sound SVTRS-FRS is a remarkable tower speaker system that offers both active and passive configurations, catering to a variety of audio setups. With its impressive combination of two twelve-inch woofers, three eight-inch midranges, and a large AMT tweeter, this speaker system promises an immersive and powerful audio experience. In this review, we will delve into the design, features, performance, and compatibility of the RBH Sound SVTRS-FRS, providing you with a comprehensive analysis to help you make an informed decision.

Design and Build Quality

The RBH Sound SVTRS-FRS towers over its competition, both figuratively and literally, with its substantial size. Standing at 62 inches tall, 15-3/16 inches wide, and 22-3/16 inches deep, these speakers demand attention and make a statement in any room. The heavily braced cabinets and thick front baffles ensure minimal resonances and vibrations, resulting in improved audio clarity. The one-inch walls further contribute to the overall rigidity and sturdiness of the speakers, ensuring long-lasting performance. RBH Sound's commitment to high-quality construction and the use of premium materials is evident in every aspect of the SVTRS-FRS.

Features and Technology

One of the standout features of the RBH Sound SVTRS-FRS is its utilization of RBH Unrivaled series amplifiers. These amplifiers provide substantial power to each component of the speaker system. With an impressive 1500 watts per channel to the subwoofers, 500 watts per channel to the midrange drivers, and 250 watts per channel to the tweeters, the SVTRS-FRS delivers a powerful and dynamic performance.

Additionally, the RBH Sound SVTRS-FRS incorporates the innovative RBH Sound's FAST (Focal-point Active Speaker Technology) and utilizes SOTA DSP processing from Marani. This advanced technology ensures precise driver integration, transient response, and optimal audio performance. The active crossover design further enhances the integration of the different drivers, resulting in a seamless and cohesive soundstage.

The SVTRS-FRS also provides bi-wiring capabilities and dual, five-way binding posts, allowing users to fine-tune their audio setup to their preference. This flexibility in connectivity options ensures compatibility with a wide range of audio systems and configurations.


When it comes to performance, the RBH Sound SVTRS-FRS truly shines. The disappearing soundstage and precise imaging transport listeners into a world of immersive audio. The speaker system's ability to reproduce audio with such accuracy and realism is truly impressive. Whether you are enjoying a stereo music experience or immersing yourself in a thrilling home theater setup, the SVTRS-FRS delivers a captivating performance.

The powerful and dynamic performance of the SVTRS-FRS is something to behold. The ample power output, combined with load invariant response, ensures that the speaker system can handle even the most demanding audio passages with ease. The bass output and control are particularly noteworthy, thanks to the inclusion of dual subwoofers and large ports. This setup allows for deep, impactful bass that adds an extra dimension to your audio experience.

The dispersion averaging array incorporated into the SVTRS-FRS reduces lobing effects, resulting in a wider and more consistent soundstage. This technology ensures that listeners can enjoy their audio from various positions in the room without sacrificing audio quality or experiencing significant changes in the audio imaging.

Setup and Configuration

The RBH Sound SVTRS-FRS offers users a versatile setup with customizable presets, allowing you to tailor your audio experience to your specific preferences. However, it's worth noting that the configuration and setup process can be quite complicated, requiring a computer interface. While this level of customization is appreciated by enthusiasts, it may prove daunting for those less experienced or technologically inclined.

On the brighter side, RBH Sound provides exclusive setup assistance and personalized calibration to help users optimize their speaker system. This additional support ensures that you can make the most of the SVTRS-FRS's capabilities and achieve the best possible audio performance in your specific space.

Compatibility and Use Cases

The RBH Sound SVTRS-FRS is suitable for a wide range of audio applications. Whether you are a music enthusiast seeking a high-fidelity stereo setup or a home theater aficionado looking for an immersive multi-channel experience, the SVTRS-FRS delivers excellent performance across the board.

In stereo music setups, the SVTRS-FRS enhances two-channel imaging, allowing listeners to enjoy their favorite tracks with exceptional clarity and depth. The disappearing soundstage and precise imaging create an engaging and realistic listening experience that brings music to life.

For home theater applications, the SVTRS-FRS provides the power and dynamics necessary to recreate the cinematic experience in your own living room. The speaker system's ability to handle demanding audio passages and deliver impactful bass ensures that you can fully immerse yourself in your favorite movies, TV shows, and games.


  • Disappearing soundstage and precise imaging
  • Powerful and dynamic performance
  • Versatile setup options and customizable presets
  • High-quality construction and materials
  • Suitable for both stereo and multi-channel applications
  • Flagship speaker system with high-performance capabilities
  • Incorporates advanced technology and components
  • Active crossover design for superior driver integration and transient response
  • Ample power output with load invariant response
  • Impressive bass output and control with dual subwoofers and large ports
  • Dispersion averaging array for reduced lobing effects
  • Exclusive setup assistance and personalized calibration
  • Impressive size and presence
  • Enhanced two-channel imaging


  • Large and heavy speakers, may require assistance for setup
  • Aesthetically plain design
  • Electronics require refinement, with manual power switch and bright display
  • Configuration and setup can be complicated, requiring a computer interface
  • Active configuration may not match the nuanced detail of some high-end speakers
  • Limited production (only 20 pairs available)
  • Complex wiring setup with multiple speaker cables required
  • High processing power requirements for FIR filtering
  • Exclusive and expensive, limiting accessibility
  • Limited availability (only available through authorized online dealers)


The RBH Sound SVTRS-FRS is a flagship tower speaker system that impresses with its disappearing soundstage, precise imaging, and powerful performance. With its high-quality construction, advanced technology, and versatile setup options, the SVTRS-FRS excels in both stereo and home theater applications. While the setup and configuration process may be complex for some users, RBH Sound's exclusive support and personalized calibration offer valuable assistance. If you are seeking a speaker system that delivers exceptional audio quality and can elevate your entertainment experience to new heights, the RBH Sound SVTRS-FRS is a worth considering.


