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Perlisten Audio D12s Subwoofer

12" driver with smart amplifier and THX Dominus certification

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Perlisten Audio D12s Subwoofer

Experience the Power of Precision Bass

Welcome to a new horizon in home theater bass performance. The Perlisten Audio D12s Subwoofer represents a pinnacle of subwoofer design, delivering a bass experience that is as precise as it is powerful. With state-of-the-art technology and a sleek design, the D12s is more than just a subwoofer—it's the heartbeat of your home theater system.

Cutting-Edge Design and Performance

Built with meticulous attention to detail, the D12s boasts an array of features that set it apart from the competition:

  • 12" Driver Sealed Push-Pull Design: This innovative configuration minimizes distortion and maximizes output, ensuring that every low-frequency note is rendered with astonishing clarity and impact.

  • 1.5kW Smart Amplifier: At the heart of the D12s is a robust amplifier powered by a 32-bit ARM core, delivering short-term RMS power to bring cinematic explosions and musical bass lines to life.

  • Advanced Digital Signal Processing: Equipped with a Ti DSP engine and 48-bit data paths, the D12s fine-tunes the audio experience to perfection.

  • THX Dominus Certification: When used in pairs, the D12s meets the rigorous standards of THX Dominus certification, ensuring it can fill even the largest spaces with theater-quality sound.

Intuitive Control and Customization

The D12s is not just about raw power; it's also about precision and versatility:

  • 2.4" LCD Color Touchscreen: Adjust settings with ease using the intuitive touchscreen interface, designed to be user-friendly and responsive.

  • App Compatibility: Tailor your audio experience from your smartphone with the dedicated iOS and Android app, offering advanced settings and control at your fingertips.

  • Parametric EQ and Low Pass Filter: Customize the sound to match your room acoustics and personal preferences with a 10-band PEQ and adjustable low pass filter.

Seamless Integration

Despite its formidable capabilities, the D12s is designed to blend seamlessly into any home theater setup:

  • Versatile Inputs and Outputs: With balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA connections, the D12s can integrate with a wide variety of audio systems.

  • Small Footprint: The thoughtful design ensures that the D12s can deliver its powerful performance without dominating your living space.

  • Piano Black Finish: The elegant gloss black finish adds a touch of sophistication to any room, making the D12s a statement piece that complements its sonic prowess.

Uncompromising Quality

The D12s is built with only the highest-quality components:

  • 300mm Carbon Fiber Diaphragm: The drivers are engineered for exceptional strength and responsiveness, resulting in bass that is both deep and articulate.

  • Acoustic Suspension Alignment: This design choice ensures extremely low distortion and a pure, uncolored bass response.

  • Computer-Optimized Design: Proprietary modeling techniques have been employed to optimize every aspect of the D12s for maximum performance.

The Dreamedia Difference

At Dreamedia, we understand that purchasing a subwoofer like the Perlisten Audio D12s is an investment in your home entertainment experience. That's why we offer:

  • Free Shipping Nationwide: We deliver the power of the D12s to your doorstep, anywhere in the country, without additional shipping costs.

  • 30 Days Hassle-Free Return: We are confident in the quality of the D12s, but if you're not completely satisfied, you can return it within 30 days for a hassle-free experience.

  • Price Assurance: We ensure that you receive the best available price for your investment in top-tier audio performance.

Deep Dive into Advanced Specifications

For the tech-savvy audiophiles, the D12s offers a treasure trove of advanced specifications that translate to an unparalleled listening experience:

  • Reference Sensitivity: 92dB / 150mV / 1.0m
  • Frequency Response: Varies with EQ settings, reaching as low as 14Hz and as high as 330Hz
  • Configurable Auto Turn-On and 12V Trigger: Customize the power settings for a seamless integration with your existing system
  • Dimensions and Weight: Despite its relatively compact size, the D12s has a significant presence, weighing in at 41.0 kg (90.2 lbs.)

Pros that Elevate Your Audio Experience

The D12s excels in delivering a premium bass experience:

  • Massive Bass Output: Experience deep, cinematic bass with minimal distortion, thanks to the high-powered amplifier and advanced driver design.

  • Sleek and Stylish: The high-gloss piano black finish ensures that the D12s looks as good as it sounds.

  • Advanced Control Features: The touchscreen and app provide intuitive control over the subwoofer's settings, allowing for fine-tuning to match any room.

  • Flexible Placement Options: The small footprint and elegant design make it easy to place the D12s in the optimal location for your space.

  • Optimal Sound Quality: With THX Dominus certification and advanced DSP, the D12s delivers sound quality that meets the highest standards.

