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Michell Audio CUSIS E/H High Ouput Moving Coil Cartridge

High-output moving coil cartridge with precision tracking

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Michell Audio CUSIS E/H High Ouput Moving Coil Cartridge

Experience the Resonance of Perfection with Michell Audio CUSIS E/H

In the realm of vinyl playback, the cartridge is the oracle that whispers the secrets etched in the grooves to your turntable. It is the heart of the sonic experience, and the Michell Audio CUSIS E/H High Output Moving Coil Cartridge is a masterpiece that effortlessly bridges the gap between audiophile aspirations and realistic budgets. Let's delve into the harmonious world that Michell Audio has crafted with meticulous precision.

Unveiling the Craftsmanship

The Michell Audio CUSIS E/H is the culmination of decades of passionate audio engineering. It's not merely a tool but an extension of the artistry that goes into every vinyl record. The cartridge body, made from high-density Acetyl, sits majestically atop your turntable, a testament to the enduring quality Michell Audio is renowned for. The chassis, wrought from robust aluminium, ensures that every minute detail of your music is translated into an auditory experience that is as true to the original recording as it can be.

A Symphony of Specifications

  • Model: CUSIS E/H
  • Type: High-output Moving Coil
  • Stylus Profile: Elliptical (E) / Micro-line (H)
  • Cantilever Material: Aluminium
  • Output Voltage: 2mV
  • Frequency Response: 20-25,000Hz
  • Channel Balance: <1.5dB
  • Channel Separation: 22dB
  • Compliance: 8x10-6cm/dyne
  • Tracking Ability: 70µ / 2.0g
  • Internal Impedance: 130Ω (E) / 4.5Ω (H)
  • Coil Material: Pure 30µ Copper
  • Run-in Period: > 40 Hours
  • Weight: 8.9g (E) / 8.1g (H)
  • Tracking Force: 2.0g
  • Loading: 47KΩ (E) / 100Ω (H)

The Auditory Journey Begins

The Michell Audio CUSIS E/H doesn't just play music; it invites you into the very essence of the performance. Its elliptical stylus (E) and micro-line stylus (H) options are precision tools designed to track the groove with an accuracy that preserves the integrity of the musical waveform. The aluminium cantilever, a conduit for sound, is lightweight yet sturdy, ensuring that every nuance of the record is captured.

The Heart of Musicality

At the core of the CUSIS E/H's design is its custom-made generator and stylus assembly, crafted by a respected Japanese OEM. This is where the magic happens, where vibrations are transformed into the electrical signals that become the music that fills your room. The pure copper coils, meticulously wound, create a stable magnetic field that results in audio output of unparalleled accuracy.

High Fidelity, High Output

The high output voltage of the CUSIS E/H means that your music will arrive at your amplifier with all its dynamic range intact. There's no need for additional preamplification; this cartridge ensures that the signal remains strong and true, from the turntable to your ears.

A Full Spectrum of Sound

With a frequency response stretching from 20 to 25,000 Hz, the Michell Audio CUSIS E/H reproduces every note in its full glory. From the deepest bass to the highest treble, the sound is balanced, detailed, and brimming with life.

Balance and Separation

A channel balance of less than 1.5dB and a channel separation of 22dB mean that each instrument and voice has its own distinct space, contributing to a soundstage that is both expansive and precisely defined.

Precision and Compliance

The compliance of 8x10-6cm/dyne and a tracking ability of 70µ at 2.0g force ensure that the CUSIS E/H cartridge will follow the record’s grooves with exceptional accuracy, preserving the integrity of the vinyl and delivering a sound that is both dynamic and open.

The Art of Listening

Upon installation, the Michell Audio CUSIS E/H requires a run-in period of over 40 hours. This is the time for the cartridge to settle, for the components to align, and for the sound to mature. It's an investment in the future of your listening experience, one that will pay dividends every time the needle drops.

Aesthetic Harmony

Adorned in a sophisticated moss green, the CUSIS E/H is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the ear. Its elegant design will complement any high-end turntable, making it not just a component, but a centerpiece of your audio system.

The Michell Audio Promise

Renowned for their high-quality cartridges, Michell Audio stands by the CUSIS E/H as a product of exceptional craftsmanship. It outperforms expectations, offering a level of detail and neutrality that is often sought but rarely found at this price point.

In the Box

  • Michell Audio CUSIS E/H Cartridge
  • Mounting hardware
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

Dreamedia - Your Partner in Audio Excellence

At Dreamedia, we understand the profound connection between music and listener. Our experts are available to design a home theater system that includes the perfect turntable setup, ensuring that the Michell Audio CUSIS E/H cartridge is a harmonious match for your audio environment. With our guidance, you will unlock the full potential of this exquisite piece of audio technology.

The Michell Audio CUSIS E/H High Output Moving Coil Cartridge is more than just a component in your audio system; it's a gateway to rediscovering your music collection. Whether you're a seasoned audiophile or new to the world of high-fidelity sound, the CUSIS E/H offers a transformative listening experience that will resonate within the soul of every music lover.

Our Review

Michell Audio CUSIS E/H High Output Moving Coil Cartridge Review


In the world of vinyl playback, the phono cartridge plays a pivotal role in translating grooves into music. It is the first point of contact with the record, and its quality can make or break the listening experience. The Michell Audio CUSIS E/H is a high-output moving coil cartridge that promises audiophile-grade performance at a relatively accessible price point. Initial impressions suggest a product that offers meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to audio fidelity.