General Specifications

  • Model: RBH Sound SVTRS-FRS
  • Speaker Type: Floorstanding
  • Speaker Configuration: 3-way
  • Cabinet Finish: High-gloss piano black polyester
  • Dimensions (per tower): 62 inches tall
  • Special Feature: Dispersion averaging alignment for enhanced two-channel imaging

Subwoofer Specifications

  • Type: Proprietary reference, high-excursion
  • Size: 12-inch aluminum cone
  • Quantity: Two (SV-1212NR) subwoofers per tower

Mid-Bass Woofer Specifications

  • Material: Aluminum-cone
  • Size: 8-inch
  • Quantity: Three mid-bass woofers per tower

Tweeter Specifications

  • Type: Air Motion Transformer (AMT)
  • Diaphragm Material: Ultralight-weight aluminum

Crossover Specifications

  • Type: Passive crossover networks
  • Features: Bi-ampable external amplification

Design Technology

  • FAST: Focal-point Active Speaker Technology

DSP Processing Specifications

  • Processor: Marani LPP-480F flagship DSP speaker management processor
  • Processing Rate: 96kHz/24 bit
  • FIR Filter Taps: 8 x 1024 taps, up to 2 x 4096 taps when combining 4 channels for each FIR

Amplification Specifications

  • Type: Pascal Class D amplification
  • Amplifier Channels: UNRIVALED UA-8 (eight channels) or UA-6 (six channels)
  • Power Output (Bass Modules): 1500 watts per stack
  • Power Output (Midrange Array): 500 watts per channel
  • Power Output (Tweeter): 250 watts per channel
  • Power Efficiency: > 90%

Grille Covers Specifications

  • Material: Chamfered HDF covered with low-loss grille material
  • Attachment: Neodymium magnets

Connectivity Specifications

  • Input Connection: Two-channel XLR inputs from preamp/processor
  • Speaker Cable Compatibility: Kimber 8TC speaker cables and Hero XLR
  • Speaker Connectors: High-quality nickel-plated 5-way binding posts

Additional Dimensions

  • Height: 7.5 feet
  • Weight: Approximately 310 lbs per speaker

Performance Specifications

  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-35kHz
  • Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 93dB
  • Crossover Slope: 6dB/octave between subwoofer drivers and mid-woofer, 18dB/octave between mid-woofer and tweeter

Build Quality Features

  • Baffle Thickness: 38mm
  • Cabinet Thickness: 24mm
  • Finish Options: Mirror-like piano black, South American Rosewood

Additional Features

  • Exclusive Ownership Plaque: Metal plaque with original owner insignia
  • Limited Production Marking: Commemorates RBH Sound's 45th Anniversary

Drive Units Specifications

  • Bass Drivers: Dual SV-1212 12" subwoofers per speaker
  • Mid-Bass Drivers: Three 8" mid-bass drivers per speaker
  • Tweeter: Large 4.7”x1” Aurum Cantus Air Motion Transformer (AMT)

Cabinet Construction

  • Material: High-quality wood
  • Finishes Available: High gloss black, high gloss South American Rosewood

Cabinet Design

  • Bracing: Heavily braced with 1.5-inch thick front baffles and 1-inch walls
  • Port Design: Large six-inch diameter port

Electronics (Active Configuration)

  • DSP Unit: Marani LPP-480F digital signal processing unit
  • Amplifiers: RBH Unrivaled series amplifiers
  • Amplifier Power: 1500W per channel to subwoofers, 500W per channel to midrange, 250W per channel to tweeters
  • Processing Resolution: 96kHz / 24-bit, FIR filters, 1,024 taps per channel

Performance (Active Configuration)

  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-35kHz +/- 3dB
  • Sensitivity: 93 dB (2.83V @ 1 Meter)
  • Tuning: Crossover points of 100 Hz and 3,000 Hz with asymmetrical slopes

Series Information

  • Series: UNRIVALED Series
  • Model: SV Modular Tower
  • System Type: 2-Channel Active Time-Aligned, Powered Speaker System; sealed speakers, vented subwoofers

Amplifier Specifications

  • Amplifier Type: RBH Alpha Amp Supplied
  • Amplifier Power: 1500 Watts x 4 (subwoofers), 500 Watts x 2 (mid-woofers), 250 Watts x 2 (tweeters)

Crossover Details

  • Crossover Frequency: 100 Hz; 1800 Hz
  • Crossover Slope: 24dB/Octave, 108 dB/Octave

Grille Details

  • Grille: Black Fabric

Finished Dimensions

  • Including Feet and Outriggers: 21” x 92” x 22-9/16” (533 x 2337 x 574 mm)


  • Total: 312 lbs (141.52 kg) no sand


  • Warranty: 10 year/amp, 3 year limited

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