Transform Your Home Theater

The Perlisten Audio D12s Subwoofer is more than just an addition to your home theater—it's a transformative element that elevates your audio experience to new heights. Whether you're immersing yourself in the latest blockbuster or savoring the nuances of a live concert recording, the D12s delivers bass that is both powerful and precise.

Embrace the exceptional with the D12s and let Dreamedia help design the perfect home theater system around this extraordinary subwoofer. With our expertise and the remarkable capabilities of the D12s, the ultimate home entertainment experience is within reach.

Always in control

A 12” woofer with the low distortion output of most 15” woofers is something to be proud of. Massive amounts of output is not the only mark of a great subwoofer. Though we can compete with the worlds best in that category, our design metric is to have ultra low distortion to create the subtlety of every detail of the bass guitar, to the 12Hz stomp of that T-Rex. Innovative technology such as an 1.5kW smart amp with a 32 bit ARM core, iOS and Android app’s to control up to 8 subwoofers, a 2.4” TFT touchscreen, and the control of a acoustic suspension configuration for extremely low distortion.

Sound quality maximized, Distortion Minimized

Every part of this woofer was computer optimized to ensure every speck of performance was achieved and then validated with advanced test equipment like Klippel. Starting with the tuning of the massive 60mm peak linear excursion, spider compliance, and magnetic motor curve, and shorting rings. The 12” woofer is then mounted on a massive 80mm front baffle and operated in an acoustic suspension configuration for maximum control. Every step of the way ensuring the best low frequency experience you can have.

1.5kW of Intelligence

At the core of our amps is a 32 bit ARM 4 processor to control innovative technologies like real time temperature status, current and voltage monitoring, fault detection, and performance diagnostics evaluated at more than a 1000 times a second. All of this to make sure that our 1.5kW amplifiers are always in control even well below 20Hz. In addition we have dual balanced and un-balanced inputs with pass through, 12v trigger, and OTA firmware updates through our APP to always get the latest improvements. The end result is low distortion bass for the finest details with the dynamic range to meet the highest transients without compression and control at the click of button.

APP Control

Bass management is critical to control the notoriously difficult acoustic environment known as your listening room. Standing waves, subwoofers in an imperfect position, and sound variation from seat to seat are only some of these issues. Control for up to 8 subwoofers with 3 banks of 10 PEQ’s, Time Delay, Phase, 6 standard EQ’s, 24dB low-pass crossovers, and polarity, are all tools available to optimize your room performance. Using Bluetooth Low Energy to communicate with your iOS or Android based device

Our Review


The Perlisten Audio D12s Subwoofer is a powerful and versatile addition to any home theater setup. With its dual 12" driver sealed push-pull design and 1.5kW smart amplifier, this subwoofer delivers massive bass output with minute distortion levels. It boasts a sleek and stylish design with a gloss black finish, making it a visually appealing addition to any room. The D12s also offers advanced control features through the app, allowing users to fine-tune their audio experience. In this review, we will explore the design, performance, integration options, and pricing of the Perlisten Audio D12s Subwoofer to help potential buyers make an informed decision.

Design and Build Quality

The Perlisten Audio D12s Subwoofer features a sleek and stylish design that adds elegance to any home theater setup. Its gloss black finish gives it a sophisticated look, allowing it to blend seamlessly with any decor. Additionally, the D12s has a small footprint, ensuring flexible placement options in any room. Whether you prefer to hide it away or make it a centerpiece, this subwoofer offers versatility in design.

Performance and Sound Quality

The 12" driver sealed push-pull design of the Perlisten Audio D12s Subwoofer ensures impressive bass output while maintaining extremely low distortion levels. This design allows for precise control and accurate reproduction of low-frequency sounds, enhancing the overall audio experience. The 1.5kW smart amplifier with a 32-bit ARM core delivers ample power to drive the subwoofer, resulting in impactful bass that will immerse you in your favorite movies and music. The acoustic suspension configuration and low Q, shallow rolloff response further contribute to the subwoofer's exceptional sound quality, minimizing distortion and providing a clean and accurate bass response.

The advanced digital signal processing and ARM Cortex processor optimize the performance of the D12s, ensuring that it delivers optimal sound quality and integration into your listening room. The subwoofer's computer-optimized design maximizes its performance, allowing for a seamless blend with your existing audio setup. This attention to detail and precision engineering result in an immersive audio experience that adds depth and richness to your favorite content.

Integration and Control Features

The Perlisten Audio D12s Subwoofer offers advanced control features through its dedicated app. With the app, users can access a range of advanced settings to fine-tune the subwoofer's performance to their liking. This level of control allows for customization and ensures that the D12s integrates seamlessly into your audio setup. Additionally, the subwoofer features a user-friendly 2.4" LCD touchscreen display, providing easy access to controls and settings directly on the device.

