Perlisten Audio S7c - Dreamedia AV
Perlisten Audio S7c - Dreamedia AV
Perlisten Audio S7c - Dreamedia AV
Perlisten Audio S7c - Dreamedia AV
Perlisten Audio S7c - Dreamedia AV
Vendor: Perlisten Audio

Perlisten Audio S7c Center Channel

Flagship center channel speaker with THX Dominus

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Perlisten Audio S7c Center Channel

Experience the Pinnacle of Sound Clarity

When you're constructing the ultimate home theater, every component is a building block to an extraordinary experience. The Perlisten Audio S7c center channel speaker is not just a building block; it's the cornerstone of auditory excellence. Designed for the discerning listener who craves precision in every note and dialogue, the S7c is a masterclass in audio engineering.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Unparalleled Performance

The S7c stands apart with its proprietary DPC-Array technology, a testament to Perlisten Audio's commitment to sonic accuracy and directivity control. This innovative feature ensures that every frequency is meticulously managed, providing a soundscape that is both expansive and precise.

Beryllium Excellence

At the heart of the S7c's tweeter lies a 28mm Beryllium dome, renowned for its wide bandwidth and exceptional sound reproduction. Beryllium is coveted for its rigidity and lightness, which translates to a performance that captures the subtleties of music and the human voice with stunning clarity.

Carbon Fiber Innovation

Complementing the Beryllium dome are dual 28mm TPCD ultra-lightweight Carbon fiber domes. The use of TexTreme carbon fiber technology crafts a speaker that is not only light but also robust, capable of delivering precise midrange performance that will make your favorite soundtracks come alive.

THX Dominus Certification

As the world's first and only loudspeakers to receive the THX Dominus rating, the S7c proudly wears a badge of unmatched performance. This certification assures you that the speaker can handle the most demanding audio tracks with ease, making it an ideal choice for large home theater spaces.

Superior Sound Dispersion

The S7c's patent-pending Directivity Pattern Control (DPC) array design is a game-changer, offering controlled sound dispersion. Paired with the waveguide lens, this technology optimizes directional characteristics and reduces early reflections, ensuring that every line of dialogue is heard as intended.

Acoustic Precision

The acoustic suspension design of the S7c ensures that it performs optimally in any listening environment. The frequency response extends down to 34Hz, delivering rich and full-bodied bass tones that add depth to any scene or song.

A Harmonious Ensemble

Timbre matching across Perlisten's product line means that the S7c integrates seamlessly into your existing setup, creating a cohesive and harmonious soundstage. This unique technique guarantees consistent performance, so every speaker works in concert to envelop you in a truly immersive audio experience.

Exquisite Build and Design

Crafted with superior quality materials, the S7c is not only an auditory marvel but also a visual delight. Available in finishes like gloss white, gloss black, and real wood veneers, it's designed to complement the aesthetics of your home theater. The curved HDF baffle not only adds to its elegant appearance but also serves to reduce cabinet diffractions, ensuring the sound is as pure as it is beautiful.

Customization at Your Fingertips

With an app-based control and EQ platform, the S7c offers convenient customization. Tailor your listening experience to your preferences, and let the speaker adapt to your desires with just a few taps on your smartphone or tablet.

Dynamic Power and Connectivity

The bi-ampable/bi-wirable configuration with two sets of binding posts provides you with options for enhanced power handling. Whether you're driving the S7c with a single amplifier or opting for a bi-amplified setup, you can expect impeccable performance.

The Dreamedia Advantage

At Dreamedia, we understand the importance of a home theater system that resonates with you on every level. We are available to design a system that not only incorporates the Perlisten Audio S7c but also enhances your entire home entertainment experience.

Main Benefits at a Glance

  • High-Performance Audio: Engineered for the ultimate home theater experience.
  • DPC-Array Technology: Precise control over mid/high frequencies.
  • Beryllium and Textreme Drivers: Superior sound reproduction and midrange performance.
  • THX Dominus Certified: Guarantees high-quality performance in large spaces.
  • App-Based Customization: Adjust settings for a personalized audio experience.
  • Elegant Design: Aesthetically pleasing and available in various premium finishes.
  • Wide Frequency Response: Accurate audio reproduction down to 34Hz.
  • Timbre Matching: Consistent performance across the Perlisten S7 series.
  • Bi-Amp/Bi-Wire Capabilities: Enhanced power handling for dynamic sound reproduction.
  • Curved HDF Baffle: Minimizes diffractions for pure sound.
  • Acoustic Suspension: Optimal performance in any room.
  • Integration: Can be part of a larger 7.1 speaker system for complete home cinema.

