RBH Sound SI-6100/R - Dreamedia AV
RBH Sound SI-6100/R - Dreamedia AV
Vendor: RBH Sound

RBH Sound SI-6100/R

In-wall speaker with quad-woofer and tri-tweeter

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RBH Sound SI-6100/R

Unveiling the Pinnacle of Sound: The RBH Sound SI-6100/R In-Wall Speaker

Imagine a home theater that doesn't just play movies but envelops you in an immersive experience, where the sound transcends the boundaries of the room, taking you to the heart of the action. The RBH Sound SI-6100/R is designed to do just that, transforming your home theater into a sonic haven.

A Blend of Elegance and Power

The SI-6100/R is not just a speaker; it's a statement of sophistication and high-end performance. With its sleek design, it seamlessly integrates into your living space, preserving the aesthetic appeal without compromising on sound quality.

  • In-Wall Design: Achieve a clutter-free home theater with in-wall speakers that blend into the decor.
  • High-Density MDF Cabinet: Ensures durability and excellent sound quality.
  • Grill Colors: Choose between white or black to match your interior.
  • Dimensions: Fits perfectly into your wall with a size of 56" (H) x 14" (W) x 3.5" (D).

Professional Installation for Optimal Performance

The SI-6100/R requires professional installation to ensure it performs at its best. Dreamedia is available to design and install your home theater system, guaranteeing a secure fit and optimal audio performance.

  • Mounting: Directly to studs for a secure and stable fit.
  • Customization: Compatible with RBH's CinemaSITE system for a tailored installation.
  • Installation: Handled by professionals for a hassle-free experience.

Exquisite Sound That Fills the Room

The SI-6100/R is a beacon of audio excellence. With four woofers and three tweeters, it delivers a powerful and dynamic sound that fills the room, making every seat the best seat in the house.

  • Drivers: Four woofers and three tweeters for a full-range sound.
  • Frequency Response: 45Hz-20kHz ±3dB for deep lows and crisp highs.
  • Sensitivity Rating: 92dB for efficient power use.
  • Impedance: 4 Ohms for compatibility with a wide range of amplifiers.
  • Power Handling: Up to 500 Watts for a robust sound experience.

Uncompromising Audio Fidelity

The RBH Sound SI-6100/R is a marvel of acoustic engineering, using proprietary technology to ensure the sound you hear is as the artist intended.

  • High-Performance Woofers: Proprietary 6.5-inch aluminum cone woofers for deep bass.
  • Fixed-Phase Plug: Reduces acoustic 'beaming' for a uniform sound field.
  • Magnetic Fluid-Cooled Tweeters: For pristine high-frequency reproduction.
  • Backbox Included: For consistent sonic performance and ease of installation.

Tailored for Your Home Theater

Whether you have a large venue or a private cinema, the SI-6100/R adapts to your space, providing an unparalleled auditory experience.

  • Large Venue Ready: Ideal for expansive home theaters with stadium-like seating.
  • Wall of Sound Effect: Creates an enveloping sound that is both detailed and dynamic.
  • Reference-Grade: Matches the performance of freestanding models for a truly cinematic experience.

Superior Construction and Reliability

The SI-6100/R is crafted with precision and care, ensuring that it not only sounds exceptional but also stands the test of time.

  • High-Quality Construction: Built to last with high-quality materials.
  • Authorized Online Dealer: Purchase with confidence from Dreamedia, a trusted RBH Sound dealer.

Experience the Dreamedia Difference

At Dreamedia, we don't just sell speakers; we create experiences. Our experts are available to design a home theater system tailored to your needs, ensuring the RBH Sound SI-6100/R performs at its peak.