Compatibility with a wide range of audio systems is another noteworthy feature of the D12s. Whether you have a dedicated home theater system or a multi-room audio setup, this subwoofer can be easily integrated into your existing system. Its versatility makes it a valuable addition to any audio setup, ensuring that you can enjoy enhanced bass performance regardless of your preferred audio system.

THX Dominus Certification

The Perlisten Audio D12s Subwoofer is certified THX Dominus when used as a pair. THX Dominus certification ensures that the subwoofer meets high standards of audio performance and reproduces content exactly as the creators intended. This certification is a testament to the subwoofer's ability to deliver accurate and impactful bass, enhancing the overall audio experience. If you are seeking a subwoofer that meets the rigorous standards set by THX, the D12s is a worthy contender.

Pricing and Availability

One consideration when purchasing the Perlisten Audio D12s Subwoofer is its price point, which is relatively high compared to some other subwoofer options on the market. However, it is important to note that the D12s offers exceptional performance and audio quality, which can justify its premium price tag for those seeking a top-of-the-line subwoofer.

Availability of the Perlisten Audio D12s Subwoofer can be a potential concern. Currently, the subwoofer is backordered and not immediately available. This may cause delays for those looking to purchase the product. Additionally, the availability of dealers may be limited, depending on your location. However, it is worth noting that the subwoofer comes with free shipping nationwide, making it more accessible for potential buyers.

To provide peace of mind to customers, Perlisten Audio offers a hassle-free 30-day return policy. If you are not satisfied with the performance or any aspect of the D12s, you can return it within 30 days for a refund. This policy ensures that you can try the subwoofer in your own setup and determine if it meets your expectations.


In conclusion, the Perlisten Audio D12s Subwoofer is a powerful and stylish addition to any home theater setup. Its 12" driver sealed push-pull design, coupled with the 1.5kW smart amplifier, delivers massive bass output with minute distortion levels. The advanced control features through the app, user-friendly touchscreen display, and compatibility with a wide range of audio systems make it a versatile option for integration into various setups.

The THX Dominus certification further reinforces the quality of the D12s, ensuring that it meets high standards of audio performance. While the subwoofer's price point may be higher compared to some other options on the market, its exceptional performance and audio quality justify the investment for those seeking top-of-the-line bass reproduction.

However, potential buyers should consider the availability of the D12s, as it is currently backordered and may have limited availability depending on their location. Despite this, the free nationwide shipping and hassle-free 30-day return policy provide some reassurance to potential buyers.

Overall, the Perlisten Audio D12s Subwoofer offers impressive bass performance, sleek design, and advanced control features, making it a compelling choice for those looking to enhance their home theater experience.


General Specifications

  • Model: D12s Subwoofer
  • Design: Sealed enclosure
  • Finish: High Gloss Piano Black
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 448 x 420 x 450mm / 17.6 x 16.5 x 17.7 inches
  • Weight: 41.0 kg (90.2 lbs.)

Amplifier Specifications

  • Amplifier Power: 1.5kW RMS short term
  • Amplifier Control: 48-bit data path DSP and 32-bit ARM M4 Cortex processor

Driver Specifications

  • Woofer Size: 12 inches
  • Diaphragm Material: Carbon fiber composite
  • Voice Coil Wire: Lightweight aluminum
  • Shorting Rings: Multiple aluminum shorting rings
  • Magnets: Massive magnets
  • Spiders: Multi-layer Nomex spiders
  • Linear Excursion: 60mm peak

Performance Specifications

  • Frequency Response: 20-289Hz (-6dB) / 16-330Hz (-10dB) with THX EQ
  • Maximum SPL: 92dB / 150mV/ 1.0m
  • Certification: THX Dominus

Input/Output Specifications

  • Inputs: (2) Balanced XLR, (2) Unbalanced RCA
  • Outputs: (2) Balanced XLR unbuffered, (2) Unbalanced RCA unbuffered
  • Trigger: Configurable Auto Turn-on and 12v Trigger

Control and Configuration

  • Display: 2.4 inch LCD touchscreen
  • App Control: Yes, for advanced settings
  • App Compatibility: iOS and Android devices
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Maximum Number of Subwoofers Controlled: 8
  • Firmware Updates: OTA via app

Acoustic Specifications

  • Alignment: Acoustic suspension
  • Low Pass Filter: Bypass, 30-160Hz, slope 6, 12, 18, 24dB/oct
  • Parametric EQ: 10-Band PEQ with 3 user presets
  • Polarity: Normal / inverted

Additional Features

  • Multi-Sub Integration: Yes
  • Advanced Settings: Controlled via dedicated app
  • Nonlinear Modeling: Proprietary techniques for real-world performance optimization
  • Measurement: Klippel laser measurements for refinement