Immerse Yourself in the S7c Experience

Imagine sitting in the center of a sound that wraps around you, detailed and distinct, where every whisper and explosion is delivered with cinematic grandeur. The Perlisten Audio S7c brings this vision to life, offering an audio experience that is as impactful as it is nuanced. Whether it's the delicate strum of a guitar or the roar of a rocket launch, the S7c captures it all with an effortless grace that must be heard to be believed.

Join the Perlisten Family

Embrace the future of sound with the Perlisten Audio S7c. It's not just a speaker; it's the heartbeat of your home theater, pulsing with every note and word. Dive into a world where audio perfection meets design elegance, and let Dreamedia elevate your home entertainment to new heights.

Discover the S7c's power, precision, and passion. Contact Dreamedia today, and let us help you create the home theater system of your dreams.

Sharing the same driver compliment as our flagship S7T, this speaker makes the perfect choice for where the highest performance theater is desired. Featuring our proprietary DPC-Array controlling Mid/High frequencies, centered by our finest 28mm Beryllium dome and dual 28mm TPCD ultra-lightweight domes. This array delivers amazing accuracy, smoothness and directivity control to handle the critical vocal range and delicate treble. All S-Series speakers share the same DPC-Array and benefit from our unique timbre matching technique across the entire product line. Custom bass drivers made from TPCD deliver unparalleled dynamic range and musical finesse. The PERLISTEN S-Series speakers also have the distinguished honor to be the world’s first and only loudspeakers to be certified for THX Dominus – their highest. rating.

Breathtaking Sound

To complement the S7t in the Studio or Home theater is a center channel with dynamics to mix or to just sit back an enjoy a movie as the studio intended. Featuring our proprietary DPC-Array controlling Mid/High frequencies and centered by our finest 28mm Beryllium dome and dual 28mm TPCD ultra-lightweight domes. The super wide horizontal dispersion and controlled vertical are even more critical in the center channel that is to be closer to the floor. The controlled vertical dispersion reduces the floor reflections that can blur the critical midrange.

All transducers are developed ground up by our engineers bringing decades of research and culminating in this world class design. All S-Series speakers share the same DPC-Array and benefit from our unique timbre matching technique across the entire series utilizing Beryllium and our advanced Carbon fiber. These speakers are an acoustic suspension to meet the demands on any listening room. True extension range performance with unparalleled dynamic range and musical finesse.

Directivity Pattern Control

Patent Pending DPC- We teamed up with companies in the USA and Sweden to bring modern material science to hi-fi utilizing advanced Comsol acoustic modeling.  Our DPC-array is the result of 18 months of painstaking simulations.  We just love it  and think you will too

Beryllium - Covering the widest bandwidth, up to ultrasonics, our finest 28mm Beryllium dome plays center stage. Beryllium is one of the strongest materials known and does not suffer from the typical harsh break up modes of other metals due to it’s outstanding damping characteristics.  Accurate, undistorted and revealing.

TPCD Carbon Fiber - The Beryllium tweeter is flanked by our dual 28mm TPCD ultra-lightweight Carbon fiber domes midranges.   Allowing the crossover point to extend more than an octave lover than typical domes,  fast, lightweight and without beaming caused by larger diaphragms. 

Waveguide lens – all of this technology wouldn’t be worth it without the waveguide orchestrating the directional characteristics of the array. The super wide horizontal and controlled vertical present a coherent wave front, while optimizing early reflections and sound power, to bring vocal reproduction to an altogether new level.

TPCD Carbon Fiber

The same (TPCD) TexTreme carbon fiber midrange is also the key to the performance of our woofers resulting in our lighter than air dynamics and the impact you expect in a flagship Center channel that can play to 34Hz in a room. This technology is 30% lighter than standard carbon fiber of the same thickness while increasing the strength using the unique process of stacking multiple layers. The unique weave is unmistakable and distributes break up modes without sharp peaks in the response while extending bandwidth. Simply perfect.

Superior Quality

It takes more than just world class materials to make world class sound. It takes quality that makes you trust your speaker will never fail you in the middle of a dynamic explosion or hearing the subtlety of a triangle in your favorite orchestra. We demand this in our products so you don’t have to.

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General Specifications

  • Speaker Type: Center Channel Speaker
  • THX Certification: THX Dominus certified
  • Design: Acoustic suspension

Driver Complement

  • Mid/High Frequency Drivers: Proprietary DPC-Array
  • Tweeter: 28mm Beryllium dome
  • Midrange Drivers: Dual 28mm TPCD ultra-lightweight carbon fiber domes
  • Bass Drivers: Three custom-designed 6.5-inch drivers made from TPCD


  • Frequency Response: Down to 34Hz in a room
  • Directivity Pattern Control: Yes, with DPC-Array
  • Timbre Matching: Unique technique across the product line


  • Materials: Superior Quality materials
  • Waveguide: Lens for orchestrating directional characteristics


  • Color Options: Variety of colors available
  • Finish Options: Standard finishes, wooden finishes, or custom painted

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