  • Personalized Design: Custom system design to meet your unique requirements.
  • Expert Installation: Professional setup for impeccable performance.
  • Ongoing Support: Continued assistance and advice for your home theater journey.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Type: In-wall speaker
  • Design: Two-way speaker system
  • Drivers: 4 woofers, 3 tweeters
  • Frequency Response: 45Hz-20kHz ±3dB
  • Sensitivity: 92dB
  • Impedance: 4 Ohms
  • Power Handling: Up to 500 Watts
  • Cabinet Material: High-density MDF
  • Grill Colors: White, Black
  • Dimensions: 56" (H) x 14" (W) x 3.5" (D)
  • Installation: Professional installation required
  • Price: $3,309 each

Why Choose the RBH Sound SI-6100/R?

The SI-6100/R is more than just a speaker. It's a gateway to an audio experience that will leave you and your guests in awe. With its powerful drivers, detailed sound, and professional-grade components, this speaker is the heart of a home theater system that rivals commercial cinemas.

  • Powerful Sound: With up to 500 Watts of handling power, it delivers a robust and immersive audio experience.
  • Clarity and Precision: High-quality components ensure crystal-clear sound reproduction.
  • Discreet Installation: The in-wall design provides a sleek, unobtrusive look.
  • Wide Dispersion: Ideal for wide rooms, ensuring everyone gets the best audio experience.

Your Home Theater, Elevated

The RBH Sound SI-6100/R represents the pinnacle of in-wall speaker design, offering a blend of aesthetic elegance and acoustic excellence. With Dreamedia's expertise in home theater design and installation, you can be confident that this speaker will transform your entertainment space into a bastion of sound.

Transform your home theater into a realm of audio ecstasy with the RBH Sound SI-6100/R. Contact Dreamedia today to begin your journey into sonic perfection.

The in-wall complement to the 6100-SE/R and the reference version of the SI-6100, the SI-6100/R delivers performance beyond description. The four reference-grade woofers and three reference-grade tweeters come together to deliver superior power handling, clarity and performance like no other in-wall speaker can.

Our Review


The RBH Sound SI-6100/R is a high-end in-wall speaker that promises to deliver exceptional audio performance and seamlessly integrate into any home theater setup. This speaker is part of the Signature Reference In-wall models by RBH Sound, known for their commitment to quality and innovation in the audio industry. With a suggested retail price of $3,309 per unit, the SI-6100/R is positioned as a premium offering for discerning audio enthusiasts.

Design and Build Quality

The SI-6100/R features a sleek and minimalistic design that blends seamlessly into any room decor. Its in-wall design allows for a discreet installation, eliminating the need for bulky floor-standing speakers that can take up valuable space. The visible parts after installation are the baffle and the optional black/off-white grill, giving users the flexibility to choose the aesthetic that best suits their preferences.

RBH Sound has always been known for their high-quality construction, and the SI-6100/R is no exception. Incorporating upgraded, high-performance proprietary 6.5-inch aluminum cone woofers, this speaker is built to last. The fixed-phase plug in the woofers reduces acoustic 'beaming' and increases power handling, ensuring that the speaker can handle demanding audio playback without distortion or strain.


When it comes to audio performance, the RBH Sound SI-6100/R aims to deliver beyond expectations. Borrowing high-quality drivers from RBH Sound's sister company, Status Acoustics, this speaker is equipped to handle high power levels of up to 500 Watts. This power handling capability ensures that the SI-6100/R can reproduce sound accurately and with authority, even at high volume levels.

The SI-6100/R boasts a comprehensive frequency response of 45Hz-20kHz ±3dB, allowing for accurate sound reproduction across a wide range of frequencies. This wide frequency response ensures that listeners can enjoy the full spectrum of sound, from deep and powerful bass to crystal-clear highs.

One notable feature of the SI-6100/R is its potential for wide horizontal dispersion. The wide horizontal dispersion mentioned in the product details can be advantageous for creating a spacious soundstage, allowing listeners to experience a more immersive audio experience. This feature is particularly beneficial for larger rooms or setups where a wide soundstage is desired.