Design and Build Quality

The Michell Audio CUSIS E/H cartridge presents a sleek and professional appearance with its moss green body, a subtle nod to both contemporary style and traditional craftsmanship. The color is distinctive without being ostentatious, allowing it to complement a range of turntable aesthetics.

Materials and Construction

The construction of the CUSIS E/H cartridge is impressive, featuring an acetyl body known for its rigidity and damping properties. The aluminum chassis and cantilever further contribute to the overall stability of the cartridge, ensuring minimal resonance and a purer audio signal. These material choices reflect a design ethos that prioritizes audio performance and durability, ensuring that the cartridge not only sounds good but also stands the test of time.


While the visual appeal of a cartridge is often secondary to its performance, the CUSIS E/H's stylish design is worth noting. It boasts a sophisticated look that audiophiles who care about the visual aspect of their setup will appreciate. The cartridge's design ensures it looks at home on a variety of turntables, from the vintage to the ultra-modern.


The Michell Audio CUSIS E/H cartridge is packed with features that are indicative of a high-quality moving-coil system. Its technical specifications are a testament to the careful engineering that has gone into its development.

Stylus and Cantilever

Offering two stylus options, the elliptical (E) and micro-line (H), the CUSIS E/H caters to different preferences in audio reproduction. While the elliptical variant is a common choice for its balance between quality and durability, the micro-line stylus on the boron cantilever is designed for those seeking even greater detail retrieval and tracking accuracy.

Technical Specs Breakdown

With a tracking force of 2.0 g and a recommended load of 100 ohms, the CUSIS E/H is relatively easy to set up and compatible with a wide range of tonearms and phono stages. The compliance of 8 × 10–6 cm/dyne speaks to its ability to respond to vinyl's micro-variations accurately, while the output levels of 0.35 mV (E) and 0.25 mV (H) are respectable for high-output MC cartridges. The frequency response is broad, and the channel balance and separation specifications indicate a cartridge that is capable of delivering a cohesive and immersive stereo image.


The audio performance of the Michell Audio CUSIS E/H cartridge is where it truly shines. The precision-wound coils and stable magnetic field contribute to an audio output that is both accurate and engaging.

Audio Output Quality

The meticulous generator and stylus assembly ensure that the CUSIS E/H produces a sound that is detailed and full of life. There's a palpable sense of musicality that emanates from this cartridge, bringing a sweetness and immediacy to the audio that is often the hallmark of more expensive cartridges.

Tracking and Compliance

The tracking ability of the CUSIS E/H is commendable, with the cartridge demonstrating precision in following the record groove. The run-in period of over 40 hours is typical for high-end cartridges and indicates that the CUSIS E/H will likely improve in performance as it settles in, offering an even more refined listening experience over time.

Bass Performance and Dynamics

In terms of bass performance, the CUSIS E/H delivers a dynamic and open sound. However, it may be slightly less punchy compared to some cartridges that specifically emphasize the lower frequencies. Its handling of dynamic extremes is competent, but it will shine best with well-mastered and pressed records, as it can render imperfections more noticeable due to its high fidelity reproduction.

User Experience

User feedback on the Michell Audio CUSIS E/H is overwhelmingly positive, with many users reporting that it outperforms their expectations for a cartridge at this price point. It offers an enhanced level of detail and definition, often associated with more premium offerings.

Compatibility and Setup

Compatibility is broad, but due to the high output level of the cartridge, some users may need to make adjustments in their phono stage setup. This is a minor inconvenience when considering the overall performance gains. The high output voltage also allows it to be paired with a wider range of phono preamps, including those that do not have a dedicated moving coil input.

Pros and Cons

The Michell Audio CUSIS E/H cartridge offers several advantages, including entry-level pricing for a high-quality moving-coil cartridge, great detail and musicality, and a well-designed construction that reduces vibration and resonance. However, the high output level may necessitate adjustments in the phono stage, and the elliptical stylus may not match the tracking accuracy of higher-end profiles. The output voltage, while high for a moving coil, may still be lower compared to some moving magnet cartridges, and the frequency response, while extended, may not reach the upper echelons of what's available on the market. Additionally, the channel balance, though within acceptable limits, is slightly higher compared to Michell's CUSIS S and M models.

Final Thoughts

The Michell Audio CUSIS E/H cartridge offers a compelling value proposition. It's a well-crafted piece of audio equipment that delivers on its promise of detailed and engaging sound reproduction. It's an excellent choice for both audiophiles looking to step into the world of high-output moving coil cartridges and vinyl enthusiasts who wish to upgrade their listening experience without breaking the bank. While it may not match the raw performance of the highest-end cartridges, it stands as a testament to Michell Audio's reputation for producing quality phono cartridges, offering a taste of high-end audio at a more accessible price point. Given its strengths and minor weaknesses, the CUSIS E/H is a smart investment for those who prioritize sonic detail and musicality in their vinyl playback system.


General Specifications

  • Model: CUSIS E/H
  • Type: Moving Coil
  • Stylus Profile: Elliptical
  • Cantilever Material: Aluminium
  • Body Material: High density Acetyl
  • Output Voltage: 2mV
  • Frequency Response: 20-25,000Hz
  • Channel Balance: <1.5dB
  • Channel Separation: 22dB
  • Compliance: 8x10-6cm/dyne
  • Tracking Ability: 70µ / 2.0g
  • Internal Impedance: 130 Ω
  • Coil Material: Pure 30µ Copper
  • Run-in Period: > 40 Hours
  • Weight: 8.9g
  • Tracking Force: 2.0g
  • Loading: 47KΩ

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