However, it's worth noting that the SI-6100/R has a narrow vertical dispersion. This means that the optimal listening position may be limited, and listeners may need to be positioned at ear level to fully experience the speaker's performance. This aspect may require careful consideration when planning the installation and positioning of the speaker within a room.

Installation and Convenience

RBH Sound understands the importance of convenience when it comes to speaker installation. The SI-6100/R comes with its own backbox, which not only enhances sonic performance but also simplifies the installation process. The backbox helps to isolate the speaker from the wall, reducing unwanted vibrations and resonance that can affect the overall sound quality. Additionally, the inclusion of the backbox ensures that the SI-6100/R can be easily integrated into any home theater setup.

Setting up the SI-6100/R is a straightforward process that can be completed by both DIY enthusiasts and professional installers alike. RBH Sound provides clear instructions and all the necessary mounting hardware, ensuring a hassle-free installation experience.

Price and Value

The RBH Sound SI-6100/R is positioned in the higher price range compared to some other in-wall speakers on the market. With a suggested retail price of $3,309 per unit, this speaker may not be the most affordable option available. However, it's essential to consider the performance and features that the SI-6100/R brings to the table.

With its high-quality reference-grade components, powerful and clear sound reproduction, and excellent power handling capabilities, the SI-6100/R offers a level of performance that surpasses many other in-wall speakers. The superior construction and durability ensure that this speaker will stand the test of time, making it a valuable investment for those who prioritize quality and longevity.

Availability and User Feedback

At the time of writing this review, detailed reviews and user feedback for the RBH Sound SI-6100/R are limited. While RBH Sound has established a reputation for producing high-quality audio products, the lack of specific information from users may make it challenging for potential buyers to make an informed decision. It's advisable to seek out authorized online dealers who can provide additional information and support in the purchasing process.


The RBH Sound SI-6100/R is a premium in-wall speaker that delivers performance beyond description. With its high-quality components, powerful sound reproduction, and superior construction, this speaker offers an immersive audio experience that will satisfy even the most discerning audio enthusiasts. While the SI-6100/R may come with a higher price tag compared to some other options on the market, its performance and value make it a worthy investment for those who prioritize exceptional audio quality and longevity.

Overall, the RBH Sound SI-6100/R is an excellent choice for anyone seeking to elevate their home theater audio experience. Its discreet in-wall design, high-quality construction, and powerful sound reproduction capabilities make it a top contender in the premium in-wall speaker category. With careful consideration of the vertical dispersion limitations and the availability of detailed reviews, potential buyers can confidently explore the SI-6100/R as a potential addition to their home theater setup.


General Specifications

  • Speaker Type: In-wall
  • Speaker Configuration: 2-way
  • Frequency Response: 45Hz - 20kHz
  • Sensitivity: 92dB
  • Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Recommended Amplifier Power: 15 - 500 watts


  • Woofer Quantity: Four
  • Woofer Size: 6.5-inch
  • Woofer Material: Aluminum cone
  • Tweeter Quantity: Three
  • Tweeter Size: 1-inch
  • Tweeter Material: Silk dome


  • Cabinet Material: High-density MDF
  • Grill Colors Available: White or black
  • Grill Type: Cloth (non-paintable)


  • Overall Height: 56 inches
  • Overall Width: 14 inches
  • Overall Depth: 3.5 inches
  • Visible Height After Installation: 44 inches
  • Visible Width After Installation: 8 inches


  • Installation Type: Direct to studs for secure fit
  • Integration: Can be integrated into RBH's CinemaSITE system
  • Professional Installation Required: Yes


  • Sound Pressure Level: High
  • Driver Array: Vertically staggered
  • Sound Experience: Large, detailed, dynamic, balanced, and coherent

Acoustic Features

  • Phase Plug: Fixed-phase plug on woofers
  • Dispersion: Excellent dispersion characteristics from tweeters

Visible Components Post-Installation

  • Baffle: Yes
  • Grill Color Options: Black or off-white

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